Monday, June 29, 2015

A good mattress - healthy sleep

It is not always the cause of poor sleep is stress, overwork. Sometimes, before resorting to sleeping pills, it is worth thinking about what we sleep on and check your bed. For a rest, it need not be too soft. The main quality for a good mattress - the ability to keep the human body in the right position. During a night of rest the spine continues to be responsible for the operation of many organs of the human body. If during sleep resilient body is well supported by the mattress, it helps to maximize muscle relaxation.

 To ensure a more convenient and comfortable position during a night's rest, you need to choose a quality mattress. Not all models can meet the necessary trebovaniyam.Sredi sets manufactured mattresses, there are products with a variety of fillings.

 Well maintained properties are mattresses with independent spring blocks. Small springs interconnected covers in which they are located. Each spring bends under the weight of the body only, and not because it affected other elements in the neighborhood. Preferably selected products with blocks of independent springs of different stiffness. They have a greater orthopedic effect. Thus better distribute the load depending upon the weight of the human body. These models have a three to seven zones of different hardness.  

The surface layer consists of spring mattresses small layer of softer material. It may be a natural or artificial high quality latex. Excellent properties has memoriform widely used in industry. It is under the influence of temperature, and may take the "remember" various forms.

 For people with a sick backbone should choose a more rigid bed. Good stiffness of the mattress has no springs filled with coconut coir. A natural material provides the necessary hygiene conditions for healthy sleep. It's a good ventilation, optimal hygroscopic properties, hypoallergenic.

 You can pick up and less stringent product. They use not thick plate of coconut fiber and alternate thinner layers of latex and coconut. Similar models have one side coconut, and the other - the latex layer. A user selects the surface on which it comfortable to sleep.

Essential Oils - Rose

Rose - the queen of the flower world, the rose - the goddess, rose - elite perfume additive. And rose oil - is an original, fun tempt. And no matter how much you may have visited the store of natural cosmetics, essential oil of rose undoubtedly attract your attention. Until you finally, do not buy it. Rose oil is used, and is used on all continents, it royally fragrant, it is good for the body and skin, it envelops bliss. Rose oil is used in a number of situations where you need to bring your body into a magical, enchanting state.

Natural cosmetics in varying degrees, necessarily contains plant extracts and natural essential oils, so the rose is used much more often than you might think. It is a part of creams, it is used in soaps and masks, gels. Rose oil - it is a dense, thick, viscous substance that hardens at low temperatures. Rose oil is an effective aphrodisiac and adaptogen. Rose essential oil is ideal forms, sculpture emphasizes the contours of the face and eyelids. Use of it with the cream of this area allows you to create a neat and gentle shape of the face, tighten the skin, to create a nice, natural glow. Added in aromalapmu drops of rose oil create a gentle, playful mood in the bedroom allows you to relax after a busy day.  

It is worth remembering that a purely emotional ripe, thick, heady smell inherent in a woman, not a girl, so if you are young, not tricky with a rose, do not create with it an aura of sensuality gustospletennuyu. Bright aromas - is primarily the prerogative of the middle-aged ladies, rose rejuvenates internally, externally attached to a depth of emotions and mental attitude and unconsciously pushes a man to think that you older than it actually is. If you want to rejuvenate your skin for a long time and exude honey aroma of freshly cut buds, try to buy bath salts and rose essential oil, mix salt with 20 drops of oil to pour into the bath water, tolerable skin and enjoy the aroma and tingling effect of essential oils. Feel how it is absorbed at times each of your body. After such a bath your skin will gain elasticity and velvety soft.