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Natural Human Growth Hormone

Natural Human Growth Hormone
 by: Natalie Aranda
As we age, we experience major deterioration in our body structure which affects our way of living. One of the most important factors that deteriorate in function as we age is growth hormone (HGH). Aging is very much related to what we call Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is a compound hormone which is filled with 191 amino acids. It is produced mainly by the pituitary gland, the "master" gland of the endocrine system.
Natural Human Growth Hormone plays an important role in restoring the body's muscle, tissue and bones. Without HGH, the body will not be able to do several tasks physically and even activities involving mind.
While natural human growth hormone is adequately produced by the pituitary, the secretion is unsuccessfully controlled by the pituitary as we age. However, scientists have found that specific vitamins and amino acids can encourage natural release of HGH from the pituitary in several people. Through adequate stimulation, the pituitary gland may now be able to secrete more HGH similar at a younger age.
For a few years now, scientists have been discovering the capability of high human growth hormone releaser doses of nutrients in restoring the natural Human Growth Hormone to levels similar at a younger age.
Since the hype of HGH enhancer took off, choosing which treatment became difficult. There are products falsely claimed and are purely scams. Some of these products did not even undergo complete testing.
There are steps to be done and considered like: taking note of the product creator, how reliable the providers are, how it is being made and most importantly seek medical advice. You just don't want to replace your natural human growth hormone by any unreliable and risky treatment do you?
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Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Sinus Congestion Will Transform a Case of 'Normal' Breath Into Bad Breath and 'Bad' Breath into Horrib

Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Sinus Congestion Will Transform a Case of 'Normal' Breath Into Bad Breath and 'Bad' Breath into Horrib
 by: Harold Katz
Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Sinus Congestion Will Transform a Case of 'Normal' Breath into BAD Breath and 'Bad' Breath into Horrible Breath!
Bad breath is very closely related to post nasal drip, excess mucus, sinus problems, your tonsils, and tonsiloliths.
In my book "The Bad Breath Bible" I discuss how the bacteria which causes bad breath and sour/bitter/metallic tastes are anaerobic, meaning they live without oxygen. The bacteria's goal in life is to break down the proteins in foods that we eat. However, under certain conditions, they will also start to break down the proteins found in post nasal drip.
Therefore, those people who suffer from post nasal drip, sinus problems, and other such ailments are more prone to bad breath and lousy tastes in their mouth. The anaerobic bacteria uses the post nasal drip mucus as a food source and starts to extract sulfur compounds from the amino acids that make up the proteins found in all this excess mucus.
Scientifically, the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath "love" the amino acids Cysteine and Methionine. These amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins that are found in post nasal drip, and can even be found in dairy foods. In fact, most people notice that when they drink too much milk or eat too much cheese, they end up with more mucous or phlegm in their throat. This is a natural reaction for many people and unfortunately, ends up causing more bad breath and a lousy taste in your mouth.
If you still have your tonsils, you may be harboring a higher number of the bacteria which can lead to an "interesting" and very often misunderstood phenomenon, called TONSILOLITHS. Literally translated, they are "tonsil stones" produced by the conglomeration of post nasal drip mucus draining down the back of the throat, and the volatile sulfur compounds created by the bacteria. These bacteria easily end up in the "nooks and crannies" of the tonsils every time one swallows. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard from my patients who asked their dentist what these objects were, and more often than not the answer was 'food particles'. This couldn't be further from the truth!
What can you do if you suffer from post nasal drip, excess mucus, and sinus congestion? There are essentially only a few different routes that you can take:
1. Use medication and or drugs to dry up the sinuses and prevent post nasal drip mucus buildup - all the while being careful to avoid a dry mouth, a likely side-effect of virtually all antihistamines. Dry mouth is the most common initiator of bad breath because it mimics an anaerobic environment, perfect for the "bugs" to pump out volatile sulfur compounds. You should be careful about using any antihistamine too frequently - many are habit forming!
2. Use TheraBreath Nasal Sinus Formula. I recommend squeezing 3-4 drops into each nostril and then lightly inhaling to move the potent formula through the sinuses twice daily. Most people can finally experience that fresh breath and taste feeling after the formula effectively eliminates the production of sulfur compounds created by the reaction of post nasal drip and the anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria.
3. For chronic post nasal drip and sinus problems, many patients will find relief by using the HydroPulse®. This is an amazingly effective nasal-sinus irrigator, designed by an Ear Nose & Throat specialist to flush the sinuses. It works even better when you add just 2-3 drops of AktivOxigen serum into the trough before each use.
4. Minimize the amount of post nasal drip in your throat and sinuses, and eliminate the #1 side effect of excess mucus (bad breath!) by using oxygenating oral care products, such as TheraBreath, TheraBreath PLUS, AktivOxigen, PerioTherapy, and TheraBrite.
Medication and drugs MAY help prevent post nasal drip, but at what cost?
There are dozens of different over-the counter nasal decongestants and antihistamines you can use to help relieve congestion and dry up post nasal drip symptoms. Some of them are very good at what they claim… but mostly they are TOO GOOD! They create an extremely dry mouth, which exacerbates bad breath. Even in cases where the dry mouth side effect is minimal, when you stop taking that medication the problem comes back, and almost always with a vengeance! This is because in some cases, your body will actually develop a resistance to any antihistamines or nasal decongestants, especially nasal sprays. You must be careful, because many sprays are habit forming - but NOT TheraBreath formulas!
Suffice it to say, using over-the-counter nasal decongestants and antihistamines should NOT be an option that you pursue. Instead, I suggest using a nasal-irrigator such as the HydroPulse® to flush your sinuses free from post nasal drip mucus.
Nasal irrigation is probably the most effective method of eliminating post nasal drip and helping to control sinus infections. The HydroPulse Sinus Irrigator is an FDA registered device supported by over 37 published medical reports. The unique pulsatile irrigation of the HydroPulse helps to restore ciliary function and relieve post nasal drip. A short period of regular use can stimulate the cilia, which are the tiny hair-like fibers in the nasal sinus passages, to restore their natural protective "sweeping & cleansing" action. When you feel a sinus condition come on, or feel that you have persistent post nasal drip and excess mucus, consistent daily use for 10 days should result in a clearing of the condition. For best results, I recommend a combination of this easy-to-use home instrument with an oxygenating solution such as AktivOxigen serum.
Tips on how to stop bad breath associated with post nasal drip:
For people who don't really have sinus problems, just "off and on" or seasonal post nasal drip, then an alternative (and better) solution might be to minimize the amount of excess mucus in the back of the throat and more importantly to make sure you neutralize the odor caused by this excess mucus.
There are three key formulas that most of my patients find extremely effective at neutralizing the odor caused by post nasal drip:
1. Nasal Sinus Drops - which are highly effective at cleaning the sinuses (a very hard to reach area) of the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
2. AktivOxigen Tablets - which can be added to an unflavored oral rinse that you can actually swallow. The solution gets deeper down in the throat than just regular rinsing, and will actually help break down post nasal drip congestion and excess mucus in the throat.
3. Extinguisher Spray - an extremely popular nozzle applicator spray that is very efficient in reaching the back of the throat and tonsils. These are common problem areas for people who suffer from post nasal drip and excess mucus in the throat.
I've been here for the last 10 years to help patients prevent bad breath, sinus congestion, and lousy tastes, and I'll be here for many more years to come.

