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Altadrine Fat Burners Now Also In Liquid Capsules by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Altadrine fat liquidizers are now also available in liquid capsules. Altadrine liquid capsules are bound to become the symbol of pharmaceutical quality in weight control. High pharmaceutical quality when selecting a slimming tablet or capsule is extremely important for clients because so many unknown or teleshopping companies have been improvising to try and sell low quality products at high prices.

Psychologically the liquid capsule is more accepted. Altadrine’s liquid capsules are gentle on the stomach, and easier to swallow and digest than a conventional capsule. A liquid is absorbed immediately because it has better pharmacokinetic properties and bio-availability properties than a normal tablet or capsule. The main problem of liquids was the compliance of patients when it comes to taste. This problem has now been overcome with the transparent liquid capsules by Alta Care Laboratoires.

Altadrine Fat Liquidizers are fat burners because they do not work on the fat present in food but act directly on the body fat. The innovative thing about Altadrine Fat Liquidizers is that they do not only burn your body fat, but they also protect your heart.

This is a very important since it is often said that fat burners have side effects on the heart and the cardiovascular system. Altadrine Fat Liquidizer Capsules are therefore fat burners that are also recommended for clients who have cardiovascular problems.

Altadrine Fat Liquidizers are unique because the ingredients in the liquid capsules enter the blood very rapidly because the ingredients are absorbed from the stomach lining, which forms part of the upper digestive tract. The fact that liquid capsules are absorbed from the upper part of the digestive system is an advantage over tablets that have to disintegrate and be absorbed in the intestine. It is possible to experience some belching after taking one capsule and this is part of the liquidizing effect. One can take two to four capsules a day but it is strongly recommended to take one capsule at a time due to this liquidizing effect.

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Kegelmaster, Some Queries Answered by Andrew Rivano

Kegelmaster has been designed by the designers in a very special way. The design is made in a very special way to provide the best resistance to the pelvic muscle and the muscular strength of the muscles of the vagina. But the design is very simple and at the same time it is very simpler to use too. In this regard the Kegelmaster 2000 has been the first in the series to provide the maximum strength for the flexibility of the muscles of the vagina. It adds to the progressive strengthening of the pelvic muscle of the vagina floor. The Kegelmaster 2000 is designed in the proven principle of those exercises which will enable in reconditioning of the weak muscles of the vagina.

A frequent question arises that if pregnant woman should use this Kegelmaster or not? Consultants answer that in the case of pregnant woman they should consult their doctor prior to the usage. This Kegelmaster should not be used within six weeks of the birth of the child or during the postpartum period or after the pelvic or geniuinotory procedures of surgery and this should not be used unless specifically the doctor recommends using. The usage of the Kegelmaster should also be avoided on the occasion of having a history of any infection in the urinary tracts or while going through the usage any other types of intra vaginal devices as for example diaphragms, tampons and pessaries.

Another question arises that if this Kegelmaster is suitable for usage by everyone? The answers is that any lady having the desire to have a well toned and strenghty pubococcygeal muscle and this will help her in having a better sexual experience, intensified orgasm and pleasure.

The next question which comes in the series is that what will happen if one stops using Kegelmaster? Expert suggest that nothing serious will happen if one stops the use of the Kegelmaster. Only one will lose the magical effects of using the device as the user will regain the earlier symptoms of incontinency.

Great Treatments For Skin Itchiness And Inflammation by Tanya Dyson

Numerous people often assume it is important to undergo at particular hospitals and that eczema is not treatable at home. Nevertheless, undergoing this treatment at home often turns out more cost efficient yet effective than at the hospitals.

This treatment is doable at home because there are numerous household items which can be used in place of their pharmaceutical counterparts for the purpose of treating eczema. What is important in such a treatment is the skin moisturizing substance and the substance that heals inflammation which causes the skin to turn red and household items often are of great help. With the help of these household items, people can prevent pricey frequent doctor visits and the need to wait in a long line to get treated.

This treatment will not be doable unless the sufferer knows more related to eczema. Eczema is a circumstance in which the skin turns red and also becomes dry. The skin will usually feel itchy and warm as well as causing the person who suffers from it to scratch the skin. A few people even scratch until the skin turns raw.

As a result, the skin needs to be moisturized for proper Or else, the skin will dry out fast. Moisturizers that consist of petroleum, Vaseline for instance, may be of great help and is often recommended by physicians. Nevertheless, sufferers need to stay away from additives in the moisturizers, amongst which are the additives of alcohols and also fragrances. These additives are pretty harmful to the skin.

But what if moisturizer is not applicable? Well, in this case, oils as well as shortenings will do. Applying either of these materials before bedtime and protecting them with a plastic covering can effectively sustain the moisture while at the same time protecting your sheets.

Unfortunately, healing the inflammation may be a little harder. Normally, doctors suggest making use of hydrocortisone. Prescriptions are seldom required for this anyway. Now, for treatment at home, a milk bath with oatmeal is often effective enough. In this case, covering the oatmeal in a cheesecloth or the likes is quite effective to keep the oatmeal in place. Tying the cheesecloth afterwards and rubbing it over the skin may help get rid of the inflammation.

Another thing that only a few know is that in small doses, ultraviolet light is very helpful in curing eczema. But if the skin is exposed to too much ultraviolet light, it may turn worse. Sufficient but not excessive ultraviolet lights helps the body well in producing vitamin D. As a result, this vitamin D aids to cure inflammation as well as retain the moisture of the skin.

As mentioned above, it should now be understood that treating eczema can also be done at home and without any medical supervision from doctors.

