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Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis can occur in people who are 18 to 60 years, but more often appears in his youth. Female sex more endangered sick than men. Multiple sclerosis is not a hereditary disease.

To date, there is a hypothesis that the disease may be due to the effects of autoimmune processes that are associated with the nervous system or viral diseases incurred by the person in childhood. In case of aggravation of inflammatory foci are formed, causing swell electrically insulating sheath that covers the axons of many neurons. After some time, the swelling and inflammation passes gradually, but remain scar marks or affected areas. All processes of nerve cells stored unharmed. This gives you the opportunity to comment on why people there is a full or partial recovery. However, it is worth noting another defeat if there next to the old, the full restoration even speech can not be.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Almost half of the cases the data ailment manifested abnormalities in the motor system : spasms, weakness when driving, impaired coordination. Colic can occur in the hands and feet, numbness or their. Some people with vision problems begin : blurred or double vision. Also, may disrupt sexual function, loss of control over urination. In small patients, mainly those who have been sick sclerosis, reduced intelligence.

Diagnosis of MS
This disease is diagnosed through neurological examination, talk with the doctor and other methods. Today in modern medicine most accurately diagnose multiple sclerosis can use magnetic resonance imaging, as well as in patients with increased levels of human gamma and immunoglobulins in the cerebrospinal fluid. Regardless of the fact that immunological reactions are key in the progression of multiple sclerosis, it is important to constantly check their patients : taking blood immunoassay. This is necessary so that would make a comparison of how the immune system of a sick person at different times.

Treatment and preventive measures
For mild exacerbations of the disease is treated with a lot of drugs : drugs that improve blood flow tissues, tonic, vitamins, sedatives, anti-oxidants and if there is a necessity and antidepressants. In severe forms of acute hormonal appointed. During the five days you need to take large doses of hormones. This method is called pulse medical therapy. Use of drugs which depress the immune system and inflammatory enables rapid recovery and shorter life exacerbation. Hormones are usually not taken long courses that do not allow to develop side effects, but because they are the smallest. Also, quite common treatments is massage, cleaning blood from harmful toxins and stuff.
Multiple sclerosis often expressed exacerbations that contribute to other serious illnesses. To prevent them you need to take preventive measures that are in the application of immune modulators. These drugs contribute to the proper operation of immunity that allows respectively exacerbations occur to a lesser extent, as well as slow the progression of the disease.

Treatment alternative medicine
People suffering from active disease must maintain a valid lifestyle. Required complete rejection of smoking and drinking, you need to be protected from the summer sun and in any time you can not swim in hot water. Effective agent for the treatment of multiple sclerosis - mummy. It is firming and fills the body with vitamins and essential trace elements. Also, there is an effective royal jelly : normalizes metabolism and increases the security level of the whole organism. People suffering from the disease on, it is worth wiping apple cider vinegar, which is pre- diluted with water. Will be very useful fresh juices and oatmeal.

Just one tablet of aspirin a day may protect against skin cancer

Just one tablet of aspirin a day may protect against skin cancer

Just one tablet of aspirin a day may protect against skin cancer - some experts believe.

People who take aspirin in tablets or similar painkillers on a regular basis to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer, including the most dangerous form of the disease, malignant melanoma, by about 15% - say Danish scientists. Their results were published in the journal Cancer.

The study, which lasted eight years, was attended by about 200,000 Danes. Approximately 18,000 were diagnosed with one of three types of skin cancer - basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma. Studying the lifestyle and medical history of study participants, Danish scientists have calculated how many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs ) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, took these people and what additional effect exerted medication. Not all participants were taking aspirin or other medicine as preventive maintenance, some of it has been registered as a maintenance therapy in connection with heart disease or arthritis. It turned out that those who took NSAIDs more often and in higher doses, reduced the risk of developing squamous cell cancer by 15 % and the risk of malignant melanoma by 13%. Reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma - the most common and least aggressive type of skin cancer - was not observed.

Researchers from the University Hospital in Denmark believe that more research is needed to confirm and further explain their findings. Studies conducted with animals presumably have shown that NSAIDs can block the growth of early precancerous lesions, but whether this is true for humans remains unclear. There is also a view that these drugs can protect against many other types of cancer, including bowel cancer.

