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Diet Plans And Menus - The McKeith Diet by Levi Reiss

The McKeith Diet was created by the London nutritionist, Gillian McKeith. The menus are rich in vegetables and vegetable proteins, including legumes. It lasts 28 days and dieters must follow the proposed menus to the letter. Here are some of the diet principles.

Keep a daily journal to analyze your nutritional behavior. For a week keep a detailed record of food names, weight, volume, time eaten, and how you feel. These notes cover all meals and snacks. Also you must note your hours of sleep and of physical activities. Get in the habit of reading food labels. Ask yourself questions such as: Am I eating five servings of vegetables daily? Then establish objectives. Become aware of your bad eating habits. Reject harmful foods such as alcohol, cookies, salt, and white rice. McKeith's list of negative foods is quite long. Don't eat proteins with glucides or fruits for dessert. Drink eight glasses of water daily, but never at meals. Drink an infusion in the morning but no tea, milk, or coffee. Drink a glass of lukewarm water on rising and on retiring. Try to start meals with a soup. Accompany cooked foods with raw foods. All meals and snacks are strictly defined during the 28 days. Take food supplements. Practice a sport or exercise. For example, walk for 20 minutes before each meal, and that includes breakfast. But don't practice a sport if you are elderly or in poor physical condition.

An advantage of the McKeith Diet is that you won't have to spend time deciding what to eat. The foods are quite varied, and you may discover new foods. This diet is very rigid, often making it hard to eat at restaurants or at friends' homes. Many people don't have time to exercise before each meal. Many meals require extensive preparation.

Here are two sample menus:

Menu 1 (Day 5)

Breakfast: A glass of lukewarm water. A red elm infusion. Ginger zinger (6 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 celery stalk, and ginger).

The mid-morning snack is two peaches.

Lunch: Adzuki beans.

The mid-afternoon snack is fennel, beet, and cucumber juice.

Supper: Yellow split pea soup. Oriental salad.

Menu 2 (Day 20)

Breakfast: A glass of lukewarm water. A nettles infusion. Barley soup.

The mid-morning snack is two pears.

Lunch: Roasted zucchini, bell peppers, and shallots. Arugula leaves. Semolina.

The mid-afternoon snack is puree of cashew nuts. Sliced raw vegetables.

Supper: Vegetarian stew. Brown rice.

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by Amerik Media. Her book describes more than 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and lots more. La Bible des Regimes is presently available only in French.

Modern Diets Make Us Susceptible To Modern Nutritional Diseases by Andrew Mason

It seems as if we will never win the war against diabetes, yet we are coming up with a number of important tools as we move in that direction. The glycemic index is just one of these tools and it applies a weighting system to a variety of carbohydrates, so we can understand what each of these does to our body as it is digested. Type II diabetes is one of the worst diseases of the modern age and a lot of people suffer from this condition. The glycemic index has been designed to help people compose a dietary plan to help them manage.

Carbohydrates have to be managed carefully if we are to control diabetes. We have to regulate the glycemic response, keeping insulin in its place and leveling the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. This seems like a tall order, of course, but by paying attention to the glycemic index, the food category, the portion size and the way that we prepare our meals, we are more likely to be successful.

Did you know Diabetes affects over 150 million people around the globe? This number is expected to double by 2025 as more and more people fall foul to the illness each year. If you are obese or have some other serious health issues, you have a bigger chance of developing the problem and going on to suffer from even worse conditions, such as heart disease or cancer.

Scientists have done a lot of research into the onset of diabetes and tell us how we can look out for different symptoms to warn us of its approach. Metabolic X syndrome is something we should be watching for by checking blood pressure, blood fats or triglycerides, low HDL levels or resistance to insulin and weight issues.

The glycemic index allows us to measure food according to strict guidelines. Each carbohydrate is given a number between zero and 100, with the recommended range for those suffering from diabetes, or wishing to control its onset, being below 70. Indeed, any food higher than 70 should be avoided altogether, with a focus on low and medium rated options.

Toward the top of the index we can find foods such as white bread, the ultimate simple carbohydrate, while the good guys are the fruits and vegetables at the bottom of the list. By avoiding foods that have a high glycemic load you will eliminate those sharp spikes and troughs in your blood glucose levels. This activity is known to create excessive insulin and can lead to a lot of stress on organs such as the pancreas, as they work overtime. Here we see conditions likely to develop type II diabetes.

