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The Art Of Living Well In Retirement by Stephen Lau

Retirement may not be what you think it is. Many people have conjured up too rosy a picture of their retirement lifestyle and they become disillusioned when they discover that their retirement life is no more than a nightmare. They have failed to grapple with the emotional, physical, and financial fallout of retirement.

Emotionally, you may have more conflicts with your spouse now that you have more time for each other, and you may get on each other's nerves. Renewing love for each other, and improving communication skills are a must before retirement. Going on a longer vacation may do just that. In addition, there are stresses that come with retirement, such as loss of identity, and they may take a toll on your emotional health. Therefore, it is important to learn how to cope with your stresses. One thing, you can do is to take up volunteering work: you not only pay back to society but also rediscover your new identify in your community. Another thing you can do is to start a second career, such as an online business. It is important to be involved in doing something totally different from you used to do prior to your retirement in order to give yourself incentive and new challenge.

Physically, you may see a decline in your overall health. Physical and physiological changes require adjustment and adapataion. It is a common conception that the elderly are stubborn and refuse to change. This may be partly true if you do not have the mindset for change. Everyday new ideas and technologies come up. Empower yourself with new knowledge and keep yourself abreast of what is happening in the ever-changing world. Adult learning in a community college or even pursuing a higher education may be the answer.

Financially, many retirees are not on top of their money matters. They simply leave their finances to their consultants. This is not right. Remember, it is your money, not theirs, and you should know where your money goes and how well it goes. If, on the other hand, you do not have much money, then you should spend part of your retirement time in making money. Financial freedom is important in happy retirement, as you continue to age, due to inflation, the increased need for medical care, and the rising cost of medical expenses.

Retirement has interdependent factors: emotional, physical, and financial, among others. They all play a pivotal role in your well-being after you have retired.

Retirement is about managing different kinds of means to accomplish different kinds of goals. It is about growing old and the completion of life--all is well that ends well.

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Lau

Indian Clinical Research Set for Stupendous Growth by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

As per our research report “Booming Pharma Sector in India”, the number of clinical trials in India has been continuously rising since 2005 - the year India accepted the Product Patent Act. Clinical research has huge opportunity in India. All the major pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers and CROs are concentrating to make India their base for conducting global clinical trials. We expect that the Indian clinical research market will grow at a robust CAGR of around 31% during 2010-2012. We have identified factors responsible for this growth in our report.

Pharmaceuticals have emerged as one of the leading industries in India. This dramatic growth in the Indian pharmaceutical industry can be attributed to several factors such as growing middle class population, rapid urbanization, increase in lifestyle-related diseases, and acceptance of health insurance. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is projected to show double-digit growth in near future. Emerging sectors like bio-generics and pharma packaging will also pave way for the pharmaceutical market to continue its upward trend.

India has seen rapid improvement in the medical infrastructure, with more and more private players taking a giant leap forward. Moreover, the industry is expected to witness consolidation in coming years, which will enable pharmaceutical companies to diversify into extended pharmaceutical businesses through the entire value chain. The pharmaceutical market is expected to provide an impetus to various associated industries, such as contract research and manufacturing.

Drugs for acute diseases contribute an important share to the Indian pharmaceutical market. Pharma outsourcing services represent lucrative upcoming opportunities in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Our report has also identified the market drivers. It has discussed the type drugs, therapeutics, regulatory environment, and competitive landscape. The study has found out the future opportunities and restraints in the Indian pharma industry. It provides forecast for various components of pharmaceutical market. The report also provides an insight on export and import market.

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Buy Hair Beauty Products Online With Good Judgment by Lynne Saarte

What do you usually do if you need to purchase something? If you want to buy a book, for instance? Yes you try to get some reviews about it. You do your research about the content of the book or probably get to know the author more. That is initially the wisest thing to do. This is no different when you must buy hair beauty products. Even before you go the nearest mall or cosmetics store, it is important to research on the products you are eyeing and obtain some feedback about them. This would enable you to buy the most suitable and most reasonably-priced hair beauty products.

Are you one of those women who purchase beauty items on impulse? Do you immediately go to the mall to try their offers? Unfortunately though, not all cosmetic stores allow consumers to try or test their items before the purchase. And you probably do not want to test a lot of products all in one visit. Furthermore, you would never dare waste any money you shelled out, would you? And this is even so for pricey hair beauty products. What all this leads to is that you basically do not know if you are getting value for your money each time you purchase a beauty item. So this is why it is crucial to check out client testimonials about these hair beauty products before making any decisions. This would guide you in all decision-making processes you need to undergo. On top of it all, you also get to save your time and monetary investments.

If you are trying to find reliable reviews from people who have tried certain beauty products, you can always connect to the Net and visit the sites that can give you good reviews. This is where you find both happy and sad comments about a certain product or about a store that sells this product. But are you aware that you can also purchase hair beauty products over the Net now? Check out the many websites that allow you to buy beauty items online and have them delivered to your address. Nevertheless, it is also wise to read review about websites who sell beauty products. Client comments and testimonials can be found on review sites. You could also visit online forums and see the reactions that consumers like you have posted. A lot of people consider this the right place to rant or rave about something. Definitely, alongside the good reviews, negative feedback also abound. One of the online companies that has been given negative feedback by disappointed clients is extended lengths. Primarily, these feedback manifest consumers’ discontent of their services.

Its website, if you have seen it, basically says that extended lengths sell discounted hair beauty products through the site and deliver them to clients as well. But extended lengths have already obtained grievances from some clients. Among these complaints is its failure to deliver some products to a client. The client paid for these products but never got to receive them at all. If you were in the client’s shoes, you also would announce your complaint for the world to know. Truly, this not-so-good transaction with extended lengths must serve as a warning to anyone to not immediately trust online company selling beauty products.

So the same frustrating episode would not happen to you, make it a point to research about online companies advertising and selling cosmetics. See to it that you read testimonials and comments about them as well. Check out if they have gained a lot of off-putting feedback already. Indeed, these feedback will guide you to deal with the right company and purchase the right products.

If you seek to buy hair beauty products next time, always find the time to research first on the product and the online company selling it. This will assure you of getting your investments’ worth.

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Focus Up Think Drink: Getting the Right Nutrients for Your Health by Wendye Rivera

Focus Up Drink has made it clear that it assures you a lifetime change. You can be able to grab that opportunity to enjoy the life that you have always wanted and to obtain those nutrients that your body really needs for you to keep on going with the things that you love doing. With this drink you can do almost anything invigorating and exciting just like participating or involving yourself in sports. There is no other exciting or more physical than that but surely with this drink, you can take any challenge of sports that you face.

Focus Up Drink is a healthy drink that can really provide you with the necessary nutrients that your body needs. There are a lot of drinks or Energy Drinks out there that just do not have the same empowering ingredients as this drink. There are ingredients in this type of Energy Drink that will provide you with all the health benefits you can think of. One of them is that your system will definitely work perfectly. It will create a positive effect on your body. Another thing is that you can truly have a healthy regular bowel movement. You will never find yourself suffering from any constipation. You will really feel great from the inside. If physical activities make you feel challenged and healthier on the outside, this drink will help you feel good inside. You will even feel cleaner and lighter especially knowing that this drink helps you remove toxins from your body. How can you work out or engage in any sports if inside your body you already feel heavy and to add, you also feel bad about yourself? Well, the drink has all the answers. Now there is no more turning back and looking at the times when you used to get so tired easily or when you just give up on your sports. Today is the time to say hello to your Energy Drink.

Furthermore, there are many Energy Drinks out there that you might find interesting as well but mind you, make sure that you are able to check their contents. You have to be more lenient because this is health that we are talking about. That is also why you should also make sure that they are even safe to use in the first place. Do not go or focus more on those drinks that you find online which promise nothing except physical improvement or great physical look because the authentic Energy Drink as this one does not promise that benefit alone on yourself. What is does is it gives you nutrients and rejuvenation and an assurance of becoming healthier than before.

Emerging Countries to Drive The Global Vaccine Market by Shushmul Maheshwari

According to our latest report entitled “Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012”, vaccine represents one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare industry. The market for vaccines has been growing at a much faster speed compared to other segments of industry. The splendid growth of the sector has opened a profitable and an effective market for various healthcare companies. The large population in countries like India and China, high prevalence of diseases and emergence of new pandemics are some of the important factors posting marvelous growth in vaccine market. The sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% during 2009-2012.

Our report has identified all the necessary ingredients of the vaccine market and presented them in an effective and coherent manner. Of several countries analyzed in report, India represents an attractive spot for vaccine developments and manufacturing. Major players of the industry have already started making effective strategies to augment their presence in the Indian vaccine market.

The report “Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012” has analyzed all the aspects of Global vaccine market and covered those countries that represent key regions for splendid future performance. Countries that have been covered in report are: the US, Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, and India. The report has analyzed these countries in terms of overall market, key players, and vaccine products. Sections like ‘major vaccine segments’ and ‘emerging trends’ represents the crux of report as they analyze present and future course of vaccine market.

Our report is an outcome of an in-depth research and prudent analysis of global vaccine market and key countries covered. The report also covers the future outlook of the sector in global section and in each of the countries covered. The methods and techniques used for forecasting are reliable and effective. The data and factors behind future performance have been analyzed deeply and therefore enlarge the realistic view of sector. The report has also covered the ‘key players’ section that describes activities and recent developments of key vaccine manufacturers. Overall, the report is expected to facilitate knowledge and decision making process of clients and investors.