Subject aspirin as a kind of panacea from many serious diseases arises not the first time. Numerous studies have shown that aspirin is effective in diseases of the heart, and carried out research supporting the reduction of risks of developing certain types of cancer. However, some experts refer to this as a preliminary, the findings with caution. They remind us that if we talk about skin cancer, the sun is still the main enemy of man, as the harmful effects of its rays - the main cause of this disease. Even if NSAID therapy can offer this type of cancer, people should be protected from UVA- and UVB- rays and take care to avoid sunburn.

Hazel Nunn, the UK's leading specialist in the field of cancer research warns: "Sunburn - a clear sign that your skin has been damaged, this damage can accumulate over time and lead to skin cancer in the future. Being in the sun, protect the body clothes bright colors and use sunscreen."

Necessary clarification. Aspirin can have serious side effects. Therefore it is very important to talk with your doctor about the risks if you decide to take it regularly.

Aspirin. Benefit or harm?

It is believed that a small dose of painkiller, take each day, can reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and prevent blood clots. But there are doubts.

Numerous studies confirm the magical reputation aspirin - said the publication The Daily Telegraph. It seems that scientists have decided to get to the truth and, if we have any questions about the effectiveness of its wholly against heart disease, why in connection with aspirin did not talk about cancer? New research, which spent scientists from the University of Oxford, has shown that this medicine when taken daily for 3-5 years, can reduce the risk of cancer to 30%. When this drug not only stops the progression of the disease, but also the spread of metastasis. In particular, taking 75 mg of aspirin daily for five years or more reduces the risk of bowel cancer by a quarter and deaths from the disease by a third.

We also know that aspirin thins the blood, affecting platelets, so, again, it is prescribed to people with cardiovascular disease, and prescribe it for the prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, aspirin is widely used to maintain blood clotting and prevent cases of repeated miscarriage... it prescribed for migraine, patients with cataracts and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. So whether older people (which the drug is not contraindicated) - the main vulnerable groups, serious - primarily heart disease and cancer - take it every morning as a pill for all ills ?

Professor Peter Rothwell, who heads a team of scientists from Oxford, says yes. Professor Gordon McVie and the European Institute of Oncology in Milan confirms: "There is no doubt, aspirin is cheap and effective." Agrees with them and Peter Ellwood, professor of epidemiology at the University of Wales, he was even more confident in the miraculous properties of this drug" Taking an aspirin every day, you increase your chances of a long and productive lives, preventing serious diseases."

One of the leading specialists in the UK on cancer, Professor Karol Sikora, said that preventive part of the theory of the miraculous effect of aspirin is definitely proven, but here he is in no hurry to take this medication. Why - and does not know a clear answer had not. And he's such an indecisive, not only among British doctors. Once Sikora, prisutstvovashy a thematic conference in the U.S. devoted to cancer, asked his colleagues : "Do you take aspirin as a prevention of serious diseases ?" - 60 % said "yes." And at a conference in Britain a similar question answered in the affirmative, only 5% of doctors. The reason ? Karol Sikora believes that Americans are more concerned about the default of their health than Europeans.

Side effects associated with regular consumption of aspirin, a major risk factor for those who appointed him for yourself panacea. The main problem, which they say lately - a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, which may manifest as pain, and in the most severe cases, aspirin can cause bleeding. "Nobody can guarantee that by taking this drug, you will not encounter this - says Professor Sikora. - If you have no history of ulcers or gastritis, likely side effects are manifest. But if a week or two after you start taking aspirin you feel stomach discomfort, talk to your doctor. "

In addition to peptic ulcer disease to other contraindications include hemophilia or bleeding disorder, as well as an allergy to aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and diclofenac. Precautions should take aspirin and people with asthma, liver disease, kidney disease, digestive problems, pregnant and lactating women.

But if you do decide to start taking this drug as a preventive measure, then the question arises - when, at what age? Doctors believe that it is definitely worth doing for older people. For example, Dr. Sovrem Wheatcroft, consultant gynecological clinic in Guildford recommends drinking aspirin for women of menopausal age and older, they can take a daily low daily dose should not exceed 75 mg. So - says Wheatcroft - can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, including, possibly, dementia as aspirin, diluting the blood, reduces the likelihood of microscopic clots in blood vessels. It is also known that women with age gradually reduced estrogen level, which can provoke the risk of developing cancers, so taking the drug can become effective. Do I need to take aspirin to people of middle age? This question is still open, if only because that cancer is no age limit.