The glycemic load is just as important as the individual index value of a carbohydrate, if we are to exercise control over the disease. This requires us to look at the way we prepare our food and as such, tells us that the quantity of the carbohydrate in question is just as important as the quality.

Those suffering from either type I or type II diabetes should be most focused on the low glycemic index in order to control glucose levels in the blood sugar every day. It is so important to measure out those food portions carefully, as the caloric intake is regulated. This will help to manage body weight and handle diabetes as effectively as we can.

Does The Glycemic Index Have More Value Than A Pay Rise? by Andrew Mason

It was a sign of the times when a group of Americans recently indicated that they would rather find a solution to help them control their weight than take a pay raise or job promotion. This is just what a leading diet industry company found during a recent survey. It just goes to show how concerned we all are with our weight issues and further underlines that conventional diets are not able to satisfy our needs.

Scientists recently came up with a revolutionary approach to dieting and weight control. Known as the glycemic index, it has been touted as a solution not only to regulating weight, but also to help in the battle against diabetes. The glycemic index calculates the interaction of certain categories of food as they enter our body. We know that these foods cause a variation in blood sugar, as we have seen the evidence during periods of exertion. For example, when we work out we often become lethargic and eat a certain category of carbohydrate to raise our blood sugar, so that we can continue with the exercise.

Knowing that certain carbohydrates are a key factor in regulating blood sugar levels, we can come to the conclusion that certain types of carb should be avoided if we want to try and regulate our weight. When blood sugar levels rise up too quickly, insulin is produced in greater quantity, also spurring the creation of additional fat reserves. As the body is getting ready for the onslaught of this food and is trying to pave the way for additional exertion, we nevertheless run the risk of developing diabetes in the long run. Those fat reserves do not simply disappear, either, and we will have a great deal of difficulty regulating our weight as a consequence.

The scientists who developed the glycemic index understood how certain carbohydrates affect your body differently and they set out to test each carb to see where it stood on the scale. A group of individuals were fed a 50 g portion of each cab and the effect was rated according to its level of productivity. At the top end of the scale was pure glucose and everything else was lined up against it. Of course, most people don't eat pure glucose and some have determined that white bread would have been a better reference point, especially as it is a staple part of the diet for millions of people around the world.

If the glycemic index is to be effective, it has to be modified to take into account the way that we actually prepare and serve our food. We know how different portion sizes can affect the glycemic load and part of dietary preparation is ensuring that the portion sizes are never exceeded.

Today, the glycemic index diet is known as one of the most advanced of the modern era. If used correctly, it can be effectively used to determine the progress of diabetes and can also be a powerful aid in the ongoing battle against obesity.

What to Know About Dental Veneers by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

When teeth are severely stained, crooked, cracked, or worn down, it can adversely affect the way your smile looks and, in turn, may affect the way you view yourself. If your smile makes you uncomfortable or insecure, you may want to consider veneers which effectively address these issues and transform your smile to its brilliant best.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers, also called laminates, are extremely thin layers of porcelain or composite which are bonded to the front of your teeth to conceal staining, chips, and misalignments.

The Veneer Procedure

During your initial consultation, your San Antonio veneer dentist will assess with you what imperfections you would like to address. If veneers are a viable option for your situation, the next step is to determine the shape, material, and shade which will be most suitable for you. X-rays may be required to ensure the veneers won’t hinder any internal dental work which may be necessary in the future.

During your veneer appointment, the dentist shaves off a miniscule amount of enamel – generally, about .5 millimeters. Often, temporary veneers are applied to ensure your teeth are protected in the interim week or two while your permanent veneers are created at a dental laboratory. When ready, your cosmetic dentist will carefully placed the permanent veneers over your teeth, then finish the process by bonding the veneers permanently to the teeth using a laser light to cure the bonding agent.

Types of Veneers

There are two types of veneers commonly used: porcelain veneers and resin-based composite veneers. Both materials reflect light similarly to the natural tooth. Resin-based composite veneers are thinner than porcelain veneers allowing your San Antonio dentist to remove less enamel when preparing your teeth.

Things to Know About Veneers

Veneers do not stain but they also cannot be whitened. This is an important point to take into account when your veneer shade is being considered and selected. Also, if you do not have much enamel to begin with, you may not be a candidate for veneers. If you grind your teeth, be sure to discuss your bruxism with your San Antonio dentist; grinding teeth too vigorously can crack veneers.

