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Useful morning habits

This morning useful habits - good mood all day. And they help to look good, be healthy and happy.Drink a glass of water
After waking up, experts recommend drinking a glass of water, because the skin is vaporized per night and plenty of fluids. More good will, if in water, add a slice of lemon - lemon juice stimulates the liver to release of toxins, and water displays these toxins through the excretory system.
That morning meal gives us the charge and energy for the whole day, so it should be treated very seriously. Nutritionists advise to start your day with oatmeal. It has anti-stress effect, so it is especially recommended for those with no reason to be nervous over nothing, falls into melancholy and could not sleep for a long time. Why so soothing oatmeal? It contains large amounts of B vitamins, they are responsible for the health of our nervous system, and at the same time for clear skin and hair density. Open you another secret: green tea, apples and pineapples invigorate much better coffee and, in addition, contain huge amounts of vitamins, which are so lacking in the spring.
I wash with cool water
Cool water will refresh a person will narrow pores and improve blood circulation. Another plus in favor of cool water in the fact that it, unlike hot is not as strong concentration of chlorine that you will agree, is much more useful for the skin.
Listen to your biorhythms
Our body lives on its own, internal clock and is capable of at different times in different ways to take these or other procedures. For example, early in the morning, even if you sleep, the skin is already beginning its work: it activates the endocrine glands and actively produces hormones that are responsible for protection against negative environmental factors. At 8 o'clock in the morning, our circulation is at its peak activity. Skin like a sponge absorbs everything than with faces, and therefore it is particularly susceptible to allergies. At that time prohibited squeeze pimples and inflammation. Best assistant for the skin now will be protective day cream that protects against loss of moisture and UV light. But the anti-cellulite creams is better to postpone until the evening - usually these funds even more to stimulate blood circulation, which may affect the blood vessels. For the same reasons contraindicated bath and sauna, but swimming in the pool, on the contrary, will benefit. We would like to say about running. If your goal - to lose weight, it is recommended to run it in the morning, in the intervals between 6 and 8 hours.
Cleanses the skin
Many people believe that you need to clean the skin only in the evening, for the night, she did not have time to get dirty. However, it is fundamentally wrong. In the morning, the skin has its "contamination", arising from the fact that it breathes separating fat and moisture, which adheres to the dust gathered in a room with fiber pillows, etc. But most of all, our skin suffers from its own dedicated - from dead cells that make the complexion dull and cause premature aging.

Wake up alarm clock
If you are one of those who loves to sleep the extra five minutes to the last translates Service, remember: your sleep in these moments will be disturbing, poor and inefficient. In other words, in those moments you do not relax, and indulge their laziness. As a result, slept, angry at the situation and start the day with aggression. Wake up on the first call alarm - this is the same habit that needs to be developed: go to bed and crank Service is always one and the same time. Then you will learn to get up early and quickly.

