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BE ACNE FREE!!! Acne Treatments that ACTUALLY works!!

Hi Guys, as promised I'm back with some more tips. and today, I'm here to talk about Acne!! and how I deal with my acne prone skin last week, I did a tutorial that included 2 face masks DIY homemade face masks that can help with your acne Its such a sensitive issue for so many young people and I want to do tutorial that is concentrating on just that aspect and also wanted to share with you some of those more scary invasive treatments that you may be worried about I've just come across this new gadget as well that's taken the whole world by storm. It's not a new technology but just seems to be picking up suddenly So Yeah!! Stay Tune anytime Ever time I do a video I always want to give everybody some kind of an option Not everybody is into the more invasive stuffs. A lot of people still prefer their natural home remedies So all you have to do is peel a banana, and ideally you want the bananas that have started ripening over their sell-by date, if you know what I mean So its got the dark pigmentation beginning to appear on the skin you don't want the ones that are still green(ish) or hasn't actually had the dark spots on it because it potentially has not released the enzymes that you need All you have to do is just take the peel and rub it on your acne you can actually have it everywhere your skin will start feeling a bit tighter. If you can afford to leave it overnight then do that The rest of the peel just put them in a freezing bag and put them in your freezer so whenever you need them you can actually use them With the banana peel you will have to apply at more than once a day. so if you are around over the weekend and you're not going out then apply as many times as you can or up to three times if you can afford to do anymore Banana peel is amazing for wrinkles and its's also very good for brightening the skin. When I say brightening I don't mean that it's going to bleach your skin in anyway you're not going to go a few shades lighter or anything but if you have dark pigmentation it will actually get rid of those a little bit sooner And it helps your acne due to the antioxidant that is in the actual skin itself so by rubbing that it will help with this pesky breakout I want to talk about hydroxy acid because I truly believe they help and for many reasons, they have so many benefits now the two kinds of hydroxy acid is the alpha hydroxy acid and obviously the beta hydroxy acid the main difference between those two is their oil solubility Alpha Hydroxy acid is water soluble while Beta hydroxy acid is oil soluble which means that Beta hydroxy acid can penetrate your pores and clean up the dead cells and exfoliate your skin which also helps getting rid of your acne examples of Alpha Hydroxy acid would be citric acid for instance, found in oranges and lemons. or there also lactic acid which is found in sour milk and yogurt Last week we did a few face masks that could help your acne I actually talked about one in particular that included nutmeg milk and honey. Honey is very good with calming the inflammation as well so the combination of those three ingredients can really help your acne. If you haven't watched it, please go and check it out but yes Sour milk or yogurt, they are amazing and they contain a good dose of lactic acid so if you haven't tried those, give it a go Salicylic acid is not as popular as glycolic acid but it actually is a lot more accessible than glycolic peels and its actually present in aspirins You've probably heard about people making aspirin face masks If you want to use aspirin as a face mask or as a base for a face masks for the benefit of using it as salicylic acid I would suggest that you get some uncoated aspirin tablets and allowed to dissolve in a little bit of water and basically dabe in the pimples if they are scattered but never apply it over a large area cause you don't want to overdose its not suitable for that at all. If you want to apply it to larger areas and all you need it to do is act as an exfoliante and as an anti-inflammatory then added to some yogurt first and then apply that as a face mask but never apply pure aspirin on your face because you could overdose. We don't know how much our body could be absorbing. The second word of caution when you are using aspirin face masks or pure aspirin on your face , you have to remember that it thins blood and therefore it does have an effect on your skin as well. Although it does, I don't want to scare anybody off, it does work and it's amazing personally I would only use in small areas and over scattered pimples The third and most popular acid that we talk about when it comes to acne is obviously glycolic acid. Glycolic is essentially the big sister of salicylic acid and is more effective and also a lot more available nowadays it probably wasn't as available back in the days but now you can get it in all sorts of percentage and I usually usually use a 30% and I don't bother buying a neutraliser. I usually just use some baking soda and water and I make my own neutraliser The thing with glycolic peel is you can actually customised it based on how bad you feel your skin is so you can actually just use 10% for the times we just maintaing your skin or you can go up to 50% if you wanted drastic results for instance. Glycolic acid is known to restore your skin to its pre acne state. Nothing out there can do that for you. It also really good to restore fine lines as well It's very good to restore your skin's PH balance. It's really really good to get rid of your acne and is even better to get rid of your acne scars. This is a beauty MUST HAVE if you suffer from acne and you haven't tried it then please give it a go The thing with glycolic peel is when you are using them for the first time you have to understand that your skin's never been exposed to that before and it is going to be a shock for your skin. Even though in the label sometimes it will says to leave it one for 1 minute: DON'T!!! for the first time I normally leave it on for ten second. If I have had a break from glycolic peel, whenever I go back to it I tend to leave it on for 10 seconds twenty seconds and then wash it off and even then I can see that my skin gets a little bit dry and it feels like its gone through a bit of trauma So leave it on for as little as you can for the fist time and allow your skin to get used to it and increase the time gradually so you're not giving you get a massive shock otherwise, it is acid at the end of the day and you will end up burning your skin, so be very carefully if you are using this As I mentioned there are a number of combination peels you can go for. The most common one is obviously glycolic acid with salicylic acid but 102 00:08:07,70 --> 00:08:12,990 actually glycol peels are often used combination with benzoyl peroxide Benzoyl peroxide is a really powerful ingredients and it's effective against all kinds of acne lesions whether that may be blackheads or whiteheads or red pimples it is known to be a bactericidal which means It kills bacteria but Benzoyl Peroxide is known to sometimes make you resistant to antibiotics, so that's obvious something to be careful about but obviously if you do suffer from chronic acne then really and truly benzoyl peroxide is is going to be incredibly helpful I usually use this benzoyl peroxide soap and the great thing about this one is, I can pretty much wash my body with it cause sometimes I find that my acne is not just on my face but I sometimes have it on my arms or my back