Pills for drivers

pills for drivers

Many drugs excellent help to cope with the disease, but drinking them on the track still not worth it. They often have side effects : depress the central nervous system, causing lethargy and sleepiness, disturbed coordination of movements. If the driver accepts them, the risk of accidents on the road increases manifold. What medications should not be taken if you are behind the wheel ? Or vice versa: when taking any medication temporarily should not drive a car ?

Avowed enemy of all drivers - psychotropic drugs. Their method increases crash risk by 2-5 times. According to statistics, 10 % of people injured or killed on European roads, were under the influence of psychotropic drugs. Enumerate all - not enough a few pages, so many of them. But there are a few rules that will help the driver to determine whether a dangerous drug group.
Rule one. Read the summary to the drug. To prevent  You should not drive vehicles and engage in other activities that require attention  need to treat very seriously.
Second Rule. If you learn from the summary that the drug belongs to a group of neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, sedatives, hypnotics, or lithium preparations, know that they all relate to psychotropic drugs. After receiving them behind the wheel is better not to sit down.
The third rule. Sometimes in the annotations to medicines given advice:  Be especially careful at the beginning of treatment. If the drug is well tolerated, completely give up driving is not worth it. This is also not the best recommendation.
Tablets may have a hidden effect, which is much more dangerous than explicit. After feeling sluggish and drowsy driver hardly sit behind the wheel. And when he feels well, hardly guess that because of the medication received on the eve of impaired ability to concentrate and coordinate movement. Facing the loss of such a calm alertness.
Antipsychotics inhibit the central nervous system without disturbing consciousness.
Antidepressants for drivers is also very dangerous. New drugs in this group are less affected by the coordination of movements, but care should be taken in treating them.
Tranquilizers suppress restlessness, anxiety, fears, and at the same time reduce the ability to concentrate and disrupt coordination.
Lithium, with prolonged use weaken concentration.

Slightest sip of alcohol (even curative medicine ), together with the tablet can turn into a tragedy on the road.

In the exclusion list for the driver is included with all drugs hypnotic and sedative effects.

In addition to classic psychotropic drugs cause some confusion antihypertensive drugs that lower blood pressure, almost all antihistamines used to treat allergies, and drugs that are close to morphine - the so-called opioids. Of antihypertensive drugs in the first place drivers to beware of drugs acting on the central nervous system.
Cause fear and beta-blockers. They are used for treating not only hypertension but also with coronary heart disease and certain cardiac arrhythmias. The road is better not to take.
Herbal preparations with soothing effect is also not harmless, especially in combination with drugs that increase activity.
The driver must be very careful and to drugs that inhibits the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Previously, they were widely used in the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis. Now rarely used. All they affect vision : eyes widen and make the image blurry. In the list of forbidden drugs and get diarrhea, which have decelerated effects on the central nervous system.
If you're not aware of the side effect of a drug, consult with a physician: whether after taking the medicine get behind the wheel ? If consultation with a specialist is delayed - and better to postpone the trip. Perhaps in this case, trouble will be less.



In our body only three milligrams of the substance. But it is melatonin controls the progress of the biological clock, and therefore all of our lives.

Melatonin today say a lot. He is considered a mild sedative, tablets travelers.

Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland ( epiphysis ). This hormone was discovered in the middle of the last century. Discover it was only through the development of radioimmunoassay techniques - too little of its content in the blood. Peak research occurred during the past decade of the twentieth century, and then it turned out that the level of melatonin - vacillates. Its amount depends not only on age, but even the time of day. To this day, scientists continue to discover his new, sometimes unexpected properties.

It is true, but not all. Also called " hormone - vampire." No, he's not dangerous - on the contrary, brings only benefits. Just like a vampire waking up, that is produced only at night, in complete darkness.

Almost every second inhabitant metropolis have trouble sleeping. Someone interferes with sleep stress, someone forced awake because of work, someone had stayed with friends... But if we do not sleep when necessary, the biological clock gets off and broken rhythm of melatonin. As a result, develops insomnia.
Lack of melatonin blame and insomnia in the elderly age : over the years, reduced the activity of the pineal gland - an organ in the brain that produces melatonin. If offset its lack of sleep becomes deeper and sweeter.
Melatonin helps and jet lag while traveling. When the internal biological clock we morning, and in the city where arrived, late at night and go to sleep, this hormone gently translate arrows on the new time.
Melatonin - not just another sleeping pill. Because it is a natural substance for our body, it has a mild sedative effect not directly responsible for the effect on sleep structure of the brain, but rather inhibits the wake modes, ie, the so-called gate opens sleep. When a sufficient amount of melatonin in the body we sleep soundly and wake up cheerful, with a good mood.
Melatonin really depends on the natural structure of sleep. With his participation in the dream goes fast stage when our memory scroll Pictures,