Benefits Of A KegelMaster by Andrew Rivano

Kegelmaster the most sought after device for the women of today assisting the women to tighten the muscles around the pelvic floor. The device looks very simple but it is very effective and bring positive result helping the women to develop a positive and healthy set of mind set up which is very necessary to enjoy the beauty of the sex life and more over it is a device which is helping married life more gorgeous and meaningful.

Use of Kegelmaster has made the muscle of the pelvic floor to respond in a much better way and this has helped the pelvic muscle to grow stronger and tighter. Problems like menstrual problems, vaginal tightness, overactive bladder, and urinary inconsistencies have to great extent been removed with the help of this toning device. So the device can be termed as medical equipment and it is so designed that it will help women to perform the exercise better. The greatest benefit is that women can tone up, tighten and to a great extent strengthen the pelvic muscle to help build a healthy sexual life. It is device through which you can help in developing sexual intimacy with your partner it.

Kegelmaster provides increase levels of resistance to perform the kegel exercise and in the best possible way to bring fruitful way and it is the only approved vaginal resistance exerciser. It can be easily inserted like a tampon and according to your convenience try to use it for some minutes a day to give you a pleasant exercise. It has helped many women to fight female stress incontinence and to improve the sexual intimacy and also for postpartum recovery.

So the use of Kegelmaster would definitely bring an increase in the strength of the pelvic floor muscle and will eliminate any female stress disorders which are a hurdle to the sexual life of a woman. It also prevent prolapse and improve upon the sexual experience a woman would enjoy during the physical relation ship with a man. Patience and the consistency in which it is performed will tell upon the result and it is for sure that the result form using KegelMaster would vary from one woman to another woman.

Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace during the 20th Century and Beyond by Wendy Moyer

Throughout the twentieth century asbestos had been used as one of the primary components of a multitude of products that were used by the construction industry. Well before the century was over asbestos had also been proven to be a cause of mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other life-threatening diseases.

Who is Most Susceptible to Develop an Asbestos Related Disease?

A study in the United Kingdom found that people who worked in construction, especially those who were born during the 1940s, are especially susceptible to develop asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma. This is corroborated by the fact that the incidence of mesothelioma among drywallers, carpenters, and others in the construction industry has been relatively high.

That's because plumbers, electricians, drywallers, and carpenters that have worked with products that contained asbestos had been exposed to high amounts of asbestos fibers and toxic asbestos dust.

A major period of commercial construction in the United States began shortly after World War II and ran relatively unabated through the 1970s.

During these boom times the interstate highway system was developed. As a result, what had formerly been undeveloped areas boomed with heavy commercial and residential construction.

Asbestos was present in many of the materials that were used by the construction industry during the 1960s and the 1970s.

Although insulation materials became mostly asbestos-free during the 1970s, up to 85% of the millions of gaskets that were manufactured through the mid 1980s contained asbestos. Any industrial worker who had to replace gaskets that contained asbestos during this period was exposed to harmful levels of asbestos fibers.

Any construction worker who was involved in residential construction throughout most of the 1970s was exposed to the asbestos that was in building materials such as joint compound. If joint compound contained asbestos, when it was sanded it released asbestos fibers into the air.

These fibers could have been inhaled by anyone on the construction site.

During that period piping, floor tiles, and roofing material contained asbestos. When these materials were cut they, too, released asbestos into the air.

What Would Happen If Asbestos Was Completely Eliminated from Construction Materials?

Even if asbestos was completely eliminated from construction materials it would still pose significant health risks to anyone who is currently involved in demolition or renovation. That's because there are still so many different products that contain asbestos that are still within a large number of buildings throughout the United States.

However, authorities concur that unless products that contain asbestos are disturbed or cut there is little risk of asbestos exposure. In addition, most products that contain asbestos are covered with a protective coating of paint.

The problem is that over time asbestos products can start to deteriorate and crumble. When that happens dangerous asbestos particles become airborne. When buildings are renovated or demolished, material containing asbestos could also be damaged and torn.

Even with today's detailed regulations that pertain to the removal and handling of materials that contain asbestos problems can arise. Some companies still refuse to follow these regulations.

What Foods Cause Gout? by Charlene J Nuble

Did you know that some of the foods you eat can cause certain illnesses or diseases? Many studies have concluded that unhealthy food choices are bad and so it is very important to keep track of your daily food intake. Some individuals don’t have healthy eating habits and their body will surely suffer from it. In time, they will develop an illness like gout. So, what foods cause gout?

Certain foods are rich in purine. This is a chemical found in some foods which can cause high uric acid level in your body. Organ meats like sweetbreads, kidneys, brain, and liver contain high levels of purine. Aside from the organ meats, beans, dried peas, herring, and anchovies also contain purine.

Once the purine enters the body, it is them converted to uric acid. According to medical experts, the body needs uric acid but if it is produced in high levels, it can lead to an illness such as gout. When there is excess uric acid, it will tend to crystallize around joint areas particularly on the joints of the big toes and ankle. In some cases, the uric acid crystallizes or hardens around the joints of your elbow, hands, wrist, and fingers. When this happens, the joints swell or become inflamed. This can cause sudden pain which can be quite unbearable over the long run. If you avoid foods which contain purine, you can surely prevent gout. However, some of the foods which contain purine are also needed by the body. If you don’t eat them, you might not get all the nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. It is very important to have a balanced diet for the maximum health of the body. If you’re not sure about the right food choices, you should consult a nutritionist or a di!

etician especially if there is a history of gout in your family.

Aside from the foods, alcoholic drinks also can cause gout. If you drink too much, you’re more susceptible to this illness. With too much alcohol in the body, uric acid can’t be removed or eliminated effectively. If you eat a low carb diet, make sure that you drink plenty of water. Eight to ten glasses of water everyday can make wonders to your health.

