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Spa Etiquette - What You Need To Know

Spa Etiquette - What You Need To Know
 by: Angie Kocsi
Spa-goers visiting the spa for the first time often need to know what is expected of them as they prepare for their spa experience. As the spa strives to provide the client with a tranquil and safe environment so too the spa-goer has certain expectations placed upon them. To make the spa experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible here are a few simple guidelines to follow:
1. Book well in advance and where possible pick up a brochure from the spa that includes prices and treatments. Call 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.
2. Request detailed information on the type of treatment booked.
3. Ask about the therapist assigned to you. Do you prefer a male or female spa therapist?
4. Wear suitable clothes and be prepared to undress according to spa treatment you have booked. Spa robes and slippers are provided for the comfort of the client and spa personnel are trained in proper draping techniques for complete comfort and privacy.
5. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you are calm and relaxed before the spa treatment.
6. Always alert the spa therapist to any current or chronic health condition that may need to be addressed before your spa treatment.
7. In consideration of the other spa clientele, cell phones and pagers are not a good idea in the spa – remember your there to get away from the stress!
8. Allow the therapist to advise and prepare you for the treatment you have reserved. As you relax and benefit from the spa treatment you will be sure to feel the stress melt away.
9. Everyone is different – so feel free to speak or not during your treatment. Share information and feedback on your personal comfort level or any sensitive areas on the body.
10. Relax you’re at the spa! Enjoy the treatment and reap the full benefits.
11. Take time as you prepare to leave the treatment room, however, remember there may be another client waiting to use the space.
12. Determine the tipping policy in advance and be prepared accordingly.
13. Let the spa personnel know if your experience at the spa was as expected. Your feedback is always appreciated.
14. Now is a good time to ask about any new products to take home.
Scented candles or essentials oils will help to enjoy the spa at home.
15. Remember the right way to spa is your way so always have good communication with the spa personnel and make the experience a relaxing and memorable one.
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Aromatherapy - a World Of Fragrance

Aromatherapy - a World Of Fragrance
 by: Angie Kocsi
Aromatherapy, a word that derives from ‘aroma’ meaning fragrance or smell and ‘therapy’ meaning treatment is based on an ancient principle that the spirit and the body should be in harmony. The ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy thousands of years ago. Hippocrates claimed that the secret to good health was to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage each day.
Aromatherapy, the healing art of using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants for therapeutic purposes is enjoying a modern-day revival. Extracted from fruit, flowers and trees, blends of these essentials oils can be incorporated for the healing properties and create a particular aroma.
Each essential oil used in Aromatherapy can be used either alone or in combination with other oils to promote health and a sense of emotional well being. A full Aromatherapy treatment combines the beneficial properties of essential oils with a warm relaxing massage, bath or inhalation.
While essential oil are considered to be safe to use, they are very powerful, highly concentrated substances which should be treated with a great deal of respect.
Some of the most common essential oils and their effects:
Chamomile: Soothing and harmonizing
Clove: Warming
Fennel: Clearing
Eucalyptus: Balancing and stimulating
Grapefruit: Refreshing
Jasmine: Soothing
Lavender: Calming and healing
Lemon: Cleansing and stimulating
Orange: Calming and energizing
Before beginning any Aromatherapy treatment, it is important to understand how each essential oil works. Do not use any oil that you are not familiar with. Certain oils should not be used during pregnancy or when breast feeding.
Consult your local professional for advice on which Aromatherapy treatment best suits your needs.
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Skin Care - Learn The Basics

Skin Care - Learn The Basics
 by: Angie Kocsi
Skin types are unique and react in different ways to weather, environment, and creams and/or lotions. In order to keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance it is essential to know your skin type and how to care for it.
Most skin care specialists will advise to apply moisturizers all over the body to nourish the skin. Top of the list in skin care is sun protection to prevent serious damage to the delicate skin structure. A few other simple steps will help you care for your particular skin type.
Normal Skin: Use a rich cream or lotion to moisturize the skin. Be sure to apply the moisturizer to the neck and dйcolletй. Don’t forget to moisturize the elbows and knees. It’s best to apply moisturizers after bathing while the skin is still moist for better absorption.
Oily Skin: There are already plenty of natural oils in this skin type, so use a light moisturizer. A body mist spray is also good for oily skin, as it will sit gently on the skin, without stimulating the glands that produce body oils. To avoid breakouts it is important to keep pores from becoming clogged.
Combination Skin: This type of skin usually refers to just the face. The neck however, should not be forgotten. The neck area tends to be dry if you have this type of skin. A light moisturizer that contains sunscreen should be used in order to combat dryness. At night a richer cream will nourish the skin as you sleep, keeping it smooth, supple and youthful.
Dry Skin: A deep penetrating cream will nourish this type of skin. Try an oil-based lotion as an alternative; it will leave the skin silky and smooth. Dry skin is often aggravated by air conditioning, wind and sun. Always use extra moisturizers to keep hydrated when exposed to these elements.
Sensitive Skin: This type of skin often needs special attention. Formulated and medicated creams can be obtained to address specific individual needs.
A visit to a professional will help evaluate this type of skin and assist in designing a skin care regime that addresses each particular case. Keep your skin protected from the sun at all times. Drink plenty of water. Get lots of sleep. Do not rub the skin - always pat skin dry with a soft towel. Consult your aesthetician or dermatologist they can advise you on solutions to most problem skin conditions.
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Therapeutic Massage goes Mainstream

Therapeutic Massage goes Mainstream
 by: Angie Kocsi
Have you ever bumped your knee or elbow? What was your response? Well, of course, you rub them in order to ease the pain and make them feel better. As the ancient art of therapeutic massage is enjoying a modern-day revival it is interesting to note that as far back as the fifthth century BC, Hippocrates, wrote: “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing…for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid”
Therapeutic massage is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. This growth can be attributed partly to the growing population of baby-boomers and partly to the increased awareness of the harmful effects of stress on the body and the physiological benefits of therapeutic touch.
Massage therapists that once served only elite professionals and athletes now serve a much wider range of clientele. Using tried and true massage techniques, the skilful, well-trained massage therapist, relieves the tension in the muscles of the body and positively affects the health and well being of the client. Many spas now offer a variety of massage treatments both at the spa and also as a mobile service where the spa therapist comes to you.
Today massage therapy is well accepted as a method of reducing stress, pain and promoting relaxation. A large number of corporations, small businesses and municipalities have found the on-site massage service to be a low cost benefit with a high pay off. Studies have found that making massage available to employees reduces the incidents of headaches, back stain and fatigue. Productivity increased and sick leave decreased when employees received regular massage treatments.
To experience the benefits, relax and enjoy these calming therapies – chose the one that best suits you particular needs.
1. Swedish massage – A massage treatment using stroking, kneading or tapping to relax muscles gently.
2. Thai – A combination of deep tissue massage and passive stretching that can help to ease stiff, tense or short muscles
3. Sport Massage – a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension, stress and residual pain from workouts etc.
4. Couples Massage – A massage treatment for couples side by side in a calm and often romantic, candle-lit setting.
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