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Information To Help You Quit Drinking by Rudy Silva

If you have been drinking alcohol for quite some time, it is time to quit drinking. Binge drinking on alcoholic beverages would lead to detrimental consequences. For example, you may lose your sense of control over yourself.

Many alcoholics find it very difficult to control their emotions especially anger, anxiety, and hatred. When things do not go easy, alcoholics may lose their logical reasoning and instead, make decisions that are often founded on pure emotions. Most often than not, those decisions may aggravate the situation.

In a study conducted on the effects of alcohol on the central nervous system, particularly, on the human brain, scientists found out that the nerves show signs of impairment such as blackouts and memory lapses. People who drink alcohol excessively may experience brain deficits which can still be evident even in sobriety.

If you think you have a problem with alcohol drinking and you wish to quit, you have to realize that it is not done overnight. Many alcoholics took years before they become free from the choking grasps of alcoholism. There are lapses to count, and withdrawal symptoms to endure. But no matter how hard the obstacles are, it is possible to quit drinking.

The first thing to do is to accept that you have a problem dealing with alcohol; that you cannot control yourself from not wanting to drink. Most alcohol addicts do not acknowledge this fact. Recognizing the problem may seem trivial to some people. To most people, however, recognition is a matter of success and failure.

When you have accepted the fact that the alcohol is taking over your life, you should share that development with your family. Your family is instrumental in your recovery from alcoholism. Their support, coupled with love is what will drive you to pursue until you attain success in your journey.

Also, ensure that your house is free from any alcohol. Your kitchen, mini-bar, and storage room must be rid of any form of alcoholic beverage. The same thing goes to your office.

Bad association spoils useful habits. If some of your officemates are influential in your alcoholism or in some way would post hindrances in your plan of quitting, it is best to avoid them. At home, maintain friends and company conducive to healthy and clean living.

Engage yourself in productive undertaking such as getting involved in sports and physical exercises or any hobby of yours. This keeps your brain too occupied to entertain thoughts of having a shot or two.

If the desire to drink alcohol is too overwhelming, it would be wise to seek professional help. There are institutes constituted to help alcoholic people such as you to break free from the dangerous habit. Depending on the gravity of your addiction, there are programs that can benefit you like counseling, taking medications, and getting admitted to a rehabilitation center, where the staff can monitor on your activities 24 hours a day.

Quit drinking is a daunting undertaking. However, with your determination, support from family and friends, and effective rehabilitation program, recovering from alcoholism is not impossible.

Do Want To Some Tips On Probiotics Bloating? by Rudy Silva

Probiotics bloating is a term used to indicate treatment of bloating using Probiotics supplements. Bloating affects many people regardless of age, gender, and health condition. In some cases, bloating is mild and temporary. However, in other circumstances, it can be a source of distress.

Probiotics provides pleasant remedy to bloating. Many medical practitioners recommend probiotic foods or products such as drinking yoghurt. While adding yoghurt to everyday diet is not a favorite solution to some people, it is actually effective in controlling and avoiding such problem.

Known as live microorganisms, particularly bacteria, Probiotics are similar to good bacteria found in your stomach. Referred also as beneficial or friendly bacteria, probiotic microorganisms are instrumental in keeping your intestines and digestive system clean and healthy.

According to medical professionals, the person’s digestive tract’s ideal microflora composition should be 85% friendly bacteria and 15% harmful.

Nonetheless, due to environmental factors including diet, oral contraceptives, steroids, consumption of chlorinated water and refined foods such as sugars, exposure to radiation, poor digestion, poor elimination of wastes, and stress, bacterial composition is threatened.

In order to achieve a balanced bacterial composition, the good bacteria must be given a boost. If the body is invaded more by harmful bacteria, toxins will begin to build up. You will experience excessive gas, bloating, intestinal toxicity, constipation, and poor absorption of nutrients. In time, they will cause chronic illnesses such as cancer.

One natural way of ensuring harmony between bad and good bacteria is by supplementing on Probiotics or eating foods rich in good bacteria. It is effective in buffering your stomach acid and intestinal bile to increase the chance of survival among your good bacteria.

According to research studies, drinking chlorinated water destroys the natural harmony of your intestinal flora. The same thing happens when you consume poultry and livestock meats unless when these animals feed on non-antibiotic feeds. As you eat on poultry and livestock meat, you also consume the antibiotics fed on the animals previously.

Likewise, alcoholic beverages kill the good bacteria including the Probiotics. In turn, the harmful bacteria are encouraged. If you are using antibiotics, the bacteria flora is definitely destroyed. This is why wise doctors recommend their patients to supplement on Probiotics while taking antibiotics. Even birth control pills and other drugs can cause damage on the intestinal flora, and the intestinal wall.

Among the benefits of Probiotics bloating are improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, increased production of essential enzymes, helps kill bad bacteria and viruses while inhibiting their growth, and regulating the pH level of the body by producing hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid.

The live microorganisms are also proficient in treating skin infections, irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diarrhea and traveler’s diarrhea, and vaginal infections. They can also reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance and cholesterol levels.

Some of the sources of the live microorganisms are tempeh, sauerkraut, fermented and unfermented milk, certain soy beverages and juices, miso, and yoghurt. Nonetheless, experts warn that not all yoghurts have active bacterial culture.

The list of advantages of supplementing on live good bacteria shall go long. The next time you experience intestinal problem, remember the Probiotics bloating method.

Agranulocytosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by James S Pendergraft

Agranulocytosis is a disease which is similar to skin cancer. That disease may be broadly divided into 2 categories: hereditary and acquired disease. It involves a reduction of the white blood cells in the body. This condition is known by the name of leucopenia. This disease is quite dangerous and can make the immune system totally flawed. It's because it is characterized by a fall in a certain kind of white blood platelets. So, people can develop various kinds of infections. The name of the disease consists of the words granulocyte which refers to cells and osis which refers to a sickness.

So, when this word agranulocytosis is prefixed with an "a", it means a lack of specific cells. But, this disease does not imply a complete lack of white blood cells. The diagnosis of this ailment is made after a blood test. The blood test includes the counting of the neutrophil in it. If the number of such neutrophil is less than 500, then it implies an existence of this ailment. The reduced number of neutrophils makes patients extremely vulnerable to infection. Only these specific blood platelets are counted. Other kinds of tests can be used for diagnosing the presence of this disease. Such tests include a bone marrow examination. This is done for checking up the bone marrow for finding about the level of underdeveloped promyelocytes. Apart from neutrophils, lack of other kinds of immunity supporting white blood cells can also cause ailments.

Such white blood cells are basophils and eosinophils. But these kinds of agranulocytosis are quite rare. The most common one just involves lack of neutrophils. A person who has this disease can suffer from some minor ailments due to decreased immunity. Such ailments include sore throat and fevers. This disease can also evolve rapidly leading to further infections. Such infections include urinary tract infection and pneumonia. Also many kinds of drugs, when consumed, can cause this disease. Sometimes no symptoms may be present although a person suffers from this ailment. It may be hard to find the right diagnosis for a patient suffering from that disease.

A person however may suffer from fever which indicates towards this disease. It's also better to look at the level of blood counts for a rapid diagnosis. This ailment can be cured through the penicillin drug. If the patient still gets no improvement then general antibiotics are administered to the patient. Even an antifungal agent is provided to the patient. Sometimes, the patients are also provided granulocytes however these cells can't survive in the body for more than 10 days. So, the patient can't be cured forever. This kind of transfusion procedure is quite tough too.

If agranulocytosis is untreated, the risk of dying from that disease is high. If you have any symptoms of agranulocytosis , make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor should be able to tell you if your symptoms are caused by agranulocytosis.

To your health!

Alternative Medicine: Who Can Benefit From Aromatherapy? by James S Pendergraft

Aromatherapy has become one of the most trusted ways to reduce stress for a person. It can help you so much because of its healing effects. This alternative medicine exists since ancient times. In fact, so many people use it to get themselves treated against diseases. The essential oils that are used in this therapy have a beneficial impact on the nervous systems.

The aromatherapy makes sure that the body is exposed to various kinds of plant oils through treatments like steam distillation and alcohol extraction. Even carrier oils can be provided to the user's body. This treatment is also excellent for curing any psychological problems and can relieve stress. In fact, aromatherapy is being used for curing people all over the world. People who are fed up with allopathic treatments rely on aromatherapy for an organic way to cure themselves. If minor problems like cold are not allowing you to focus on your work, then aromatherapy is the best treatment. In fact, simple sickness can also make you stay in the bed for longer hours than desired.

So, Aromatherapy can make your body healthy destroying the root causes of such symptoms. In fact, when someone undergoes an aromatherapy treatment, his/her immune system becomes strengthened which alleviates the causes of many minor ailments. He becomes more resistant against certain kind of diseases which is very essential for feeling healthy and having an enhanced productivity at the work place. Aromatherapy has now become a substitute for medical healing. For curing ailments like depression, this treatment is wonderful.Aromatherapy is also very effective to decrease stress levels. Many hard working people are getting rid of stress using the therapy. Aromatherapy can consist of inhalation or massage. It is used for the detoxification of the body.

The impact of the treatment depends on the skills of the therapist. His competence and training can make you feel better in no time. In fact, aromatherapy has yield wonderful results for people since generations. The treatment will provide you so much energy. When you have extra energy for anything, you are able to spend extra time with the pals and family members. If you wish to perform Aromatherapy by yourself make sure that the oils you are using are taken from a reputed place only. This way it will have the maximum impact. Not all ready-made aromatherapy products are pure and natural.

Kegelmaster Some Features by Andrew Rivano

The Kegelmaster is a device which is especially designed to improve strength of your vaginal muscle which is done by use of active progressive resistance. If you are conscious about your vaginal health and want a healthy sex life, you should exercise on your vaginal muscles. Besides this, it helps the women who are suffering from uterus, prolapsed bladder and rectocele. The Kegelmaster will make you healthy and confident.

You are advertised to use the Kegelmaster to enlarge the flexibility and the resistance of your vaginal muscle. It helps you to gain a control on your bladder. If you use Kegelmaster device you can avoid some gynecological diseases such as pressure incontinence in the urinary route. Normally this disease attacks females who have given birth of their child and their vaginal muscle seeks relax. As a side effect coughing and sneezing can take part of this disease as these activities put pressure on your lower abdomen muscles. As a result there is leakage from your bladder or bowel which is known as incontinency. If you perform exercise with this device then your problem will be detected easily. The alternatives of that device are either painful surgeries or artificial diapers which are expensive too.

Basically Kegelmaster is used to recover your vaginal power. In case of old women they lose their vaginal power and sometimes the tone of their vagina after menopause. After giving child birth you may avoid the painful stitches by using this device. You can get a tight vagina which is sensitive for your sex life by using this device. So you need kegelmaster to make your sex life enjoyable.