If a dietary change sounds very difficult for you, then you might want to consider taking medications to lower the uric acid in your body. Also, if you don’t want to avoid the foods which contain purine, try to eat them in limited amounts instead.

Some researches also proved that vitamin C can lower the level of uric acid in the body. Most fresh juices contain vitamin C and by drinking plenty of juices everyday, you can prevent gout. Taking vitamin C supplements or drinking fresh orange juice everyday is a good idea for those who don’t have the illness yet. However, if you’re already suffering from gout, it would be best to consult a doctor so that the proper treatment will be given to you. Treatments vary depending on the current condition of the patient.

What foods cause gout? Any food which contains purine can cause gout especially when eaten frequently. Try to avoid these foods or you can limit the consumption in order to prevent gout. Ask your doctor about the proper diet for preventing or managing gout. If you make some changes in your eating habits, perhaps you can prevent the development of gout.

Gout Symptom by Charlene J Nuble

Perhaps you’re already experiencing a gout symptom but you’re not aware of it. People have many excuses whenever they feel anything unusual in their body. Some may say that the painful symptoms they're feeling are merely because of unpleasant working conditions and or due to fatigue.

Many think that there’s no such thing as gout these days. They see it as a very old disease which has been eradicated. These people are quite wrong because a gout is very much still around. In fact, millions of people from around the world are suffering from it.

If you feel sudden pain on your joints, coupled with redness, warmth, and tenderness, then you may be suffering from gout. Aside from that, other individuals’ exhibit inflamed or swollen joints. Gout can be a minor problem but if it persists, you might be in serious trouble. Therefore, you must consult a doctor right away if you feel pain anywhere in your joints, knees or toe.

According to medical experts, gout is almost like arthritis because they have the same symptoms. Since gout is related to the diet of an individual, then it can only be treated through proper medication and proper diet.

Gout usually occurs in only one joint. The most common body part where gout occurs is your big toe. However, it can also occur on other parts of the body like the elbow, hand, wrist, ankle, and foot. Uric acid builds on the joints thereby creating lumps around the joint. This causes the swelling and ultimately the pain.

Only the doctor can tell if you have gout. Since the symptoms are similar to that of other diseases like arthritis, you will need the expert help of your doctor. Only then can you receive proper medication and treatment.

Diet plays a very important role in addressing gout pain. If you eat unhealthy food choices and if you drink too many alcoholic drinks, you're a likely candidate for gout.

There are plenty of information resources online that you can consult. Even if this is your first time to experience a gout symptom, particularly on the ankle and toe, consult a doctor right away. If your condition is treated early, it will not lead to any complications in the future.

Does Orange Juice Cause Gout? by Charlene J Nuble

Uric acid is the primary cause of gout. The body needs uric acid but if it is produced in excess, that’s a different story. Excess uric acid can build up around the joints thereby creating sudden pain which can bring discomfort to the patient. According to a study in Spain way back in 2003, orange juice does not cause gout but rather it can help in lowering the levels of uric acid in the body.

Perhaps you’re already aware that orange juice contains vitamin C; but how many glasses of orange juice will you need to get the adequate vitamin C requirement of your body?

In the study, each individual drank two glasses of orange juice everyday. That means that each individual got 250 milligrams of the vitamin C. Additional glasses of orange juice were given until the daily intake of vitamin C reached 136 mg for the men and 112 mg for the women. In a couple of days, the level of vitamin C among men has risen by 52% and the women by 22%. In just 2 weeks, the men were able to reduce their uric acid by 12.5% and the women by 6.5%.

The study was able to remove the doubts in the minds of people that orange juice causes gout. If you’re already suffering from gout, daily intake of orange juice may have a different effect. Gout sufferers need to employ a drug therapy in order to reduce the UA levels at a faster rate.

Orange juice is not a drug medication. If you have a normal UA level or even slightly higher (like in the case of hyperuricemia), you can start the orange juice therapy so that you can maintain the uric acid at the right level. If you want, you can also take vitamin C supplements if you don’t want to drink orange juice often. Supplements don’t contain potassium but orange juice does. Potassium is an alkalizing mineral to naturally relieve gout. Aside from potassium, orange juice also contains flavonoids which help in the absorption or retention of vitamin C.

The orange juice used in the study was not the commercialized orange juices. The study used fresh orange juice from freshly squeezed oranges. Nothing was added to the fresh orange juice. That means you need to buy lots of fresh oranges.

So, Does orange juice cause gout? Of course not and in fact, it can even be used to prevent or treat gout.

Drinking the commercial orange juices is a different thing because it already contains preservatives and additives. You need to drink fresh orange juice without added ingredients, even sugar. If you follow this regimen, you can surely maintain your uric acid at the right level. Ask your doctor about it and if you want, you can also consult a nutritionist.

The Spain study on orange juice has definitely shed a light when it comes to treating gout the natural way. Gout is a persisting problem and there is no known cure for it. Talk to your doctor if you feel any gout symptoms and keep in mind that gout occurs mainly on the toe and ankle but there are also times when it occurs on the elbows, hands, wrist, and knees.

How Tanning Beds Enable You To Have A Lovely Suntanned Skin by Andy Guides Jr

Tanning beds are very popular these days, especially home tanning beds. If you have to go to the tanning salon then you should follow the tips in this article to have a perfect experience getting your skin tanned.

There are many types of bed available, one of which is the low pressure bed. This is the classic tanning bed. UV rays will be emitted in a range that is the same as sunlight. However, this type has the highest possibility of sunburn. Therefore, if you get burned easily, you should not use this type.