For full melatonin need :
· Sleep with drawn curtains,
· Try not to include a night light if you want to get up,
· If you have to work at night, let the lighting will be minimal.
associated with the emotional experiences of the day. Perhaps it is because of him adults see erotic dreams. It would be wrong to equate with sleeping pills, melatonin : it a completely different mechanism of action. "

It would not be so serious if it were only about the regulation of biorhythms. But our biological clock is metered not only sleep, but months and years. As with age, the amount of melatonin naturally decreases as the sand in the hourglass, we can assume that the engine runs and aging. And if we regularly go to bed in the morning, it significantly reduces the production of this hormone - sand in the top of the clock becomes smaller, and hence, will be launched before the deadline is the program.
Direct evidence that melatonin affects life expectancy today is not. There is indirect. For example, laboratory studies on animals have shown that if artificially increase daylight hours, thus reducing the dark, the growing number of free radicals - the main causes of aging, developing diseases such as cancer and obesity.

Use melatonin
· With frequent nocturnal awakenings - 1.5-3 mg 15 minutes before bedtime.
· If you have difficulty falling asleep - 1.5-3 mg 3-4 hours before bedtime.
· When you change time zones :
- To the east - 3 mg at night the day before departure and after the flight for 4 days before going to bed ;
- To the west - after the flight of 3 mg at bedtime for 4 days.
associated with aging in females before menopause occurs. But with the introduction of additional doses of melatonin life of animals was significantly increased. That is evident that included screens and city lights literally steal years of our lives !
Proven that melatonin - the strongest antioxidant. In women it is 25% higher than males. Possibly including why women live longer.

Melatonin - a natural defense mechanism that nature has developed. Studies have shown that melatonin as an antioxidant in 2 times more active than vitamin E, and 5 times - glutathione. And nearly 500 times greater than the best synthetic antioxidants which are commonly used in the protection from radiation. Activity of melatonin is explained including its ability to dissolve in water and fats, making it easily overcomes all obstacles in the cell, passes freely through the membrane and affects different processes that occur within the cell.

One of the modern scientific trends - look for opportunities to heal within a person, penetrating deeper into the world of cells and beyond. Probably, melatonin will be one of the major, and perhaps universal medications given to us by nature. It really protects against many diseases.

In a sense, the pineal gland - this is the third eye. Because he is able to perceive light to bring internal physiological rhythms in harmony with environmental conditions - with the change of day and night. Through melatonin is occurring. But in today's world of biological evolution of man manages civilization, and today there is a reduction in the size of the pineal gland in the newborn. Perhaps her sensitivity, communication with sunrises and sunsets is becoming less relevant for people with such intense light around the clock.

Immunology. At elevated concentrations of melatonin activated immune cells that help fight bacteria and viruses. Melatonin also helps the immune system to distinguish where "their" cells, where "foreign". Violation of this ability leads to autoimmune diseases.
Cardiology. Another important property of melatonin - it prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessel wall and reduces the production of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, melatonin may be used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and it operates to reduce the pressure in hypertension.
Oncology. Melatonin inhibits the production of estrogen, and it is precisely these elevated levels of female hormones can cause breast cancer. Whatever the reason for the development of cancer ( genetic predisposition, lifestyle, etc.), immunomodulatory effects of melatonin can be used for their prevention and for treatment.
Neurology. Sufficiently high levels of this hormone prevents neuronal death in the brain. This improves memory ( and visual and auditory ), normal mental activity. Now actively investigate the possibility of melatonin for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

In a sense, a dream - really the best medicine. Because melatonin works while we sleep. Well, if you can not sleep - you can take it in pill. Careful studies have shown that the risk of overdose is virtually impossible to get, even if prescribed by a norm exceed tenfold. Anyway, in 20 years it is quite widespread use in the world as a sleep aid or jet lag any significant side effects were noted.
Contraindications it quite a bit : age under 16 years, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Although in many countries it is sold as a dietary supplement directly in supermarkets, and we can buy it without a prescription, yet this medicine, and before it does not interfere with taking consult your doctor.