5 problems that solves detoxification

To many, who is closely involved in their health and appearance, sooner or later comes the understanding of the importance of detoxification of the body.
What lies behind the fashionable notion of detox and why is it needed?
To start I must say that the toxins - poisons of biological origin, which are produced by infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that may be present in the human body. Also, toxins can be called and those substances that enter our body through air, water and junk food. Here, in order to prevent this from happening, and annual training needs detoxification.
So what are the problems are solved detoxification?
• As the name implies, it is primarily a clarification of an organism, the normalization of the main filter of the body: kidneys, liver and colon. If about the function of the kidneys and liver all heard, that the importance of the large intestine is rarely mentioned. And it was the large intestine absorbs water, nutrients, and participates in the formation of feces. As a result of receiving high carbohydrate and fatty foods with low fiber content on the walls of the large intestine formed a kind of "scum", which eventually forms a fecal stones, and as a result, there is a destruction of the mucous membrane of the colon, which protects the body from toxins. This happens poisoning organism processed products because they are beginning to be absorbed in the colon on a par with nutrients. It is the elimination of this phenomenon is the main objective of detox.
• Skin cleansing: getting rid of the rash and improve complexion.
• Eliminate bad breath, if it was caused by problems with the colon.
• Increased energy, which is a natural consequence of purification, as normal functioning of all internal organs.
• Stabilizing weight occurs because during normal operation the body with all the nutrients freely enter the blood and does not occur in humans have much need to replenish the supply of nutrients.
There are different ways to detox and they all have a right to exist, but they have one drawback: they are not always easy to implement. For example, diet and taking herbal concoctions require hourly diet and to a certain set of products was always at hand. Colon hydrotherapy should be carried out strictly under the supervision of physicians and fasting is not enough that only fits perfectly healthy people, so still and not all are able to withstand such an abrupt change in diet.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Contrary to popular belief, manual therapy, or "treatment by hand", ambulance not only for sprains and strains.The theory of manipulation is concluded that almost any disease responsible spine. Rather, the breach of it. Dizziness, frequent headaches or syncope can be a signal that the displacement of broken vertebrae cerebral circulation. Acute pain in the neck and lower back - a possible symptom of a pinched nerve. Constant fatigue, back pain, most likely, muscle spasms, the cause of which - changes of the spine. If you get deeper into this further, you can see that the work of the internal organs and is directly related to how well and correctly folded our spine. That is a pain in the region of the pancreas does not necessarily echo of yesterday's feast, and the heart can "whine" not only because of the love story with a sad ending.
If you do not talk about serious sports injuries and accidents, the wear and tear of vertebrae, alas, is a natural process. He, like all the aging process, can not be stopped. With age, everyone destructive changes occur in the intervertebral discs. This leads to irritation of nearby nerves and inflammation. The next step - change of circulation and as a consequence of muscle tension and deprivation usually easy mobility because of spasms in some areas of the back. That is exactly where and is affected spine.
Feature of manual therapy that is non-pharmacological treatment. After listening to your complaints and a detailed description of the pain, as well as looking at the x-rays, the therapist assesses the hands only of the disease and then conducting a series of hand again impacts on the back and spine area. The good news is that the first effect will ease immediately. The bad - here easily deceived. To get the maximum effect and to get rid of the disease, it is necessary more than two or five visits to the doctor. By the way, a qualified specialist will never be you assign another session the next day. Three to five days, your muscles need to fix his new position, which will give them the therapist during manipulation. Only then can we begin to continue treatment.
Of course, to stop the process of deterioration is impossible. But depends on us when the spine suddenly declare itself.
Problems with the vertebrae start small and aggravated daily. Remember, how you sit back in front of a computer monitor in the office or dinner in the restaurant (probably after this phrase many thought and straighten your back). If today is your spine is not an effect, not screaming with pain and spasms in the back, then either you have a great inheritance, or you clever and live an active and sporty. In other cases, when our gipermalopodvizhnoy life, absolutely healthy spine is just a matter of time.
How to postpone for many years forced familiarity with chiropractors?

Go to the pool. Do not know how to swim, go to aerobics. This is the only type of physical activity, which is prescribed to patients even with severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Swimming restores, heals, and even more so to prevent disease of the spine. Besides helping to lose weight.

Do not slouch. In addition, without fear of oblique views of colleagues, try to make telephone calls while standing. And especially do not ask you to submit documents to the printer: walk around the office more often.

Do not lift heavy objects. 

Move more. Do not scold the broken elevator. Know that even four storey climbing stairs spine will thank you. And rear thigh muscles, by the way, too. Park away from the office or go on one stop early to walk. If this does not motivate, buy a bracelet that will take your steps to spread the result of a social network and give tips on changing your lifestyle.