High pressure beds are more expensive than their low pressure counterparts. High pressure beds emit a high amount of UVA. You will need to spend longer time in order to get tanned but the tan will last longer.

You can also consider using a booth to tan. A booth is basically a tanning bed put vertically. You will stand up instead of lying down. This method is very effective because all parts of your body are exposed to the light, making a more even tan. And it is also cleaner because your skin does not contact with any surface.

You can also use a substance to spray on the skin to get tanned. The chemical reaction will darken your skin. This method is safe but it requires you to redo frequently in order to maintain the tan.

Before you tan, take a tour around the salon and look closely at the equipment. If you see any dirty spot, leave and don't come back. You can compare several salons and choose the one you like the most.

The salon receptionist will ask you to fill in the skin analysis form. This will help the salon determine your skin type so that they will adjust the tanning period accordingly.

Goggles are a must. If your salon does not give you goggles, doubt the ethnicity of that salon. The goggles are used to prevent damage to the eyes. You surely don't want to get blind just because you want a beautiful dark skin.

Tanning beds are being widely used as a tanning method. You can find tanning service in almost all salons. The primitive thing to check first is the hygiene of the equipments. Once you are sure that the beds are clean, you can rest assured that you will have a good experience during the tanning process.

Conditions Responsible For Causing Heartburn - Food Glorious Food! by Andy Guides Jr

There are so many known causes of heartburn today. This is largely because of the kind of lifestyles that are prevalent in this day and age. Majority of these causes are food related and if efforts are made to know what is responsible for this gastric acid reflux disorder, then it can be prevented from happening.

One of the food substances responsible for this disorder is caffeine. It is found in coffee, tea, and so many other caffeinated beverages and drinks. It usually affects the lower esophageal sphincter causing it to relax. When this happens the contents of the stomach, which contains gastric acid, squirts out of it. This causes a burning effect or feeling around the chest or heart region.

Another food substance identified as a cause of heartburn is chocolate. This food substance that is widely consumed across the world today is partly made up of a substance known as theobromine. Theobromine is also found naturally in some plants like tea, cocoa, and coffee plants. This also has the same effect like caffeine on the esophageal sphincter, which causes the same results.

Fried and fatty foods are also known to cause this same effect. These kinds of foods usually reduce the pace of digestion of food. This causes a build-up of pressure in the stomach that affects the esophageal sphincter. When the pressure becomes too excessive, the sphincter is forced to open or relax, allowing the gastric content to flow out causing a burning sensation to the person around the chest area.

Alcohol has also been confirmed to exhibit some actions that enhance the occurrence of heartburn. Its effect is usually more powerful when it is consumed with fatty or fried foods. All of this causes the esophageal sphincter to relax or open allowing the gastric content to squirt out into the esophagus bring about that hot burning feeling around the chest.

Clothing that is usually tight around the waist can also lead to heartburn, especially after meals. This is because the tightness of the cloth causes a raised abdominal pressure, which increases pressure on the esophageal sphincter that is already weakened. It makes the sphincter to relax allowing the acidic stomach content to come out, which leads to this burning sensation on the heart.

There are several other factors responsible for this condition. Such factors can be related to the body structure or body function. But knowing some of these factors will help to reduce heartburn in no small way.

Elite AMBT Is Offering Top Botox Training in London, England by Timmy Vic

Botox injection has become an increasingly popular practice in the last decade and many practitioners and doctors are looking to specialize themselves to offer this service – for that very reason, Elite AMBT is now offering Botox Training in London, England. Elite AMBT is established as being a leader in aesthetic, medical and business training and offers a complete and professional training course on how to use Botox effectively, combined with a course on Dermal Fillers, which are often used in combination with Botox injections. Elite AMBT is proud to now be able to offer this service to clients located in London, England as well as all over major cities in North America.

Elite AMBT, which is short for Aesthetic Medical and Business Training, is an industry leader in offering training programs and options to professionals looking to further their specialization. Elite AMBT’s prime vision is to combine world-class instructors, affordability and state-of-the-art techniques in order to provide you and your team with the best training option available. Aside from their renowned Botox Training program, Elite AMBT also offers courses such as Sensible Weight Loss, Laser Therapy, Cosmetic Lasers, Lipodissolve/mesotherapy, Marketing Guidance and more.

Those courses are commonly offered in many different learning options, to fit every client’s particular needs; online training, private training, private seminars, regular seminars, cross-continent seminars and webinars. This allows for each practitioner to be able to fit the Elite AMBT training course of his choice into his schedule and according to his needs and availability. Of course, certain programs, such as the Botox Training program, are more or less recommended as webinar or online training since the hands-on approach offered in seminars or private training will be more beneficial. Following the increasing demand for the Botox Training course, Elite AMBT has now established a U.K. program located in London, England – the hands-on approach can now be offered to international clients.

One of the great advantages of attending a seminar or private training in person with Elite AMBT is the use of live models during the training. Being able to train with real individuals will allow anyone who is following the training to practice Botox injections as soon as possible after getting certified by Elite AMBT. Of course, every procedure is supervised by a certified professional so there is no danger for the model or the practitioner at any moment during the training.

Elite Aesthetic Medical and Business Training is offering many training programs such as Marketing, Business, Botox Training and Dermal Fillers, Fibromyalgia, Cosmetic Lasers and more. The popularity of the Botox Training program in North America has allowed the team behind Elite AMBT to offer the course in London, thus allowing for U.K. based clients the opportunity to get the training they need with world-class professionals and a hands-on approach on live models combined with an affordable pricing option.

To get more information on Elite AMBT or to check out the seminar schedule, please visit eliteambt.