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Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Options To Cure Your Piles Without The “Ouch!” by Michael Lee

Before you consider surgery for your piles, give the painless hemorrhoid treatment options in this article a try. After all, wouldn’t you want to avoid subjecting yourself to further pains, if there is a better way?

Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Option # 1: The Ultroid System

Many people who have had piles say that the Ultroid System has done wonders for them. Not only is this procedure painless, it’s also quick to boot.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor. There is no anesthesia simply because there is no need for it. It is non-invasive and non-surgical. No cutting of anything here! This procedure will only take about ten minutes of your time, so it’s convenient.

The hemorrhoid usually shrinks down in 7-10 days although the relief is supposedly immediate.

Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Option # 2: Super Freezing

Super freezing is also called cryotherapy. What happens is the doctor inserts liquid nitrogen in you, which freezes the actual piles.

The old tissue will then be removed and a new one can take its place! This kind of solution was probably not available back in the day, so this just shows how far medical experts have come. Keep in mind though that this is only used for external hemorrhoids and not internal ones.

Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Option # 3: Rubber Banding

In the United States, patients often turn to rubber banding out of all the options available to them. In this case, the inflamed area is held tight by a rubber band which is to be inserted by a special instrument.

The rubber band will then keep the blood flow from rushing to the infected area which will then, in turn, make it fall off. This particular procedure is recommended for those who have severe bleeding.

Since it’s a one-day procedure with anesthesia, it’s easy to see why a lot of patients prefer rubber banding than any other treatment out there.

There are other painless piles or bleeding bowel treatment out there; all you need is a little bit of research. It’s your body after all, and you’re the only one who knows what it’s comfortable with.

The painless hemorrhoid treatment options listed above may cost more than you expect though. If none of them is your cup of tea, there are still other options you can avail of, some of which are completely safe, natural and much more affordable.

Diet Plans And Menus - The Beverly Hills Diet by Levi Reiss

The Beverly Hills Diet is also called the Hollywood Diet because of the number of movie stars who have followed it over the years. This diet lasts 4 to 6 weeks; it may provide you with a whopping 400 calories a day. If such a drastically strict number doesn't set off danger signals, I don't know what will. The diet's first phase lasts three weeks. During the initial week you only eat fruit and must absolutely respect the selected foods for the given day. This is a detoxification week. During the next two weeks you will progressively reintegrate foods. The second phase lasts two weeks and leads to a balanced diet. The final phase lasts one week. You are even allowed pizza and popcorn but don't overdo it. Here are some of the principles.

Respect the given menus, to the letter. During Phase 1 every day has its own specified food or fruits. For example, the very first day of the diet you are allowed pineapple and two bananas. On the third day of week three you eat zucchini in the morning, green beans and mushrooms at noon, and broccoli or cauliflower at supper. Phase 2 is also very well defined. For example, you start your day with two tablespoons of untreated bran and an unsweetened hot drink. Then wait 45 minutes for breakfast. You will need a book to get the full list of foods, day by day.

Despite its name the Hollywood Diet has no advantages, except for some people the fact that they are following the stars. This diet should not be undertaken by those suffering from diabetes, ulcers, or colon spasms. Others who should stay away include pregnant and breastfeeding women. There is a definite danger of fainting, muscular weakness, and nervousness.

Here are two sample menus:

Menu 1 (Week 2, Day 5)

Breakfast: Pineapple.

Lunch: Pineapple.

Supper: Special salad. Potatoes.

Menu 2 (Week 6, Day 6)

Breakfast: A mango.

The mid-morning snack is an apple.

Lunch: Two persimmons.

Supper: Tomato and basil salad. Grilled steak. Ratatouille. A piece of goat's milk cheese.

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes more than 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and lots more. La Bible des Regimes is presently available only in French.

Don’t Panic! Use Head Lice Solutions That Work by Diana Lodge

Head lice solutions are no mystery, and there is no reason to panic if your child is scratching his head a lot; just check the scalp near the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

Adult lice are tiny, but they are visible to the naked eye. They are wingless and only about sesame seed size, or smaller. Close examination will reveal that they have tiny claws at the end of their six legs and are gray to light brown in color. The good news is that they can live only on the human scalp. But they are not life threatening, and they don't carry disease.

Their eggs (always on the hair) are not so easy to spot, as they are super tiny and neutral in color … in fact, they might even look like dandruff, but you can't shake them off like dandruff. Lice also are sometimes found in eyebrows and eyelashes … and even in beards, but that's rather rare.

Head lice do not jump or fly, so the only way they can get from person to person is via personal contact (head-to-head) or through the sharing of personal items, such as hats, scarves, combs, brushes, pillows, etc.

Lest frequent spreading can occur via upholstered surfaces like furniture and even theater seats and airline seats, so keep this in mind when using these things and take appropriate precautions.

Getting rid of these little bugs doesn't have to be expensive, but it can be if you opt to go the medical route … with all the concomitant toxins extant in the pesticides and insecticides regularly prescribed for head lice (to most of which lice have developed immunity and rendered ineffective anyway, which is also the case with over-the-counter stuff).

Two of the substances used regularly are Elimite (chrysanthemum oil, also called permethrin) and Ovide (malathion, an insecticide used in gardens!), which is limited to use on older children.

No, the methods that make more sense are all natural, a whole lot less expensive, and a whole lot more effective. In other words, they work!

Using lice or nit or fine-tooth combs is necessary in all cases to ensure that the nits (eggs) are removed, but are not totally reliable when used alone. They are also very tedious to use without assistance from an oily substance of some kind, especially on long hair.

Boys usually don't mind their hair being buzzed off, but girls seem to feel otherwise!

Now, I've just discovered something brand new among head lice cures that contains NO pesticides. In fact, it's made from a safe synthetic oil that is, believe it or not, hypoallergenic, odorless, and it does not irritate. It is dimethicone, which is sold under the brand name of LiceMD, which has been tested by pediatricians and has been proven, clinically, to get rid of lice in only three steps.

Being an oil, it makes combing through hair, even if it is curly, thick and long, a whole lot easier than before. Plus, with no chemical action going on, lice cannot become resistant to it!

Just Google "LiceMD" to find it.

How 30 Minutes Of Yoga Each Day Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Life by Clare Swindlehurst

Yoga is one of the world's most ancient forms of exercise and it carries a certain air of mysticism about it. You might be put off by some of the shapes and poses and think that yoga is far too complex for you to master. But yoga doesn't have to be that difficult and even the basic postures and poses can have immense benefits.

In this article I'll talk about just four of the benefits that yoga has to offer. We'll look at why yoga is a great form of exercise, how it can improve your concentration, how it can help you fight certain illnesses and finally how it can make you feel enlightened.

1. Yoga is a great form of exercise

You probably think of exercise as running or aerobics; something that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. Yoga does that too. You might not believe it but the combination of breathing techniques with moving between postures can burn fat while increasing muscle tone, strength, stamina and flexibility.

If you follow the guidance correctly yoga is a safe exercise for people of all shapes, sizes and ages and can even be beneficial during pregnancy.

2. Yoga can help you fight illnesses

Yoga postures can help you improve your circulation. In order for your organs to function properly they need to be exercised and yoga can help you do this. By stimulating your immune system you can give your body the defenses it needs to fight illness and keep you fit and healthy.

Yoga has also been proven to help you control illnesses such as arthritis, blood pressure, back pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and many more.

3. Yoga can help you to relax

In our busy lives we often rush from one activity to another and forget to take time for ourselves. A yoga session can help to create a sense of calm and well being and this in turn will make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. You'll have time to yourself to focus on you and to forget your responsibilities.

One side effect of yoga is enhanced creativity and improved concentration. If you think that you are too busy to set aside half an hour for a yoga session then you should give it a try. You'll be even more productive afterwards and will achieve more in less time.

4. Yoga can lead to enlightenment

Many people believe that yoga helps them feel enlightened and that it affects them at a spiritual level. It affects people in different ways but you should see benefits whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional.

Regular yoga practice will offer you so many benefits, from making you feel fitter and healthier, to building up your immune system and from improving your concentration to improving your emotional and mental state. Take action today by enrolling in a yoga class or buying a yoga DVD; set aside just 30 minutes each day to focus on you and reap the positive benefits tomorrow.

Yellow Tea by EnJie Song

So you've heard of green tea, black tea, and even white tea, but have you actually heard of yellow tea? Although it is one of the lesser known varietyof tea, yellow tea is slowly making a name for itself outside of China to the rest of the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should get to know yellow tea, and why it can very well be one of the idea beverages for you, both in terms of taste and health benefits.

Yellow tea is a rare kind of tea, with only a selected number of tea masters being able to truly master the art of production. It is processed in the same manner as green tea is, only with a deliberately extended drying phase. The process involved the damp tea leaves being left to dry until it turns to its yellow color. Because it undergoes this special process, the yellow tea tends to lose the raw "green" taste that green tea is usually associated with. Yellow tea has a more subtle, sweet taste, compared to green tea. The smell associated with yellow tea is mild, flowery and refreshing, some confused with certain black teas.

Similar to green teas, yellow tea is usually harvested in the early part of the spring season. The leaves of the yellow tea are thus young and tender. Some tea experts believe that since the leaves of the yellow tea are harvested early, they may contain more of the healthy antioxidants that tea is known for. A 2009 study made in Croatia actually attempted to determine this. According to the research, among 5 different kinds of teas, yellow tea does have the most antioxidant capacity.