Stomach pain - gastritis

Life in the big city - it's always stressful.
Improper diet, problems at work, lack of sleep - all this disrupts the body and almost inevitably leads to various diseases (they are more often called "diseases of civilization"). And today we will tell you about one of the most common "diseases of civilization" - chronic gastritis.
It so happened that the abdominal pain, heartburn and belching small few people care about - think, self-will, do not go to the doctor because of some heartburn. But these unpleasant feelings and are symptoms of chronic gastritis. Except that chronic gastritis is not so harmless as it seems. Firstly, it can cause stomach ulcers. Second, chronic gastritis is often accompanied by weakness and fatigue, which does not make life more enjoyable. Third, chronic gastritis can lead to cancer of the stomach (and they get sick every year about one million people worldwide)
Meanwhile, about 30 years ago, two Australian scientists have found that stress and unhealthy diet - not only or even the main cause of chronic gastritis. It turned out that in most cases of chronic gastritis caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. For several reasons, the body is just not able to cope with these bacteria, and therefore the disease becomes chronic. Over time, chronic gastritis if untreated, the disease progresses, first formed by erosion (damaged areas of mucous membrane) and then ulcers.
Fortunately, the fight against chronic gastritis is even possible, and modern medicine have to do a whole arsenal of tools. But the disease can be overcome only by destroying its cause - Helicobacter pylori.
What have the means to deal with gastritis? Firstly, antacids. Typically, such substances are converted into the acid water, and because there are quite a short time. Besides, in most cases they only eliminate the symptoms and do not act on the cause. Secondly, proton pump blockers. Drugs in this group of cells, inhibit the production of gastric hydrochloric acid, and therefore longer operating. Unfortunately, these drugs also do not affect the cause of the disease. Moreover, in some cases, long-term use of drugs alone kislotosnizhayuschih may even aggravate the situation

Vitamins for beautiful skin

Beautiful skin, good humor, sparkling healthy hair and nails - to get all of this, it is sufficient to only one trace element.We are talking about folic acid. Why is it so important that its level was sufficient in a woman's body? The name comes from the Latin folium - leaf. By folate include a family of B vitamins with a similar structure and function.Why are they so important?
First, for well-being, because folates involved in heme synthesis, part of erythrocytes. It also means that if you get enough vitamin B9, then you have the complexion gets better.
All the girls already know how important the hormone serotonin for a good mood. For example, if we eat chocolate, the brain produces the hormone of happiness. Proved that folate play an important role in the metabolism of serotonin.
Thus, to take care of a good mood, it is not necessary to lean on sweets.
Furthermore, using software implemented folate muscle energy including cardiac muscle.
Already no need to explain how important collagen, so that we were young and beautiful, and the skin remains supple. Folate contribute to the formation of collagen, thanks to which improves skin texture. Also comprised within the α-keratin protein core nail, skin and hair.
And the good news for those who like to go to sea and sunbathing. Or believes that wearing a short skirt in the summer when you have white legs - it is ugly. Recent evidence that folate prevent photoaging, which causes exposure to UV rays. This, of course, does not mean that you can lie on the beach during the most active of the sun and does not protect your skin. But if folate levels are normal, you can not just buy a light tan, but do not think about the appearance of wrinkles after returning from vacation.
Also folates are very important for those who are thinking of becoming a mother. Already proved that a sufficient level of folate prevents the risk of neural tube defects and other malformations in children. To do this, you should take folate regularly and well before conception, because for them to create a sufficient level in the body takes time.Of course, one can obtain folate from food. For example, they are rich spinach, liver, broccoli, asparagus, eggs, oranges. But, in practice, it is quite difficult to do. For example, to get the rate, you need to drink 9 cups of orange juice. And so every day! In addition, during the heat treatment (no doubt you would eat broccoli raw!) Lost a significant part of the vitamin.
Therefore, according to current recommendations all women of childbearing age, regardless of whether they are planning pregnancy shortly or not, should take folic acid supplements at a dose of 400-800 mg per day. Admission should begin at least 3 months prior to conception and continue daily for the first 2-3 months of pregnancy.
If you're even in the near future do not plan the baby, it is still important to get enough folate. You can buy folic acid at the pharmacy.
And if you are taking hormonal contraceptives, you can consult with your doctor. Now there are some preparations which already contain the desired amount of folates.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to stop snoring