Useful Tips For Selecting A Reliable Antiaging Clinic by Andy Guides Jr

The antiaging problem deals with the skin and condition of the body of an individual. So it is really vital for any person to get the proper physician who can help one to get good skin and even control aging in a genuine secure and safe way. One would have to do thorough research to find the best physician who can perform anti aging procedures properly and without any trouble. One can look for few important facts before selecting the professional for the process.

The most important part is to visit the clinic, as it will give a complete idea on the services and the type of professionals who work there. One should not just rely on anybody else for information and should check everything personally before opting for any particular skin specialist.

One should not just stick to the only clinic or professional available in the area. It is wise to always look to have the best advice from other physicians also who may have clinics at far off places. Make thorough research so that you have a choice and therefore can select the best among the list of professionals. Collect all the required printed material that can help you understand the services and the cost of the same.

Cross check for the credentials and the claims that the clinic for anti aging has made so that you have a fair idea about their credibility. Don't stop there though; enquire about the certifications that the professional at the clinic has so as to ensure that you are getting treated upon by an expert in this field. These details are of utmost importance and due attention should be paid towards this, particularly if you are opting for plastic surgery for your face.

While visiting the clinic of an anti aging expert, one should enquire from the manager for the references for clients which can help one to check the quality and the experiences those people have had from the expert. Speaking to such clients can help one to have the perfect idea what the procedures entail.

When all these things have been checked, one can discuss the cost of the treatment also. Cost estimate should be taken in writing from the physician so that it is clear and no problem occurs in the future, during or after treatment.

Genuine and credible anti aging processes may incur high cost so one should be prepared to spend huge amount if quality work is required.

First Aid And Other Health Care Tips by Nick Vassilev

Some of the medical advice given in the book is still very useful today, although some of the advice for treating some diseases is now thankfully obsolete thanks to modern immunisation - the standard treatment for rabies if someone had been bitten by a rabid dog was to cauterize the bite site with a white-hot iron (thanks, Lois Pasteur!). Some of the advice, on the other hand, is better today for entertainment value. The following is a selection of the advice given in this book.

- Bleeding from a smaller wound (not from a severed artery or a vein) can be stanched either by holding ice to the site, or by applying a poultice made from equal parts of flour and salt, which should be "bound down with a cloth" to the wound site. For larger wounds (arterial) the book recommends using a tourniquet; this method is not recommended nowadays and pressure should be applied instead.

- On the topic of daily exercise, the book is very quotable: "Exercise invigorates the brain, expands the lungs, quickens the circulation, and braces the nerves...The importance of sufficient daily exercise to the health of intellectual men [sic] cannot be exaggerated." The book recommends gardening and horse-riding to women, while for men it recommends boxing as being the best exercise. Interestingly, it also states that "intellectual employment" (i.e. white-collar desk jobs) should not be done for more than seven hours a day - don't we all wish we could follow this advice!

- Eyestrain can be treated, according to the author of this book, by splashing them with cold water mixed with just enough brandy to make the eyes sting slightly (ouch!). However, cold water alone was also greatly recommended and is more advisable.

- To lose weight, this book recommends that the following foods should be avoided: fat bacon, fat ham, butter, cream, sugar, fat on meat, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, rice, arrowroot, sago, tapioca, macaroni, vermicelli, semolina, custard pastry and "puddings of all kinds, and sweet cakes". This is still good advice, although most people these days would not ban carrots, parsnips and beetroot. Along with exercise, drinking a small glass of seawater mixed with milk, bathing in seawater and Turkish baths were also recommended for losing weight. If you get hold of the book, make sure you read the accompanying advice on "How to grow fat" for its amusement value and maybe a glimpse into a saner time when stick-thin models were not held up as the epitome of beauty.

- Stings (presumably bees and wasps) can e treated with a paste of wood ash and water, or else baking soda and water.

- Corns, chilblains and bunions can be treated by dabbing on iodine twice a day "with a feather." My guess is that the feather is optional and a cotton bud would do instead.

- A broth made of celery boiled in milk was reputed to be a good treatment for rheumatism and gout, and was also supposed to be a "great comfort" for "nervous" (i.e. stressed out) people.

- Indigestion seems to have been quite a concern to our ancestors, so the book contains plenty of advice for avoiding and treating it. The most pleasant advice in this regard is the suggestion that mealtimes should be accompanied by pleasant conversation to aid digestion. Chewing thoroughly instead of trying to bolt a meal down in a hurry (which it calls the "peculiarly American 10-minutes-for-refreshments vice") was also recommended.

- To help a teething child, apply shaved ice. This will soothe the gums with the chill but will melt quickly and have no risk of choking.

- To remove particles of dust and dirt in the eyes, use a camels' hair paint brush dipped in water. Raise the eyelid, then gently brush across the eyeball.

Diet Plans And Menus - The Mayo Clinic Diet by Levi Reiss

The Mayo Clinic Diet was created at the world famous Mayo Clinic. Women following this diet eat a maximum of 1200-1600 calories a day depending on weight. Men eat a maximum of 1400-1800 calories a day. The Mayo Clinic diet defines its own nutritional pyramid divided into five alimentary groups. Dieters eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Their consumption of proteins, glucides, and fats is limited. Here are some of the diet principles.

First determine your daily calorie intake that depends on your sex and weight. This value is flexible, when you feel hungry you may increase it. Depending on the calories allowed, determine the number of servings of fatty foods, proteins, glucides, vegetables, and fruits. Serving size is quite closely defined. For example, a serving of fruit is about 60 calories, such as a small banana, a small apple, or 250 milliliters (about 7 ounces) of strawberries or grapes. Favor small red fruits or whole fruits; for example apples and oranges. Sweets aren't totally forbidden. You are allowed 75 calories a day from sweets, such as caramels. Keep a journal of what you eat. Practice a sport for thirty minutes daily. This helps your cardiovascular condition. Your best bet is an endurance sport such as bicycling, dancing, or swimming.