Melatonin starts to be developed immediately after birth, and from the year before puberty it is present in the blood in fairly large quantities and almost unchanged. Then its level decreases sharply, and within five years, continues to fall. Approximately twenty years with performance levels of melatonin freeze and remain unchanged up to 40-45 years, followed by a gradual decrease in the amount of melatonin.

The values ​​of melatonin in the blood, and varies throughout the day. He begins to produce at nightfall and reaches a maximum concentration of 1 to 4.3 hours a night. It therefore is the best time to sleep. Then it starts to decrease production and light period days minimum presence of melatonin.

Diet for melatonin
Melatonin in the pineal gland is converted to amino acid tryptophan, which we get from food. Most regular melatonin products :
· Turkey meat
· Eggs
· Dairy products
· Soy products
· Almonds
· Algae

Remedy for snoring

You can no longer hear it , but nowhere to go : your favorite snores like a locomotive . All you have left - to shift it from the back - on the side. Not to divorce , in the end!

According to statistics, every fifth man after 30 years snore during sleep. And it was his misfortune, not a fault . More precisely - the disease , which can and must be fought . Differently in the future to deal with it will need much more complicated procedures .
Where are these sounds?

Of course, snoring is not only men but also women and even children . So first understand why , in principle, there is this attack . And then look at why it is more susceptible to the stronger sex .

The sound of snoring makes tongue . The one located at each of us in the end of the soft palate and is considered a rudiment , ie - non-functional element . Tabs are short and long . Fluctuations in the past more meaningful and tangible . Over time, the tab " becomes loose ," vibration will increase, and add the vibration neighboring tissues of the nasopharynx

A thought: if trim tab , the main cause of snoring disappear? Right. But only under the condition that the process has not yet moved to an advanced stage .

However, first we must , in principle, to understand why some people have a tab " sleeping soundly " and others - desperately ranges .

Day and night, waking or sleeping , we inhale and exhale . This we set aside a certain unit of time for which the air must have time to get in and out respectively. The air flow rate depends on the size of the lumen of the airways. Than they already are , the faster during inspiration must find time to leak air. And this is the higher the speed, the louder and fiercer sound of snoring. That is, the root cause of "night trills " - narrowing of the airways. Nature decreed that the structure of these organs in women and men are different. The representatives of the stronger sex lumen airway more pliable and softer than the ladies . So , it is easier to constrict, passing through an air flow at high speed. What , in turn , provoke fluctuations tongue . Thus , the air in the nasopharynx men during sleep comes in the truest sense of the word " with a whistle ."

 Difference lumen airway structure - not the only reason why men snore fiercer and more often than women .

Obesity - the most significant reason for men snoring. In men, overweight is concentrated above (apple type) and is deposited in the immediate vicinity of the respiratory organs : the neck and larynx. During sleep in a horizontal position fat can put pressure on the airways , causing their lumen narrows and ... all right : there is snoring ! By the way, the male type of obesity in the female principle is more dangerous : it not only stimulates the "night trills", but also harms the cardiovascular system .

Hormones - may also prevent restful sleep in a noble family . It is believed that women - protect owners of their snoring . In particular, it is responsible for progesterone. He concentrates mainly in the female body and especially in large quantities produced during pregnancy. Progesterone stimulates the respiratory center , protecting women from the lack of light air when the size of the fetus. Most male hormone - testosterone , in contrast, is considered respiratory depressant . In its application respiratory rate falls . Therefore, women at a time when they have a lot of sex hormones protected from snoring , and men - always " vulnerable " weaker sex , after all.

    Besides personally "male" causes of snoring , there are also universal . Ie those for which snoring can make all , regardless of age and gender. Among them :
  •     ENT diseases ( enlarged , adenoids )
  •     nasopharyngeal defects ( broken nose );
  •     structural features of the face (small lower jaw )

   In the first two cases arise automatically narrowing of the airways. A miniature in the mandible or the so-called " bird " face language simply does not fit in his " house " - that is , in the oral cavity and displaced posteriorly , preventing normal breathing.

So, if a man is snoring , the first thing he needs :

 Objectively assess your weight and the presence of excess - to lose weight ! Grease usually disappears downward . And then pretty soon it neck area and get rid of excess pressure on the airways subsides.