Whether yellow tea has more or the same amount of antioxidants as other categories of teas, the health benefits of tea drinking are almost undisputable: reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure by lowering the blood cholesterol level; weight reduction; cancer prevention; anti-inflammatory effects such as preventing dental caries and reducing the degree if arthritis and enhancing body immune system, just to name a few.

Another benefit that has been attributed to yellow tea is its ability to protect the liver. A recent study conducted in Japan compared 6 different teas, and discovered that yellow tea may actually be able to contain liver toxicity induced by harmful chemicals. Yellow tea is also believed to have the ability to reduce body heat, thus making it a good choice of tea in the summer season.

Tea drinking has long been associated with longevity, mental alertness and peace of mind in Chinese culture. If you're looking for a flavorful and healthy drink that doesn't have the strong taste of certain other teas but with all the benefits health-wise, then the delicate yellow tea may just be the perfect brew for you.

Getting To Grips With Effective Asthma Control by Martin McKenzie

There are many ways that people choose to work on asthma control in their lives. Some rely on medication, other change their eating or sleeping habits, and some avoid their triggers altogether. Regardless of the chosen method, people are finding a lot of confusion involved with asthma control and experience little success. Instead, the confusion leads to a lot of misdiagnosis and missed opportunities.

The basic medical ideology behind asthma control is to take medication, control the environment around the sufferer, and keep track of the symptoms so as to avoid the allergens that cause an asthma attack. For some, changing to a diet filled with health eating choices makes asthma symptoms less significant. Choosing healthy eating techniques creates a better suit of armour for the body and helps it fight off allergens and other items that may cause an asthma attack. However, some asthma attacks are caused by forms of sulfites, which are present in many preserved foods.

A good way to control asthma is to take control of the environment that the sufferer is in. This includes paying attention to asthma news and making efforts to follow those instructions. Joining a support group can help with making friends with other sufferers. At support groups, people learn all sorts of hints and tips about controlling the triggers within the home or workplace.

Many people look for asthma help from their family. This means reducing dust and mold down if those items are triggers. A person's family can be ideal for asthma help because they are able to adapt their lifestyle to a person's suffering. If dust is a problem, many people choose to wash their bed sheets more often or perform basic dusting chores more frequently. Bathrooms, kitchens and basements can be cleaned more often to avoid mold.

Learning about asthma control and getting help to implement it is important. The disease may not have a cure, but controlling asthma is the best option in the interim. Getting asthma control over symptoms and allergens is the best way to get through the difficult disease and start living life normally again.

Acne Skin Care Tips – Why Some Advice Might Not Be Good for You by Laurel Levine

Did you know that those suffering from acne vulgaris are always in search of acne skin care tips, but the advice they generally get is actually not right for them? What people that suffer from this skin disorder are constantly being told is that they need to stick with the tried and true acne remedies. The fact is that there are safer ways to eliminate the lesions on your skin that are just as effective as the popular acne treatments.

When I say safer, what I mean is that the formulas featuring the ingredients that I am talking about produce no negative side effects, which is something that can’t be said about most of the anti acne skin care formulas on the market. The ingredients they contain are all natural, and they produce none of the irritation, redness, drying, itching, or flaking the common pimple fighting formulas feature.

Typical acne skin care tips most often call for the use of topical products featuring compounds like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and even sulfur. These last three items have even been known to cause the treated areas of the skin to turn brown. It simply amazes me that more experts don’t recommend the use of all natural products in order to rectify an individual’s problems with acne.

Dermatologists are the worst of the lot when it comes to recommending potentially harmful treatments, which will probably come as a surprise to some of you reading this. Part of what you are dealing with when it comes to what causes acne is an antibiotic resistant bacterium, yet the first thing a dermatologist is likely to put you on is antibiotics. It is rare that this form of treatment works.

Even if the result of acne skin care tips regarding antibiotics does seem to work effectively, your acne will return almost immediately after discontinuing treatment. Topical antibiotics cause you to suffer from side effects virtually identical to the ones that other topical anti acne treatment do. Things get even worse for you if it is oral antibiotics that the doctors prescribe.

Oral antibiotics cause more severe negative side effects than what you will suffer when using topical treatments. You may experience aching in your joints, stiffness, skin discoloration, sun sensitivity, and dry eyes, nose, and mouth from using these products. Women tend to suffer frequent yeast infections when taking these medications and these compounds can cause birth defects to occur if the woman should be pregnant during treatment.

Educated acne skin care tips will involve the use of natural skin care formulas that feature active Manuka honey, Babassu wax, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil. A kelp extract called Phytessence Wakame is useful in the treatment of acne as well, and has been proven to prevent enzymes from breaking down your hyaluronic acid. Fewer wrinkles on top of less acne is quite a bonus isn’t it?

So stick with acne skin care tips that focus on the use of all natural compounds for the treatment and prevention of acne. Your skin will be much better off in the long run.

To learn more about unique ingredients for healthy skin, and other incredible substances you’ve probably never heard of, visit my website today.

Considering Acne Care Laser Skin Treatment? – Don’t Do It! by Laurel Levine

Have you become so frustrated with the results over the counter treatments have given you that you are seriously considering acne care laser skin treatment? You are not alone in feeling that the slow acting, often irritating topical solutions for ridding the skin of acne don’t really give you what you pay for. There has to be a better way of achieving clear skin than undergoing clinical procedures.

Most people that don’t find the level of success they are after with the over the counter skin care products that are available, first seek the advise of a doctor before proceeding with a clinical procedure. The hope here is that the doctor will prescribe some sort of effective solution to end your problem. The doctor is most likely to prescribe you retinoids, but are they any better than what you have been using?

You might want to try these vitamin A derivatives before you commit yourself to acne care laser skin treatment. These formulas are touted as being more effective that over the counter acne products are, but they will still take a few weeks in order to work. These products can be very harsh to your skin, as they are much more powerful than your average store bought product is.

You can expect your skin to become red and irritated, you may experience a warm or tingly sensation, and the product may cause your skin to sting, itch, and burn. The skin will become increasingly dry, and eventually it will begin to peel. Many users have even felt that their acne appeared to be much worse than before they began treatment, but eventually everything should work out.

The reason that I would advise you to seek out every option before undergoing any sort of acne care laser skin treatment is because these clinical procedures can actually do the skin more harm that good. All that these treatments do is remove layers of the skin, while the keratin and sebum plugs that clog the sebaceous follicles occurs too far down for these treatments to reach.

It is when the sebaceous follicles become thoroughly plugged, and the Propionibacterium acnes causes inflammation to build that acne lesions develop. Removing the outermost layer of your skin does not remove the plug, does not kill the bacterium, and potentially damages healthy skin cells. What you need is a topical formula that treats your acne, without causing you all of the skin irritation that the anti acne formulas do.

Instead of subjecting yourself to an acne care laser skin treatment, you need to invest in a line of skin care products that feature ingredients like active Manuka honey, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Witch Hazel, and Capuacu butter. These ingredients will destroy the offending bacterium, and significantly reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation in the skin. These compounds will rid you of your acne as fast as any prescription product will.

Bottom line, there are safer and more effective ways to achieve clear skin than acne care laser skin treatment.

To learn more about unique ingredients for healthy skin, and other incredible substances you’ve probably never heard of, visit my website today.

Why Should You Acquire Atkins Advantage Bars by Shawn Brauk

Atkins Advantage bars are based of - (a well known reduced-carb diet) diet popular amongst celebrities in Hollywood. Many individuals have been able to shed lbs and keep very good health using Atkins diet. Atkins Advantage Bars are great addition to your treat if you are subsequent an Atkins diet.

As considerably as I am concerned the are by considerably the greatest tasting bars I have ever attempted. I usually employed to really feel that bars which are tasty do not have the proper proportions of nutritions. This time close to I have gotten the proper bar. I would rate them large given that I not only discovered them awfully tasty but also with the really perfect quantity of sweetening articles. Some of the sweetners employed in the bar are Glycerine, Polydextrose, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, and Inulin. And individuals of you who consider that the words like flavor, crunch and low-carb by no means go along should test the Atkins Advantage bars. They present you with a excellent resource of practically all the vital contents to balance out the carbohydrate and fat. Plus, you will get the fiber you require.

I have attempted a couple of flavors of Atkins Advantage Bars. I would give a 5 out of 5 for the taste of these bars. If I had been to decide on 1 amongst the multitude of these bars, I would say Blueberry Muffin, Creamy Strawberry Crisp and the Apple Crisp I loved the most but my good friends and siblings discovered virtually all the flavors surprisingly palatable. I should mention this as properly that Atkins Advantage Bars taste significantly greater than they employed to. And now with a fantastic array of flavors available easily, this product undoubtedly is heading provide you with excellent alternatives when you have no alternatives. With the outer waxy layer and the crumbly really feel within, I like to eat them with a beverage.

Now as much as the selling price comparison is concerned I should say that it would be a huge injustice opting for the more affordable bars solely simply because you are on a spending budget. Acquire what you can digest. You won't prefer the unpalatable sweetness more than these Atkins Bars right after knowing how healthy these bars are, would you? These bars surely have a value for dollars. Not to skip out that with zero transfatty acid content material, you are at zero chance of cardiovascular diseases. I wish other manufacturers understand this too. Consuming Atkins Advantage Bars is heading to make you think full, contended and nutritious.

