Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Top 13 Weight Loss Tips

The Top 13 Weight Loss Tips
 by: Joan Winthorp
Get ready to lose 10 pounds!
By paying attention to the amount of food you eat, eliminating unnecessary sugar and fat from your foods and making sure you include absolutely delicious meals and snacks to keep your taste buds happy.
Use this easy-to-follow and super healthy diet plan to lose the first 10, the last 10, or any 10 in between! Because it's a balanced and flexible program, you can stay on this diet as long as it takes.
Top Fast Secrets
1. Keep track of everything you eat and drink. No need to estimate calories – just write down the type of food or beverage and the amount.
2. Cut your fat intake in half, that means half as much margarine or butter on toast, vegetables and your muffin, half the mayonnaise on your sandwich, and half the oil in the pan when you saute foods. You get the idea!
3. Limit the sugar treats to three times per week maximum.
4. Include good sources of protein at meal, chicken, fish, legumes, peanut, cottage cheese, eggs or yogurt.
5. Eat at least one meatless lunch and dinner each week to reduce fat, increase fiber, and get yourself into the habit of building meals around whole grains, beans and vegetables.
6. If you're not currently using skim milk, go down to the level of fat content in the milk you use. For example, if you currently use two percent, use only one percent. If you insist on whole milk, try two percent.
7. Eat at least two servings of fresh fruit every day. Choose whatever type of fruit is in season.
8. Instead of fruit juice for breakfast or snack, drink water. Add a slice of lemon or lime for zest.
9. Include two servings of vegetables with lunch and dinner, for a total of at least four servings per day.
10. Choose one to two servings of foods made from whole grains with every meal.
11. Shut off the TV whenever you eat – that includes meals and snacks. Studies show that we automatically eat larger portions when we snack in front of the tube, and typically those foods are high in fat and sugar, which means excess calories!
12. Choose calories you can chew – that means only calorie-free beverages (except for milk) Sodas are loaded with empty calories, and fruit juices provide less fiber and vitamins per calorie than the fruit they're made from.
13. Plan ahead for meals and snacks so you know exactly what you plan to eat. Last-minute choice tends to be higher in calories and lower in satisfaction.

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Using Natural Remedies Constipation

Using Natural Remedies Constipation
 by: Dhiraj Bhikoo
There are two basic types of constipation - organic and functional. Organic constipation is a result of some physical change, obstruction, or distortion in your colon. This type of constipation needs immediate attention from a doctor.
This article only covers Functional Constipation. This type of constipation is a result of not following a proper diet, drinking enough fluids, having good emotional health and not having a good lifestyle - a lifestyle that promotes good movement of digested foods through the intestines and colon.
Even though there are many definitions for constipation, constipation is simply a condition where the fecal matter traveling through your colon remains too long in your colon before traveling out the rectum.
Constipation is a symptom and not a disease. It is a condition that tells you your colon is not working properly or that you have some underlying gastrointestinal disease you are not aware of.
Constipation may be a warning that your diet and lifestyle are causing an imbalance in your body. It is a symptom that many people ignore or that many people try to eliminate by using unnatural and oftentimes dangerous drugstore laxatives.
Drugstore laxatives should be avoided when you have constipation. They can become habit-forming, damage your colon, and have nasty side effects if used too long. They sometimes have the tendency of creating the problem you are trying relieve - constipation.
To keep your body in chemical balance, it is important to use only natural remedies for constipation. Natural remedies such as herbs and foods bring into the colon those nutrients that can build up your colon and reactivate your natural peristaltic action.
As you use natural remedies, keep in mind that one particular remedy may not work for you. You may have to try a different remedy or increase dosage of the one you are using. If you supply what your body needs by using a specific remedy, then you will get results from using that remedy.
Experimenting is part of finding out what remedy is best for you. There are many different natural remedies you can choose from. Look on the internet for "natural remedies for constipation" and you will find many listings.
Keep in mind that most remedies should be used only for a short time, two to four days and not longer than 2 weeks. They should only be used for the time needed to clear your constipation. This might be just 4 or 5 times or sometimes it may take several weeks.
There are some herbal combinations that can be used for longer duration. These combinations can improve your colon's health and get your bowels moving again.
If you have constipation, the natural balance and function of your colon has been affected. But, natural remedies can bring you colon back into balance.


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How Do You Take Care of Your Body's Biggest Organ?

