Monday, June 29, 2015

A good mattress - healthy sleep

It is not always the cause of poor sleep is stress, overwork. Sometimes, before resorting to sleeping pills, it is worth thinking about what we sleep on and check your bed. For a rest, it need not be too soft. The main quality for a good mattress - the ability to keep the human body in the right position. During a night of rest the spine continues to be responsible for the operation of many organs of the human body. If during sleep resilient body is well supported by the mattress, it helps to maximize muscle relaxation.

 To ensure a more convenient and comfortable position during a night's rest, you need to choose a quality mattress. Not all models can meet the necessary trebovaniyam.Sredi sets manufactured mattresses, there are products with a variety of fillings.

 Well maintained properties are mattresses with independent spring blocks. Small springs interconnected covers in which they are located. Each spring bends under the weight of the body only, and not because it affected other elements in the neighborhood. Preferably selected products with blocks of independent springs of different stiffness. They have a greater orthopedic effect. Thus better distribute the load depending upon the weight of the human body. These models have a three to seven zones of different hardness.  

The surface layer consists of spring mattresses small layer of softer material. It may be a natural or artificial high quality latex. Excellent properties has memoriform widely used in industry. It is under the influence of temperature, and may take the "remember" various forms.

 For people with a sick backbone should choose a more rigid bed. Good stiffness of the mattress has no springs filled with coconut coir. A natural material provides the necessary hygiene conditions for healthy sleep. It's a good ventilation, optimal hygroscopic properties, hypoallergenic.

 You can pick up and less stringent product. They use not thick plate of coconut fiber and alternate thinner layers of latex and coconut. Similar models have one side coconut, and the other - the latex layer. A user selects the surface on which it comfortable to sleep.

Essential Oils - Rose

Rose - the queen of the flower world, the rose - the goddess, rose - elite perfume additive. And rose oil - is an original, fun tempt. And no matter how much you may have visited the store of natural cosmetics, essential oil of rose undoubtedly attract your attention. Until you finally, do not buy it. Rose oil is used, and is used on all continents, it royally fragrant, it is good for the body and skin, it envelops bliss. Rose oil is used in a number of situations where you need to bring your body into a magical, enchanting state.

Natural cosmetics in varying degrees, necessarily contains plant extracts and natural essential oils, so the rose is used much more often than you might think. It is a part of creams, it is used in soaps and masks, gels. Rose oil - it is a dense, thick, viscous substance that hardens at low temperatures. Rose oil is an effective aphrodisiac and adaptogen. Rose essential oil is ideal forms, sculpture emphasizes the contours of the face and eyelids. Use of it with the cream of this area allows you to create a neat and gentle shape of the face, tighten the skin, to create a nice, natural glow. Added in aromalapmu drops of rose oil create a gentle, playful mood in the bedroom allows you to relax after a busy day.  

It is worth remembering that a purely emotional ripe, thick, heady smell inherent in a woman, not a girl, so if you are young, not tricky with a rose, do not create with it an aura of sensuality gustospletennuyu. Bright aromas - is primarily the prerogative of the middle-aged ladies, rose rejuvenates internally, externally attached to a depth of emotions and mental attitude and unconsciously pushes a man to think that you older than it actually is. If you want to rejuvenate your skin for a long time and exude honey aroma of freshly cut buds, try to buy bath salts and rose essential oil, mix salt with 20 drops of oil to pour into the bath water, tolerable skin and enjoy the aroma and tingling effect of essential oils. Feel how it is absorbed at times each of your body. After such a bath your skin will gain elasticity and velvety soft.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Effective treatment for oily skin

Owners of oily skin is hardly to be envied. Even with good care often formed inflammation, poor complexion, is like buttered.

What is the mistake? It seems to be the internal organs are functioning properly, and the expensive cream with anti-bacterial additives you use, and aromatic oils help to eliminate inflammation, breathe, but everything remains the same. According to professional makeup artists, the main cause of acne and acne - it's still the wrong skin care. Many women, for example, do not rub the face in the morning antibacterial lotions, believing it to anything. It turns out that even at night the pores become clogged with dirt. Not very fresh pillowcase or a dirty towel, too, can only provoke the formation of inflammatory processes. Therefore, the morning using lotions should not be neglected.

Generally, you need to make it a rule to follow the following scheme oily skin: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishment. Moreover, it is necessary to adhere to the morning and evening. Additionally useful to light incense Indian who disinfect the air (which is good for oily skin), use of cosmetic masks made from natural ingredients. Perhaps we should say more about the circuit itself. Cleansing should be done not by the usual anti-bacterial soap. Unfortunately, this means, as well as economic, used by many holders of oily skin. However, this is extremely wrong. The fact is that due to such actions only contracted skin often begins to peel off. However, they are not inflammatory. In some cases, on the contrary, they only increase, because the skin is irritated. It is better not to give preference to soap, and special gels, foams, liquid detergents for washing. The next step - toning. It can not be ignored as some women do. The use of this procedure is that because of her narrow pores, restores the acid-alkaline balance. It prepares the skin to the next step, which is carried out moisture. To do this, use the light cream does not clog pores. Now this product is enough.