An advantage of the Mayo Clinic Diet is that its meals are vitamin rich. And so many fruits and vegetables are said to be good for you. This is a very complicated diet; it requires many precise measurement.

Here are two sample menus:

Menu 1

Breakfast: Orange juice. An oatmeal cookie. 250 milliliters of raspberries. A skim-milk yogurt.

Lunch: Green salad. A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. 60 grams of grilled beef fillet. 125 milliliters of green beans. 85 milliliters of brown rice. An apple.

Supper: Leek soup. 2 slices of whole grain bread. 250 milliliters of skim milk. A peach.

Menu 2

Breakfast: Fresh apricot juice. 2 slices of whole grain bread. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. A tea.

Lunch: Green salad. A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. A thick baked salmon fillet. 125 milliliters of zucchini with herbs. An apple.

Supper: A sandwich of chicken breast (90 grams) on pumpernickel bread. 60 milliliters of low-fat mayonnaise. 250 milliliters of red pepper and carrot salad. 250 milliliters of skim milk. A kiwi.

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes over 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and lots more. La Bible des Regimes is presently available only in French.

Kegelmaster, The Any Time Available Doctor by Andrew Rivano

Kegelmaster has been designed by the designers in a very special way. The design is made in a very special way to provide the best resistance to the pelvic muscle and the muscular strength of the muscles of the vagina. But the design is very simple and at the same time it is very simpler to use too. In this regard the Kegelmaster 2000 has been the first in the series to provide the maximum strength for the flexibility of the muscles of the vagina. It adds to the progressive strengthening of the pelvic muscle of the vagina floor. The Kegelmaster 2000 is designed in the proven principle of those exercises which will enable in reconditioning of the weak muscles of the vagina.

A frequent question arises that if pregnant woman should use this Kegelmaster or not? Consultants answer that in the case of pregnant woman they should consult their doctor prior to the usage. This Kegelmaster should not be used within six weeks of the birth of the child or during the postpartum period or after the pelvic or geniuinotory procedures of surgery and this should not be used unless specifically the doctor recommends using. The usage of the Kegelmaster should also be avoided on the occasion of having a history of any infection in the urinary tracts or while going through the usage any other types of intra vaginal devices as for example diaphragms, tampons and pessaries.

Another question arises that if this Kegelmaster is suitable for usage by everyone? The answers is that any lady having the desire to have a well toned and potent pubococcygeal muscle and this will help her in having a better sexual experience, intensified orgasm and pleasure.

The next question which comes in the series is that what will happen if one stops using Kegelmaster? Expert suggests that nothing serious will happen if one stops the use of the Kegelmaster. Only one will lose the magical effects of using the device as the user will regain the earlier symptoms of incontinency.

Is The Glycemic Index More Valuable Than A Pay Rise? by Andrew Mason

During a recent survey by one of the diet industry leaders, it was revealed that many Americans would rather forgo a job promotion or a raise, if they could find a solution that would allow them to control their weight more effectively. This is an especially troubling revelation, given the fact that we are all under so much financial pressure, these days. It just goes to show how conventional diets have been unable to satisfy our collective weight problem and how we really crave a solution, rather than craving our next meal.

In recent times, a revolutionary approach to dieting and weight control was developed when scientists came up with what is known as the glycemic index. This index is not only effective at regulating weight, but it is also a primary tool in the battle against diabetes. The index is based on the fact that certain types of food cause a variation in our blood sugar. We can most clearly see this when we try and exercise, for example. A concerted amount of exercise will result in a lowering of our blood sugar levels and associated lethargy. To counter this, we eat a certain carbohydrate to raise our blood sugars quickly and continue with exercise.

As certain carbohydrates have an ability to quickly elevate our blood sugar levels, these should be avoided at all costs if we are to try and regulate not only our weight, but also our vulnerability to diabetes. You see, when blood sugar levels are raised too quickly, high levels of insulin are produced and this also leads to an elevation in the production of fat reserves. The body is, quite simply, getting ready for the onslaught of this type of food and preparing accordingly. However, these fat reserves, once produced, do not simply go away, but rather they contribute to our ever-growing weight control problem.

To determine just how a certain type of carbohydrate affects our body, scientists decided to test each carb on a cross-section of volunteer individuals. Each carb was adjusted so that a 50 g portion was standard. Then, each food was rated according to its level in relation to pure glucose. While many people are not used to consuming pure glucose, of course, others have determined that white bread would be a far better reference point. This is, after all, part of the staple diet of a large portion of the population and more recognizable.

For the glycemic index to be absolutely effective, we have to adjust it according to the way that each food is prepared and the actual size of the portion and this is referred to as the glycemic load. This determines how a particular carbohydrate will affect the body based on its origin, quantity and preparation.

The glycemic index diet is one of the most progressive of the modern era, especially as it has an ability to control not only weight variations, but also diabetes, one of the most prevalent and costly illnesses of our time.

Flying-start With ALTACURA Ginseng! by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are lowering, shops and offices are reopening, cities are getting crowded, no more holidays, it’s becoming stressful both in the mornings and afternoons; and the energy recuperated during the summer holidays is beginning to dwindle. Returning back to work and to the monotonous routine is for most of us, more or less, traumatic. In some way the beach or the mountains, the city tour with its works of art or any other distraction that has been sought to get away from the sluggish routine may have helped us to relax and improve our mood. Yet, the sudden impact with the former daily tasks often gives rise to a stressing feeling right from the very first day of work.

