Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Methods of protection against muscle damage

The statistics for the beginning and middle of the last century, saying that all athletes who prefer other sports skiing, have been the trauma patients, carefully superimposed on a limb last strong cast. Skiing is one of the most traumatic and dangerous in our day, but medicine does not stand still and offer outdoor enthusiasts a range of activities aimed at reducing the risk of getting a fracture or sprain, which can permanently put a man in a hospital bed, to make people forget for training and competition. If your area of ​​activity - sales of servers IBM, and way of life can be considered sedentary, the recommendations of experts need to listen very carefully.  

Do not underestimate even minor injury, the effects of which are already in a couple of days. A little stretching, resulting in the classroom, promotes damage to the muscle fibers - thus impairing blood flow. Muscles become more vulnerable, and the next injury could happen even at light load - for example, in the warm-up, or trying to be moved to a new location HP Proliant server while working in the office, not to mention the full training. Each session would further aggravate the situation, the muscle will no longer work effectively, and the verdict of doctors - to forget about active sports for maintaining the ability to move - for you will be a real surprise.  

Even more problematic are torn ligaments and cartilage injury - in this case, without medical care can not do, but even in the case of a professional approach to the treatment completely restore lost joint mobility does not succeed, and even simple task to install shredders in the office or connect the computer It becomes a major issue. It is clear that to fully protect yourself from injury while skiing lessons fail, but to take measures to prevent them can and should be. So, in the fall is to take care of the training of the muscles - that promote long walks and climbs the stairs for a while forgetting about the ability to use an elevator. Before the start of classes, do not forget about the knee pads and special bandages to protect the joints. If the injury could not be avoided, try to avoid for a while reinforced loads to allow muscle damage as possible to restore performance.

Healthy Back

It is no secret that a reasonable and careful approach to his spine is an important component for improving overall health. There are a lot of exercises, including bending and twisting, which contribute to improving the overall health and posture.

 According to medical statistics, such diseases as osteochondrosis, subject to about 85% of the inhabitants of our planet. That is, each of the people at least once in his life, I faced with back pain. The paradox is that the main reason for this spread of the disease is to improve the comfort of life. Earlier, in the absence of elevators, people climbed on foot. When there was such an abundance of transport, people are more committed hiking. It is a sedentary lifestyle makes many people potential target for sciatica, degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the back.  

It is proved on a scientific level, after a long stay in orbit, the astronauts become very brittle bone tissue. In consequence of immobility, in zero gravity, people do not have the necessary for the normal functioning of joints level loads. Meanwhile, bone, according to the experts in this area, is updated once every three months. So quickly can not update any one of the tissues present in the human body. One of the differences of bone tissue from the muscle is the complete absence of memory, in which the body can withstand the burden easier to remember. That is, without having a regular load, spin is not working.  

To help in this case come yoga classes by a special technique. It is really beautiful and a proven way to restore the health of the back and the whole body. Existing training techniques make it possible to work with great efficiency on the body. In addition, there is a yoga for beginners, which is perfect for the first lesson. All the organs and systems of the human body, after regular classes, develop, eliminating weaknesses. In yoga we pay great attention is paid to the rehabilitation of the weaknesses of the body. Having problems with the cervical part of the spine, the focus is to work with this part of the body.

Strengthening the veins

Sooner or later, every second woman observes that the legs are tired, they are visible veins. To win varicose veins, it is important to temper, thereby facilitating their condition.

 If you take the women who are over 40, then every second can detect signs of varicose veins. It is an insidious disease, which has a number of negative consequences. To protect your veins and make your legs beautiful and easy walk, there are techniques by which a long time, you can save the health of your veins.

 Ice strengthening veins
 If the evening legs become "heavy", swollen, very well to an ice massage. To further its effectiveness prepare mint ice. When you massage the ice do not take your bare hands, and wrapped in cloth. It is important to sit back, put a foot on the bench. Stroking the skin with ice as small utjuzhkom. They need to drive bottom-up and a circle. First treated foot, then lower leg, then the thigh. Each zone should be given to up to 4 minutes of time, and no more so as not to come persistent narrowing of subcutaneous blood vessels. After this procedure should rest a half hour. Housework cleaning company will perform well in Moscow.

 Cold shower for the feet
 Excellent hardens and strengthens the veins cold shower. If there is a suburban area, in the summer you can use a hose with cold water, and in winter suit shower. Slightly jet is directed to the first leg from the toes to the heel, then along a calf to the popliteal cavity, in the shin, then the front of the foot from the toes to the knee. Carry water treatments can and should be 2 times a day. This is especially significant for office workers who do not stand up all day on the computer. By the way, they also recommended a special gymnastics. Every hour is held a short workout. It is necessary to stand up, hands down along the body. First, stand on tiptoes, then fall to full stop, then be on your heels, and again at full stop. Such rolling with heels on tiptoes to perform 15-20 times.  