Also worth more time to devote to the study of finished cosmetic masks designed for oily skin. The bedroom should be most Aromalamps ignited, but we must remember that of all the essential oils in this case more appropriate cedar and bergamot. If you care for oily skin by following these recommendations, significantly reduced inflammation, and then disappear altogether.

Swelling of feet

For many women, swelling of legs, feet and legs in the evening became commonplace and no longer cause anxiety and surprise. Now is the time to think what happens to the legs and why they otёkayut? And that is to take them to again become healthy and attractive?

Problems with the feet of the young women most often occur because of a sedentary lifestyle. Equally important is played and what kind of shoes she wears.

Doctors have long been sounding the alarm about the regular wearing high heel shoes. They believe that these shoes causing irreparable harm to the female body in the first place is the reason otёkaniya feet. Wearing high heels (more than 5-6 centimeters) prevent the outflow of lymph from the legs, resulting in a stalemate. If muscle tone - the reasons for the stagnation will never be, and accordingly, there will be swelling.

Typically, the legs are buzzing in the evening. Many people know the feeling, when after returning home want to quickly take off your shoes and stretch your legs or put them on the hill. In order not to bring your feet to the point doctors recommend a simple but effective methods to avoid the treatment of edema of the legs:
  •  -  As far as possible not to use the elevator
  •  - Several times during the day to do the exercises, kneading the muscles of the lower leg: shift from toe to heel and back; 
  • - Water sports.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Bronchitis is a child

Cough in a child it always says about the condition of the bronchi and lungs? Not always cough is a symptom of the disease. Thus, the bronchial mucosa may be responsive to air or dust entering the respiratory tract. But the cough becomes a problem only when it is constant, irritating the throat and is accompanied by other symptoms. In the autumn-winter period in our apartments too dry air, nasal mucosa retain moisture, which can also be the cause of the cough. To create the right climate in the apartment, you can hang wet towels on the batteries, but it is best to use an ultrasonic humidifier for a child's room, which runs silently and is safe for children.
What is obstructive bronchitis?

If there is an inflammation of obstructive type, in addition to a narrowing of the airways. Your child may be shortness of breath, choking. The most common cause of obstructive bronchitis, allergic dermatitis is a less common infection. The child must receive treatment: bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory agents. Often they are administered by inhalation.
Bronchiolitis, the same disease as bronchitis?
Bronchiolitis is a disease involving inflammation of the small branches of the bronchi and bronchioles, bronchi, or endings. Often babies - up to 6 months. The infection is usually transmitted by airborne droplets. The disease can be dangerous for children, especially infants. This is especially important for premature babies. As a rule, it is necessary to stay in hospital. The mainstay of treatment while feeding the child plenty of fluids, airway hydration, clean and fresh air, monitoring heart rate and respiration, oxygen. Sometimes it also needs an antibiotic.
Can these diseases manifest themselves again?

Yes, although it depends on the cause of the infection and immunity of the child. The older it is, the more effective functioning immune system. Recurrent inflammation, especially obstructive type may indicate allergy. If you do not take appropriate treatment, including inhalants, steroids, it can cause permanent airway narrowing and asthma. Thus, repetitive bronchitis is a signal that the child needs to do a thorough research, in particular, towards allergies. So do not be puzzled over how to treat cough and go directly to the doctor, and hand over the necessary tests.

Secrets of healthy feet

Quite often, women are faced with situations where they begin to hurt badly legs because of varicose veins. Then we considered a few tips to preserve the health of your feet.
 1. It is necessary to move as often as possible, because by moving your feet have improved blood circulation. With constant movement of our heart begins to intensively enriching the blood with oxygen, which is then fed into our veins. But when a person is rarely moves, it may cause stagnation of blood in the veins, which in turn can lead to varicose veins. Most recommended for maintenance of healthy feet is a walk, and in any case not running or active sports. However, you need to walk in comfortable shoes that will not reap or cause discomfort. The most recommended shoes in this case are considered feminine sandals. Now fairly easy to acquire the necessary flip-flops and flip flops for women online store where a wide range of this type of footwear, unlike ordinary shops.
 2. It is not recommended to purchase excess weight that may further exacerbate existing foot problems, since it increases the burden on our feet. If the body fat mass exceeds its muscle mass, the veins can lose their elasticity. Also important is the timely detection of signs of varicose veins in young age since the early stages of this disease is subjected to light treatment by the methods of modern medicine. These issues are always very serious, and they can not be so easy to apply, as there may be complications - inflammation of the veins, which is already much more difficult to be treated. Therefore it is recommended to carry out preventive exercise against varicose veins:
 - In the supine position is recommended to raise their feet and keep it longer, not crossing them at the same time.
 - Avoid excessive zasizhivaniya in one place, often moving.
 - Avoid excessive overheating of the body (in saunas, baths), because it is warm our veins begin to grow, which is very hazardous to health.
 - It is necessary to carefully select their shoes, so that it in any case does not sting on my leg, because it leads to discomfort and impedes mobility rights.