Atkins Advantage Bars are very suggested for the following summarized reason:

- Proper sweetening articles

- Correct nutritional written content

Go checkout Atkins Advantage bars for your self and figure out your self how you would adore to have far more once you ate 1. One of the excellent sites for buying wholesome nutrition bars on the internet is

Market of Monoclonal Antibodies for Oncology to Flourish by 2013 by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

As per our new research report, “Global Protein Therapeutics Market Analysis” the global monoclonal antibodies market is expected to witness stupendous growth rate in the coming years. Our study indicates that the usage of monoclonal antibody for the treatment of cancer has recorded explosive growth in recent years. In fact, oncology was the most dominant therapeutic area for marketed monoclonal antibodies with around 42% of the total monoclonal antibody revenue coming from the sales of antibodies for cancer treatment in 2009.

We have identified some critical factors acting as a catalyst for the industry’s current and future growth outlook. The report reveals that rising incidences of cancer coupled with growing health insurance industry will drive renewed interests of the investors in the monoclonal antibodies therapeutics market for oncology at the global level. Further, introduction of new products will lead to intense competition from already established brands in the coming years, which will further drive the market segment.

Besides, our report provides a thorough research and prudent analysis of Global protein therapeutics market. The systematic and thorough research, studies the global protein therapeutics market to give an insight into its various segments, including Monoclonal Antibodies, Erythropoietins, Insulin, Interferon, Human Growth Hormone, Blood Clotting Factor, Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor, and Follicle Stimulating Hormone. The comprehensive analysis of the market states monoclonal antibodies as the current highest share-holder but future will see insulin segment posting a rapid growth.

"Global Protein Therapeutics Market Analysis" provides thorough research and rational analysis along with reliable statistics of the global protein therapeutics industry. The report also provides extensive information on the traditional markets as well as on the emerging technologies. Besides, an insight of trends prevailing in the regional protein therapeutics market segments across the globe has been covered in the report. Analysis and statistics regarding market size, growth, share, segmentation, and geographic distribution have been thoroughly studied in the report to give a comprehensive view of the global protein therapeutics market. The report has thoroughly examined current market trends; industrial developments, and competitive landscape to enable clients understand the market structure and its progress in coming years.

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Diet Programs And Meals - The Blood Type AB Diet by Levi Reiss

The Blood Type AB Diet is one of several coordinated diets that depend on the individual's blood type. These 4 diets all promise to promote weight loss, eliminate toxins and fat from the organism, fight against some illnesses, and slow the aging process. Blood type AB is the rarest blood type, englobes only some 5% of the total population. Here are some of the diet principles.

You are allowed some meat, but you should be quite careful about the types and quantities of meat that you consume. Most foods are allowed. Start the day with a glass of hot water that may or may not contain lemon juice. This diet comes with a long list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Even among the favored food groups such as meat and vegetables there are plenty of items that you should avoid. For example, stay away from pork, duck, beef, goose, chicken, and veal. Good choices include lamb, turkey, rabbit, and mutton. There is also a list of suggested supplements. Clearly it just isn't possible to follow the Blood Type AB Diet without a book. Suggested activities include yoga and meditation.

The advantages of the Blood Type AB Diet include improving the state of your cells and immune system. It may help the fight against aging, cardio-vascular illnesses, diabetes, and some cancers. This diet's disadvantages include the lack of fiber, vitamin B, and magnesium. Furthermore, you may require food supplements.

Here are two sample menus: Menu 1 Breakfast: A slice of wheat-germ bread. A poached egg. Grapefruit juice. Coffee or green tea. Lunch: Greek salad. A slice of wheat-germ bread. Two plums. The mid-afternoon snack is a bowl of skim-milk yogurt and a glass of grape juice. Supper: Lamb stew with vegetables. Frozen yogurt.

Menu 2 Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal. Soy milk. A glass of grapefruit juice. Coffee or green tea. Lunch: Raw vegetable salad. Sauteed tofu with vegetables. Two plums. The mid-afternoon snack is cottage cheese and an apple. Supper: Spinach salad. Salmon grilled with lemon. Asparagus. Red wine (optional).

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes over 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and lots more. La Bible des Regimes is presently available only in French.

So Many Different Yoga Styles, But Which One Is Right For You? by Clare Swindlehurst

You might be surprised to learn that there isn't one style of yoga practice so you'll need to learn some more about the different styles in order to decide which one is right for you. In this article we'll take a closer look at four practice styles: hatha yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga to help you on the way to your decision.

1. Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is often used interchangeably with the word yoga and classes are usually slow-paced involving stretching, some simple breathing exercises and some seated meditations. If you are a beginner then this is a good place to start so that you can spend time learning the basic techniques.

If you are looking for a calming and relaxing experience then hatha yoga is probably right for you. If you'd prefer something more energetic then you should consider vinyasa instead.

2. Vinyasa

Vinyasa means breath-synchonised movement and in these classes the teacher will ask you to move from one pose to another in time with your breath. The poses all flow together in a fluid movement.

Vinyasa classes offer a lot of variety due to the vast number of poses, although most will include the Sun Salutations. The speed of the movements is very much dictated by the teacher, so if you find that a class is too fast for you look for a different teacher. In order to appreciate vinyasa you need to have a teacher that you are comfortable with as their style will shape the class, keep looking until you find someone you connect with.

3. Ashtanga

Ashtanga is a series of poses which realign the spine, detoxify the body and build strength, stamina and flexibility. There are 75 poses in all and they can take anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours to complete. You start with sun salutations and then move to standing poses, seated poses, inversions and backbends before finishing with relaxation.

You can learn ashtanga at a teacher-led class, and then when you are happy with the order of the poses you can either practice on your own or in a mysore class where you practice at your own pace but have a teacher for guidance.

Ashtanga is a very athletic form of practice and is very popular. If you like a sense of order then this style will appeal to you.

4. Power yoga

Power yoga is often used to describe vigorous, fitness-style classes, which are based on ashtanga but don't follow the same series of poses each time. The classes focus on strength and flexibility and are popular in gyms and health clubs.

If you already quite fit and enjoy exercise rather than meditation then this style of yoga may appeal to you.

There are many different styles of yoga practice from the slow meditative style of hatha yoga through to the structured approach of ashtanga and the vigorous but often changing power yoga. Start out with a class suitable for beginners to that you can learn the poses and then move onto the style of yoga that suits you best in order to benefit from this wonderful form of exercise.

Medications Used For Autism-- Is This a Positive or Negative Approach? Find Out by Bonita Darula

There are numerous studies and valid research, that affirm medications used for treating individuals with autism, have a positive approach. There are other statements and research that challenge the use of medications and believe it is a negative approach, in the treatment of autism. These claims are supporting the fact, that there may not be a demand for medications used in the treatment of autism. How will you make the correct choice?

Medications used for autism vary with each individual, age, and gender. Researchers have discovered that using medications is not always the answer. They have learned, it does not always make a significant difference with children who have autism.

Positive approach with medication, could be used when children who experience depression and may have difficulty with seizures. In this case, psychiatric medications that have been prescribed, indicated positive change. Some of these medications are also in the process of being experimented with, in treating these symptoms.

Before medications can be considered to be a positive or a negative approach, it is wise to consult an autism professional and have your child evaluated, before accepting medications as the only alternative that will help your child.

Many professionals and research studies, have given a positive or negative approach for using medications, but they can vary according to their opinions and what is available on the market.

Be aware of the symptoms and signs, that may indicate whether your child does have autism, before considering using medications. Infants will show some of these symptoms. For example:

* No joyful expression with smiles by six months.

* No social skills, loss of speech at any age.

* Repetitive behavior.

* No babbling or forms of words.

* Spacial stare.

* Not good eye contact.

There are more signs and symptoms related to infants and children who might have autism, but they are not listed here. Have a professional specialist do an evaluation on your child, to determine if he or she needs medication and what the results will be. Find out, if taking the medications will have a positive or negative approach, that will help your child with the disorder of autism.

If you believe and know, your child will not gain a positive approach with a medication prescribed, it is imperative that you consider or search other alternatives that will make a difference.

When you are considering a positive or negative approach using medication prescribed by your specialist, examine what the value of the results are, to determine if it will be permanent or for what length of time, to help your child.

Are you willing to make choices if medications will be a negative or positive approach? Will you search other therapies for your child, that may be effective? If one medication is the only medication that may work for your child, but he or she may have side effects, what other choices will you pursue? If the medication works, but for a short period of time, what other approach are you willing to explore? Are you able to consider the opinions of other qualified specialists and determine for yourself, which opinion may fit your child with accurate information?

Giving medications to your child who has autism, may be a positive or negative approach. You are responsible to make the choice.

Heart Disease: Points You Need To Learn About Heart Disease by Andy Guides Jr

There are many factors to take into consideration with heart disease. One of the most common types is coronary artery disease. It is also referred to as arteriosclerosis. There are ways to recognize and prevent this frequent killer. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Silent Is The Word

You could have no idea that you have coronary artery disease. During the course of a normal day the heart works efficiently. It pumps blood through the body and life goes on. However, that blood flow can be restricted or even interrupted. Fatty deposits in the arteries can cause these problems. Gradually they build up until blood no longer flows properly to the heart. The heart cannot function and live without proper blood supply. For many years this scenario can play out - until something has to give. If you do nothing, it will eventually be your heart.


What you eat and how you live plays a huge role, in the health of your heart.

You can inherit health conditions. You can also inherit the vulnerability to develop such problems. If you have relatives with circulatory conditions, you are at higher risk.