As the kegelmaster helps to strengthen vaginal muscle, women and their partners finds more pleasure in their intercourse. As a result women can opt for more penis pressure which effects stimulation for both.

According to market surveys, almost 90% of both married and unmarried women masturbate a few times in a week. When a woman can strongly control her vaginal muscles can increase the sexual pleasure for herself or her partner. In the present scenario what you need to make a market survey of the Kegelmaster. Have a fair market research on the item consult your doctor and make you enjoy a healthy life.

Kegelmaster The Pelvic Muscle Stimulator by Andrew Rivano

The Kegelmaster is a trouble-free device and it is very easy to use it. It is used to increase the strength of the vaginal muscle. It is a traditional method of the athletes of using some type of machine to enhance the muscle strength, keeping same idea in mind Kegelmaster is developed. Its motto is to increase the strength of your vaginal muscle.

This is a concern for the women to use the Kegelmaster to enhance the elasticity and the resistance of their vaginal muscle. It helps you to keep tight your bladder. This device helps you to avoid some gynecological problems, such as lose of muscular pressure in the urinary route. Normally females who have a newly issue and their vaginal muscle wants relief, suffer from this problem. Coughing and sneezing can increase this problem as your internal abdomen muscles get pressurized by these activities. Consequently there is leakage in your bladder or bowel which is known as incontinency in medical term. If you practice some exercise with this device then it will be easy to detect your problem. Either painful surgeries or artificial diapers which are alternatives of this device are expensive too.

Basically Kegelmaster is used to strengthen your pelvic muscle. After menopause old women’s vaginal muscle get loose and they lose their vaginal power and even the tone of their vagina. After giving an issue you may avoid the painful stitches by using this device. You can enjoy the pleasure of sex life by getting a tight vagina which is stimulating for both you and your partner using kegelmaster. So you need kegelmaster to add more pleasure in your sex life.

As the kegelmaster helps the women to make vaginal muscle tight and robust, women and their partners can add more pleasure and stimulation in their sex life. Consequently women choice for more penis pressure from her partner which stimulates their sex life more.

Market surveyors informed that, almost 90% women before or after marriage masturbate twice or thrice in a week. When a woman has a strong control upon her vaginal muscles, it will enhance the sexual pleasure and stimulation for herself or her partner. In this circumstances you can make a market review regarding Kegelmaster. Have a transparent market review on the product consult your doctor and make your sex life healthy.

Does Smoking Increase the Risk of Asbestos Related Lung Cancer? by Wendy Moyer

There's no two ways about it - exposure to asbestos as well as smoking increase your risk of getting lung cancer. But is your risk increased if you smoke and have been exposed to asbestos? Read this article and find out the cold, hard facts.

First, understand that anyone who smokes that has not been exposed to asbestos has eleven times the risk of getting lung cancer than a non-smoker. Eleven hundred percent.

If a nonsmoker has been exposed to asbestos they have five times the risk of getting lung cancer than a nonsmoker who has not been exposed to asbestos.

If a heavy smoker is exposed to asbestos then their risk of getting lung cancer is sixteen times higher than nonsmokers who have not been exposed to asbestos.

The signs, symptoms, and types of lung cancer are similar in individuals that have or have not been exposed to asbestos fibers or particles. However, the diagnosis and treatment are very complex matters. Therefore, if you suspect that you may have lung cancer you should consult with a pulmonary specialist to investigate further.

Malignant mesothelioma is a specific type of cancer that affects the pleura (the tissue that lines the lung) or the peritoneum (the tissue that lines the abdomen). The only known risk factor for malignant mesothelioma is asbestos.

The majority of mesothelioma victims are males who are more than forty years of age. Most of the people who have gotten malignant mesothelioma had been employees of companies who put them to work in areas where there were asbestos fibers floating around in the air.

Many veterans who served in the Navy from World War Two through the Vietnam War who have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma breathed in the asbestos particles when they were onboard their ships. That's because for many years asbestos had been used as a fire retardant as well as an insulator on virtually every part of a US Navy ship.

And, when you combine the amount of asbestos that was used in the construction and upkeep of the vessels with the extremely tight quarters the sailors occupied you have an almost perfect recipe for asbestos exposure and the ensuing asbestos related illnesses.

In addition, at that point in time cigarette smoking was not looked down upon by either society in general or the medical community in particular as much as it is today. And for many years the cigarette manufacturers denied that there was any relationship between smoking and cancer.

However, although mesothelioma is strongly linked to the level of exposure to asbestos it isn't associated with smoking cigarettes.

Is This Common Over-the-Counter Medication Safe? by Wendy Moyer

There is a very common drug that has been sold to millions of people in pharmacies and supermarkets across the country for many years that has been the reason that approximately 50,000 people per year go to hospital emergency rooms. And this particular drug has been the cause of about 500 deaths in the United States every year.

This medication is often used to relieve pains and to get rid of headaches. And there's a very good chance that it's in your medicine cabinet today under one of many brand names. It's there waiting for you or your children to use. And, like any drug, if used indiscriminately, it can kill you.

What is this medication? Its generic name is acetaminophen. It's what a lot of people take instead of taking aspirin because it's supposed to be easier on your stomach. However, it is quite easy to take an accidental overdose of this drug. And, if you take this drug and drink alcohol you may be taking a lethal combination.