For more personalized veneer options, consult with your professional San Antonio cosmetic dentists at Culebra North Dental Care. With over 30 years of experience serving patients in San Antonio, the dentists at Culebra have the expertise and training necessary to address any of your dental needs.

Altacura - The Most Natural Antibiotic Ever by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to that runny nose, uncomfortable coughing and all other relevant unpleasant symptoms? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep yourself and your family in full swing even when everybody else is down with the flu or common cold? You can drastically influence the impact of these viruses on your health and well-being. Stop this misery by resorting to a food supplement that is not only a natural antibiotic, but has also natural antiviral properties.

Propolis is the most natural antibiotic man has ever discovered. The remarkable thing about this statement is the fact that this discovery took place some 2000 years ago. A lot of people probably haven't even heard about Propolis, and yet, ancient herbal books prescribed Propolis for numerous complaints. The anti-bacterial qualities of this medicine have been known since the beginning of written history.

Bee Propolis is a blend of resinous sap from trees, beeswax, and enzymes which after chewed by the honeybee, and with the addition of saliva, other substances are formed thus making up the finished product. It contains at least 150 different substances that interact in perfect harmony with each other. Propolis is of vital importance for the survival of the bees. Not only does it protect them against diseases, but also against climatic changes, such as wind and cold. Beehives are one of the most sterile environments known, and this is attributed to the extraordinary properties of bee propolis.

The use of Propolis in popular medicine goes back all the way to ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans reported the use of Propolis for its general healing qualities, but especially for the cure of skin abscesses and the treatment of mouth and throat infections, as well as caries. However, it has only been in the last twenty years that scientists have been able to prove that Propolis is as active and important as our ancestors thought.

Propolis is now considered an important part of dietetics and a natural cure by the World Health Organization. Its popularity is ever increasing, due to its many possibilities. The concentrations of bioflavonoids seem to be responsible for the great antibiotic effects of Propolis. Bioflavonoids possess many potent curative effects. Forty-one of these substances have been recognized by science.

Bioflavonoids are not only antibacterial substances, they are especially highly active for the treatment of cold and flu and certain breathing problems caused by congestion. Propolis, by nature, gives us a most powerful and versatile complement to supplement our food intake. All over the world, physicians have been astonished by the power of Propolis, since this strengthens the immune system and causes a positive effect on inflammatory illnesses. Particular ailments caused by inflammations of frontal sinus, bronchi, intestine, bladder, eyes and stomach, can be reached through the effectiveness of Propolis.

Nowadays one is limited when choosing a cold and flu medicine as many products have been banned from the market as they contained banned and doping substances such as ephedrine, pseudo ephedrine and codeine. However there are now natural products containing phyto-extracts that give good therapeutic results without causing side-effects (if taken at the recommended dose) or interactions with other medications.

A new leading product on the market is the Altacura range by ALTA CARE Laboratoires Paris. These cold and flu fighters are 100% natural with the main active ingredient being in actual fact Propolis!

To hit the influenza before it hits you, Altacura Sublingual Tablets are just what you need this season. These are to be taken as soon as the first symptoms appear, and in this way one can strengthen the body defence for the oncoming influenza in time. Altacura Sublingual Tablets give rapid onset of action which is important since time is an important factor when fighting cold and flu. Apart from the 50mg of Propolis, these sublingual tablets include vitamin C and also Zinc which is a mineral known for its defence properties and which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Altacura Syrup is ideal for those already suffering from common cold (influenza) symptoms such as cough, fever, body aches, sore throat or running nose. It is surely a perfect supplement for children who have problems in swallowing. However this syrup could also be used as a prophylaxis for people vulnerable to catching a cold, such as teachers, health care workers or children. To shorten one’s recovery time, Altacura is not only Propolis & Honey based, but also contains a good dose of non-acidic Vitamin C, Thyme - which is a natural cough suppressant - and Peppermint oil to improve nasal flow due to its natural anti-inflammatory/ anti-bacterial properties.

I guess I have given a good indication of what will work best for you to fight all these common viruses we are constantly exposed to. Keep in mind that the natural remedy Propolis will give you the opportunity to remain on top of this cold and flu season!