Tobacco is a known cause of coronary artery disease. The more you smoke the greater the chance you take.

Diabetes type I and type II are another indirect cause. Diabetes affects circulation.

Age is also a factor. The longer we live, the greater the chance of plaque build-up. However, it is affecting young people also.


Symptoms of arteriosclerosis can be non-existent. Elevated blood pressure might be an indicator. A person may feel chest pain and nausea. Any type of heart attack symptom can mean the presence of this disease. Urgent medical care may be need, in those cases.


The best agreed upon treatment is prevention. A lifestyle that contains exercise, fruits and vegetables is recommended. Limiting salt and fatty foods is also a good thing. Management for conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol are very important. They are also known as silent killers. If you have had a heart attack it will be very important to listen to your doctor. You may need to take medications and revamp your lifestyle.

Take the initiative and take control of your health. Learn everything you can about your condition. Internet and libraries are a good source of knowledge.


Do not wait until you develop symptoms or it may be too late. Heart disease is a slow killer that can sneak up on you. See your doctor and do what it takes to prevent future problems.

Find Out How To Regulate Worry With Yoga by Andy Guides Jr

Though developed in India and considered part of more than one spiritual tradition, yoga has become a widespread practice without religious overtones. It is a form of exercise that is appropriate for almost everyone.

In Sanskrit, the word means yoke or bringing together. However, most people use the term to refer to the poses or asanas. Completing a series of poses involves both stretching the muscles in numerous ways and monitored breathing and can result in a strong feeling of well being

The key to benefiting is to establish a practice or regular routine. Flexibility and fitness are not required since there are modifications available. As strength grows, practitioners can move into more difficult variations and further increase the suppleness of the muscles. Classes are available in many places including community centers, health clubs, and yoga studios. Very little special equipment is required.

It may take some experimenting to find the class that best suits one's body because they vary in intensity. A good place to start is in Hatha classes where the poses are simpler and the pace slower.

Studies have shown that yoga may help limit the effects of certain conditions like asthma and PMS. However, it is also very well suited to reducing stress and anxiety. With a consistent practice, at each session, the body becomes both relaxed and energized. It may be the controlled breathing that targets stress best. Focusing on the breath takes the mind away from other worries.

Here is one asana anyone can try now as long as the back is healthy. It is called the cat pose. It increases familiarity with the body's center and helps with coordinating movement and breathing. Begin on all fours, preferably on a padded surface so that there will be less pressure on the knees. Make sure the hands are straight down from the shoulders and the knees are straight down from the hips. Rock forward and back gently to find the place where the spine is straight and the body is balanced. Inhale. On the exhale, pull the abdominal muscles up and curve the spine. Drop the head so there is a single semi-circular line running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Inhale and release the pose.

Though becoming strong and flexible through yoga requires discipline and the drive to stick with it, the gains justify the effort. A sharper, calmer mind comes with greater physical ability.

Understanding The Effects Of Diverse Eating Disorders by Andy Guides Jr

Many people if asked could not tell the difference between someone who is on a diet and someone who is suffering from an eating disorder. They are however two very different things though. A diet is used as a means to lower your weight in a healthy manner; a disorder however, is an illness which effects the self esteem of the individual suffering from it in a very dangerous way.

Anorexia Nervosa is one of the primary disorders. The phrase itself means "a lack of desire to eat". The sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa believes themselves to be fat, no matter how thin they become. They become obsessed with counting calories and will adopt devious behaviour in order to skip meals and hide food. In common with all of these disorders, Anorexics suffer from low self esteem and tend to use the condition as a means of self punishment.

Commonly linked to Anorexia is Bulimia Nervosa. It shares some of Anorexia's features especially the sufferers' low self esteem. The difference is food is used by the Bulimic as a comfort and is not avoided at all. Bulimics are able to ingest as much food as they wish and rid themselves of it soon afterwards by taking laxatives or making themselves vomit it up again, this is known as purging.

Compulsive Eating Disorder is another similar but different illness. In this condition the sufferers are classed as having an addiction to food and using it as a means to close themselves off from their worries and the outside world.

People who suffer from Compulsive Eating Disorder tend to eat obsessively until they are dangerously overweight. Conditions such as heart attacks and strokes are liable to be a cause for real concern amongst sufferers due to high cholesterol in their diets.

The last of these common disorders ( there are many more but here we are looking at the primary ones ) is Binge Eating Disorder. Binge eating is closely linked to both Bulimia and Compulsive Eating Disorder. The frequency in which the binge eating is done is less than with Compulsive Eating Disorder and the quantity of food consumed is different also.

The same issues with self esteem are very apparent in this illness and the shame the binge eater feels at eating beyond their own bodies calorific needs leads of a cycle of yet more comfort eating. Much like the compulsive sufferer the binge eater will not purge but rather keeps the calories. The only reason they are not generally as large as the compulsive disorder sufferers is they binge less frequently.

Green Tea Skin Care Products – Why These Formulas Do Little Good to Aging Skin by Laurel Levine

I recently began doing some research on green tea skin care products, after a friend told me about all of the good things she had heard about them. I looked at a few of the products, and I have to admit that the companies that develop these formulas make a sound argument for the use of green tea in cosmetics. These formulas will do you little good however.

These formulas have to offer you are antioxidants, which are necessary in order to repair the oxidative damage done to your skin cells by free radical activity. Oxidation accounts for many of the lines and wrinkles that develop in your skin, and antioxidants reduce these wrinkles through reversing the effect that free radicals have. Other than that there is not much to these formulas.

A green tea skin care formulas offers you no solution for the degradation of hyaluronic acid caused by the activity of hyaluronidase enzymes, nor do they have an answer for the decline in collagen and elastin production. These two things are the major causes of wrinkle development, and unless a formula offers you a valid solution to the loss of your tissues and polymer it will not help revitalize your skin.

These products are armed with the tools to make it look as though they are doing more to help you become younger looking, even though they are really not. These formulas are much like other anti aging skin care products on the market that simply give the illusion that they are actively working toward smoothing your skin. The companies that develop these formulas use a trick not unlike what the manufacturers of collagen and elastin formulas use to give a false impression of effectiveness.

You will typically find hyaluronic acid among the ingredients in an anti aging formula that features collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin compounds are too molecularly dense to penetrate your skin, so hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin so that customers will think that the collagen and elastin are working. Green tea skin care formulas and other herbal blends typically use something a little different.

What they tend to use a compound called Dimethicone, which is a silicone that fills in the creases in your skin like putty. This gives the temporary impression that the formulas are actually doing something to make your skin smoother, when actually it is not. Let me tell you about a formula that actually contains ingredients that make a real difference in the condition of your skin.

Instead of using the only slightly effective green tea skin care products, what you need to do is try the all natural formulas containing Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame. The proteins and enzymes of Cynergy TK will cause a significant surge in the production of collagen and elastin. The kelp extract Phytessence Wakame helps to smooth the skin by interfering with the enzymatic degradation of your hyaluronic acid.

Bottom line, a green tea skin care formula can simply not match the overpowering effectiveness of these two highly effective ingredients.

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Deal With Cancer Discomforts by Stephen Lau

To be diagnosed with cancer is life changing. One has to undergo different treatments, which may include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The road to recovery may be long, and even bumpy with many undesirable cancer side effets and cancer discomforts.

Cancer patients may have different experiences even with the same type of cancer. There are many cancer side effects and cancer discomforts, not to mention the cancer pain itself.

Breathing is one of the more common problems related to cancer discomforts. Many cancer patients may have difficulty breathing. Remember, rapid breathing is a normal response to illness and stress. Rapid breathing results in shallow breaths, which are deficient in oxygen and nutrients. The result is that you will have shallow breaths that go in and out of the mouth without supplying adequate oxygen to the lungs and other parts of the body. Incomplete or shallow breathing is the No. 1 enemy to optimum health and rejuvenation from the disease. Research has indicated that rodents with the shortest breaths also have the shortest lifespan in the animal kingdom. In addition, apnea, which is an absence of breathing, may occur to some cancer patients.

Difficulty breathing may be caused by a tumor in the lungs, or it may be an indication that cancer has spread from another site (known as metastatic tumor). In addition, difficulty breathing may be a result of the buildup of fluid around the heart and the lungs. Remember, the functions of the heart and lungs are very closely related.

Correct breathing is critical not only to recovery but also to avoiding health problems as a result of breathing difficulty. Learn to breathe with your diaphragms. Breathe out more slowly than you inhale. As you exhale, purse your lips as if you were blowing out a candle. Sleep with your head and chest elevated to optimize your breathing. Daily activities, such as walking, may enhance your circulation to promote better breathing. Do not remain in any one position too long. Drink more water to clear any lung secretion from mucous membranes. Drinking more water will also avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of most cancer treatments. Finally, keeping the air moist with a humidifier may also help you breathe better.

Chemotherapy may contribute to mouth or throat sore, affecting mouth hygiene. Use only toothbrush with soft bristles. In addition, you may want to further soften the bristles with hot water before and after use. If necessary, avoid flossing your teeth to prevent bleeding gums. It is recommended to use WaterPik to keep your mouth clean and fresh. Use mouthwash as often as needed to maintain your oral hygiene.

In addition, chemotherapy may affect the normal functioning of the esophagus, causing difficulty swallowing. If that happens, keep foods moist with liquids or sauces to facilitate swallowing. Always chew your food thoroughly before swallowing.