Sometimes seemingly mundane and commonplace things can actually conceal serious dangers. For example, snoring. Who of us pay any attention? If a loved one snores at night, we prefer to just put up with it (except for very "vociferous cases"). "It's okay, not so terrible disadvantage, it is easy to suffer ..." But maybe it is not so simple? Let's face it.
Snoring - a disease or a symptom?s own snoring is not a disease, so treat it - all the same what to treat fever. Possible to bring down a fever tablets, but a full recovery is necessary to deal with the diseases caused by it. The same situation with snoring - it only indicates that there were problems in the body.
What causes snoring?There are many reasons for snoring, and the most common ones - excess weight (and even above the norm by 10% in half increases the risk of snoring), deviated septum enlarged tonsils, nasopharynx edema as a result of inflammation during a cold or allergies, smoking, alcohol, many hypnotics and sedatives, causing muscle relaxation and decreased muscle tone of the pharynx. Above all it is necessary to remove the cause of snoring, otherwise restful sleep nor the snoring or his home may not count.
Why fat people are more likely to suffer from snoring?Overweight really provokes snoring. While it is unclear exactly how overweight snoring affect the appearance, but there is the following opinion in this respect: the excessive formation of adipose tissue in the abdomen and the neck increases the load on the diaphragm and the respiratory system as a whole. In addition, a complete person due to accumulation of fat inside the abdomen (and fat deposits in the liver, pancreas, between the internal organs) the diaphragm is pushed up. It draws in the lungs and prevents them from properly disclosed during inspiration.
But snoring in itself can cause weight problems. Snoring people suffer from disturbed sleep architecture, as in constantly waking up during the night. These awakening last only a few seconds and are not stored, but they "break" the natural cycle of alternating fast and slow phases of sleep. Some hormones are responsible for proper metabolism, are produced only when we sleep. Chronic snoring can lead to deficiencies of these hormones and consequently weight gain.
Snoring and Sleep posture - there is a connection?Sleeping on your back often leads to the fact that a person starts to snore. To train yourself to sleep on your side or on your stomach, you can sew to back sleepwear small pocket and put it in a solid object - such as a small ball. Turning over in his sleep on his back and felt uncomfortable, you do not wake up, turn over on his side. A week later, another body remembers the optimum position. Also, do not sleep on a very low pillow - the head during sleep should be at least 10-15 cm above the legs.
Snoring and sleep apnea - the same thing?Snoring - a vibration of the soft tissues of the pharynx, and sleep apnea - full stop breathing during sleep, which can last from a few seconds to 2 minutes. At this time, the whole body is experiencing a powerful stress - blood oxygen level drops sharply, quickens the heartbeat and blood pressure rises. Apnea can occur up to 400 times per night, which leads to oxygen starvation of the brain, arrhythmia, hypertension, hormonal disorders, kidney disease, daytime sleepiness, poor concentration and a sense of constant fatigue.
To which the doctor ask for the treatment of snoring?First of all you need to make an appointment with an audiologist, who will examine the nasopharynx and determine whether snoring is not caused by some pathologies of ENT organs. Depending on the results of the survey it or deal with the problem itself or refer the patient to a dentist, plastic surgeon, dietitian or a sleep. Surgical intervention is rarely shown, often snoring treated by conservative methods - diet (if snoring is the result of excess weight), exercises that strengthen the muscles of the larynx, and with the help of special tools.