Pure Ginseng for energy and dash

ALTA CARE Laboratoires has launched on the market ALTACURA Ginseng Capsule, a product that may help you to maintain the correct energy levels necessary to face the normal practices and routine on returning to work. Each capsule contains 400mg Panax 100% pure ginseng (4 times stronger than the other ginseng on the market). No additives, no excipients, only concentrated ginseng, that will help you, in a natural way, get into a good mood and encounter in a lively way all those activities that you stopped doing during the summer.

More energy = better mood

It is very important, if not essential, that one kicks off in good shape. So long as you are on holiday everything is fine; you may rest and enjoy yourself. But on your return home a very small task will be enough to make you feel already exhausted. It is a known fact that tiredness leads to a bad mood and this is surely not the way to start a year’s work. ALTACURA Ginseng will help you retrieve the energy that your organism needs to tackle in the best possible way your heavy schedule right from the very first day of work. More energy will bring about better capabilities to face the difficulties that will crop up, more dash and dynamism, and eventually a better mood.

A capsule a day to reactivate the metabolism

The Ginseng in Altacura Capsule contains ginsenosides capable of reactivating in a natural way your metabolism. One capsule a day, in the morning, will mean that you won’t have to visit your doctor right from September, when the daily routine has become already so hectic that you will feel tired right from the start. Whether in a box with a blister of 20 capsules or in 2 bottles of 60 capsules, ALTACURA Ginseng may be easily carried in a bag, or if you travel often to work, make sure that you have it in your suitcase. Make sure of a daily dose to start off your new working year in a great way.

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Spring Cleaning Your Body - Altadrine by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

It happens every spring. You fling open the windows, shed your winter coat, and suddenly get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about "spring cleaning" the toxins from your body?

Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweet and heavy food. Most of the time they aren't able to assimilate these hard-to-digest foods, so Ama (the sticky, toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating.

When the warm weather melts the snow in spring, it has a similar effect on the body. In spring the Ama melts and the volume of Ama becomes so great that the shrotas, the microcirculatory channels of the body, become clogged.

Some Symptoms of Excess Toxins in the Body

If you don't assist these toxins in moving out of the body, you can become prone to flu, colds and cough, or allergies. You might even feel fatigued, sluggish or drowsy after lunch; or lose your appetite.

Sharp headaches, dizziness, mild tremors in the limbs, and unexplained muscle aches, especially in the calf, can also be symptoms. Your tongue may be coated, and your throat may be sore.

The skin can be less radiant, heavier, and oilier. You may also find that you break out more often; you are more prone to sunburn, and have dry patches on your skin.

Yet, Spring is the best season for detoxification, because nature is already trying to clear out the toxins. It's the time to help the body to detoxify efficiently.

Helping Your Body Detoxify

How do you help the body with its own spring cleaning? Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris has recently launched Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup a sugar-free detoxifying supplement. Besides having a detoxifying effect, Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup is also a slimming and tanning supplement. Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup contains extracts which stimulate the production of the body’s natural pigment, Melanin.

Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup contains the phyto-extract ‘Fucus Vesiculosus’ which is a good promoter of glandular health. It controls the thyroid and regulates the metabolism that helps digest food. It has the reputation of speeding up the burning process of excess calories by controlling the body’s metabolic rate and is helpful in the nourishment of the body with its ability to stimulate the metabolism.

‘Metacolin’ which is extracted from green tea, is rich in caffeine and catecolin, and studies show that it stimulates the conversion of fat into energy by thermogenisis and oxidation of the fat. It has also been shown that Green Tea mildly lowers total cholesterol levels and improves the cholesterol profile.

‘Synephrine’ which is extracted from ‘Citrus Aurantium’ is a related cousin of ephedrine. It is safe because it does not cross the blood brain barrier. Synephrine provides the same fat burning and muscle sparing as ephedrine but without any stimulant like side effects.

Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup, a supplement with cleaning, draining and anti-bloating properties, is vital to improve the drainage of fats and to decrease the bloating effect often caused by water retention. In turn this would help in eliminating cellulite and the ‘outer appearance’ of the orange peel skin. ‘Red Vine’ extract is one of the extracts which gives an antioxidant effect and also strengthens and stabilizes the collagen of tissues and capillaries.

Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, does not dilute syrups with water; thus the active ingredients are masked in a pleasant flavour and that gives effective results. 10mL of Altadrine Lipodrainer should be administered 1-3 times daily everyday.

Altadrine Lipodrainer syrup can be purchased in 200ml or 500ml bottles and is available in all pharmacies.

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Detox With Altadrine Thalasso Drink by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

The dazzling, glorious, red sun has hardly risen over the horizon and yet hundreds of joggers and walkers are out for their daily ritual along the promenades and country roads. Some are aiming at weight loss, others a better circulation, some lowering cholosterol levels, and the rest just to feel fit enough to face the day’s ups and downs.

The great majority then just don’t bother; they will not jump out of bed at such an early hour but prefer to stick to their normal sedentary life, come what may. Yet ironically, whether you are diligent or lazy, there is still one important thing that you are not to ignore, and this is detoxifying your body. No matter how young or old you are, or how fit or lethargic you are, you have to rid your body of all the toxins and impurities that accumulate within your system. If not some kind of disease will soon be round the corner. True? If your answer is positive then read on.