 By the choice of shoes should be approached very seriously, because it is responsible for our shoes and walking may be contrary to discourage move as foot rubs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to deal with gastritis

According to statistics, our children are more likely to become ill with gastritis. Several reasons for this - poor nutrition and the environment, tension and noncompliance. Mom - the closest person for a baby, so it should be as attentive to him. Its mission - to know how to avoid certain diseases, which are quite difficult to treat. Now the number of children suffering from gastritis, is growing exponentially. What is the reason? Experts say that mothers elementary lazy to cook homemade food for children, and to prepare the feed does not always meet the standards adopted for these products. In addition, the recently promoted breast-feeding on demand, takzhzhe that can adversely affect the baby's digestion. What should be done if the child is diagnosed with "gastritis"? It is believed that there gastritis nervosa. It is therefore very important to ensure their child quiet existence, with no abrupt change of place. Let his face surrounded by expensive and people close to him like big stuffed toys. Then comes the moment when you must start to attend kindergarten! Children may experience mental stress, while adapting to the new environment, and it is fraught with aggravation of gastritis. It is therefore important to weaken this state, in advance prepares the baby to communicate with other children and to the regime of the child care center. As for the power of the regime, the advanced mothers should understand that children stomach loves discipline and order. Parents will have to learn how to cook dietetic food - pureed vegetable purees, light broth, meatballs and steamed oatmeal with milk. Surrogates and fast food - it's food, are contraindicated for adults, to say nothing about the children. If the baby is often complains of pain in the abdomen, it does not please even the favorite soft toy hedgehog, it's time to alert and seek medical advice immediately. And if it determines gastritis, it is only subject to the special diet to help prevent acute episodes of pain. No snacking between meals, no salty and spicy dishes. When they want to drink, which can lead to swelling and headaches in children. The break between breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner should not exceed three hours. If a child's diet to put on a drift, chronic gastritis is inevitable. And again, of the children refuse to soft drinks? However, it is an explosive mixture of a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. If we really want to give a child a tasty drink, it is better to cook stewed fruit or buy mineral water without gas. Seasonal exacerbation of gastritis occur in autumn and spring. To avoid them, the child is pre-translated into more sparing diet. Steamer will be very useful - it is a basic tool for moms to cook tasty and healthy dishes. It can be meatballs, vegetables, fish. Meat can be boiled or baked in foil to avoid zazharistyh crusts. Soups are prepared on the mucous broth with barley and vegetables. Should be excluded from the diet radishes, sorrel, cabbage, garlic, millet porridge. Fight with gastritis difficult, but possible. If you comply with the doctor's recommendation, to strictly adhere to the regime meals and feed only authorized products, gastritis retreat and will not bring a child into trouble.

The danger of mold in the house

Many people simply do not pay attention to the black spots on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom or toilet, not realizing that the fungus - and it was he - not only spoils the appearance and negates all efforts to interior decoration, but also seriously threatens the health of the residents of the apartment. The problem often faced fungus vacationers and residents of old houses with wooden beams. Mould corrodes wood, making it unstable. It is because the fungus crumbling old wooden churches and houses that have been preserved in the Russian province, so it is important to protect these monuments - it is a struggle to mold spores. But in modern house fungus can ruin the wood pieces - such as pieces of furniture. Therefore, from the point of view of hygiene bathroom shelves recommend making plastic or metal - that is, of those materials that are not otsyreyut a damp room. Mold often causes dangerous allergic leads to skin diseases or asthma. Especially dangerous fungus in those homes where there are children - the baby is most susceptible to the harmful effects of mold spores. And if the disease in adults caused by fungus, are after the termination of the mold, the child may be ill for a lifetime. Often there is mold in the kitchen - the cabinets under the sink or in cupboards where to put the dishes that accrues only on major holidays, and that never aired. Mould in the kitchen doubly dangerous, because it can contaminate foods. Well, if people just throw rotten food, but it can accidentally eat something on which settled fungus. Some of the mold, however, is even useful - because of her getting penicillin - but most of its species only cause health damage. Therefore, it is recommended instead of a closed cabinet to place the dishes in the open shelves for the kitchen, where air circulates freely. And let not confuse chrome metal shelves that look like office shelving and seem comfortable enough for the kitchen - is more important than the health of the external effect, and comfort can be achieved by other means.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleep - natural needs of the organism

We are used to treat sleep as something uncontrollable. We know that it gives vitality, normalizes function of internal organs, prolongs life. But at the same time in order to fulfill some additional work, study, entertainment we sacrifice part of our allotted time to sleep. There is a minimum time required for recovery, but we are used to not take that into account. Modern man enough sleep catastrophically.
After sleepless nights deteriorating mental activity, it becomes difficult to concentrate. After the second begins at times disconnected from the normal operation of the brain. On the third day of the deterioration. Next, the motor capacity is changed, there are disturbances in the nervous system, metabolism. It comes to the fact that the patient may need a nurse. You just need to remember that all have enough sleep hours are summarized. Sleep - it is a necessity.
The daily rate of sleep, etc. to various sources from 7 to 9 hours. Chronic lack of sleep, and as a result, fast pereutomlyaemost and fatigue can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity, or even the appearance of diabetes. Treat her with leisure seriously and determine their own individual ways to go to bed on time.