Loss of appetite is a common phenomenon in cancer patients; due to cancer pain and discomforts, they may lose any desire to eat. This can be a temporary or a chronic condition at various stages of the disease. Losing appetite is one of the most distressing aspects of cancer because it may affect long-term health, or lead to the development of eating disorders.

To overcome this problem, eat more frequently, as well as selecting your favorite foods. If you find it difficult to consume solid food, then use a blender to mix health foods into a soft milkshake-like pulp.

Overcoming these cancer side effects may help the cancer patient to recover and get back to normal life.

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Lau

Do You Really Need The Botox Philadelphia Procedure? by Rudy Silva

If you are dwelling in Philadelphia or its neighboring area, you may want to employ the services of a Botox Philadelphia. Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin, a neurotic protein, derived from bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

The cosmetic industry uses Botox to smoothen wrinkles on the face, the creases around the eyes, on both sides of the chin and on the forehead. It is a famous alternative to face lift surgery. A registered and trained physician will administer the Botox, diluted in small amount to control the weakening muscles.

It is important that the healthcare provider or the physician knows exactly the amount of diluted Clostridium botulinum to be injected into your face, otherwise, you would be in danger of contracting botulism, a paralytic illness associated with food poisoning.

The meager amount of Botox when injected and reaches the muscles on your face, you would feel numbness. This is because the Botox paralyzes the muscles on your face and blocks the nerve impulse to smoothen out the creases and wrinkles on that area-your face.

Botox is affordable compared to all cosmetic surgeries. It is also easy to administer. The recovery period is as short as 24 hours. And it is less invasive than a face lift. The results too are immediate as 1 or 2 days after the swelling subsides. In facelift surgery, you can expect to have bandages your her face. It would take several days before the bandages are taken off.

As for the stitches, swelling, and bruises, it would take another couple of weeks for them to subside. It would take 4 to 6 months before one could see herself in the mirror and not see the effects of your facial plastic surgery.

On the other hand, with Botox, the swelling goes down after 1 or 2 days. Even if the prick of the needle is visible once it penetrates your skin, all of its signs will disappear in 1 day. Many have Botox Philadelphia today and go to work the next day without having to spend time for recovery.

In the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and some parts in Europe, socialites host parties wherein Botox is administered to all party-goers in the course of a few hours. Healthcare providers that are trained to administer Botox states that the individuals can receive Botox treatment during their lunch hour.

However, on the other side, the effectiveness of Botox is also shortlived. Unlike the facial plastic surgery which can last from several months to 2 years, the effects of Botox will wean after 3 months or 6. Thus, if you have a Botox today, your normal appearance will resume after 6 months until all the effects of Botox are gone.

Yes, there are risks even in Botox. But compared to any cosmetic surgery, the risks in Botox Philadelphia are rare, minimal and less dangerous such as having an allergic reaction to the protein. Facelift, together with other cosmetic surgeries have life-threatening risks. If you are interested in Botox, find one in Philadelphia. Of course, you need to tell them about your medications, if any.

Diet Programs And Meals- The Hay Diet by Levi Reiss

Unlike most diets discussed in this series of articles, the Hay Diet has been around for decades. It was initiated in 1904 by Doctor William Howard Hay. This diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and whole-grain cereals. It places an accent on alkaline food rather than acidic food. Every day you should eat three types of meals: meals based on starchy foods such as rice and potatoes, alkaline meals based on foods such as fresh fruit and legumes, and protein-rich meals based on meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. Here are some of the diet principles.Hay Diet was created by a group of seasoned nutritionists who placed the accent on health rather than body weight. They put four rules into practice: healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, relaxation, and self-esteem. This weight loss program is meant to last a lifetime. The proposed weight loss is in the range of half a pound to a pound (.2 kilograms to .6 kilograms) per week. Here are some of the program principles.

Raw foods provide energy, reduce your stress level, and improve your skin and hair. Eat at least as much raw food as cooked food. Don't eat more than 5 fruits a day. Do not mix starch and protein in the same meal; doing so is said to disturb your digestion. Don't eat processed food. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of sugar. Put the accent on proteins; they are said to help digestion. Don't exclude oil, for example olive oil or sunflower seed oil, from your diet. Drink a lot, all day long, except with your meals.

This diet claims several advantages such as reinforcing your immune system, reducing stress, and improving your mental performance and physical endurance. It also claims to fight against aging and some cancers. The Hay Diet is not always easy to follow, especially for those with a sweet tooth. And it tends to be complicated.

Here are two sample menus:

Menu 1

Breakfast: Sliced cantaloupe.

Lunch: Tomato salad with basil and garlic. A portion of unrefined rice. Ratatouille. An apple.

Supper: Salad with a teaspoon of virgin olive oil. 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of haddock filet with lemon. Mixed vegetables. An orange.

Menu 2

Breakfast: A red fruit and soy milk smoothie.

Lunch: Grated carrots. Lentil soup. Garlic and herb bread. 2 clementines.

Supper: Tomato and corn salad. Cheese omelet. Green beans. An apple.

Some information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes more than 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and a whole lot more. This information-packed book is presently available only in French.

Looking For A Dentist In Lincolnshire?

There are a good ways to find a dentist and ways that are not so recommended. If you are currently without a dentist then you should start considering finding one because having good teeth is important if you want to be free from problems and pain later on in life. Regular checkups are very important for both adults and children and you should have at least one every year. If you don't have a dentist at the moment then read this article to find out how you should go about finding one.

It is important first of all to have a think about the type of dentist you need. If there are no current problems with your teeth or the teeth of your children then you will just need a regular dentist. If on the other hand a member of your family has braces or you are considering having some cosmetic work done then a specialist dentist may need to be found. If you have very young children then you may want to find a dentist who specialises in childrens' teeth. Some dentists are better equipped for dealing with children than others. Some have more toys and tools for children to play with and which help them learn about teeth and how to look after them. Visiting the dentist can be quite a difficult and stressful experience for a child and so it is important they are made to feel as comfortable as possible when they go. If your child is particularly afraid of the dentist then it might be sensible to seek out a pediatric dentist of some kind. If children have bad experiences atthe dentist when they are young then they are likely to grow up with a continued fear of visiting the dentist.

Another important consideration to make when choosing a dentist is the location. If you are needing to find a dentist who can see you just once or twice a year then the area in which you can search will be quite large. If you anticipate needing a lot of work doing over the coming months and years then you will need to narrow the search area. If you have a job then the chances are you will have to miss work to go for your appointments if they are occurring regularly. That means you should concentrate your search around where you work. If you don't have a car then you will need to think about how you will get there. Will you be able to walk there? If you need to take the bus you will need to find a practice with a bus stop close by. If you don't consider the various lifestyle factors such as these then you will regret it later.

A great way of finding a good dentist is to seek out recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. They can tell you about the dentists they have used and give advice on who is the best in the area. This is a very effective way of gathering together a shortlist of possibilities. You should also search online as this will throw up a whole list of dentists, orthodontists and cosmetic dentists in your area. You can give each one a call in turn if you have the time available to find out about their prices and find out what services they offer.

Finding a dentist is just as important as registering for a doctor and organising your health care when you move to a new place. There are a list of things you should consider when looking for a dentist such as lifestyle factors and what treatment you are looking for. If you need dental implants in Lincolnshire for example or need some white fillings then you should base your search on these criteria. For a dentist in Lincolnshire and beyond, talk to friends and family and search online too.

Cosmetic Surgery Facts By a Good Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles by Dr. Jay Calvert

With the world becoming more and more glamorous these days, people’s standard of living and their spending potential towards various luxuries of life has tremendously increased and so has increased the need to feel good, look good, and with respect to this human need, Cosmetic Surgery is gaining grounds.

Every human in this world has a desire to look good and feel good and the reality of life is that not every one of us is born with good looks. Few years back, people wondered if there was a way to enhance one’s looks and today medical science has finally developed a cutting edge technology with which it has now become possible to change or enhance the physical attributes of a human body and the process to do so is known as plastic surgery. Gaining grounds all over the United States of America, Cosmetic surgery has become very popular specifically in Los Angeles California and an experienced Plastic surgeon Los Angeles can easily be found to undergo this surgery.

Majority of people prefer to undergo plastic surgical treatment, either to enhance their looks or to correct impairment. The ultimate goal behind undergoing this procedure is just one. That is to look good. It is utmost important to have a good planning knowledge before undergoing a plastic surgery since it makes the whole process smoother. It is also a good idea to determine the costs associated with these types of surgeries since it’s often very expensive to undergo a cosmetic surgery and not every one can afford to do it. Apart from cost factor, it’s of high importance to get all the necessary information on these types of surgeries by consulting a good Plastic surgeon Los Angeles. This surgery is usually done either in the hospital or at the surgery center and it is normally advised to take a few days off work since it is important to take some rest after the surgery is done and avoid any stressful activity to get the best results. It is absolutely okay to return back towork after a few days post surgery with few restrictions. Many surgeons often prescribe a follow up plan that requires a patient to visit the surgeon couple of times post surgery and enables a surgeon to monitor the progress of the surgery.

Plastic Surgery Secrets Revealed By a Good Cosmetic Surgeon Los Angeles by Dr. Jay Calvert

It sounds exciting when we hear about enhancing or altering our looks to give ourselves new and refreshing identity. Few years back it seemed impossible but with increasing demand of people across the globe and tremendously growing need of looking good, medical science has finally made it possible to alter the physical attributes of a human body with the help of plastic surgery California.