SPA Foot
 Arrange the seaside resort home easily. The artificial "sea" is obtained if the high basin to pour water to cover the eggs, and then dissolve it in 2 tablespoons of salt. Of course, it is desirable to use sea salt, but if it was not at hand, come and salt. The legs are lowered to 10 minutes in warm salt water.  

Decoction of herbs - also a wonderful remedy for hardening of veins and varicose veins treatment. Mixtures of herbs, beneficial effects on the veins, relieve tension in the muscles and reduces pain in the legs. This chamomile, juniper, plantain, lavender, mint, marjoram. Various combinations of these plants pour boiling water, allow to infuse and then strain into a bowl or better in the bath. Immersed for 10 minutes in a warm fragrant water, you get a lot of positive emotions and complete relaxation. This is a very useful procedure for the soul and body.  

Cold and warm in metered quantities veins is not a hindrance, but the high and low temperatures, carrying heavy loads can provoke varices.

Prevention of varicose veins

The real threat to the health and beauty of female legs is a vascular disease - varicose veins. The first signs of the disease is a burning sensation, och—Ďtnost and heaviness in the legs at the end of the day. Timely preventive maintenance will help stop the progression of the disease and maintain the attractiveness of your feet.  

After a tiring day at work or a holiday spent on the high heels, the experts recommend to make a relaxing foot bath. To do so, immerse the legs to mid-calf in cool water with menthol oil or lemon juice, and then directly into the warm water, and so on. Such a douche for the feet strengthens blood vessels, which are first narrowed and then dilate, enhancing vitality, just as the construction of wooden houses require "acclimatization" of the material at the desired humidity and temperature, so that the house served for a long time and is not subject to shrinkage. After the procedure, feet should be rubbed hard with a towel.  

People with a predisposition to varicose veins, experts advise doing regular baths with tea leaves of black tea in the summer to take cold baths with ice to wipe calf ice from infusions of herbs, as well as to take into a third cup of broth yarrow three times a day, one of the ten parts of the grass boiling water, then cool and strain the infusion.

Plazmolifting - efficient use of the hidden reserves of the organism

It is no secret that the majority of cosmetic non-surgical rejuvenating treatments threaten rather serious side effects - can occur reaction of rejection, develop allergies, etc. If you talk about surgical methods of rejuvenation, then decide on such a move more difficult - here, too, there are many risks.

 With the discovery of a method Plazmolifting new era in cosmetology - today more and more people are resorting to this method is rejuvenation, guaranteeing effective results while the complete absence of side effects. What explains such a safety procedure?

 First of all, this method eliminates the introduction of injectable rejuvenation of the body of foreign substances, as platelet-rich plasma, which introduces into the tissues of the face and body to rejuvenate them, is prepared from the blood of the patient. Thus, Plazmolifting uses internal reserves of the body recovery of the patient, which guarantees the absence of allergic reactions.  

The mechanism of effective impact of this technique lies in the ability of human tissue regeneration - so scratch, resulting in a person due to some circumstances, the very prolonged platelet clot, forming a natural bandage and can help repair damaged tissue. Introducing into the tissue of the face and body of the patient his own plasma, produces a similar regenerative effect. In addition, this method is used not only in cosmetics, but also various areas of medicine - for example, in surgical dentistry at the dental implants - the introduction of plasma into the gum accelerates the regeneration of its tissues, as well as assists in the fusion of the implant to the bone of the jaw.

 It should also be noted that Plazmolifting signs of aging are not eliminated at some particular time, and included the deep reserves of the body, activating the regenerative processes in the tissues, contributing to the restoration of their elasticity. The introduction of plasma tissue begins active growth of stem cells, ensuring effective rejuvenation. Here you are guaranteed safe from any complications, and use cosmetics can be the next day after the session.  

That effect, which provides a course of injections of plasma, can be compared to non-radical facelift and neck. This improvement in the skin will be evident within two weeks after the start of the course, and after a full course of disappearing even small "net" wrinkles. Moreover, the effect can be fixed by passing a course of injections twice a year. Plazmolifting also can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, however, is assigned to the combined effect should only doctor for each patient individually.

 Thus, this method of non-surgical rejuvenation injection for maximum efficiency and at the same time complete absence of complications, has a leading position in popularity.