Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to eat during pregnancy?

Many women dream about motherhood, about the performance of their true feminine destiny. Some people God sends children easily, especially at a young couple or planning a pregnancy, somebody trying for a long time, investing in treatment, calculate the days of ovulation. But in any case, the pregnancy - is a miracle. Such a miracle, and that a woman's body works wonders.

Every woman, of course, the individual, and it is impossible to observe all the fair sex is absolutely the same pregnancy. Everything here is very unpredictable. Someone from the earliest days tormented toxicosis, someone he begins to disturb at a later date, as some lucky general are not familiar with it.
They differ in women and taste preferences during pregnancy. From some of the favorite foods before abruptly turned away, something as that seemed not very tasty yet, it seems quite edible. The body of a pregnant woman often signals to her about what it lacks: some vitamins and substances of macro- and micronutrients, hence there is a desire to eat this or that product.
Experienced doctors recommend getting all the necessary vitamins mostly from natural products, which means that every pregnant woman should try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, of course, those that do not cause allergies.
From potatoes is better to give - it contains a lot of starch and calories, it is better to eat potatoes instead of pasta (preferably from durum wheat).
Pregnant women should eat often, but small portions. It is best to have a snack every two hours. So it's not a feeling of hunger and will avoid overeating.
The diet is required to include more dairy products. Each evening is recommended to drink kefir, but note, yogurt should be fresh! Only fresh yogurt helps digestion and cleanse the intestines, but the stale, on the contrary, has fixing properties.

Throughout the pregnancy is recommended to use Iodomarin. Normally, to obtain 200 mg of iodine daily. But unfortunately, most often not possible to obtain an amount of iodine from natural products, so Iodomarin one tablet per day will be very helpful in the diet of pregnant women.Of course, to eat better foods, steamed, boiled or baked and fried, fatty, salty and smoked should be avoided.Useful during pregnancy saltwater fish, buckwheat, beets, dried fruits. Since many women face such a nuisance as constipation, the consumption of prunes, beets, fresh yogurt will help to cope with this problem.An important component of the diet of pregnant women is also calcium, it also requires a large amount, because it is involved in the formation of the new man and his lack of a woman's body can lead to problems with your teeth, nails and hair. A disturbing symptom of lack of calcium in the body are nocturnal seizures if you have night driving legs, then your body does not have enough of this important element. Get it best from natural products, too, so it is desirable to have breakfast every morning cheese, have cheese sandwiches (low-fat), eat more dairy products.
It is a mistake during pregnancy start eating for two, it is better to eat more often, but small portions and do more diverse and rewarding your diet.Pregnancy - is not a disease, there's no need to feel sorry for yourself and indulge, do not relax all day and something to chew on, and reducing motor activity. Walking in the fresh air is very helpful! More walk, breathe, get positive emotions, listen to soft music, tune in to a healthy lifestyle and easy delivery. Try to eat less starchy foods and sweets. But if you really really want sweet, eat candy, candy, honey. The more weight you gain, the more difficult it is to give birth, and then dump the excess weight. Besides overweight and high weight gain can lead to premature delivery. Take care of yourself! And enjoy yourself and your baby, who also wants his mommy was slender, beautiful and healthy.

What should I do to lose weight?