A study done between 1998 and 2003 found that overdoses of acetaminophen were the leading cause of acute liver damage and liver failure in the United States. About half of all of the acute liver failure cases in the US can be attributed to taking acetaminophen. And almost one third of these cases have ended in death.

Acetaminophen is used in a lot of medications, both over-the-counter as well as prescription. And a lot of people are not aware of how easy it is to accidentally take an overdose of acetaminophen.

To make it even more confusing, acetaminophen often is listed on the ingredient labels of drugs under different names, such as APAP.

In June 2009 the Food and Drug Administration had an advisory committee discuss the problem of the use of acetaminophen being related to liver injury. The advisory committee recommended that the maximum dosage of acetaminophen that someone should take at one time be reduced. It also recommended that combining narcotics and APAP should be prohibited.

Although the committee made these recommendations the FDA has not as of yet implemented any of them.

What is the Current Recommended Maximum Dosage of Acetaminophen?

Currently most manufacturers have set 4 grams of acetaminophen per day as the maximum safe dosage. If you are taking the 500 mg extra-strength capsules this would be the equivalent of taking eight of these per day.

A number of people have recommended that you shouldn't take in excess of two to three grams per day, especially if you drink three or more alcoholic beverages a day.

Baby Heartburn - Relief And Remedies by Steve Phillips

When my child was tiny, she suffered from what is known as baby reflux or baby heartburn. Initially, she didn't gain weight. Then she coughed a lot and was even more fussy than babies normally are. When I took her to a doctor, it was just for a cold.

The doctor then began asking me about her eating, which had been poor to say the least. He noticed she sounded hoarse in crying and it seemed, to him anyway, like she she had a sore throat. I was beginning to think that I was right in my home diagnosis of a cold when he floored me and said that it was baby heartburn.

My doctor said that I had a choice of treating it by oral medication or trying some home remedies first. Because I don't believe in over-medicating a child, I decided to try some of the home treatments first. So, the first thing to try, if you've got a baby with heartburn is to give your baby smaller meals throughout the day instead of trying to get them on our schedule of three big meals a day. The other thing he suggested was for me to not give the baby anything to eat within two or three hours of bed time.

If your baby has frequent heartburn, don't give them citrusy fruits like oranges or tomatoes. Also, avoid caffeine, chocolate or any fried foods too. Other tips that my doctor gave me was to raise the head end of the bed up by 6-8 inches using blocks of wood. He also urged me to burp the baby often as this would help prevent the baby heartburn.

Of course I wanted to know why my baby was getting this baby heartburn. I felt guilty that I had done something wrong. However, the doctor assured me that it wasn't anything I'd done. He said it happened less for infants fed from the breast than from the bottle. My doctor suggested I thicken the formula milk to reduce the chance of being sick.

Luckily, the combination of things that I tried worked for me. He did tell me that if they didn't work, I could come back in and they would try giving my baby Zantac or Tagament in a baby strength. While I didn't have to do this, if the problem had persisted for much longer, I would have given in and come back to the doctor.

The best advice I can give is to watch and note what your baby is doing. The infant's problems may be more than a cold; they may be something else entirely. Don't be afraid to appear mother henish and schedule an appointment whenever you see symptoms that just don't seem right.

Using Mind Power To Lose Weight With Self Hypnosis by Sherri Frost

Self hypnosis for weight loss is all in your mind. You can talk yourself into or out of something with your mind. You can imagine things are happening when they aren't. You might also think they aren't happening when they are.

Did you ever think someone was cheating on you? If so, do you remember what happened? You looked for clues to support your ideas. The ones that didn't match up were ignored. Are they cheating or not?

You have the ability to use this same mind power to help with weight loss using hypnosis.

People have crazy ideas about what hypnosis actually is. They might think it's being out of control or maybe even being unconscious. Sometimes when a client has finished with a hypnosis session they will say that they probably weren't even hypnotized because they remember everything that happened.

Hypnosis is really just hyper-focusing on one issue.

We hyper-focus by putting aside the conscious mind and focusing on the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of you that is always evaluating and criticizing everything that is happening around you. In hypnosis, we are able to sidestep the conscious mind through a deeply relaxed trance state.

When you put aside the conscious mind, you are able to talk directly to your subconscious mind. You will be able to easily implant suggestions here. With your conscious mind busy, it won't be able to criticize any of the suggestions. The good thing about that is that they will be more easily accepted.

So you can tell yourself things like "I always decide whether it's emotional or physical hunger that I am feeling" or "I chose foods that enhance my health" and guess what? You'll start believing it! These excerpts from one of our hypnosis recordings are powerful.

Doesn't it sound a bit like meditation?

Hypnosis is like meditation with a purpose.

The purpose of meditation is to empty your cup. The goal here is to empty your mind by achieving a relaxed, peaceful state of mind. It brings you into a deep state of awareness, focus or higher consciousness.

Hypnosis fills the cup back up. You have emptied your mind of distracting thoughts and now you want to fill it back up with the thoughts and ideas that will support you in your weight loss.

That's what hypnosis really is all about. Self hypnosis is simply when you practice hypnosis by yourself.

Use self hypnosis for weight loss. Use your mind power.

When will you make time this week to start?

Anti-Depressant Medication and Birth Injuries by Wendy Moyer

Modern anti-depressant medications were first made available in 1987. Known as SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors - these are medications that are only available with a prescription. They were originally formulated to relieve both depression as well as anxiety disorders.