Want to enhance your looks? Want to look and feel good by giving your face a new identity? Consider doing a cosmetic surgery by a good Cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles. It is no wonder that these days people are giving high priority of plastic surgical procedures since it’s the best way to enhance or improve one’s looks and los Angeles California being a home to well known celebrities and business tycoons related to entertainment industry, the need for gaining stunning and refreshing looks is all the more. These days people are becoming more and more conscious about how they look to the world and are opting to get rid of even the smallest flaws like a black mole or spot in their body and with this increasing demand, the number of cosmetic surgeons is increasing in Los Angeles California, giving more options to people who want to undergo these types of surgical procedures to choose the best available surgeon.

Plastic surgery procedures are specially becoming more and more popular among aged people, since the main reason behind undergoing this surgery is the skin developing wrinkles and fine lines and also loosing its elasticity. Plastic surgery can easily get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and make you look younger than ever before. Though it’s the best option to undergo this surgery, but getting the best results depends on your choice of a good plastic surgeon. It’s of utmost importance to select the best Cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles since this is the factor that is going to decide, what kind of results are you going to get post surgery. The better your surgeon, the better results you will get. Cosmetic surgery can be performed either in a nursing home or a surgery center depending on the options available. A patient can get discharge from the facility the same day with some restrictions and few days rest advised. It’s also equally important to take into consideration, the costs associated with these types of surgeries since its often very expensive and not affordable by everyone.

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills – The Most Innovative Way to Gain Extraordinary Looks by Dr. Jay Calvert

Having addressed human’s major concern of achieving extraordinarily stunning looks, Medical science has now developed the most cutting edge technique of making desired changes to physical attributes of a human body. It’s known as Plastic Surgery. And California being a home to majority of entertainment industry related crowd, cosmetic surgery has gained grounds specifically in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles California.

A decade ago, it seemed almost impossible to remove even an ugly looking black spot or correct impairment in human body, but with increasing human concern of attaining good looks, medical science made it possible to enhance looks with the procedure called plastic surgery. If we talk about United States specifically, Plastic surgery Beverly Hills has become most popular in California. With world advancing at a skyrocket speed, the need to look good and feel good has grown tremendously and this need has been the major contributor to the popularity of cosmetic surgery. There is a variety of procedures available in plastic surgery depending on which facial feature needs to be redone. For e.g. rhinoplasty can be done for restructuring the nose.

There could be several reasons people opt for a plastic surgery like, to correct a birth defect, to regain the skin elasticity which is normally lost as we age, to get rid of wrinkles or fine lines from our face etc. Plastic surgery Beverly Hills is done on an outpatient basis and can be performed either in a nursing home facility or surgery center. The discharge to the patient is given the same day with few days advised rest and few restrictions. Normally it’s good for a patient to return to work after at least 5 to 6 days rest to get the best results. The most important factors to be considered while undergoing a plastic surgery are the costs associated with it and the surgeon who is going to perform this surgery. Cosmetic Surgery often attracts huge costs and is not affordable by everyone, hence its better to get a rough estimate of how much it’s going to cost you before you go for a surgery. Also it’s most important to research and choose the best available cosmetic surgeon and consult him to get knowledge about all the important aspects of the surgery. People from all the United States prefer Beverly Hills and Los Angeles as their preferred destinations to undergo plastic surgery since an experienced plastic surgeon can easily be found here.

What an Effective Anti Aging Facial Skin Care Formula Must Contain to Really Work by Laurel Levine

Did you know an effective anti aging facial skin care formula will provide you with ingredients that will stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, and prevent the degradation of your hyaluronic acid by enzymes in the skin? On top of this the formula will provide the antioxidants necessary for repairing the damage caused by the activity of free radicals in the skin, which results in the oxidative breakdown of your cells.

The all natural oils and waxes in this product will also introduce a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acid vital to the health of your skin. An anti aging product such as this will not only make a huge impact on the firmness, fullness, and overall elasticity of your skin, but it will help you to accomplish your skin care goals safely. Natural compounds generally have no adverse affects.

An anti aging facial skin care formula this safe and effective would certainly become the number one selling cosmetic product, wouldn’t it? This may lead one to wonder why this product isn’t selling more rapidly than it is, because this formula does really exist. I am going to let you in on why you have probably never seen or heard of the formula that I have just described to you.

Unlike the major cosmetic companies, the developers of the all natural formulas featuring the most effective natural ingredients in the world don’t have an almost limitless advertising budget. This company sinks most of the money that it makes into the research and development of products that will better serve you, instead of simply marketing formulas that are not worth the money that you pay for them.

The anti aging facial skin care formulas that the major cosmetics companies’ splash all over every media source possible would fall into the latter category of formulas that do nothing for your skin. These formulas are primarily made up of synthetic compounds, so they only offer you limited quantities of the antioxidants and vital nutrients your skin needs. Even the active wrinkle reducing compounds in these formulas won’t help your skin.

Did you know that the animal derived reticular tissue and hyaluronic acid polymer these companies tout as the answer to eliminating wrinkles cannot be absorbed by your skin? Most consumers are not aware that the incredible molecular density of these substances makes them absolutely useless when attempting to deliver them topically. Products that contain these compounds are a waste of time.

The key active ingredients in the anti aging facial skin care formulas that will give you the results you are after are the keratin protein and enzyme fusion CYNERGY TK with Functional Keratin, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. These compounds have been clinically proven to dramatically improve the state of your skin. This formula will shave years from your appearance.

Don’t be fooled by what the major cosmetics companies are trying to sell you, because the anti aging facial skin care formula that will solve all of your problems doesn’t come from them. Products with CYNERGY TK with Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame come from a smaller company that resides in New Zealand.

If you'd like to learn more about little known but clinically tested natural ingredients that are used for treating aging skin, visit my website today.

How To Lose Weight With Self Hypnosis And Subconscious Mind Power by George Hutton

More and more adults today in western society are getting fatter and fatter. There's simply no nice way of saying it. There are some people who are perfectly OK with this, and if you are on of those, then stop reading. However if you are one of the millions of adults who have tried every diet on the planet with little or no results, then this article is for you.

There is one thing that many people overlook when trying a new diet or exercise plan. Almost everybody goes into it with the best intentions, and with a significant amount of willpower. However, I'm sure you are well aware that willpower alone isn't enough to sustain any diet or exercise plan. You need something else.

That something else is the cooperation of your subconscious mind. A positive reason exists for every single behavior you have. Most people don't realize that there are a lot of other benefits than just the pleasure of eating. The food may provide a feeling of emotional safety, comfort, and sometimes even self love.

If you try and force yourself through conscious willpower to stick to a diet, you are ignoring all those other benefits you get from eating. Only through retraining your subconscious can you stand a chance of permanent, lasting weight loss. And the good news is that it is much easier than you think.

The subconscious is that powerful part of you that controls all your emotions, your desires, the beating of your heart and the breathing of your lungs. You will need to convince it that you really do want to slim down. The only way to do that is to do some self meditation, or some self hypnosis.

The first thing you'll need to do is create an ideal statement of your ideal body weight. A present tense statement that is positively stated. A positive statement in the present tense that is filled with positive emotions. For example:

I enjoy and appreciate my body that easily fits into a size 34 slacks, and is rarely hungry. I enjoy and appreciate healthy fresh food that supports my weight and lifestyle. I am completely content with my life and appreciate all aspects of it. My heart, lungs and organs are all healthy and functioning well.

Take the time to write something that sounds reasonable, and makes sense to you. When you say it, get into a relaxed position, either laying down or in a nice easy chair. Take a few deep breaths, and count yourself down from ten to one. With each number take a big deep breath, and on the inhale, say quietly to yourself, "I am..." and then on the exhale say, "relaxed."

During each breath, picture in your mind the numbers ten through one. Once you get down to one, quietly mention off a few body parts, like this: My arms are relaxed. My shoulders are relaxed, my chest is relaxed, etc., until you get down to your feet.

This shouldn't take any longer than five minutes or so. One you are sufficiently relaxed, quietly and slowly say the statement you've prepared ten or fifteen times. Take your time. Say it like you really mean it. Even if you are a thousand pounds overweight, speak in the present tense as if you already are at your ideal weight, and really feel the gratitude. The more gratitude and appreciation you can muster, the quicker this will work.

Obviously, it takes a while to burn off body fat, but if you keep up this simple process every day, you should start noticing some automatic changes in your eating habits. You should start losing weight without ever needing to resort to willpower to diet pills or anything like that.

When you combine the elements of a properly worded statement, deep relaxation (or self hypnosis), sufficient emotion, and daily repetition, your weight loss will be automatic.

The Best Dark Circles Remover – Don’t Fall Cover Ups by Laurel Levine

Let’s face it. Every major company claims to have the best dark circles remover, but there are only a couple of them that have formulas that could possibly compete for the title. The bulk of the anti aging bags and dark circles reducers don’t possess ingredients that will even come close to being effective in reversing the causes behind these problems. Most are just externals “cover-ups” of the very real internal problems.

The bulk of the eye creams that are on the market today offer aesthetic solutions that allow you skin to appear tighter and smoother in the short term. Through the use of chemical astringents, and compounds designed to prevent the contraction of your facial muscles these anti aging formulas seek to disguise the fact that your wrinkles and sagging skin exist. Covering wrinkles up doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

What you will often find also is products marketed as the best dark circles remover that seek to return firmness and elasticity to the skin through the introduction of livestock derived collagen and elastin. Many people believe in the effectiveness of these formulas, not knowing that their particle density makes it impossible for you to absorb these substances through the skin. These people are again enjoying the cosmetic effects of compounds that conceal the problem.