so I tend to use this for those times. For other times, when it's really there and it's red and angry I go for this Benzoyl Peroxide gel. These are also available at Amazon and i'm putting down all the links at the bottom for you, so if you wanna check these products, please do Alternatively if you wanted something with a little higher percentage, my advice would be to go to see your GP and ask about Benzoyl Peroxide and see whether those treatment would be recommended for you and your type of skin, but if you didn't want to try the glycolic peel and 0 the salicylic acid or even the benzoyl peroxide then I find that one high street product that works really well is the Dermalogica and you must have seen these around and I usually just go for a travel kit, cause it comes with all these little goodies of things that I need. Ultimately I don't tend to use of a very long time so there is no point for me to buy the really big Products that I'm never gonna end up using The first one in this range is this sebum clarifying mask which is absolutely amazing. This one has salicylic acid in there so it's an amazing natural exfoliant evert time I do you wear this, it is sort of like this white face mask and over time I can actually see all the oil being drawn to that mask and when I wash it my face is just amazing It also comes with this overnight clearing gel.This thing is magic and it really really works and if you are going to give this a go, I promise you'll see a difference and this is pretty much an overnight treatment so yeah I don't tend to use during the day but it isn't over night clearing gel so just use it at night Other than that it also comes with this Clearing Matifyer..and...this look like my face primer but because I'm quite happy with my primer, I have never given it a go it says a topical treatment that helps clear breakouts and reduce congestion and controls shine for an all day matte finish so actually I might give it a go and I'll let you know it works out There's also a concealer spot treatment but again cause my skin is fairly dark, this is very light for me, so it doesn't suit my skin tone at all I thought it might blend in but it kind of doesn't, but I'm sure if you had really red and angry pimples, it would definitely calm it down, so maybe put that on first and then apply your makeup on top and I think that could work really well last but not least my favorite product in Dermalogica is this Clearing Skin Wash It hasn't got anything invasive at all in there. Everything that i'm reading is literally lemon peel extract and camomile and tea tree oil so actually it's not it's not very harmful product at all and it's a very good substitute for the BENZO that contains benzoyl peroxide so if you want to give this a go sometimes I used this everywhere, it say apply on damp face but pretty much everywhere I suffer from the Acne, I do tend to use. This next tip is not a new technology at all but has definitely become a lot more accessible in the last few years and it is Clear Rayz by BABY QUASER and I love love love Baby Quaser products I do use a lot of their 'wands' if you like. I love their red light therapy for wrinkles and acne now will be doing a tutorial on that one and basically all this is, is LIGHT THERAPY and like I said it's not a new technology at all and a lot of us have tried it in the past. I remember when I was really really young a lot of my friends were going for laser treatment. Essentially this is what it is Its just been made very compact and its been made so that you can use this at home The only downfall to this product I feel is price but I think as time goes by it will become cheaper as well just like you know IPL home treatments have become a lot cheaper over time. This CLEAR RAYZ comes with the nice box and it comes with instruction manual or it also comes with this little sun tan eye protection thing which I have not even bothered opening and I have been using it and I just wanted to show you how it works. So basically once you've plugged it in, and it has to stay plugged in, so you have to be near power point, so hopefully they will work on that as well Switch it on and this is the red light and press the button again this is the blue light and if you press the button a third time it will switch itself off. what's the difference between the red light and the blue light? Quite simply the blue light kills the bacteria while the red light actually soothes the inflammation itself, so they actually working in partnership with each other. A lot of products out, either kills the bacteria or soothes the inflammation. No one product can do both but this product does and that's why it's so amazing and you can use in the comfort of your own home, you can use it wherever you want and as often as you like In the manual it advise you not to use both lights on the same day It advises you to use the Blue light to begin with followed by the red light and obviously use the blue light only once a week while you can use the right light a few times a week so obviously when you read the manual, It explains very extensively how to use the product and how often to use it as well. Because obviously it's made of so many tiny LED light they tend to warm up when you use them over 20 minutes it can feel a little hot but doesn't burn your skin in any way. I have never had any pigmentation of any problems at all I am a big fan of all the BABY QUASER products cause I can really see them work and I was really really excited when I found out about CLEAR RAYZ being out. This product is completely safe and it is not injecting you with any kind of chemical It's not thinning your skin any way The one thing I would say is what I found when I used it when I have have quite a big patch of acne and I use the Baby Quaser's Clear Rayz, my acne tends to get worse before it makes it better so don't be alarmed if that happens to you it's completely normal and always make sure that you are testing it before you start using it on your face for instance. If you've tried everything and you've not seen anything work just as well then maybe this is something to consider and try. IF it doesn't work you do have a money back guarantee, if I'm not mistaken it's probably sixty days so use it for 60 days and if you're not happy with it then at least you've got the option of sending it back, so its a really really good incentive. I hope that you found these tips helpful today and if you are giving them a go Let me know how it's going and let me know what your thoughts are I love them and I've used them for many years and its tried and tested and nothing's gone wrong but obviously with the chemical peels it does make your skin a little bit dry and on occasion where I have been a bit careless and not kept a good eye on the timer I've potentilly irritated my skin a little bit but never actually burnt myself but that's probably because I never use a very high percentage to begin with. If you are going to try these products, make sure you always do test patches as well to make sure that your skin is not irritated or you are not allergic to any of these products as well so yeah, give them a go. I hope that you found these tips helpful and if you are going to try, please let me know how they're going It would be really good to find out how these are working out for you Remember to like and subscribe and share these videos with your friends who may find these helpful. Please send me your comments and questions. Really do love hearing from you guys and I will see you next week
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