Friday, June 26, 2015

Bronchitis is a child

Cough in a child it always says about the condition of the bronchi and lungs? Not always cough is a symptom of the disease. Thus, the bronchial mucosa may be responsive to air or dust entering the respiratory tract. But the cough becomes a problem only when it is constant, irritating the throat and is accompanied by other symptoms. In the autumn-winter period in our apartments too dry air, nasal mucosa retain moisture, which can also be the cause of the cough. To create the right climate in the apartment, you can hang wet towels on the batteries, but it is best to use an ultrasonic humidifier for a child's room, which runs silently and is safe for children.
What is obstructive bronchitis?

If there is an inflammation of obstructive type, in addition to a narrowing of the airways. Your child may be shortness of breath, choking. The most common cause of obstructive bronchitis, allergic dermatitis is a less common infection. The child must receive treatment: bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory agents. Often they are administered by inhalation.
Bronchiolitis, the same disease as bronchitis?
Bronchiolitis is a disease involving inflammation of the small branches of the bronchi and bronchioles, bronchi, or endings. Often babies - up to 6 months. The infection is usually transmitted by airborne droplets. The disease can be dangerous for children, especially infants. This is especially important for premature babies. As a rule, it is necessary to stay in hospital. The mainstay of treatment while feeding the child plenty of fluids, airway hydration, clean and fresh air, monitoring heart rate and respiration, oxygen. Sometimes it also needs an antibiotic.
Can these diseases manifest themselves again?

Yes, although it depends on the cause of the infection and immunity of the child. The older it is, the more effective functioning immune system. Recurrent inflammation, especially obstructive type may indicate allergy. If you do not take appropriate treatment, including inhalants, steroids, it can cause permanent airway narrowing and asthma. Thus, repetitive bronchitis is a signal that the child needs to do a thorough research, in particular, towards allergies. So do not be puzzled over how to treat cough and go directly to the doctor, and hand over the necessary tests.

Secrets of healthy feet

Quite often, women are faced with situations where they begin to hurt badly legs because of varicose veins. Then we considered a few tips to preserve the health of your feet.
 1. It is necessary to move as often as possible, because by moving your feet have improved blood circulation. With constant movement of our heart begins to intensively enriching the blood with oxygen, which is then fed into our veins. But when a person is rarely moves, it may cause stagnation of blood in the veins, which in turn can lead to varicose veins. Most recommended for maintenance of healthy feet is a walk, and in any case not running or active sports. However, you need to walk in comfortable shoes that will not reap or cause discomfort. The most recommended shoes in this case are considered feminine sandals. Now fairly easy to acquire the necessary flip-flops and flip flops for women online store where a wide range of this type of footwear, unlike ordinary shops.
 2. It is not recommended to purchase excess weight that may further exacerbate existing foot problems, since it increases the burden on our feet. If the body fat mass exceeds its muscle mass, the veins can lose their elasticity. Also important is the timely detection of signs of varicose veins in young age since the early stages of this disease is subjected to light treatment by the methods of modern medicine. These issues are always very serious, and they can not be so easy to apply, as there may be complications - inflammation of the veins, which is already much more difficult to be treated. Therefore it is recommended to carry out preventive exercise against varicose veins:
 - In the supine position is recommended to raise their feet and keep it longer, not crossing them at the same time.
 - Avoid excessive zasizhivaniya in one place, often moving.
 - Avoid excessive overheating of the body (in saunas, baths), because it is warm our veins begin to grow, which is very hazardous to health.
 - It is necessary to carefully select their shoes, so that it in any case does not sting on my leg, because it leads to discomfort and impedes mobility rights.

 By the choice of shoes should be approached very seriously, because it is responsible for our shoes and walking may be contrary to discourage move as foot rubs.