Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Mattress for Better Sleep

A New Mattress for Better Sleep
 by: Ben Webb
Many people complain that they always feel too tired despite getting plenty of sleep; little do they know that the mattress they are sleeping on could well be the culprit. Over time your mattress will become worn which can cause spring to losing their support and the bed becoming saggy and lumpy in places. Not only can this mean that you will not sleep properly but can also cause health problems as a result of pressure points. This can lead to stiffness of you neck, back, hips or shoulders. And worse yet it can cause long term back problems. Given all of this information it's still a surprise that so few people spend good money in their mattresses.
If you do decide to invest in your health and buy a new mattress then there are several considerations and options. If your mattress is in fairly good condition but you feel you are not quite getting comfortable enough sleep then you could consider a topper mattress. This is a fairly cheap option as you will be able to keep your original mattress and place the topper mattress directly on that. Of course if your mattress is lumpy and sagging then really you should go the whole hog and get a brand new mattress.
However many people don't give due consideration when buying new mattress. With advances in technology many people are opting for a special memory foam mattress, especially people with back conditions. Memory foam mattresses are a special material, when you lay on it your body heat and weight causes the foam to mould to your body. The result of this is your body is evenly and fully supported all over. Many chiropractors recommend memory foam mattresses including Tempur Pedic and Tri Pedic, and whilst they may not be cheap you will have to consider they last much longer than traditional coil loaded mattresses. You can get memory foam mattresses in any of the conventional sizes, which include double, queen and king sizes.
Other benefits of a memory foam mattress is that they retain heat which means it will keep you warmer at night, this could mean you could save money on heating. If you find it too hot then you will have to use a thinner blanket or duvet. If heat retention is a problem, for example if you live in a hot climate then you could consider buying a mattress that is made from natural materials as these absorb then disperse heat, rather than letting it build up, which will keep you cooler.
Of course there are still many coil loaded mattresses that can do a good job. The problem is most people buy blindly. Whenever you buy a mattress you must test the mattress out, most show rooms will allow you to lie on the mattress for an extended period of time. If you find that a little embarrassing then you could consider buying a mattress with a money back guarantee so the risk of getting a mattress that doesn’t suit you is minimized.


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Healthy Heart. Happy Life.

Healthy Heart. Happy Life.
 by: Vickie Telbert
Get Your Heart A-pumping
As we reach middle age we're suddenly aware that we're not immortal. In fact, our bodies are very delicate and need lots of TLC. Most of us, however, in our youth don't give things like arteries a second thought. We live life to the full and then we find that we're suddenly overweight, leading stressful lives and not particularly healthy.
The good news, however, is that whatever the state of your body and your general health, it's never too late. By simply looking at three aspects of your life you can radically change your health and, probably, your outlook on life. If you feel lethargic and miserable every day you're not going to enjoy life, you're not going to attract the types of people who you want to be with and who are good for you and life will just be a dull shade of grey. So, take action! Remember that life is short and if you're going to look back and feel that you've achieved something, you need to make every moment count.
1. Start exercising. The heart needs to work hard at least three times a week. Not only will exercise help this fundamental of all your muscles, but it has many side effects like relieving stress, helping sleep and burning calories. Just start by walking briskly and breathing deeply. Depending on where you're starting from will depend how far you go and how fast. Understand when your body tries to speak to you and don't push yourself. If you can feel your heart violently thumping away the exercise isn't doing you any good. Exercise is built up over months and months so don't be impatient. When you can do a couple of miles without being totally exhausted you could move on to swimming or cycling. Alternatively, you could discover the delights of owning a dog and sharing walks with your devoted companion! Animals are also an excellent way of calming yourself and lowering your blood pressure. It's been proved that stroking a gentle pet is therapeutic for both the elderly and for those who have severe psychological problems. In fact, it does us all good to share moments with a creature that never judges and is always pleased to see us.
2. The next thing you have to do is to look at what you eat. You must have heard that there are good fats and bad fats and the bad fats clog up our arteries just like a drain pipe. If you are in doubt, remember that animal fats are basically bad and not necessary to a good diet. There are two camps of vegetarians

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Important Mineral Partnerships For Health

Important Mineral Partnerships For Health
 by: Steve Wilcott
Minerals are essential nutrients that serve the body in many ways. Many minerals are active in their own right, serving individual purposes within the body. However, the much more common way of working for minerals is partnership. They act as cofactor in many complex substances and processes. Many minerals complement each other, serving as cofactor to each other in the body's most essential processes.
The skeletal system benefits from the partnership of various minerals, as do the teeth. Calcium and phosphorus, the two minerals that are present in the highest amounts in the body, are the key mineral players in the hard surfaces of bones and teeth, with the mineral magnesium serving to help the body metabolize the calcium and the phosphorus. The mineral manganese serves a purpose in this process as well and the mineral zinc is needed to metabolize phosphorus. This group of minerals also combine to protect the health of the nerves and to enhance the ability of the nerves to communicate, as well as ensures the ability of the muscles in the body to contract smoothly and regularly, contributing to, among other things, a regular heartbeat.
The mineral iron is responsible for the production of hemoglobin in the blood, which is what the red blood cells store the oxygen in as they travel the body, supplying the cells and tissues with the oxygen that is vital to their survival. But, without the mineral copper, the body would be unable to absorb and use the iron. A deficiency in copper results in an anemia that is similar to that caused by a deficiency of iron.
Minerals serve as cofactors in a variety of chemical combinations in the body that are essential processes of everything from food digestion to oxygenation of the body's cells. The entire functioning of the body is built upon chemical and electrical reactions. These depend primarily upon the nutrition we consume, which serves as fuel and, once broken down to its basic elements, the chemicals needed to complete the various interactions. The balance of the complex system is delicate, but must be maintained to ensure health and peak performance.
The amount of mineral available in food and water can vary from region to region. That is because the amount of minerals found in plants depends on the quality of the soil, the type and amount of mineral deposits in the soil. Growing the same crops in the same place year after year can deplete the minerals in the soil. Topsoil erosion also can reduce the minerals available in soil.
Nutritional supplements can serve as an effective and safe means of ensuring that each day the body achieves the standard recommended daily intake levels of the minerals it need to perform the essential operations of the body. Because the balance of nutrients in the body is so important, it is a good idea to engage in a consultation with a licensed nutritionist who will be able to help you to devise a mineral supplement plan that is best suited to your individual dietary needs.

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