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Do You Know These Tricks To Help Conquer Food Cravings?

Do You Know These Tricks To Help Conquer Food Cravings?
 by: Tracy Lee

Food cravings are crafty -- they appear from nowhere and hit you just when you least expect them, don't they?
And the critical thing is that the way you respond to your food cravings might just make or break your success at weight loss and maintenance.
That's why you need simple ways to deal with cravings whenever they pop up.
Now, veering off from your eating plan occasionally will not be earth-shattering, but if you make a habit of giving in to your eating impulses, your moments of weakness will certainly catch up with you.
The good news is that if you can remember these tips that I am going to share with you today, you will be able to conquer those pesky cravings of yours!
1. Avoid being hungry
Eat 5 times a day -- 3 meals a day with 2 planned snacks, but remember to moderate your portions for each of your meals.
Once you start eating 5 times a day instead of the usual 3, you'll find that you'll be hungry less often, and you'll automatically have fewer cravings throughout the day.
On top of that, eating 5 times a day also helps to boost your metabolism level, so you'll be burning more calories throughout the day than before. And that's why this is my number one tip!
2. Catch your cravings early
If you can catch your cravings early, you have more control over them.
So, when do cravings start? A craving starts with a thought of something good to eat. It can be triggered by encountering a situation in which you see or smell tempting food, or by just thinking of something good and dwelling on the idea.
After a while, you'll be able to recognize the situations which are likely to make you start craving for certain foods.
The moment you catch the cravings coming on, you can start to put the tips below into use. The earlier you can catch your cravings, the better chances you have of overcoming them.
3. Ride out a craving
Believe it or not, you can simply wait out a craving. Sometimes we may even mistake a craving for actual hunger. Don't dwell on thoughts of food or eating -- distract yourself!
By playing the waiting game for about 20 minutes, it can help you to distinguish between the craving and actual hunger.
In the meantime, get busy by doing something else to distract your mind: take a walk, play a game, or concentrate on your work projects. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the craving has subsided after some time has passed. If you still want something 20 minutes later, chances are that you are truly hungry. By giving yourself a little time to take a pause before giving in, you may find the craving will disappear altogether.
4. Drink your water
Sometimes all you need is just a glass of water, that's all! Many times, we can mistake dehydration for hunger or cravings. Take a moment and drink a glass or two of water; it may be just what you need.
And this has another side benefit too -- even if you were truly hungry, the water will help to make you fill fuller (without adding any calories to your daily intake), so you'll not need to eat as much later.
5. Temporarily ruin your taste buds
After drinking your water, if you find that your craving still does not go away and you cannot stop thinking about eating, what you can try to do next is to disrupt your sense of taste or smell.
Try a strong mouth mint. Or you can brush your teeth or dab some cologne or strong smelling ointment under your nose.
This may only work for a while, so you must get busy doing something else to take your mind off eating. After a while, you will find yourself not thinking of the craving, and before you know it, it is already time for your next meal.
6. Giving in to your craving BUT only just a little
You will face the biggest danger about cravings when you give in to them.
What happens to a lot of people is that when they give in to the craving, they also lose control of how much they eat too.
Thus, please be extra careful when you decide to eat something to satisfy your cravings.
Don't overdo it. Eat an amount that seems reasonable and appropriate.
For example, you should never allow yourself to finish an entire carton of ice cream or a whole bag of chips in one sitting. What you can do is to take a small serving out and put the rest away. Alternatively, you can buy small portions to begin with. In most cases, you will find that the first few bites actually satisfy the craving anyway!
7. Don't fool yourself
If you are dying to have a chocolate chip cookie, you know that the low fat energy bar is not going to do the trick. So, what should you do?
Well, there's no point trying to fool yourself.
That's right, go for the "bad" choice. But remember: "Moderation, moderation, MODERATION!"
It is fine to allow yourself to indulge in what you really want, provided you watch your portion size. You will not feel deprived, and you'll be able to sustain these new healthy eating habits for the long haul.
On the other hand, if you abstain completely from all your favorite foods, you are more likely to eat that energy bar AND the chocolate chip cookie.
Easy, right? I'm sure they'll be able to help you manage your cravings better. So go ahead and try out the 7 tips above... _today_!
Copyright 2005 Tracy Lee

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This article was posted on August 14, 2005

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Healthy Eating to Combat Diseases

Healthy Eating to Combat Diseases
 by: Sandra Tay

I would like to introduce you to my book which I've written after 2 members of my family had cancer & I want people to know that we can fight against this scary disease.
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This article was posted on August 14, 2005

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Best Abdominal Exercises To Get The Sexy Six Pack You Deserve

Best Abdominal Exercises To Get The Sexy Six Pack You Deserve
 by: Rajesh Shetty

The key to getting those sexy abdominals lies mainly on what abdominal exercises you choose to perform.
Here are the best yoga Exercises for Removing Abdominal Fat Permanently!
1) Dhanurasana-Bow Posture
1. Begin lying down on the stomach, reach back and grasp the ankles. Inhale. 2.Lifting legs, head and chest, arch the back into a bow. Retain breath, then exhale and lie flat. 3.Repeat three or four times.
More advanced:
While in the Bow position, rock back and forth, then from side to side. Slowly release and exhale.
1. Massages abdominal muscles and organs. 2.Good for gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, upset stomach, sluggish liver. 3.Reduces abdominal fat.
Not for persons suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, or cases of thyroid or endocrine gland disorders.
2) Naukasana-Boat Posture:
Lie on the back as in Shavasana position, stretch the legs with your feet together and raise them about 10" to 12" above the ground.
Stretch the arms around the head on the ground and raise the arms along with the chest upwards after taking a deep breath, while balancing on the buttocks at the same time.
Now, let both the arms lie horizontally to the ground with fingers pointing towards the knees. The body in this position looks like a floating boat.
Breathe normally in this position and return to Shavasana position slowly after 10 to 30 seconds. Perform Naukasana at least 8 to 10 times per session.
It helps strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, neck and shoulder. It also relieves constipation.
Severe backache and hip joint disorders are contra-indication for this asana.
3) Kapalbhati:
This is one of the best abdominal exercises for removing abdominal fat.
How to do it.:
Sit comfortably in a cross-legged position.Breathe normally for about a minute. Once composed, you can begin.
First, Exercise the diaphragm by exhaling suddenly and quickly through both nostrils, producing a "puffing" sound. Don't focus on inhalation. It will be automatic and passive.
The air is exhaled completely from the lungs with a sudden, vigorous stroke while simultaneously drawing inwards the abdominal muscles.
The breath should be expelled fully. Inhaling is automatic - the abdominal muscles will relax automatically.
This abdominal exercise should be done in three rounds, each consisting of 10 strokes (for the beginner). Each round should take about a minute.
A little rest can be taken in between the rounds as convenient. Throughout the exercise, the chest should be kept still without expansion or contraction. Only the diaphragm is used for breathing and not the upper chest.
Over a month, the number of strokes per minute can be gradually increased from 10 to about 30.
Clears toxins from your body and lungs.Tones the abdominal muscles and burns fat.
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About The Author

Rajesh Shetty - Expert in weight loss principles of Ayurveda Medical Science and Author of the Best selling book, "Proven weight loss secrets revealed".

This article was posted on August 14, 2005


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