However, over the course of time doctors began to prescribe them for a wide variety of additional psychiatric and physical maladies. This conditions included alcoholism, bulimia nervosa, obesity, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and borderline personality disorder.

Many of today's doctors prescribe SSRIs because they feel that they are safer, more effective and tolerated better than other drugs.

The SSRIs that are most prescribed by doctors include Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, and Lexapro.

Generally, SSRIs are relatively safe medications. Side effects, if any, usually aren't dangerous. For the most part it's rare for a doctor to discontinue or even reduce the dosage because of a patient's negative reaction.

However, this is definitely not the case when expectant mothers take SSRIs during their pregnancy. This class of drug can actually pose considerable health risks for their unborn child.

A study involving SSRIs and pregnancy was published in 2006. After the study was published the FDA issued an advisory.

The study, can be found in the New England Journal of Medicine. It compared expectant women who had taken SSRIs during the last 4 Ѕ months of their pregnancy with women who either did not take any SSRIs during any time of their pregnancy or had discontinued taking them within the first 4 Ѕ months of being pregnant.

After the results were tallied the study disclosed that women who took SSRIs during the second half of their pregnancy had a 600% greater chance of delivering a baby with PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn). PPHN is a life threatening condition. This often fatal condition affects a newborn's capacity to breathe.

Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn restricts the flow of blood to an infant's lungs and the quantity of oxygen that enters the baby's bloodstream. It requires immediate attention because it usually results in severe respiratory failure.

In addition there were other complications that were not as severe in 20% to 30% of the babies that were born to women who had taken SSRIs during the latter part of their pregnancies.

In addition to SSRIs there are quite a few other medications that have been associated with serious birth traumas when they were taken during pregnancy.

If your baby suffered a birth injury because of medications that your doctor prescribed then you may be able to take legal action to fight for your child's rights.

If you would like to seek justice on behalf of your child then you can take advantage of free consultation offered by an experienced birth injury lawyer.

The Low Carb Diet Lunch by Kim Tanady

Making a decision to follow a healthy diet is a very good idea. You don't know if you should go for a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet or a high protein low carbohydrate diet but you know that you want your food to be low Carb. The lower carbohydrate food you eat, the healthier it would be for your body.

Egg whites with turkey sausages and may be a slice of wheat toast can be the perfect low fat nutritious breakfast. For dinner, take a low carbohydrate vegetable diet. For Low Carb Diet Lunch you would need a high protein low carbohydrate diet as this is the time where you need a higher energy level.

Don't let your diet affect your work. You need more energy at work so you would want to eat a little Low Carbohydrate Diet Lunch which is energetic enough to keep you going. Taking a very high Carb diet lunch or a very low carbohydrate diet lunch won't be good for you. You will get tired easily and stress of work and depression could end up going off on someone in your office out of frustration. So, for your breakfast and Low Carbohydrate Diet Lunch you would want to eat enough Carb to satisfy yourself so that you have plenty of energy to get through with your day.

As the day goes on, you would want to curb your Carb intake so that your body will use your fat stores, whether it's a high protein or a low Carb vegetarian food, because you will eat the Carbs in the lunch when your body will be more likely to burn them for energy. In breakfast and your Low Carb Diet Lunch take in enough Carb to you're your body work actively, eat even lower Carb food or no Carb food for dinner because Carbs turn into fats and since you go to sleep soon after dinner, your body wouldn't need that for energy.

Along with your low carbohydrates breakfast, Diet Lunch or dinner, working out is the best way to reduce fat, exercise at least 10 minutes a day. Exercising burns you fat stores. It would be really very helpful for achieving a better result. Make a chart for your health including, low Carb breakfast, Low Carb Lunch Diet, and low Carb Dinner along with exercises.

Does Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss Really Work? by Sherri Frost

Yes, self hypnosis for weight loss absolutely does work.

We all have mind power waiting to be tapped into. Yet, it's not for everyone. Many people have hypnosis fears for different reasons. They may have seen a stage show in Las Vegas or on a cruise and don't want to end up clucking like a chicken every time a bell rings.

Stage shows are very entertaining and that's the point. You can still realize that hypnosis is quite valuable as a tool for change.

Honestly, if a hypnotist can make you do something as simple as clucking like a chicken when you hear a bell... can you imagine what can be done to help you with your weight loss?

A hypnotist is simply a teacher and hypnosis is simply learning. Put the two together and self hypnosis means creating a lesson that will be learned and absorbed into your subconscious mind.

There are two minds at work here. Your conscious mind is the critical mind and the subconscious mind is the part that holds your beliefs. With hypnosis, you put aside the constant evaluations of your conscious mind and allow your subconscious mind to accept new suggestions and beliefs.

By practicing self hypnosis, you create the suggestions that are perfect for you.

Hypnosis occurs in a tranquil state of trance. Someone in trance-like state doesn't walk around with arms outstretched like a zombie - unless a stage hypnotist tells them to anyway!

This peaceful relaxation feels wonderful. Too many people don't take the time to relax and unwind on a regular basis and you may find that you want to stay there for a while.

Here's why hypnosis works: While you are in a relaxed state, your mind is open to suggestion.

The critical mind has relaxed allowing all of the suggestions to be more easily accepted and put into action.

What happens when you believe strongly in something?

You take action because you believe it to be true.

If your belief is "I eat only when I am physically hungry" Then you aren't going to eat if you don't feel hungry. Instead, you'll wait until you hear it growling before eating again.

The pounds will begin to drop off naturally.

This is what self hypnosis for weight loss will do for you.