 Avoid in a dream position " on the back ." Just in this posture of the tongue sinks down , regardless of the structure of the face . It is clear that to control himself in a dream a man can not . There are special tools . For example, the grandfather's method : a tennis ball sewn into his pajamas in the back area . And, accordingly, to get comfortable on the back of people are not able at all desire. Technical implementation of the same method : the electronic controller . It is worth to take a horizontal position as the device starts beeping and vibrating. Perhaps Assertive squeaks sensor even disgusting than the " rumblings " snoring. However , the tool really works!

Quit smoking. Of bad habits - smoking more than any other affects the respiratory system as it causes chronic inflammation of the walls .

Often sing! According to some scientists , some vocal exercises to help end the " night trills ."

Remember that allergic rhinitis may also cause the snoring , with help of nasal drops: vasoconstrictive hormone or

Better foot forward to a sleep doctor . This specialist will determine whether treatment lends itself to your snoring . And if - yes , it addresses directly to the surgeon on uvuloplastiku ( uvulya - tongue in Latin ), ( operation to remove a " culprit " of the problem - the very tongue - rudiment . There are different ways of carrying out this operation : surgical , laser , ultrasound . Main find one that is right for you . Moreover, not yourself tempted by an ad for " delete snoring ultrasound in seven seconds ." and together with the surgeon after consultation and examination. Select "tool" of treatment depends on the structure of the larynx and the individual organism . For example, the laser can not be operated in the deep parts of the pharynx , and the usual scalpel gives a fairly strong bleeding . However, regardless of the method chosen , uvuloplastika - the procedure is simple . it lasts about an hour and has no significant contraindications. only to whom it is not shown - people with ... snoring problem , at an advanced stage . Surgeons frankly say such patients , in the presence of a large number of delays apnea probability of " success of the enterprise " for them is less than 50 %.

The degree of neglect snoring is defined not by its volume ( it depends on the structure of the resonating cavities face , especially the maxillary sinuses ) , and the number of delays breathing per night. The more, the less likely success uvuloplastiki . When the number of delays breathing 30 or more per hour of sleep snoring is becoming a harbinger of serious health problems : rapidly developing cardiovascular diseases , particularly hypertension, affects the nervous and endocrine systems , there are frequent urge to urinate . Serious "consumer" becomes a problem is that due to lack of oxygen at night in men decreases testosterone production - decreased libido and potency . It is clear that with such a " gentleman's kit " person suffers and does not know who to turn to : to the urologist, cardiologist , sexologist . Meanwhile , here in the first place need to consult a sleep study and that accurately calculates the number of pauses in breathing during sleep and determine the extent of the neglect of snoring and possible consequences .
hardware procedure

 If a number of delays background snoring breathing per hour of sleep less than 20 , the case is solved by uvuloplastiki . At higher rates to facilitate the patient can sleep only with a special - CPAP machine (CPAP - English abbreviation constant positive airway pressure. Beneath it meant the creation of a continuous positive airway pressure during sleep ) . This device, which does not heal from the snoring , but helps to maintain normal breathing stops and without adverse effects . In appearance and functionality of the device is similar to an oxygen mask for pilots . Before going to bed mask attached to the nose and allows breathing freely during the night . But not in the rarefied stratosphere , and the private warm bed .

Why stomach hurts?

Sharp and dull, throbbing and stabbing, aching and arching - Abdominal pain is very different. The cause may be a variety of diseases - from heart attack of appendicitis. The main thing - to recognize the symptoms and seek immediate medical attention
Reason 1. Appendicitis
Attack often begins suddenly, first appears constant pain around the navel, which then descends into the right iliac region. In rare cases, gives to the waist. May be aggravated by movement and coughing. In the beginning of an attack is possible vomiting, not bringing relief. Usually marked constipation, stomach gets tough. Body temperature rises to 37,5-38 ° C, pulse rate of 90-100 beats per minute. Tongue slightly coated. When the location of the appendix behind the cecum remains soft belly, pain and muscle tension observed in the right lumbar region.
What to do?
Urgently call physicians. To alleviate the condition on the right side you can put an ice pack. In any case does not apply to the abdomen warm heating pad. Before the arrival of the doctor not to take painkillers and laxatives, it is advisable not to drink or eat.

Reason 2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
For this condition, which interferes with the work of the intestine, but he remains healthy, characterized by recurrent severe cramping (twisting) or sharp abdominal pain - usually only in the morning, combined with a strong urge to defecate. After bowel pain and tested during the day do not come back.
What to do?
Refer to a gastroenterologist, who will appoint the necessary research. The diagnosis of " irritable bowel syndrome " is established only after the exclusion of all other possible diseases of the digestive tract.