How to strengthen the immune system

According to statistics, one of the most disliked seasons in humans is autumn. And no wonder! What is associated fall? For some - a walk through the park and the Scarlet armful of colorful leaves, for others - the final picnics and gatherings in the country, the cool freshness of the morning, still warming afternoon sun and beautiful sunsets with millions of bright stars for third. However, there in the fall and does unromantic moments.Changeable weather, cold wind, slowly but surely tending to zero the thermometer can insidiously "knock down" even a healthy person. Suffice it to breathe moist air or wet feet as immediately make themselves felt scratchy and sore throat, fever, cough, chills. Learn the symptoms? Acute respiratory viral infection or SARS are not forced to wait long.
Why fall, we often get sick?
Immunity - a complex combination of human cells and reacting to the impact of aggressive environmental factors. As is known, the human immune system, especially, is formed in the intestine. Inhabiting its colonies lactose and bifidobacteria form a special microflora, enveloping mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Microflora is always in a dynamic state: while the number of bacteria seen each approximately equal to each other, tandem "gut-immune" to work well. But as soon as any number of bacteria begins to dominate, begins an imbalance of intestinal flora, leading to dysbiosis, naturally provokes a decrease in the body's defenses.
Any changes in diet, change of seasons, stress, medication, environment - even one factor of this non-exhaustive list is a powerful shock for the whole organism. And this is not always passes without any consequences.
How to determine the decrease in immunity?
There are a number of symptoms, for which a high degree of certainty can detect whether your immune system needs to be strengthened. These include:
• Psychosomatic symptoms: fatigue, weakness, and body aches and muscle pain, headache, frequent bad mood, sleepiness or insomnia, scattering.
• Physiological symptoms: dull and brittle hair and nails, bad breath or body odor change, upset stomach and intestines.
• Dermatologic symptoms: pale skin, various rashes, long healing of wounds and scars, swelling, bags and dark circles under the eyes.
How to strengthen the immune system?
Self-help the immune system to move from the hot summer on chilly autumn you can! Just follow the simple guidelines.
• Revise food
Fractional low-fat diet with sufficient amount in the diet of fruits and vegetables (fiber), cereals, nuts and vegetable oils would be beneficial for the skin. A regular consumption of dairy products will help to normalize the balance of intestinal microflora.• Add motion
Spend more time outdoors, be it with friends or walking the dog, jogging or cycling. Any physical activity is useful! Also, do not forget about the procedures hardening of the body, swimming in the pool, visit the baths or saunas.
• Include in the diet of vitamins
Even the most nutritious food does not cover the body's need for vitamins and minerals at 100%. Comprehensive protection of the immune system should include and receive various multivitamin complexes.

The main symptoms of herpes. Methods of Treatment.

Many people have already seen in yourself or others redness on the lips, and after - swelling of small watery vesicles, which soon covered with a crust. At the household level, these symptoms are called "cold". In science, a disease known as herpes.
It is most commonly caused by a general weakening of the body's immunity, malaise, and sometimes fever. It is, as already mentioned, bubble formation, often near the mouth and can be re-precipitation.
Typical symptoms of herpes:

  •     - Severe itching, sometimes turns into a painful tingling in the area of ​​origin;
  •     - Immediately after 1-2 days, or there may be slight redness and the swelling which appear watery groups of bubbles;
  •     - Within 3-4 days blisters dry up, forming a crust;
  •     - For the treatment of minor absolutely get rid of scabs and heal small wounds can be as early as one week.

Do I need to go to the doctor?
In acute manifestations of the disease: increased temperetura body, chills, itching or rash again in a short time should consult a doctor. If the disease is in the shortest possible time and not bother again, then on a visit to the doctor can not refuse.
The main methods of treating herpes.
Primarily for outdoor use are assigned different antiviral ointment: Acyclovir, which is the basis for Zovirax, oxoline, penciclovir and others. Hydrogen peroxide or a conventional Zelenka small amounts can be used for drying of the bubbles.
In addition, the doctor may prescribe pills, mostly painkillers and antipyretics: Paracetamol, Analgin, in severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed.
Along with medication there a large number of folk remedies for treating herpes. Well dries bubbles, for example, oil fir, lemon balm, bergamot and juniper. Itchy skin will help calm the juice of celandine or aspen.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Causes, diagnosis, treatment of prostatitis and prostate massage

Sadly it sounds, but such diseases as prostatitis suffered almost a third of our male population. So what is the prostatitis and how to deal with this disease. Let's start with the fact that the prostate - a Latin term prostate. The prostate is a glandular organ, the size of a chestnut, which is laced with nerve endings. This gland is located below the bladder in men. The function of the prostate is based on the development of a secret, which falls into the seminal fluid. This implies that the secret component is sperm. And of course, he has a very important and necessary function in the male sexual activity.
Also, due to prostate man feels pleasure during orgasm, as mentioned above, it is riddled with nerve endings.
Prostatitis - is inflammation of the prostate. It is important to diagnose prostatitis early on, otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.Symptoms of prostatitis are as follows:

  •     man feels a sharp pain when urinating;
  •     after urinating, there is a feeling that the urine came out in full;
  •   The reason for this is prostatic pressure on the bladder. In the process of inflammation in humans can rise high temperature.
  •     loss of sexual desire.