Don't Let Rosacea Keep You From Social Events by Nick Messe

According to statistics put forth by the National Rosacea Foundation, millions of people suffer from a chronic skin condition known as Rosacea. The condition effects men and women, but is three times more likely to appear in women. The chronic skin reddening and irritation causes sufferers discomfort, embarrassment and a self-conscious feeling. The social lives of these individuals are severely effected.

There are four types of rosacea with varying symptoms. One type may cause skin to blush or flush easily and it is not uncommon for the appearance of spider veins. Another type consists of chronic skin reddening with reddened and pus filled pimples. This condition is sometimes confused with acne.

Another variety of the condition includes thickened, irritated skin which may form nodules on the skin surface and may be accompanied by the appearance of spider veins. This type may also affect the skin on the ears. The last type of rosacea affects the eyes and eyelids, which may feel irritated, red and dry. All types may cause the skin to tingle, burn and be overly sensitive.

Doctors have discovered that many things can cause or trigger rosacea outbreaks. Some individuals have been tested and found to have systemic bacterial outbreaks, which are successfully treated with antibiotics. Exposing the skin to extreme temperature changes can have an adverse effect. Sun exposure, hot baths or showers, hot weather and wind are known to be skin irritants.

Someone who lives in a warm climate and suddenly becomes exposed to cold temperatures can also cause skin to respond negatively. Alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and foods that contain histamine such as aged cheese, red wine, beer, cured pork and yogurt, have been discovered to trigger rosacea symptoms. Certain medications and skin treatments containing harsh chemicals also worsen sensitive skin. Emotional stress not only takes its toll on the body, but also can be mirrored in skin conditions.

Individuals suffering from rosacea or an exacerbated outbreak are not inclined to want to go out in public. Recent developments in skin care help heal existing conditions and minimize further eruptions. Doctor formulated skin preparations that include cleansers, creams and lotions. These can improve overall skin appearance dramatically.

Anti-inflammatory chemicals reduce red skin in as little as 4 to 12 weeks. These formulations also diminish pimples, pustules and nodular lesions. The specially prepared cleansers, lotions and cremes reduce skin dryness, sensitivity, burning and itching. They also improve overall texture.

These special skin preparations are also useful on other skin conditions. The texture of sun damaged skin will has a smoother appearance, fine lines disappear and wrinkles are diminished. Age spots and other areas of hyperpigmentation are greatly reduced. The skin regains elasticity and is able to retain moisture, giving it an overall more youthful appearance.

Did You Know That Practical Nurses Are In Demand? by Nick Messe

Practical nurses are an important part of many healthcare teams. Specifically, they assist registered nurses, physicians, and specialists with patient needs. Practical nurses use care while administering to those in need by gathering patient information, delivering medications, helping patients with personal cleanliness, and providing information on subjects that can better the patient's health.

They also help with the care of newborns, obtaining lab samples, and certain lab procedures. The list of possibilities continues on even to medical record keeping and other office or clerical duties. These duties are carried out in hospitals, doctor's offices, home health care programs, nursing care facilities, and several other medical facilities.

The need for this position in the healthcare field is growing and will continue to grow for years. There are several factors for the increase in demand for practical nurses. One of these reasons is new technology. Advances in medicine have meant that some of the procedures that were reserved for hospital stays are now being done on an outpatient basis, and a higher demand for these facilities.

These advances also mean longer life spans for Americans, which leads to needing increased medical care for longer periods of time. Another cause for the growth is the higher number of baby boomers entering retirement. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be approximately 78 million baby boomers turning 65 in 2011, and their medical needs will have to be met.

Yet another reason for this growth is the average age of nurses. As the current nurses retire, there will need to be up and coming nurses to replace their number, and the workforce in place now will not support this need. All of these issues are why there is a larger demand for practical nurses and why that trend will continue for several years.

For those who decide to enter the profession of practical nursing there are some requirements that have to be met. One of these requirements is the completion of a state certified program. These programs usually last for about a year. The next step is passing the exam for licensing, which is issued by the state's Board of Nursing. Some of the courses that are required for practical nurses can be transferred and given credit towards registered nurse programs for those who wish to advance to that position.

Most schools have some form of financial aid, for students who qualify. With some programs, applicants can apply online, but others prefer for their prospective students to apply in person so that they can tour the facility and go through financial counseling. To be admitted to one of these programs, a high school diploma or equivalent, is required. Some schools may also require an aptitude test and possibly a physical exam.

Can We Really Detoxify Through Our Feet? by Nick Messe

In this day and age it is a fact of life that we are surrounded by various types of toxins. No matter what we try to do it is almost impossible to escape them. We are completely surrounded no matter what kind of precautions we take. Toxins are found in the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

This means that even if one were to try and live a life that is completely free of toxins, it is virtually impossible. Of course that is not to say that we should purposefully live unhealthy lives. If possible living a toxin free life as much as possible is always advisable. Indeed it is estimated that the average person carries at least 2 pounds of toxins and various other unwanted microorganisms at any given time. Yes, that means roughly 2 pounds of a persons body weight is unwanted foreign materials.

Eating foods that are not filled with various types of chemicals is one way to help control this problem. This means that eating as much organic foods as possible is always a good idea. Drinking filtered water or bottled water is also a good idea. But the fact is no matter how much we try, it is difficult to escape this menace. This is one reason why people tend to do detoxification or detox programs.