If you want to enjoy a healthy influx of new collagen and elastin, then you are going to have to focus on using the all natural products that feature Cynergy TK and Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. Both of these all natural ingredients have been clinically proven to stimulate resurgence in the production of new collagen and elastin. Together, these compounds can make a huge difference when it comes to the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

Beware the claims to being the best dark circles remover from formulas that carry ingredients like Hesperidin and Chrysin. These two substances are a popular addition to formulas intended for the reduction of dark circles, as there vaso-protective properties allow them to strengthen capillary walls, which stops blood drainage into the eyes. This is a very important part of eliminating the discoloration beneath your eyes, but there is more to it than that.

The most potent ingredients you can have for the reduction of discoloration and puffiness under the eyes, is a pair of peptides called Haloxyl and Eyeliss. Haloxyl may not have the vaso-protective properties that Hesperidin and Chrysin do, but it accomplishes other things that lead to a lightening of the region. Haloxyl will improve overall circulation, improve hemoglobin removal, and thickens the ever thinning skin under the eye.

The reason for the inclusion of Eyeliss in what is actually the best dark circles remover is that this compound will repair the capillaries, and stop blood leakage every bit as well as the combination of the other vaso-protective compounds does. Eyeliss also significantly reduces bags by expediting the removal of excess fluid in the eye, toning sagging skin, and improving firmness and elasticity in the skin surrounding the eye.

Make no mistake about it. The eye contour serum with Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Haloxyl, and Eyeliss is undoubtedly the very best dark circles remover money can buy.

You can learn more insights by visiting my web site and discovering more natural ingredients I personally use daily.

Double Check Anything You are Being Told on How to Tighten Stretched Skin by Laurel Levine

If you are seeking out the answers to how to tighten stretched skin, you had better be careful to double check anything you are being told. The cosmetic industry is infamous for making claims about their anti aging skin care formulas that are not true. Most of the products that these companies develop do not come anywhere close to providing you with the sort of ingredients that are necessary for achieving younger looking skin.

Their products generally don’t even supply you with the abundance of antioxidants necessary for repairing the damage caused by free radical activity. What free radicals do is steal electrons from unsuspecting chemical structures within the body, which damages the affected chemical structures severely. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving up their own electrons, which allows your chemical structures to remain intact.

Providing antioxidants and other essential nutrients is the most basic method of fighting back against the effects of aging. One of the primary reasons that most anti aging skin care products are not the answer to how to tighten stretched skin is because they are developed mainly from synthetic compounds. Even though these synthetics are infused with antioxidants during the development process, the amount that you get is minimal.

The presence of all natural compounds like natural vitamin E, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Babassu wax, or active Manuka honey is the way to ensure you are getting all of the antioxidants that you need. Once you have located a formula that is one hundred percent all natural, you have got to look at what the primary ingredients are for firming and smoothing your skin. The majority of these products will feature animal derived collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid, which is not what you need.

Collagen, elastin, AND hyaluronic acid are of too great a molecular density to make absorbing them a possibility, so topically applying these compounds is definitely not how to tighten stretched skin. A better answer comes in the form of a nano-emulsified form of CoQ 10, and a blend of zinc and copper protein complexes fortified with enzymes. These compounds will produce a staggering increase in your collagen and elastin production.

The names of these miraculous ingredients are Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 and Cynergy TK, and together these compounds will enable you to create large quantities of firming tissue proteins. The formulas that feature these ingredients also contain an answer to a problem that almost every anti aging skin care product ignores. That is the destruction of your collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid by enzymes.

Once you have the answer to how to tighten stretched skin by increasing your collagen and elastin levels, you want to preserve all of the tissue that you can. The combination of Phytessence Wakame and grape seed oil puts a tight rein on the behavior of the collagenase, elastase, and hyaluronidase enzymes. This allows you to maintain the highest tissue and polymer levels possible.

Now that you know all this, you can forget about those other ineffective anti aging products. The formulas featuring Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame, and grape seed oil are how to tighten stretched skin effectively. Try them and see for yourself.

You can learn more insights by visiting my web site and discovering more natural ingredients I personally use daily.

How Do You Know If The Most Highly Recommended Anti Aging Eye Cream Will Work? by Laurel Levine

If you are tired at looking in the mirror at the lines, bags and dark circles that have formed around your eyes, then you will more than likely go out and buy the most highly recommended anti aging eye cream possible. How do you know for sure though that the eye serum that is being recommended will help you be successful? The truth is that the vast majority of them will not resolve your problems.

You have to be sure to take the time to study the ingredients in these products before putting them on your skin, because not all of the formulas on the market feature ingredients that are healthy for you to use. Most of the time cosmetics companies will develop their formulas primarily using chemical agents as ingredients, and you do not want to allow these potential toxins and carcinogens to be absorbed by your skin.

The most recommended anti aging eye cream available right now is more than likely one of the ones that feature peptides that act as Botox alternatives. These ingredients work like Botox in that they “temporarily” rob you of the ability to contract the facial muscles, and just like Botox there is safety issues involved. A few people have suffered long term paralysis in a few of there muscles following repeated treatment.

You should not depend on peptides that affect your ability to control how the muscles in your face move, because this action does not reverse the issues that caused your lines, wrinkles, bags, and dark circles to form. What you need are safe and effective peptides like Eyeliss and Haloxyl, because these healthy compounds have the ability to make your bags and dark circles disappear.

The most highly recommended anti aging eye cream should be the one that features Eyeliss and Haloxyl, because of the many positive benefits that they have. These peptides will thicken the thinning skin beneath the eye, will improve capillary stability and reduce the incidence of blood leaking into the eye, they will expedite fluid drainage and hemoglobin removal, and will improve overall firmness and elasticity.

While Eyeliss and Haloxyl are dramatically reducing the bags and dark circles underneath of the eye, a slew of all natural ingredients should be working to reverse the wrinkle causing damage brought on by free radical activity. Natural vitamin E, Babassu wax, active Manuka honey, the algae extract Home Age, and the protein complex and enzyme fusion Cynergy TK will provide more than enough antioxidants to do the trick.

There are more benefits from this collection of ingredients that should warrant a nod as this formula as the most recommended anti aging eye cream. Active Manuka honey and Cynergy TK will improve your collagen production rate, and Cynergy TK will also boost the creation of fresh elastin in the skin. Homeo age contributes by rejuvenating the skin at a cellular level, and stimulating greater cellular growth.

Once you try this effective eye serum you will see why I say it should be the most highly recommended anti aging eye cream available.

If you'd like to learn more about little known but clinically tested natural ingredients that are used for treating aging skin, visit my website today.

Acne Skin Care Treatment – Could Formulas Negatively Affect Your Skin? by Laurel Levine

Let’s face it. Many people shop for acne skin care treatment products without a thought about the possibility that the ingredients in these formulas could have a negative affect on their skin. I understand that the primary focus is about finding something effective for eliminating the lesions on their skin. You still have to be concerned as to how the ingredients in a product are going to affect you.

What the ingredients in an anti acne formula are supposed to do is address the issues that cause acne lesions to form. This means the formula must regulate the production of excess sebum, so that it doesn’t bond with dead skin cells to cause blockages in the follicle. It must also rid the skin of the presence of Propionibacterium acnes, and significantly reduce the inflammation born from this bacterium.

You would be amazed at the effects the ingredients in acne skin care treatment products have other than taking care of these three issues. Benzoyl peroxide, which is the most popular acne fighting ingredient and also one of the most effective, routinely causes redness, dryness, and irritation. With certain skin types the negative effects of this compound can be quite severe.

Salicylic acid, resorcinol, and sulfur are all used in the treatment of minor cases of acne, and they sometimes cause the users skin to turn brown. Besides that, these compounds have a very pungent odor which affects not only the user, but those around them as well. These are not the only topically applied anti acne ingredients that have a negative affect, so bear with me.

Tetracycline, erythromycin, and clindamycin are topical antibiotics often used acne skin care treatment. These ingredients frequently cause dry skin, mild burning, itching, peeling, redness, scaling, stinging, and temporary changes in skin color. Azelaic acid and tazarotene produce skin redness, itching, and burning. How do you like these topical acne formulas now?

Even oral antibiotics used to treat acne lesions are not without their detrimental side. Tetracycline, doxycycline, clindamycin, minocycline, erythromycin and cotrimoxazole all cause sensitivity to the sun, skin discoloration, diarrhea, and a predisposition in women to experience vaginal yeast infections. Isotretinoin leads to joint pain, muscle stiffness, and the possibility of birth defects during pregnancy.

The truth is that you can have an effective acne skin care treatment product without the risk of any side effects at all. All that you need to do is apply formulas containing active Manuka honey, Jojoba oil, Maracuja passion fruit extract, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract to the skin. These compounds will safely and effectively eliminate the P. acnes bacterium, and all of the inflammation that causes your acne lesions to develop.

Make no mistake about it. The Jojoba oil and passion fruit extract in this natural acne skin care treatment product will regulate the production of sebum, while keeping the moisture levels in your skin in perfect balance. This means that the blockages that are one of the first steps toward acne development will be prevented from forming. It sounds like an all natural formula for treating your acne is a pretty good idea doesn’t it?

To learn more about unique ingredients for healthy skin, and other incredible substances you’ve probably never heard of, visit my website today.