Yoga for Beginners

Our society - it's amazing mixture of customs manners. But for each of the representatives of today you can pick one adjective and not to be mistaken: haste. In fact, we are always in a hurry, in a hurry, we could never have what look back and realize that we did not - we often do not notice their own mistakes, while continuing to rush forward. Unfortunately, this scourge of modern society; inability to analyze (and more correct) past mistakes eventually leads to the fact that a person breaks internally, many years of accumulated stress invariably spills, causing suffering not only to the individual, but also its surroundings. And of course, humanity along the way of life looking for ways to help him get out of a variety of negative situations, without suppressing his "I" and finding harmony even in the small. And of course, we strive to find a universal method that would help to get rid of physical pain and mental pain, and possibly helped to solve many problems of everyday life.
Many of us think that have found a way. It is no more nor less than yoga. That it can give a sense of confidence, to open a new way for those who are lost in a world in which to live, and will find himself. Each yoga - it is something personal, and classes it someone comes because he wants to strengthen his body, and someone to prepare themselves to psychological changes in their lives. But in any case we should not forget that this activity - is not just a class, but a way of life. So if you're just looking for something to occupy yourself, or come to the training of curiosity, do not think that you will change. If you're determined to make a difference in their lives and want to learn how to feel in a new way, while yoga for beginners - especially for you. At the initial stage, you will learn to properly look at some of the things you learn to relax and self-loading, concentrate only on ourselves and on what is going on inside you, and not be wasted on trifles around you. Yoga for Beginners - it is not a simple one. First, not so easy to change yourself, and at the initial stage may be disappointment and even injuries, but if you do not give up and cultivate every day, you can be confident that in a short time you will feel better in a few times, and common problems you will no longer worry.

The secret of oxygen cocktail

Oxygen cocktails are a category of drinks, which in addition to the purely gustatory properties have sufficiently pronounced health benefits. The broadest distribution of such drinks is caused by the fact that now many inhabitants of our planet are beginning to think about how important it is to maintain your health at an acceptable level. Major cities of the country are reasonably low-ecology, which can not but affect the health of residents. Just look at the huge number of cars that travel daily on the streets of our cities.
The uniqueness of this drink as the oxygen cocktail is that it was designed as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, and only with time has become a favorite beverage of many people. Due to the fact that in the manufacturing process uses only natural juices, herbal teas, as well as modern spum-mix cocktail fully combines the original flavor, which effectively complemented by its foam structure.
Each inhabitant of the big city to remember about such a serious problem as the lack of oxygen. Hypoxia has quite a serious negative impact on our body. With insufficient oxygen level in the blood can not ensure a stable and efficient operation of any internal organ, since oxygen is a direct participant in one of the most important processes of our life - the process of obtaining energy. Hypoxia has quite a large range of symptoms that can be quite harmless and little visible, and to turn around chronic diseases potentially life-threatening. Oxygen cocktail eliminates both the symptoms of hypoxia, and on its reasons for restoring a normal level of oxygen in the blood.
In order to prepare the usual dose of oxygen cocktails, you will need quite a bit of time and quite common and available equipment. As the main ingredient for the production of ordinary juice cocktail is used, each of us buys at the store. As a substance that allows us to give the drink a foamy form applies specialized spum mixture. This mixture contains only natural ingredients and are therefore not dangerous to health.
Equipment for the production of cocktails can be divided into two types. The first type is a device for the production of oxygen. If the 60-ies of the last century, at the time when oxygen cocktail only appeared to produce oxygen gas cylinders were used, but today they have been replaced by modern and efficient equipment. Such a device such as an oxygen concentrator produces oxygen from the air and thus provides a sufficient concentration of gas. The device can be installed in any site, since it does not require anything other than a standard connection to the mains.
The second device, which actually carries out the preparation of cocktails, a mixer Spum. In just a few seconds the drink is whipped to the required state and saturated with oxygen. Instead of a mixer, you can use another tool - kokteyler.
Drinks, oxygenated possess extremely useful due to the peculiarities of our stomach quickly absorb oxygen through the walls. Thus, almost all of the oxygen contained in the drink immediately gets into our blood and spreads throughout the body. It stimulates all the organs and especially the nervous and immune systems. Through use of cocktails you can improve your work, sports and learning outcomes.
Oxygen cocktails will enable you to effectively deal with any stress and infections, as well as give you amazing cheerfulness every day. If you are a supporter of the system approach, the oxygen cocktail every morning will be for you the best way to keep your health for years to come.

Food for to improve vision and prevent eye diseases

There are things to worry about and take care of that should actually from birth. These include proper balanced diet, thoughtful mode of the day, as well as physical activity and vision. And it is the latter requires sensitivity as much as possible to be treated, as the spoiled, it actually can not be restored.
Yes, now there are many clinics that offer expensive operations that can get rid of wearing glasses. But firstly, they can not be afforded by many, and, secondly, are not always effective.
What to do, because poor vision - it's a great chance to get into an accident on his BMW, lost his beloved job or simply to get to the hospital. Moreover, it is largely responsible for fatigue and headache. But do not despair! Help improve eyesight regular consumption of some products.
Which of them are useful for the eyes and, most importantly, why?
If we talk about vitamins, it is important for the eyes, especially A, C and E. The first is rich in carrots (recommended to use fresh, combined with a small amount of sour cream or vegetable oil), the second in large quantities contained in the bulb onions, sauerkraut , oranges and other citrus fruits. At the same time, if your choice has fallen on the last, buy it fresh fruit, not juice and puree production. But the third - Vitamin E - can be obtained by eating wheat germ, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. They can be added to the usual salads or soups, cook with them the meat and vegetables. Do not deny yourself this, you'll have no problems to drive Mercedes or participate in online conferences without experiencing any discomfort due to the poor state of your vision.
Good for the eyes, and zinc, which is contained in sweet peppers, and raw beets. Omega 3 - essential fatty acids. And you will provide her eyes regularly eating salmon or tuna.
By following these rules, you can do many years without glasses, thus easy to sit behind the wheel of a modern Audi, use a PC and enjoy watching TV.
And if we add to this the exercises for the eyes, your chances to maintain excellent eyesight into old age will become even greater. Do not forget about the special vitamin complexes and drops, which provide additional protection for your eyes during strenuous work.