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The Best ADD Treatment

The Best ADD Treatment
 by: Jan Trumbal
What is Attention Deficit Disorder?
ADD stands for attention deficit disorder and is a learning disability that primarily affects a person's level of concentration. It also has a diverse affect on concentration span and can cause sufferers to lose focus on the task at hand. ADD sufferers have a tendency to forget routine tasks like household chores and are seen to daydream a lot and appear inattentive. They will also lose possessions regularly and despite possessing the desire to complete routine tasks, will face difficulties doing so.
Many sufferers are wrongly seen to be stupid or slow, and these feelings can lead to a deep depression or resentment.
ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is much easier to recognize because as well as the usual problems with concentration and attention people with ADHD often suffer from behavioral problems that are picked up on very quickly.
What is the Best ADD Treatment?
There are a number of prescription drugs that are used as ADD treatment, including Ritalin and Adderall, although many drugs prescribed by doctors only tend to mask the symptoms and the problem instead of finding the cause and counteracting it.
The Side Effects.
A majority of the ADD treatment obtainable on prescription is very strong and can cause undesired side affects. While many believe the relief far outweighs the side effects, it is important that you consider all the options before you decide on the best course of action for you. Side effects can be as seemingly mild as dizziness and nausea or as serious as dependency, Tourettes syndrome and even toxic psychosis.
Alternative ADD Treatment.
It is widely believed that ADD is caused by a malfunction in the neurotransmitter in the brain. This is usually caused by a deficiency in nutrients being absorbed by our bodies. Among the natural remedies for attention deficit disorder are Glyconutrients, also known as miracle sugars, which give our bodies the eight essential sugars that are becoming less and less frequent in our everyday diets. These help fight toxins that are on the increase in the atmosphere due to car pollution and air pollution. The advent and increased use of processed foods is stripping our diet of these essential nutrients but by the use of glyconutrients we can help our bodies fight many ailments associated with a lack of nutrients.
Glyconutrients can also help with the causes of symptoms of ADD and ADHD by increasing attention span and concentration and decreasing distractibility.