Constant pain interfere with man is in an excited state, and inflammation of the prostate affects ejaculation - it may be premature. More you the opportunity to experience and inadequate erection. Prostate affects the vital function of sperm, so if the disease to run - possibly infertility, as the outcome.

Causes of prostatitis.Reasons in fact not so much, and it simplifies the process of prevention of this disease:

  •     Prostate enlargement that occurs in the course of violations of blood circulation. This may occur because of sedentary lifestyles of people or overweight.
  •     Getting an infection in the body through sexual intercourse. As already mentioned, you can afford to provide this disease when administered promiscuous. At least it is desirable to protect contraceptives.
  •     Also prostatitis occurs in men over 45 years. But this is nature, because at this age males decreased testosterone levels in the blood.

How to diagnose prostatitis?Definitely first need to see a doctor - urologist. You will be directed to the study of prostatic secretions to identify microbes that stimulate the prostate. This is done by collecting tests and other procedures. In addition, you may make parallel and renal ultrasound, take a blood test for HIV, biochemistry, complete blood count, urinary tract ultrasound, ultrasound of the prostate, as well as explore the process of urination.

Vitamins for good vision

Once children can spend hours reading a book under the covers. Parents put to bed, and the child secretly took out a flashlight, a book about Robinson Crusoe or the Musketeers, and devoured with gusto chapter by chapter. Today, both adults and children have vision problems are not due to these vigils, and by virtue of civilizational features of society - are now keen eyesight is not necessary for survival. Let's talk about how to maintain and improve vision!Nonstandardized visual load, poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are the catalysts of hyperopia and myopia - the most common nevozrastnogo (unlike cataract appears usually after 50 years), diseases of the eye.How can you avoid the deterioration of vision? For example, there are blueberries - about its benefits for eye health knows, perhaps even children. Juicy, bluish-gray-blue blueberries - a storehouse of vitamins! However, it is this berry is not cheap even in the season, to say nothing of the autumn-winter period. And how much do you eat it ?!
Of course, "blueberry phenomenon" could not have been interested scientists and doctors. The result of years of research was the development of special vitamin complexes containing bilberry extract and positively affects our visionA variety of visual impairment - the scourge of the 21st century. We spent hours sitting at the computer, read the subway and do not miss the next series of fashion show or cartoon. And rarely looks into the distance - especially compared to our ancestors, the outdoors most of the time. All this is not the best way affects the health of our eyes.
In addition to the regular use of vitamin gel "Chernikoezhka®" follow a few simple rules that can prevent visual impairment:
- Dose load. Periodically take a break while working on the computer for 5-10 minutes;
- Minimize the risks. Limit time spent watching television, or read in dimly lit rooms (for example, in the subway).

How to get rid of chest pain

Patience - it's a great female line, but it is only good for the family, relationships or career, but not in cases when it comes to their own health. Do not tolerate the pain in the breast! Any pain in the body - it is a signal of distress, his request for help. Therefore, breast pain should be treated. Every woman is important to understand the causes of pain.
One of the most common causes of breast pain at any age - a hormonal imbalance. Mastalgia occurs due to compression of the nerve endings swollen breast tissue. Reason edema - an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the breast in the direction of progesterone deficiency. The nature and intensity of pain can be very different: heaviness, tingling, burning, pressure, acute pain, discomfort, possibly fever.
To understand the causes of pain must undergo breast ultrasound or mammogram (in zavismosti of age), and then examining the underlying causes of pain, your doctor may recommend certain medications in the form of tablets or drops, for example, special progesterone gel for pain in the breast glands, which will restore the lost balance of hormones in breast cancer and help get rid of the pain.
Local therapy aimed at filling the lack of progesterone in the breast, can give the effect on the second or third day, but the treatment should be extended to 3 months to achieve a stable result. The therapeutic effect of progesterone gel is achieved only in the breast tissue, without falling into the blood, and without causing systemic impact on a woman's body. After using the gel in the breast tissue increases the concentration of progesterone, a hormone imbalance is eliminated and thus disappears one of the main causes of mastitis.