Is it possible to improve vision by using eye exercises?

In today's world, crowded computer and TV, quite a large number of people suffer from poor vision. But few know that there are many techniques that allow to relieve tension from the eyes and prevent vision loss, and even fewer people able to find the time and energy for the regular care of your vision.
If you start to perform daily exercises, strengthens sight, barely noticing his deterioration, can be on their own to bring your visual apparatus to normal. Look at yourself in the mirror after a day working at a computer or a whole evening spent for online games. You have reddened, tired and strained eyes, dark circles under your eyes, then you already need to take measures to preserve their vision. Surely many a question, whether really to influence the work of their eyes, because to train other human organs such as the liver, kidneys, it is impossible. But training is not subjected to the visual organ itself, and the eye muscles. If you want to keep the figure, you resort to diet and exercise, similar to if you want to keep your vision, you should not neglect the methods such as special exercises and massage for the eyes.
A significant benefit of the exercise will provide visual and pre-existing diseases of the eye, even in a fairly advanced stage. Of course, you should not have any illusions that you will return one hundred percent vision, even with the most intense workouts of this, unfortunately, without surgical interventions not achieve. To understand why the need in this case exercises for eyes, a simple example. No exercise will not help recover lost in an accident finger. But training will enable better to act without the injured hand. The same can be said about exercise for the eye muscles. Just get rid of glasses or lenses so you do not succeed, but to stabilize the eyesight and prevent the development of other complications is quite real.
Just be sure to keep in mind that to achieve any tangible result can only be a requirement for regular classes. Exercises for the eyes do not require special time and can be performed anywhere, for example, still lying in bed after waking up. Importantly, do not forget about it. If you are aware that under the weight of daily problems can easily be distracted by concerns about their health, help yourself in some way to focus on this. You can, for example, to buy a massager for the eyes and put it in a prominent place. Its use is just 3-5 minutes, but that the impact on the periocular area also gives good results.
It's simple, in addition to a variety of ways to put vision, there are many methods to avoid this. It is only necessary to use them properly.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blood will tell about the disease

Is it possible for blood to establish human tendency to malignant tumors, stomach ulcer, or, for example, to the mumps? Give a definite answer to the questions the international community has decided to physicians.
It should be said that for a long time the official medicine with fluctuations relate to various theoretical calculations of the blood groups. Fuel to the fire poured the popular diet, the constructed on the basis of this trait. Its founders have proven that people with different blood groups in different ways to digest food.
Innovative experiments in the field showed hematological blood is essential. It is understood that the planned trend to establish the relationship between blood group and prone to serious diseases. Thus, the presence of human blood group 0-for it reduces the risk of ischemia, say doctors from the Medical School of the Royal Copenhagen. To do this conclusion, they studied the medical status of 29,000 people. Scientific monograph on the basis of these findings indicates: the bulk of the patients with the gene Adamtss7 has infinitely high risk of hypertension and myocardial infarction. Figuratively speaking, since the birth of the person with the status of Adamtss7, the crossbow is cocked disease and embedded arrow aimed straight at the heart. But under the condition where patients have this set of genes simultaneously 0th blood, increasing the risk of not stated. The head of research - Professor hematologist Muredaks Reilly believes that these results will provide an opportunity to develop innovative methods of treatment.
By substantially blood differ complex antigens located on the cover of the erythrocyte cells. Each blood group was formed to ensure the protection of the body against serious diseases. However, each of them characterized by personal imperfections.
So, people with 0-blood group have fewer chances to die from malaria parasite compared to the holders of the other groups. But they are more susceptible to scarlet fever and intestinal ulcers.
Based on their own research professor at Karolinska University Gustof Edgenn stated: A person with blood group must take into account the negative effects of smoking, as may appear malignant tumors of the stomach. In turn, the first group of people are not protected by the blood microorganisms provoking intestinal ulcer.
Japanese doctors claim that young men with 0 blood group have a tendency to increased weight gain after the age of 25. People initially have this knowledge, it is enough to buy a treadmill or elliptical trainer bike computer: regular exercise can help maintain health and good shape for years to come.
Swedish researchers studying nearly 560 women of childbearing age, say: blood prejudge the possibility of conceiving babies. Women of childbearing age with the first group is 4 times more fixed undeveloped eggs and significantly lower their characteristics in comparison with other groups. Department of Hematology, University of Cambridge recently stated that women of childbearing age with B- and AB- blood group at increased risk of developing ovarian tumors. Qualified experts identified for these blood groups heightened risk of malignant tumors of the pancreas. In addition, AB-group may enhance the probability of formation of eclampsia during pregnancy.