ALTADRINE THALASSO DRINK of Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, is a food supplement with algae, fruit fibers, vitamins and minerals that:-

• improves the physiological functioning of the depurative and draining processes of the body;

• helps weight control, for excess weight is not always fat but, more often than not, water-retention;

• contains electrolytes that prevent dehydration and replenish the body;

• contains vegetable fibres that help one to control appetite by giving a feeling of satiety much quicker than usual;

• increases metabolism;

• is an isotermic drink that restablishes the equilibrium of the water and minerals in the organism;

• is very helpful when the body loses salts through intense sweating following muscular activity as in sports, both at amateur and professional level.

Altadrine Thalasso Drink is just one of a range of products aimed at people who are determined to put their physique in order and thus prevent health problems from cropping up in the very near future. But while other products may target specific problems, Altadrine Thalasso Drink aims at cleaning and draining the body-system. It is definitely the product that no one can do without for we all have to carry out a daily detoxification exercise. If not toxins will accumulate in our body and the consequences will be regrettable.

An ALTADRINE THALASSO DRINK box contains 7 sachets and each sachet is to be mixed with 1 litre of water. This is to be drunk during the day and the solution is not to be kept for more than 10 hours. It is not suitable for pregnant women or for women who are breast feeding. Nor is it suitable for children younger than 8 years.

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New Altadrine Appetite Control on the market by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Altadrine Appetite Control contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and pine seed oil in a liquid capsule that helps support the management of weight control and appetite/hunger control.

Fast acting Altadrine liquid capsules are important since appetite suppression capsules that used to work well are now banned because of their serious side effects. Altadrine Appetite Control is safe to use daily and the CLA is very healthy for the heart. Altadrine Appetite Control is the answer to increase the sensation of fullness and to help to elongate the time between one meal and the other. An Altadrine Appetite Control liquid capsule taken at lunch helps you arrive to dinner less hungry.

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Altadrine Appetite Control. Alta Care Laboratoires thoroughly tested the product in a randomised double blind cross-over trial, and the results were: Altadrine Appetite Control can help to suppress appetite and promote a feeling of 'fullness', thus providing satiety.

The study clearly showed that within 30 to 60 minutes after taking Altadrine Appetite Control in the form of liquid capsules, the release of the satiety hormone of cholecystokinin (CCK) was significantly increased in the blood of the test subjects, compared to those who had taken a placebo. The natural metabolites of Altadrine Appetite Control also significantly increased the release of another satiety hormone glucagon-like peptide1 (GLP1) in the blood. Both hormones send signals of satiation to the brain, and are essential in regulating food intake.

Altadrine Appetite Capsules cost €14.90 and are available in a box of 30. It is recommended to take 1 capsule before a meal or 1 capsule between one meal and another with a large glass of water or as advised by your pharmacist or doctor.

Altadrine Appetite Control liquid capsules are produced in France by Alta Care Laboratoires.

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Altaflora – New Generation Sachets Against Diarrhoea by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

When one has an attack of diarrhoea one looks for the diarrhoea sachets containing the electrolytes sodium, potassium and magnesium. These diarrhoea sachets have been taken by your parents and your great grand parents, generation after generation with the purpose of replacing the electrolytes that have been lost. Studies today show that not only are the electrolyte salts lost during diarrhoea but also the good bacteria that live in the intestine, better known as the flora. So sachets containing just electrolyte salts are not enough and it is a must to take sachets containing both flora and electrolytes. Sachets containing just electrolytes are old generation whereas the new generation sachets are the sachets containing both electrolytes and the good bacteria (flora)

Our digestive system is inhabited by trillions of microorganisms that are vital for our wellness. They colonize the surfaces and cavities of our bodies forming what are known as CFUs, colonies forming units, in other words the beneficial flora. This flora:

• helps in the digestion and absorption of food

• supports our immune system

• detoxifies noxious compounds

• contributes to the manufacture of essential vitamins

• fortifies and rebuilds the natural flora

• contrasts the bad flora

Now, contrasting this beneficial flora is the bad flora, the bacteria, the viruses, the fungi and the protozoans, all in some way implicated in heart disease allergies, asthma, skin disorders, obesity, digestive problems, urinary tract infections, certain cancers and other chronic diseases. Thus a probiotic, that is a food supplement that contains live beneficial microbes that can be used to fortify or rebuild our natural flora, is of vital importance. ALTAFLORA ELECTROLYTES by Alta Care Laboratoires will prevent the bad flora from getting the upper hand in your digestive system in cases such as diarrhea, food poisoning and dehydration. Another important role of intestinal flora is that they prevent species that would harm the host from colonizing the gut; an activity termed the “barrier effect”. The barrier effect protects humans both from invading species, as well as species that are normally present in the gut at low numbers and whose growth is usually inhibited by the gu!

t flora. When the flora are not replaced one will note that the belly will be bloated.

ALTAFLORA ELECTROLYTES will provide you not only with beneficial intestinal flora but also with electrolytes, that is

• Sodium chloride

• Magnesium

• Potassium

• Calcium

Both muscle tissue and neurons are considered electric tissues of the body. Muscles and neurons are activated by electrolyte activity. Without sufficient levels of these key electrolytes, muscle weakness or severe contractions may occur. Serious electrolyte disturbances such as dehydration and over hydration may lead even to cardiac and neurological complications.

ALTAFLORA ELECTROLYTES will replenish your body’s water and electroltye levels after dehydration caused by exercise, diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication or starvation. Even athletes who exercise in extreme conditions such as a three hour or more marathon risk over hydration, in other words hyponatremia, unless they consume electrolytes.

ALTAFLORA ELECTROLYTES are made in France and are presented in both sachet and capsule form to replace both electrolytes and flora. Altaflora electrolytes are the new generation sachets for diarrhoea prescribed by doctors worldwide.

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