For more information: www.altacare.com

11 Tips To Prevent FLU By ALTA CARE Laboratoires by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

There are no known cures for colds and flu, so cold and flu prevention should be your goal. A proactive approach to warding off colds and flu is apt to make your whole life healthier. The most effective way for preventing the flu is to get the flu shot. Antibiotics act only on bacteria and flu is caused by a virus. So antibiotics do not work on a virus. But there are other strategies you can employ as well.

(1) Wash Your Hands

Most cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. Someone who has the flu sneezes onto their hand, and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, a kitchen glass. The germs can live for hours -- in some cases weeks -- only to be picked up by the next person who touches the same object. So wash your hands often. If no sink is available, rub your hands together very hard for a minute or so. That also helps break up most of the cold germs. Or rub an alcohol-based hand sanitizer onto your hands.

(2) Don't Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs With Your Hands

Because germs and viruses cling to your bare hands, muffling coughs and sneezes with your hands results in passing along your germs to others. When you feel a sneeze or cough coming, use a tissue, then throw it away immediately. If you don't have a tissue, turn your head away from people near you and cough into the air.

(3) Don't Touch Your Face

Cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. Touching their faces is the major way children catch colds, and a key way they pass colds on to their parents.

(4) Drink Plenty of Fluids

Water flushes your system, washing out the poisons as it rehydrates you. A typical, healthy adult needs 1.5 litres of fluids each day. How can you tell if you're getting enough liquid? If the color of your urine runs close to clear, you're getting enough. If it's deep yellow, you need more fluids.

(5) Get Fresh Air

A regular dose of fresh air is important, especially in cold weather when central heating dries you out and makes your body more vulnerable to cold and flu viruses. Also, during cold weather more people stay indoors, which means more germs are circulating in crowded, dry rooms.

(6) Do Aerobic Exercise Regularly

Aerobic exercise speeds up the heart to pump larger quantities of blood; makes you breathe faster to help transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood; and makes you sweat once your body heats up. These exercises help increase the body's natural virus-killing cells.

(7) Propolis

PROPOLIS - a sticky substance used by the bees to disinfect their hives; is becoming the most popular substance worldwide to combat the common cold. Propolis has been found to be very effective in the prevention and treatment of colds because apart from being antibacterial, it is also antiviral and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Propolis is a powerful immune booster and helps your body to protect itself against illness. Altacura influtuss tablets are made in France and are well known to have high quality and concentrations of propolis. Altacura is available also in syrup and hot lemon form.

(8) Eat Yogurt or supplement with priobiotics

Some studies have shown that eating a daily cup of low-fat yogurt can reduce your susceptibility to colds by 25 percent. Researchers think the beneficial bacteria in yogurt may stimulate production of immune system substances that fight disease. Altaflora electrolytes contains the perfect combination of probiotic flora and electrolytes. Electrolytes are lost rapidly in cases of flu and Altaflora electrolytes replaces them. Altaflora electrolytes can be taken in capsule or sachet form.

(9) Oxidative stress - Don't Smoke

Statistics show that heavy smokers get more severe colds and more frequent ones.

Even being around smoke profoundly zaps the immune system. Smoke dries out your nasal passages and paralyzes cilia. These are the delicate hairs that line the mucous membranes in your nose and lungs, and with their wavy movements, sweep cold and flu viruses out of the nasal passages. Experts contend that one cigarette can paralyze cilia for as long as 30 to 40 minutes. Nicosolven Co-enzyme Q10 liquid capsules decrease oxidative stress if taken daily.

(10) Cut Alcohol Consumption

Heavy alcohol use suppresses the immune system in a variety of ways. Heavier drinkers are more prone to initial infections as well as secondary complications. Alcohol also dehydrates the body -- it actually takes more fluids from your system than it puts in.

(11) Rest

If you can teach yourself to rest and relax, you can activate your immune system on demand. There's evidence that when you put your relaxation skills into action, your interleukins -- leaders in the immune system response against cold and flu viruses -- increase in the bloodstream. Train yourself to picture an image you find pleasant or calming. Do this 30 minutes a day for several months. Keep in mind, relaxation is a learnable skill, but it is not doing nothing. People who try to relax, but are in fact bored, show no changes in blood chemicals.