It seems to be a fairly straightforward question. Many of you will answer - go on a diet and do sports. And they will be right, but with some reservations.
Let us try to examine in detail the problem of excess weight, and try to answer the question - what to do to lose weight
Firstly, it is necessary to understand that the extra fat is not always the result of gluttony and a sedentary lifestyle. In some cases, weight recruited because diseases, so do not rush to condemn all obese people are lazy.Many people gain weight because of the bad habits or stress.
Second, without dieting or at least good nutrition is necessary. Learn what you can and can not eat for you, you can only specialist. Drastic changes in diet and extreme dieting can play a cruel joke with you and harm health. In addition, it is necessary to understand that after dieting and handling courses you have to continue to eat properly, otherwise the effect will be short-lived.
Thirdly, it is important to remember that weight loss in most cases is impossible without exercise and physical activity. No one drives you directly to the gym. You can just walk, move more, run or ride a bike. Experienced trainers with the Council to monitor the pulse and intensity of loads, it is to burn fat.
Fourth, wary of any supplements and diet pills. Much of what is now on the market, especially on the Internet, frank fraud or even dangerous drugs. Remember that there are no magic potions do not exist. The maximum that you get in the end - a supplement that will only help you burn fat. But without a proper diet and exercise, you still can not lose weight.
Details can stay on these drugs, which are called brown liquid diet. Today, it is quite popular in the online world. However, to obtain reliable information about its safety and effectiveness, taking into account the weight of advertising and contract reviews, is not easy. Therefore, you should always consult with a physician before taking anything. No health risk! In addition, it can theoretically be effective only in combination with diet and exercise.
But back to the issue of security. It is necessary to say a few words about its potential hazards. Reviews of chestnut liquid diet is often silent, that the additive has a number of contraindications. The liquid composition chestnut inter alia includes guaranin, theophylline, theobromine, and so on. But these substances are dangerous not only for people with allergies. These components are contraindicated and can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure, people with cardiovascular diseases, for people with epilepsy, stomach ulcers, kidney disease, liver, thyroid, heart failure and several other diseases. Pregnant and nursing the additive is also contraindicated. On the packaging with the "chestnut" you that, unfortunately, will not see. So do not be lazy to learn how safe it any other supplement, consult your physician or nutritionist. The composition and the manufacturer. Do not believe all that is written on the packaging or on the Internet. Think with your head and not a health risk. Finally, keep in mind the fact that without proper diet and exercise any supplements will not help

How to make your voice more beautiful?

Who has ever heard his voice in the recording, usually surprised - how he could ever be friends?
However, not all so tragic, because everything can change. Including voice.
The lower voice - so it is more pleasant. In addition, the lower - the more likely that the vote will not undergo distortion during recording. What do you harder, meaner, or irritation - the higher voice. Therefore, relax and kinder.
In examining ways to improve the voice you will learn the basic elements that form a beautiful voice. After that will be able to create their own methods to improve it suitable for you. But above all, remember: there is a voice in the back of the body, not just in the vocal cords. So strong and mobile iris is very important for a beautiful voice. Therefore, to develop a nice throaty voice that can spread over long distances, to breathe the diaphragm.
Voice quality:
1. The resonance of the voice gives confidence and strength. A beautiful voice is always vibrating and resonating. To do this, deep breathing diaphragm. The smaller volume of air involved in pronunciation - the higher voice. To make the voice lower, breathing diaphragm filling the lungs with plenty of air. Say "chug-chug" - in this case you should feel the vibration in the chest and throat, and not in the nose. Breathe in deeply, hold your breath and say, "Hooray!" - In breast should be repercussions. Press your fingers to the sternum and loudly say "Mumm-MUMM" - you have to feel the vibration. All this will help to understand the sources of resonance in the body.
2. Type of votes depends on the size of the cavities of the throat, chest and face, resonating during pronunciation. Determine the lowest type of voice, which is only possible for you. Remember that the lower is the source of the voice - the better, but it should be natural for you. For this uprites feet firmly on the floor, straighten up, the diaphragm should bend. The consequence will be that voice starts to come from lower power than the nasopharynx.
3. Pitch - is a result of the frequency of vibration of the larynx. Pitch eliminates monotone.
4. The volume is directly related to the volume of air in the lungs. In order for you to hear, we need not only the volume but also the resonance.
5. audibility does not depend on the volume and on the ability to use the principles of voice control.
6. Voice enables you to identify the voice, each person has an individual it.
7. Expression. For more expressive vividly imagine what say. Try to add emotion to experience what say "breathe" it. But avoid the artificiality and theatricality.

8. Tone characterized vibration modulation and height. In a beautiful voice are always subtle changes of tone. "Descent" and "downs" voices called intonations.

9. Pronunciation and articulation. You should have a clear and correct pronunciation without the "swallowing" of sound. Do not clench your teeth, it spoils the articulation. If you do so that your jaw is a little like "dropped", you will notice how much easier to pronounce words.
And finally, a simple but very effective advice on how to improve the quality of voices read aloud at least ten minutes a day, but better - as many as you can. And to be with you the beauty of the voice!