The concept of pancreatitis and its causes

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease of the pancreas. It is known that the disease can occur in both children and adults.
The main causes of this disease in children is considered to be an injury, serious eating disorders, anomalies of the abdominal cavity. It is known that pancreatitis in children as in adults may occur in acute and chronic forms.
Children also can develop very particular type of disease - jet. It is associated with a response to absolutely any inflammation pancreas.
As for acute pancreatitis flow, the children he is quite rare. It is associated with the destruction of parts of the pancreas, and is characterized by nausea, pain in the upper abdomen, disorder chair.
The chronic form of the child usually occurs without symptoms. Only occasionally can be seen vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, pain in the upper abdomen.
Learn about the disease in a baby may be making blood chemistry, it helps to determine the increase in the activity levels of pancreatic enzymes. But there is another way to learn about the disease - to do ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.
The most common treatment for children assigned calm inflammation of the pancreas and the diet for pancreatitis.
As a rule, children causes of pancreatitis can be very different. The fact that the child's body more acutely responsive to any negative impact than an adult. Almost any allergic or infectious disease can affect a baby on the pancreas and as a result lead to the development of pancreatitis.
Consider the main reasons for this:
• wrong diet;
• food poisoning, the use of certain medications;
• the use of products that are irritating, thereby begins to produce a lot of digestive juices
• Food allergies and lactase deficiency in infants and newborns;
• congenital disorders of the digestive system;
• diseases of the gallbladder and duodenum;
• abdominal trauma;
• and more.
Doctors prescribe a diet for pancreatitis acute form of the child. It is assigned based on the child's age and the severity of the disease. Usually, the child is prescribed wiped digestible food in small quantities, and drinking plenty of fluids. It is mandatory to exclude fatty fish and meat broths, canned, smoked, strong tea, sodas, radishes, cabbage, beans. At the same time your child is recommended to cook boiled lean meat, pureed vegetables, cereals, diet cheese, omelettes. The doctor, based on the age of the child, assigns, how much food it can be given at once. But in any case, feeding must be performed in small portions and at least 6 times per day. And then it will be possible to help the child heal acute pancreatitis.

Treatment of Varicose Veins

People whose work involves long sitting or standing on long legs, carry the disease, such as varicose veins. Varicose veins occur in one out of five, and more often in women. The development of varicose veins is fraught with serious consequences. In addition, the constant feeling of pain and discomfort in the legs distracts from the normal way of life.
The causes of varicose veins are different - from the effects of infectious diseases, pregnancy and frequent constipation to heredity. Moreover, it is heredity is the most powerful risk factor. Pain and swelling of the extremities, feeling of heaviness in the legs, nocturnal leg cramps, venous mesh - all manifestations of venous insufficiency. At various stages of varices certain syndromes more or less pronounced. The earliest signals of incipient disease - persistent pain, the severity and occurrence of spider veins and spider veins. Do not neglect these symptoms, as varicose veins is able to progress and cause undesirable effects, such as blood clots or erysipelas.
Varicose veins treatment should start with prevention. However, if you went into a severe varicose stage, it is necessary to resort to operational measures, and possibly surgery. After surgery, a predisposition to varicose remains. Therefore, in the future it is necessary to constantly visit a doctor, as well as to comply with the necessary guidance to help avoid relapse. In the first month after surgery is necessary to bandage the leg with an elastic bandage. It should guard against injuries and bruises. It is also not recommended to go to the bath or sauna, and take hot baths.
Even if you do not do surgery, but you have early signs of venous insufficiency, you just need to follow certain guidelines and rules that will help prevent worsening of the disease. So, in addition to the prohibition of the sauna and bath, varicose veins patients should not overheat the sun. It is also highly desirable to wearing high heels (no more than five centimeters) and lifting weights. In order to improve the tone of the veins can make special preparations, but only after consultation with a physician specialist.
At present, for the treatment of varicose veins is very effectively applied physiotherapy. For the prevention and treatment of varicose veins at its initial stage can be used gymnastics, wearing compression underwear in combination with contrast showers, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Going mobile sports will not only help prevent varicose veins, but also to maintain muscle tone in the legs.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stomach ulcer