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Keep Your Weight Loss Dream Alive

Keep Your Weight Loss Dream Alive
 by: Cheryl Haining
Young children are full of dreams of what they will do, be, see when they grow up. As adults most of us have given up the habit of having big dreams. Or if we do, never following through with them. Why do so many people let their dreams die unlived?
One reason is the negative cynical attitudes of other people. These people are not enemies they are friends, even family members. If our friends are negative towards our dreams or aspirations –our friends can kill our dreams.
A person gets excited about the possibility of losing weight, getting in shape or exercising. They see the opportunity to make a healthy life change, do more meaningful work, rise to a personal challenge, change their lifestyle. They get excited about this stimulating new prospect. But then they tell their neighbour about it over the back fence one evening. The neighbour gets a smirk, a laugh that says, "You can't do that", a foot long list of all the problems and obstacles and fifty reasons why they will never make it and are better off to stay where they are.
The person's enthusiasm disintegrates. They lose all their excitement and self-confidence and begin to think of all the reasons why they can't succeed this time, when they have failed before, instead of the reasons they can succeed in their new healthy life plan. They have let the negative attitude of someone else become more powerful than their belief in their dream of a thinner, fitter person, whose health is greatly improved.
Friends can do more damage than a dozen enemies. Remember, the easiest thing to find on earth is someone to tell you all the things you cannot be. Don't listen to them. Often they have the best intentions. They don't want you to be hurt or disappointed. Sometimes they have a vested interest in you remaining overweight and perhaps less attractive. Often those that try to steal your dreams are really thinking of themselves.
If you have a dream of a new you give it a chance to happen. Don't let your sister-in-law, the plumber or the person in the next office, rob you of that faith in yourself and your new body shape. It is that belief in your dream that makes it into a reality. Don't let the person who lives on the couch and watches TV every night tell you how futile life is.
Don't take on other people's negative attitudes. Surround yourself with positive people. Read inspiring authors. A few suggestions are Susan Jeffers, Paul Hanna, Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn. Spend at least half an hour a day nourishing your dream. Believe in yourself and you will make your dreams a reality.
If you have that flame of a dream deep down inside you somewhere, do something about it. And don't let anyone else blow it out. Believe you can, and you will find you can. TRY! You will be surprised at how many good things can happen to you.


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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Body

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Body
 by: Cheryl Haining
What Goes On Inside? (Your digestive System)
Your well-being depends on what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, fluid intake and how well your food is absorbed. We absorb everything we need to sustain life through our lungs, digestive system and skin. A robust digestive system is central to our well-being, tirelessly extracting the fuel and nutrients we need from the food we eat. It is vital that we are aware of protecting our digestive system.
We ingest many negative things that upset out well-being. Junk food, inadequate or poor quality fluids, pollution, alcohol, tobacco and other smoke and stress, all effect the efficiency of the digestive system. When our digestive system is not functioning at it's best, the rest of the body suffers. Nearly all the nutrients we need come from the food and drink we consume. Some things that affect the digestive system and our health are Poor diet that is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables and/or has excess intake of sugar ad saturated fats Eating when stressed or angry Irregular eating, missed meals Eating just before going to bed Eating too fast, not chewing foods Lack of fibre (you need 20 – 35 gms per day) Lack of 'good' bacteria in the gut Lack of gastric juices in the stomach Lack of digestive enzymes Drinking less than 2 litres of water a day
This is now explained in more detail
Junk food, processed foods, refined sugars and flour products are more difficult to digest and do not supply good nutrition to the body. Make sure that natural whole foods and fresh products provide most of your daily food intake. These help your digestive system to work as it should.
When you are under pressure the chemicals in your body change. This effects the digestive system. Food is not properly digested and you absorb fewer nutrients. Try to be relaxed when you sit down to eat. Concentrate on what you are doing and enjoy the food you are eating.
Water helps rid the body of waste. Kidneys cannot function efficiently without adequate water. When they do not work to capacity, some of the load is dumped onto the liver. When the liver has to do some of the kidney's work it cannot do it's own energizing function. Lack of water can also result in constipation. When the body gets the water it needs to function optimally, its fluids are perfectly balanced.
The digestive system cannot function without sufficient fibre. Chitosan fibre complex is an amazing dietary fibre, blended with Fenugreek to assist with the maintenance of regularity. Another amazing benefit of Chitosan is its ability to absorb fats. When we are eating more fatty foods, it is a MUST as a dietary supplement. A herbal aloe beverage helps soothe the digestive system and assist the natural self cleansing action of the body. Visit for more information on these amazing products.
Dr David Heber has written a book "What Color is Your Diet" which explains how to build a healthy diet based on colourful fruits and vegetables. This is a very brief prŠ¹cis of his healthy eating model.
Colourful foods have no preservatives or added colour. They provide plenty of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, fibre, water and trace elements. (All necessary for good nutrition.) They look appetizing and have a high water content. They have a firm texture which means we need to chew them well. This aids the digestive system. These foods are quickly and easily processed by the body, meaning less work for the digestive system. They are natural, that is, not processed and pre-packaged with extra chemicals. Look for different coloured vegetables and fruits when you shop. Experiment with ones you have never tasted. Visit a market for more variety and fresher foods. Eat at least one from each group every day.
To ensure you maintain your digestive system energy levels, keep stress to a minimum, concentrate on eating a wide variety of natural colourful foods, drink plenty of water, consider adding supplements to your diet. This will protect your digestive system and help you to maintain good health and avoid colon cancer.


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