How Do You Take Care of Your Body's Biggest Organ?
 by: Betty Lynch
How do you take care of your body's biggest organ ? Let's think about this question for a moment. We eat low fat foods for our heart; lower sodium intake for out blood pressure; dental check up twice a year; eye exams and physicals yearly. We do all of these things to make sure we live long healthy lives. But the biggest organ, our skin, is often neglected, dehydrated, sun damaged and suffocated by the products we put on our skin.
The first ingredient listed in skin care products is the largest percent of what that product is made of. What is the first ingredient in your skin care products? Mineral oil, petrolatum or lanolin oils are commonly used in skin care products. These ingredients are considered "skin suicide" because over a period of time they can actually dehydrated the skin. They also speed up the aging process because it causes toxic to build up in the skin. Think about that? You would not want to accelerate the aging process. We age enough with stress.
What about the "drying" alcohols and the harsh chemicals? SD alcohol 40 is a drying alcohol that cause the "lipids" of the skin to flatten out, causing the skin to lose its contour (similar to a balloon losing air.) A lot of products use fragrances or artificial FD&C dyes that causes allergic reactions to the products.
Alcohols such as Isopropl Alcohol, SD Alcohol 40 and Ethyl Alcohol dissolves the body's own natural moisturizers and strips the skin of it's own protection, leaving it vulnerable to infection. They destroy the skin's pH balance and since they absorb water, speed up wrinkling of the skin.
Waxes such as beeswax, carnauba wax, candela wax or paraffin waxes are fillers which can clog the pores creating blackheads, and whiteheads. They smother the skin which over a period of time can create enlarged pores.
Petrolatum sometimes known as "paraffin jelly" or "petroleum jelly" is not absorbed by the skin and suffocates the pores. All petrochemicals pollute our water and destroy marine life. Avoiding them is essential for the health of humans, animals, fish, water, land and air.
Did you know that some skin care products use "acetone" in their products? Tell me, WHY would you use a product on your skin that takes off fingernail polish? Acetone is used most often used in astringents, fresheners or clarifying lotions. It is extremely toxic and will dehydrate the skin, speeding up the aging process. Ever feel that burning sensation?
Borax (Sodium Borate and Boric Acid) used in baby powders, bath powders, eye creams, skin fresheners, protective creams and moth washes as a preservative. It is rapidly absorbed by the kin. Borax is still widely used despite repeated warnings from the American Medical Association.
D & C colors are usually synthetic, coal tar colors. They're toxic and should be avoided when at all possible.
I find it very interesting to see that many products today claim to be "natural. When reading the ingredient list on labels you will find that there are more chemicals in the product than vitamins, herbs or botanicals. Most of the natural ingredients are usually at the end of the ingredient list which often means that the amount contained in the product is minimal and therefore having ineffective results.
When purchasing your skin products do your research. You don't want to speed the aging process or prevent the aging process for as long as possible?


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Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease
 by: Andy Casasanta
Celiac Disease is a digestive disorder found in patients who are genetically susceptible, with the resulting damage to the small intestine by an interference with the absorption of nutrients. The main culprit with Celiac Disease is a protein called Gluten. These proteins are found in all forms of main stream and non-mainstream wheat products. Such as durum semolina, spelt, einkorn, kamut and related grains such as rye, barley, and oats. Damage to the mucus on the surface of the small intestine is caused by a toxic reaction to the ingestion of gluten.
Effects Of:
With Celiac Disease the villi,which are the tiny hair-like projections in the small intestine, shrink and eventually disappear. This is the destructive reaction to Celiac Disease. Damaged villi interferes with the body's ability to absorb nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and even possibly water and bile salts. If left untreated, damage to the small bowel can be life threatening, posing an increased risk of many disorders.
If Left Untreated:
Iron deficiency, Anemia, Vitamin K deficiency, Vitamin deficiencies such as folate, B12, B6, or an iron deficiency, and other mineral deficiencies, Other food sensitivities.
Symptoms May Include:
Abdominal cramping,gas,and bloating.Diarrhea or constipation. Fluctuation of weight(loss or gain), fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, and all thats associated with with lack of energy.
Possible Treatment:
There is no treatment or cure for Celiac Disease. Except for a lifelong adherence to a strict gluten-free diet. When gluten is removed from the diet, the small intestine will begin to heal and general health will be improved. You may want to consider supplementation for any deficiencies. Consult your doctor about this. Lifestyle changes are in order for the Celiac sufferer. Become a label reader. If you are unsure about a certian food or ingredient, stay away and learn to identify ingredients that may contain that hidden gluten. Be very diligent. Be aware that hidden gluten can be hiding in some unlikely foods such as low or non-fat products, deli meats, soups, hard candies, soy sauce, even salad dressings. If there is no label to read such as candy in a dish, stay away, again be very diligent.
Gluten may also be used as a binder in prescription medicines. Again ask youre doctor about Gluten in medications.
Alcohol that's properly distilled shouldn't contain any harmful gluten. Research indicates that the peptide is too large to carry over in the distillation process. Beer is a definite no-no. You might want to consider staying away from alcohol altogether (like the author of this site). This might seem drastic to some but our health is at stake. Wine from the Liquor store might bother youre stomach, like it does mine possibly because of Sulfites as a preserative to give it a longer shelf life. Home made Wine wthout any added ingredients in moderation seems to be O.K.
Sometimes Gluten products are added to alcohols and Vinegars after the distilling process and should be avoided intirely. Malt vinegars are not distilled and therefore are not gluten-free. This in a nutshell is what Celiac Disease is. I might have left out some details, I'm not a doctor. But, I am a Celiac sufferer and I know what Celiac's go through.


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