There are many different types of detox methods done today. Doing a colon cleansing lemonade with maple syrup is one popular way to detox. There are other herbal based detox remedies also. The only problem with these methods is that it is very time consuming and not to mention difficult.

If you are going to do a major colon cleanse, then you have to be prepared to set aside a big chunk of your time to do it. This where a remedy such as Detox foot bath needs to be looked into. Detox foot cleanse is also known as aqua detox or ionic detox and it involves soaking your feet in a salt solution water. The next step is a small amount of electricity is passed through this water.

This will extract any impurities that are found in the body into the water and the water will eventually become discolored. The human foot has around 4000 pores situated on it. It is through these pores that the body releases the toxins. The feet also contain sebaceous glands from which it will release oils, acid and alkaline.

This method of cleansing is also known as ionic foot cleanse. There are many good benefits that come with doing this type of cleansing. It will get rid of any heavy metals from the body, thereby helping with the health of the liver. When heavy metals are released from the body one will feel more energy, memory and libido will improve and there will be a decrease in stress.

Walking Is Easily The Best Exercise by George Hutton

If you are overweight, then join the club. Most people today are, but that's no excuse. Why not do something about your condition, so you can better prepare yourself for the future? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Let's get started, shall we?

Walking is a vital ingredient to a robust existence. If your cardiovascular system and lungs are in shape, they can function with decreased oxygen. Walking is one of the most wonderful activities you can do for your health. If you're basically fit, without any problems get started right away. Walking isn't just for specialists in physical education any more; it's one of those things you can do for yourself on a daily basis to increase your fitness, ward off mental disease, release anxiety and improve your general quality of life. Just a few minutes of decent walking a day can help prevent and treat a wide range of horrible ailments.

Walking is likely the most noticeable things that affect risk factors for life threatening illnesses such as heart disease. Requiring no special tackle, membership fees, or monthly payments, walking is likely the most widely used tool in the health aficionado's tool kit. Walking is the physical exertion of the body - making the body do an exercise which results in a fitter or healthier level of physical health and both physical and spiritual health . In other words, walking is a fantastic path to mental and spiritual health. When you combine walking with a healthy diet, there's not much that can beat that one two punch.

Walking can come from normal activities such as going to the store, chatting with your friends and heading down to the ice cream parlor. Using the stairs, going around the block, and just going out for no reason at all, playing with pets and skipping everywhere all build stamina and burn fat. Walking is a stupendous self-esteem enhancement strategy, as it increases metabolism, which in turn causes you to shed more unsightly fat than when sitting around watching TV, and it is a great way to keep from turning into a pile of blubber..

Walking makes chemicals called endorphins to be released by your brain. These have a powerful result on your happiness, helping to reduce stress, anger and idleness. People that are really into this kind of thing have formed all number of special clubs and such. This manner of solidarity represents a new age in exercise that represents new age thinking, and projects a positive image to the public. Walking has an additive effect. You can get the same benefits from walking in four, 15-minute intervals a day or building up your hour in 20-minute blocks.

You can easily realize how quickly you can lose weight by walking on a regular basis. Walking every day will also significantly increase the amount of calories you burn. Walking, while not the only method for curing obesity, can go a long way in that endeavor. Walking can raise self-confidence, help burn fat, and divert one's attention to positive pursuits. Doing regular exercise like walking can also help stretch out your muscles, giving you more flexibility, which in turn can make you happier.

Walking For Weight Loss: Is It Really This Easy? by George Hutton

There seems to be an epidemic afoot in today's adult population. There is a condition that affects over sixty percent of adults in the United States alone. This condition is obesity. More and more people are overweight today than ever, and it seems that we are simply getting fatter and fatter. However, unlike cancer or getting hit by a meteorite, there is actually something you can do to fight this horrible condition.

Despite the billions of resources you can literally find at your fingertips on the subject, there really is only two things you need to do to lose weight. Exercise more, and eat less. It appears to be so easy, but why does it seem so difficult? Two reasons. Most of us love food, and hate exercise.

Sure, it would be great if somebody would come up with a lose weight while you sleep diet, that didn't require any willpower or effort. But until some genius scientist comes up with such a medical breakthrough, we are left with those previously mentioned ideas. Exercise and diet. While there are many different ways to trick yourself into eating less, it won't do you much good if you sit at a desk all day, and then come home and sit in front of the TV all night. It is important to truly realize the importance of exercise.

Relax, I'm not talking about heading out for your local marathon running club. The best way to start an exercise program is to start slow. Really slow. There is one exercise that is so often overlooked, but has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. What is it? Walking. Yes, you read that right. Going for a short walk every day, either in the morning, or in the evening, will do wonders for your health.

Walking for weight loss can deliver wonderful peace of mind as well as consistent weight loss. As long as you put in at least twenty minutes or so every single day, it won't take long before you notice some staggering results. Pretty soon you'll start to walk further, and faster. And you'll notice your eating habits will begin to change as well.

The most important thing, of course, is to get started. Just like that wise old sage said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Your easy path to weight loss and happiness begins once you strap some shoes on your feet and head outside. Your mind and body will thank you.

Diet Programs And Meals - The Mono Diet by Levi Reiss

As you can tell from its name, the Mono Diet means eating only a single food. The most common varieties are the grape and the rice diet. The grape mono diet lasts for one to three weeks. The rice mono diet lasts three to ten days. These diets are said to allow your digestive system to rest and also help detoxify your organism. Please make sure to see a doctor before starting any version of this diet. Here are some of the diet principles.