For more information: www.altacare.com

ALTADRINE - Dietary Guidelines By Alta Care Laboratoires by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

How do you follow that long list of “consumer friendly” instructions on food and exercise? Should you stick them to your fridge? Write a new one on your hand each day? Chant them in your sleep? Find them in your Alphabet soup? There must be some better options!

If you’re looking for some easier ways to follow the Dietary Guidelines, read on. ..there are just 3 simple steps:

1. Consume nutrient-dense foods

"Consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods and beverages within and among the basic food groups."

To follow this guideline you need to know what a “nutrient-dense” food is. A nutrient-dense food is one that supplies a significant amount of the six nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water) for the number of calories consumed. For example, an apple is nutrient-dense because you get carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water for less than 100 calories. A can of coke, on the other hand, is not; you consume only added sugar, caffeine, preservatives and water for 160 calories.

When you’re trying to figure out the nutrient density of a food, a good rule-of-thumb is to ask yourself how processed a food is. In general, the more “whole” a food is, or the closer it is to its “natural” form, the more nutrient-dense it will be. For example, a potato is more nutrient-dense than a bag of potato chips.

If you follow this guideline and opt for nutrient-dense foods you’ll find that you feel fuller for less calories. This helps with weight control.

Altadrine Soup, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris is a fibre based, organic, easy and quick to prepare nutrient-dense food supplement. Altadrine Soup is packed with minerals, vitamins and nutritious substances and contains very few calories. Altadrine Soup may replace a meal, or even a snack, and one may have as much as he or she desires…

Simply mix 5 tablespoons of Altadrine Soup in a bowl of boiling water, stir well…and eat up! Feel free to season Altadrine Soup to your liking – salt, pepper, curry…Altadrine Soup contains no added salts or sugars and the taste is completely neutral.

2. Balance calories in with calories out

"To maintain a body weight in a healthy range, balance calories from foods and beverages with calories expended."

“Calories expended”? Sound like you’re doing your monthly budget? Actually, that’s a great way to apply this crucial guideline – only in this case you don’t want to save anything; this is strictly an expense account!

Every day you have a certain “budget” in your “calorie account”. This is the number of calories you need to live and grow at a healthy weight and is based on factors such as gender, age, height, and weight. It usually ranges from 1200 to 2000 calories per day. Your aim is to keep that calorie account as balanced as possible. So, if you spend a few extra calories, i.e. by exercising more than usual, you can top off your account by eating some more. If, on the other hand you add more calories to your account by eating too much, you need to go out and spend the extras on some exercise!

These tips should help you with your calorie budgeting:

• If you add more calories to your account by eating too much...Altadrine Tablets is your answer. Altadrine Tablets are 100% pure fat burning tablets which work on the body fat, converting it into energy…just like exercise! Altadrine Tablets contain Citrus Aurantium, extracted from the Seville orange – plant fat burning extract. Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet mid-afternoon and let Altadrine Tablets do all the work for you!

• Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets contain high doses of fibre, helping the body absorb the fat consumed from food, acting as a natural fat blocker. The fibre also helps one to have regular, healthy bowel movements, which means no bloated stomachs! One should take one orange fruit tablet in the morning and one green vegetable tablet in the evening.

3. Eat your greens (and your reds and yellows and purples)

"Consume a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables each day."

In other words… Eat Your Greens! But here’s a hint – the second part of this guideline will help you up your intake considerably. If you opt for a “variety of fruits and vegetables” each day, you’ll find it’s much easier to consume more. Consider a fruit and vegetable buffet. Everyone knows that you eat more at buffets than you do at regular restaurants because there is a greater selection. It works the same with your daily spread of fruits and vegetables – the more variety, the merrier your health!

The guidelines recommend two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables per day for a 2000 calorie intake – that’s equivalent to 5-9 servings a day. Just one simple hint to reach your goal in the easiest way possible:

• Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets are food supplements with fruit & vegetables in a fibre base that completes a varied and well-balanced diet. Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable tablets contain 6 types of fruits and 6 types of vegetables which guarantee a complete contribution of essential nutritive elements. The green tablet, which is the vegetable tablet, contains concentrates of carrot, spinach, spiruline, broccoli, tomato and beetroot. The orange tablet, the fruit tablet contains concentrates of grapefruit, pineapple, prickly pear, orange, blueberry and papaya. Water is extracted from fruit & vegetable without ever using heat, thereby preserving the antioxidants, enzymes, fibres, vitamins and minerals – the good stuff that is so hard to get in our normal diets. Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable tablets are made up of just fruit and vegetables grown in pristine conditions, tested and harvested at their peak nutritional value. Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable contains no additives, fillers, added salts or sugars. One box contains 40 tablets, 20 green vegetable tablets and 20 orange fruit tablets. One should take one orange fruit tablet in the morning and one green vegetable tablet in the evening. The recommended dose provides the antioxidant equivalent of 8 fruit and vegetables daily.