It is a paradox, but even in our time, when medical knowledge about the disease is almost complete, and the treatments are so effective, many people still continue to self-medicate or ask for help than to a qualified representative of medicine and go to quacks, who for the sake of profit It does not stop anything.
Meanwhile, the large percentage of people who have lost not because of the disease itself, but just because of improper treatment - for example, taking cardiac glycosides or other potent drugs are not on the recommendation of the attending physician, but because these drugs help a neighbor, or instead In order to be in the hospital under a dropper engaged Urinotherapy.
It is unclear why the citizens of even the most serious diseases prefer not cure when possible, and to complicate even more!
For example, who has not heard of such widespread diseases as a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer? The risk of this disease is very high: it appears and develops under the influence of those factors in modern life is constantly present. These include smoking, alcohol abuse, constant stress and systematic violation of the regime and the regime of the day eating, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive physical and psycho-emotional stress, hobby sharp and salty, and too strong coffee ... In addition, provocateurs gastric ulcer may become a drug - their surplus in the body destroys the stomach lining. And the appearance of the culprit of the disease and the bacterium may be H. Pylori, which is in 90% of patients of patients.
Only a few can boast that this extensive list of bad habits they suffer only a few, and many and does a complete set! And if we add to this, and a genetic predisposition (which, alas, already meets 50% of patients), we do not understand why people are so irresponsible about their health!
The disease is manifested by severe pain, such as pain and become regular, the patient must be urgently sent for examination. Meanwhile, many patients prefer to endure illness. The disease is cyclical, and as soon as the patient feels relief, he believes that the healthy and the disease progresses in the meantime and can lead to complications: bleeding or perforation (perforation) ulcers. This complication is extremely dangerous for the life of the patient: the wall of the stomach and its contents destroyed or falls into the abdominal cavity or into other adjacent organs.


Benign growths of the skin or mucosa caused by papilloma viruses in themselves are not dangerous. The risk lies in the fact that under the influence of any factor can occur in their rebirth malignancies. For this reason, even if the growth of a single, small, should consult a doctor.
The main routes of transmission of the disease, two - it can be a contact of the skin of the patient and the health of people with each other, and the disease can be transmitted sexually.
Remove such growths in beauty parlors dangerous - you must first make sure that a benign tumor, and, moreover, only a dermatologist can prescribe the correct way in which you will be removing warts.
Sprawl skin or mucous today can be removed by various methods, which one to choose prescribed by a doctor - it depends on the type of neoplasm, its location, etc.
The most basic way - moxibustion using chemicals. As a result of the impact of sprawl undergoes necrosis (dies), a crust is formed. Pluck it is by no means impossible, as there will scar. Such a method should be carried out only by a specialist, and, moreover, can be made for all types of neoplasms.
One of the most effective ways - surgical resection with a scalpel or a laser. This method makes it possible to eliminate the proliferation of any size and at the required depth. The recovery period is rarely complications.
Such tumors can be removed, and with the help of cryoablation - burning liquid nitrogen. This procedure is absolutely painless, but it is hindered control of the depth of influence on the tissue, and may also be required a second procedure if a large sprawl.
Neoplasms can be effectively using the high-frequency current. This method is called electrocautery. The advantages of this method include the lack of bleeding and reduce the risk of infection.
The most modern way - radiowave surgery. Using a scalpel radiowave can produce atraumatic neoplasm excision, wherein after the soft tissue coagulation occurs. The procedure is characterized by greater precision the impact and almost no traces of impact.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Over the last fifteen years of hard bowel disease began to meet literally thousands of times more often. In the 60s ulcerative colitis cases are so rare that all the patients in the clinic operated one specialist surgeon. Now faced with similar diseases, even very young people. Bowel disease every year it becomes more - talking about it dry figures of statistics. Preventive measures are very simple - it is a correct diet and proper food itself, but the people did not want to follow them.
For proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract is important to the uniform flow of food, for example, only one long break - at night. But in reality? Too many people do not find time during the day to eat - once, but in the evening come off the whole hog, violating all the laws of physiology.
In order to prevent intestinal diseases is very important product are vegetables, they need to eat at least 300 grams daily. If digestion is all right, the best - vegetables eaten raw. Herbs, vegetables and sprouts are supplied in the body tissue, which helps cleanse the body. Good to know this fact: one of the causes of cancer are constipation - at irregular bowel movements toxins corrode its walls.
Another myth: in the human intestine accumulates to 15 kg of waste, so it shows the procedures such as colon hydrotherapy. Academician G. Vorobyov says that no deposits in the gut of a healthy person does not.
It is important to the quality of food. Scientific evidence suggests that excess saturated fats and preservatives, food is a strong risk factor. For example, in America, almost half of the population older than 50-60 years, sick diverticulosis, which can lead to peritonitis and bleeding. More recently, the disease is almost never met, because people eat right, there was no refined foods and most importantly, fast food.
Most people understand that not everything is in order with the gastrointestinal tract, in no hurry to see a specialist because of fears that the diagnosis of painful. It must be said that some studies indeed unpleasant. But medicine is evolving, new progressive methods. On arms proctologists and are completely painless techniques like ultrasound, tomography, X-ray, laboratory tests. For early detection of cancer today is spreading emission tomography. A reception is patient doctor, it also happens that a single glance at the expert patient enough to put him to the correct diagnosis.