Before you start the grape mono diet, get your body ready. Four days before you switch to grapes eliminate meat, fish, and eggs from your diet. On the following day stop eating dairy products. The next day say goodbye to grains. Then cut vegetables out of your diet. Ideally eat organic grapes. Otherwise, soak the grapes in hot water to remove any toxic elements. Eat up to eight servings of grapes a day. Don't mix grape varieties. Don't eat more than seventeen pounds (eight kilograms) of grapes each day. If you select the rice mono diet eat white, organic rice that is unpolished or semi-polished. You may season the rice, for example with a small amount of Tamari. Each as much rice and drink as much water as you wish for three to ten days. There are no preparatory steps for the rice mono diet. Other mono diet varieties include the apple diet, the tomato diet, and the cucumber diet.

Claimed advantages for the mono diet include feeling light and reducing or eliminating gastric problems. It is also said to clean the blood. Let me add one more, you don't have to worry about what to serve. Disadvantages include nutritional deficiencies and getting very tired of the given food. You won't learn how to put together a menu.

Here are two sample menus:

Menu 1

Breakfast: Fresh squeezed black grape juice. Black grapes.

Lunch: White grapes.

The mid-afternoon snack is black grapes.

Supper: White grapes. Fresh squeezed white grape juice.

Menu 2

Breakfast: A bowl of white rice seasoned with cardamom.

Lunch: Two bowls of white rice seasoned with oregano and Tamari.

The mid-afternoon snack is a bowl of unseasoned white rice.

Supper: Two bowls of white rice seasoned with anis and Tamari.

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes over 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and lots more. La Bible des Regimes is presently available only in French.

Atrial Fibrillation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by James S Pendergraft

Atrial fibrillation refers to that heart condition in which the heart beats irregularly. Although atrial fibrillation itself usually isn't life-threatening, it is a medical emergency. It can lead to serious complications.

Such heart beats are caused due to erratic impulses of this organ. Although this irregularity may develop as a commonality, for others it's just a rare occurrence. There are many kinds of patterns of this disease. It just does not happen the same way in all the people. In some cases, the patient also feels giddy due to this disease. The main people who are affected by this ailment have crossed 50 years of their lives.

This disease affects a large number of people. The vulnerability increases as we get old. It can also become higher as we become past 60 in age. It's not true that this disease necessarily implies serious issues. Even an overactive thyroid gland is a common cause of this disease. So, people who have such thyroid gland issues should get themselves checked up. Some people who are born with a heart valve problem can also contract this disease. Such heart ailment can also happen with age when the heart valves calcify.

Even accumulation of fatty material inside the arteries of a person can also cause this disease. Such deposits cause the arteries to choke which can cause irregular contractions. There are many reasons for this ailment to occurs. The most prominent is when a person has undergone open heart surgery. Sometimes, people who drink alcohol can get atrial fibrillation irregularly. These people should avoid drinking alcohol which acts as a trigger. The disease can also be triggered by caffeine. Most of the people who are getting such irregular impulses from the heart can suffer from palpitations. They also get the feeling of dizziness. Some people also don't get any kind of symptoms although they suffer from atrial fibrillation.

Others can feel pain in the chest along with accompanying weakness. People can find out about the existence of this disease through regular visits to the doctor's office. They can get tests like ECG done. It's also important that the patients monitor his pulse which can only reveal the existance of this condition.

If you thing you have any symptoms of atrial fibrillation, make an appointment to meet your doctor. It should be able to tell you if your symptoms are caused by this disease.

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss Without Starving by Sherri Frost

Starving and constant hunger pangs don't have to be a part of weight loss for women. It can be an enticing thought to lose weight quickly but don't be fooled. It's not a healthy habit. You might end up feeling cranky and lose the ability to think straight. Have you noticed that decisions you've made after you skip a meal are not the best you've ever made?

As soon as you start eating normally again, you gain the weight back plus a little bit more. It's a hard way to lose weight and it leaves you feeling angry and in pain. That's not how to treat yourself.

I'm not talking about skipping a meal or two once in a while. It also doesn't apply to an occasional cleanse or fast. I have found that I sometimes get so busy that I miss a meal. It's not healthy to make it a regular habit to skip meals or starve yourself.

You'll end up gaining it all back when you start eating again. Don't think it won't happen to you because it will. That's because when you deprive yourself too often, you end up eating everything in sight. At first, you'll lose the weight and when you gain it back you're hurting yourself emotionally. It's like a roller coaster.

Every single day you find yourself thinking about losing weight. You begin to fear gaining more weight and it becomes a constant battle.

Why do you do that to yourself? Did you know that it doesn't matter how big you feel you are right now? What you really want is to feel good about yourself, right now. It's all about the feeling.

When you are used to berating yourself about your weight, you don't know how to start to talk positively to yourself. Every time you try to say "I am beautiful no matter how much I weigh" you hear another voice inside saying "No you're not".

You can change your inner self talk using self hypnosis so that the two voices agree. Instead of saying "No" you'll say "Yes, I am!" The good thing is that there are no side effects... except feeling really good.

It's easy to use self hypnosis for your weight loss goals. You can practice it easily as you go about your day. You don't need to lie down for an hour and meditate - unless of course you want to. It's even easier when you buy a recorded weight loss hypnosis audio.

When you begin to change the way you think about your body and eating, your actions will begin to change. You'll find that you begin to lose weight in a healthy way. And you'll be happier during the process.

Starving as a method of weight loss for women is one of the worst ways to lose weight.