Reason 3. Diverticulitis
Pain in the left lower abdomen, fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, cramping, and constipation - all characteristic signs of diverticulitis. When the disease is in the walls of the colon formed a kind of " bulge", called diverticula, which are formed as a result of differences fibers muscular frame of the intestinal wall. It usually occurs on the background of chronic constipation for improving the intraintestinal pressure. Also with age, muscular frame intestine loses its tone and the individual fibers may diverge. Diverticula can not disturb lifelong, but in some cases it may be an inflammation.
What to do?
Consult a gastroenterologist. Your doctor may prescribe the necessary medicines, liquid diet and bed rest for a few days. In some cases, treatment of diverticulitis require hospitalization. If you have complications may need surgery.

Reason 4. Gallbladder disease
Dull pain in the right upper quadrant or right side, worse after eating - a characteristic feature of cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder wall). In acute disease the pain sharp, throbbing. Often discomfort accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or the appearance of a bitter taste in your mouth. Unbearably severe pain in the right upper quadrant (biliary colic) may occur in the presence of stones in the gallbladder or bile ducts.
What to do?
Consult a doctor, a gastroenterologist, who will send an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. During exacerbation cholecystitis appointed painkillers and antispasmodic drugs, antibiotics, fasting diet. In the period of remission of the disease appointed Cholagogue natural and synthetic origin. Treatment of gallstone disease in the early stages is to dissolve the stones with medication and crushing. In the presence of large stones, as well as the development of complications, surgical removal of the gall bladder - cholecystectomy.

Reason 5. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
Acute (sometimes knife-like) pain in the epigastric region (between the breastbone and the navel) may indicate the presence of an ulcer - a defect of the gastric mucosa or bowel. When ulcers pain more severe, burning, but can sometimes be dull, similar to the feeling of hunger, or absent altogether. Pain usually are "hungry" nature and come out at night on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal, but sometimes they may increase after eating. Other common symptoms are heartburn and ulcers brash.
What to do?
Sign up to a gastroenterologist, who will forward on gastroscopy. Requires general and biochemical blood tests, as well as test for antibodies to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers. Also need ultrasound of the abdomen. Doctor will prescribe medication and diet : the exclusion of alcohol, coffee, too hot or cold foods, spicy, fried, salty, coarse food (mushrooms, tough meat).

Reason 6. Diseases of the pancreas
Dull or aching, girdle pains in the middle of the abdomen (around the navel) or in the left upper quadrant are characteristic of chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas). Discomfort is usually worse after a fatty or spicy foods. In acute pancreatitis, the pain is very strong in the upper abdomen, often accompanied by vomiting, bloating, constipation. Most often, acute pancreatitis occurs after eating and alcohol abuse.
What to do?
Consult a gastroenterologist, who will send an ultrasound of the pancreas, as well as a blood test for pancreatic enzymes and glucose. Doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and enzymes, and most importantly, dietary fractional power. In acute pancreatitis requires emergency hospitalization.

Reason 7. Mesenteric thromboembolism (mesenteric) vessels
Spasm or thrombus occlusion of the mesenteric vessels supplying blood to the tissue of the intestine, leading to changes in the secretory and motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract and is accompanied by a strong, sharp, and hardly abdominal pain. Please discomfort can wear intermittent cramping in nature, then become more uniform, constant, though equally intense. Other symptoms observed nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, often with bloody stools may develop shock. Progression of the disease can lead to heart attack and intestinal peritonitis.
What to do?
Call emergency services as patients with thrombosis of mesenteric vessels often need emergency surgery. As enzymatic treatment prescribed, astringent preparations, improving blood circulation, antispasmodics, including nitroglycerin for pain.

Reason 8. Gynecological diseases
In women, abdominal pain in the middle or on one side of the abdominal cavity may occur during the development of inflammatory processes in the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, appendages. Usually they have character and are accompanied by pulling from the genital tract secretions. A sharp pain, dizziness, fainting - all these symptoms are characteristic of ectopic pregnancy, ruptured ovarian cysts.
What to do?
Consult a gynecologist. If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy immediately call an ambulance.

Reason 9. Heart failure
Pain in the upper abdomen (in the stomach), bloating, nausea and sometimes vomiting, weakness, tachycardia, lowering blood pressure - all of these symptoms can talk about myocardial infarction (the so-called abdominal form). Possible hiccup feeling stuffiness, pallor.