Dangerous causes of stomach cancer and symptoms of its manifestations

Stomach cancer - a kind of tumor that grows from the mucous membrane of the stomach. Moreover, this swelling may occur in various parts of the stomach as in the upper - close to the esophagus, and in the lower part - near intestine.
In the present article we will talk about the causes of stomach cancer, as well as consider gastric cancer and its symptoms.The causes of stomach cancer can be varied. Now it is known that, as such, the formation of cancer cells is due to mutations in the chromosomes of the cell. But the cause of this mutation until now, even with the current development of medicine, is unknown. But there are certain risk factors that, according to doctors, these mutations provoke the cells.
Thus, the main risk factors:

  •     Hereditary factor. If you have a family history of gastric cancer, there is a possibility of the disease and relatives. This probability is about 20%.
  •     Blood in the second body. It is not strange, but people from the second group of blood, the disease is more common than the others.
  •     Meals. Eating salted, smoked, spicy, fried, canned food increases the likelihood of stomach cancer.
  •     Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  •     Chronic stages of other diseases of the stomach: gastritis, ulcers, polyps.
  •     The operation on the stomach. If medical intervention had occurred earlier, then the person's risk for various tumors much more.
  •     Presence of bacteria «Helicobacter pylori». But this factor has caused much controversy among many professionals.
  •     Elevated levels of nickel and asbestos, to work directly with him.
  •     Vitamin deficiency in particular vitamins: B12, C
  •     Nitrites and nitrates in the food salt, etc.
  •     Patients with pernicious anemia also are at risk. While such patients susceptible stomach cancer twenty times more.

Stomach cancer symptoms:
In the early stages and the tumor can not be displayed. Often, a person has an aversion to certain types of food, or even a group of products. If the tumor is located in the output compartment of the stomach, there may be heavy stomach. Vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite - it is also one of the main symptoms of this disease.
When tumor and during what occurs when stomach cancer, the symptoms may be absent altogether. If the tumor grows in the pancreas, frequent acute pain. In the propagation of the disease in the gland occurs accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.
And in some cases it is even possible metastasis to the lungs and shortness of breath followed by accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity.

Types of hemorrhoids and their features

Are you ready to get rid of hemorrhoids surgically? Did he become so painful that you are willing to do anything just to get rid of it? This is only a small fraction of the questions that are asked by people who suffer from this disease.
In most cases, it can take quite a long time. It all depends on how much the patient wants to get rid of his illness. So, when it is recommended removal of the inflamed hemorrhoids surgically? Before answering this question, let's look at the problem more broadly and find out what is still a hemorrhoid.
What characterizes hemorrhoids (cones) are inflated inside or around the anus. They are not located in any place, and in a short muscular appendage, which is situated between your rectum and your anus.
There are two kinds of hemorrhoids - namely, internal and external.
The first degree of the disease, less painful. Hemorrhoids are inside the anal canal. In this case, bumps are not visible outside the anal canal, but still can bleed.
The second stage - when the buds are visible during movement of the rectum (bowel movements), these cones more than the first power. After the movement of the rectum stop, dropped units return to their seats inside the anal opening and can not be seen.
Third degree of symptoms similar to the second, with one different, after the movement of the rectum stop hemorrhoids will not return to their seats themselves, for that they need to regain some efforts.
Fourth degree similar in symptoms to the third, so different, that the bumps will not return to the anus, no matter what efforts you did not make. This form of the disease can be very painful.
Finally, external hemorrhoids, this type of disease, which is located around the anus.
So, now that you are armed with the knowledge of all types of the disease, how do you think what kind or degree you have? And also remember that you have tried that to get rid of hemorrhoids?
Natural cures for hemorrhoids are quite effective and can cure most of these degrees. Also, along with natural drugs to combat this unpleasant disease diet may help. Although the exact cause of inflammation of hemorrhoids is not known, some scientists believe that hemorrhoids is due to the weakness of the connective tissue between the anus and intestinal muscles. Some scientists also believe that a diet high in fiber foods will help you in the prevention of inflammation.

If all of the above has been done, and hemorrhoids still did not disappear, it is recommended surgery.

Pollen disease

Hay fever - a severe, but is usually a seasonal disease that is caused by an allergy to pollen. Spring, summer and autumn - the peak pollen allergy exacerbations. However, in the winter need to take care of oneself: flowers around the clock. And it is likely that the festive bouquet of friends or colleagues can trigger an attack of hay fever. How to protect yourself from allergies? Will medical advice.
Rule №1. Recognize your allergies. If you notice that a certain season you get hives, a runny nose or cough, but the therapist assures that there is no infection, see your doctor, allergist. He will appoint skarifikatsionnye samples will help identify the cause of an allergic reaction and prescribe treatment or provide a list of drugs that help to escape during an exacerbation.
Rule №2. Always keep to yourself antihistamines. In the New Year's eve hectic streets of the city once again filled with flowers, brought from near and far abroad. Avoid all "dangerous" points, which is what underpasses, metro and markets, you still will not succeed. So always carry a Fenistil, Suprastin, Sempreks or preparations based on loratadine, nasal spray and eye drops.
Rule №3. Feel free to talk about their problem. For example, if a job you are asked to fill out a form, be sure to select plants that you provoke hay fever. Believe me, if your firm will carry out Florist in the New Year or Christmas - will consider your comments.
Rule №4. Do not let allergies ruin your life. Especially during the holidays. Thus, despite the fact that in winter sold primarily plants with large flowers and strong odor, they seldom cause allergic reactions. The fact is that such plants are pollinated by insects, and pollen into the air only in small quantities. Therefore, you may well enjoy donated a bouquet of roses or chrysanthemums, if no composition of grasses and weeds.
And the main rule. Do not self-medicate. Otherwise, you can take for hay fever ARI. Or does "treatment" of the imaginary allergy. Prescribe antihistamines and only a doctor can!