Everything about menopause

Climax - natural period in the life of every woman. Often, however, the modern representatives of the fair sex who have reached the age of 45, according to the topic difficult to discuss, even taboo, and the phrase "her climax" is perceived as an insult.

Of course, issues related to menopause need to ask and discuss, and better with your doctor.Is it true that women in menopause are particularly irritable?Mood swings, indeed, one of the symptoms of menopause. To these more minor symptoms can also be added poor physical health: chills, drowsiness, weakness, often itchy, burning sensation in the intimate area, incontinence. Fear of women to discuss these symptoms with your doctor affect the quality of life, including personal.
Is it possible to lead an active sex life during menopause?
No contraindications to this no. However, women are often reluctant to have sex, because experience low desire, unpleasant and even painful sensations during intercourse associated with vaginal dryness. These problems can be solved with the help of a local hormone replacement therapy.
Cream and candle with estriol Ovestin - the most effective way to treat mucosal atrophy due to estrogen deficiency in menopause. Estriol is characteristic for the minimum absorption, so the use of local forms Ovestin eliminates the ingress of estriol in the bloodstream and provides only the effect of the hormone on mucous intimate zone.
Treatment Ovestin possible for as long as necessary.
What can bring the menopause?
At the age of 45 to 55 years for each woman takes extinction hormonal function and reduces the production of sex hormones. The main "drivers" climax today - smoking, chronic stress, excess or vice versa underweight, irregular sexual life.
Smoking ages the body as a whole, but particularly strong effect on the female reproductive system. Scientists have shown that the degree of influence of smoking on the approach of menopause depends on the race and the overall genetic predisposition. In this case, more than any other Europeans suffer from cigarettes, they smoking can cause menopause to 9 years before!
Chronic stress causes the so-called syndrome of ovarian failure, which leads to the extinction of sexual function, and thus, contributes to early menopause. That is why stress just need to fight (of course, not using cigarettes and alcohol).
The earliest and irreversible consequences cause starvation diets. Violation of ovarian function and cessation of menstruation can occur even at a young age, if a girl tortures himself to death. However, the extra weight is not good.
The importance of regular sexual life today many people forget, while sex is really able to make life more beautiful: relieve stress, build pressure, saturate the body with oxygen and keep the reproductive organs in a tone that contributes to their long-term youth.
Do I have to adhere to a particular power system at the onset of menopause?
Proper nutrition - an important part of taking care of the female body during menopause. It is important that it be balanced, but in any case - no diet with rigid restrictions.
The first is to draw attention to the fact that in the daily diet attended calcium. It is found not only in dairy products, but also in broccoli, spinach, herbs.
No need to give up carbs, it's a great source of energy. However, sugar and sweet pastries need to replace whole wheat bread, bran and cereals.
For normalization of blood fats should be consumed, but it is worth to give up saturated fats in favor of monounsaturated. Namely, replace the red meat and fish butter and vegetable fats (not only oil, but also products such as nuts and avocados).
In general, the diet should be varied, and include both greens and berries, and different kinds of spices. If you can not make the most varied diet, you should buy a special vitamin complex.
Is it possible to deal with menopause?
It is possible and it is important to combat the negative and painful symptoms of menopause - urogenital disorders. The effectiveness of treatment of urogenital disorders is higher, the earlier it is started. Early administration of hormone therapy is to prevent the development of severe forms of these disorders.