The ALTADRINE Range, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, offers unique weight-control solutions in an innovative, efficient manner.

For more information: www.altacare.com

Altadrine Strategies For Successful Slimming by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Body Intelligence Tips to follow when one is taking Altadrine food supplements.

Alta Care Laboratoires has always recommended to its clients that the best food is the digestible one. Food is to be preferably cooked, even well cooked; rather than raw; it is to be hot rather than cold; fresh rather than processed. One is also to remain seated for a while after a meal thus allowing one’s body to settle into its digestive rhythms.

Another important Alta Care Laboratoires principle is that of moderation. Consume moderate amounts of food at regular mealtimes. Your digestive tract will work more efficiently on smaller portions, and with a partially empty stomach. This will allow your body to automatically control its weight much more easily.

Being satisfied is not the same as being stuffed. If you leave a little empty room in your stomach you will feel light, buoyant, energetic and much fresher an hour after your meal. This is how one should feel after a properly eaten meal. This will be the natural result of a properly digested meal.

The following are some Body Intelligence Tips that one is to follow when taking Altadrine food supplements:

1. Eat in a settled atmosphere.

2. Never eat when you are upset.

3. Always sit down to eat.

4. Eat only when you feel hungry. Try and include Altadrine soup in your diet.

5. Avoid ice-cold food and drink.

6. Don't talk while chewing your food.

7. Eat at a moderate pace, neither too fast nor too slow.

8. Wait until one meal has been digested before eating the next (i.e., intervals of two to four hours for light meals, four to six for full meals). Altaflora electrolytes sachets are excellent in cases of digestion problems.

9. Sip warm water or Altadrine Thalasso drink with your meal.

10. Eat freshly cooked meals whenever possible. You may supplement with Altadrine fruit & vegetable tablets.

11. Minimize raw foods; cooked food (preferably well- cooked) is much easier to digest.

12. Drink milk separately from meals, either alone or with other sweet foods.

13. Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal.

For more inforamtion: www.altacare.com

Want To Lose Weight The Cabbage Soup Diet Way?...It's Easier The Altadrine Way by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

The Altadrine Soup diet is an all-you-can-eat Altadrine Soup diet, and the more soup you eat, the more you lose. Altadrine Soup is included within a relatively easy one week programme which makes one enjoy the pleasure of the palate without limiting the quantities! Unlike most diets, this diet is not based on depriving yourself of food. On the contrary: whenever you feel like it, savour a bowl of Altadrine Soup which will rid your body of all that congests it, starting with undesirable fats.

The diet’s soup, Altadrine, by Alta Care Laboratoires - Paris, contains negligible calories so one does not have to worry about losing weight. In addition, Altadrine Soup is highly nutritious, containing 100% fresh organic vegetables cultivated in France, with a high content of minerals and active substances in a fibre base.

Altadrine Soup comes in a 300g airtight tin; no additives, colouring agents or taste enhancers have been added. Altadrine Soup’s taste is completely neutral…so as to suit every individual. Another advantage of Altadrine Soup is that it’s so fast and easy to make! No boiling of vegetables, no cooking, no mess! Simply mix 5 teaspoons in 400ml of boiling water and since the soup tastes neutral one can spice it to one’s heart’s desires (salt, curry etc.)…and pronto!

The basics:

You may begin the day with unsweetened tea or black coffee. Drink as much water as you can (one to two litres is highly recommended) throughout the rest of the day.

All day long, morning, lunch time and evening, consume as much soup as you want; along with the permitted food day after day.

Absolutely forbidden:

Avoid bread, alcohol, sweetened drinks, fried foods and savoury snacks at all costs…


Black unsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit juice once a week, skimmed milk once a week, spices, herbs, lemon juice and vinegar for seasoning.


At the start of your day, have your coffee or tea (unsweetened). All day long, as often as you wish throughout the day, eat plenty of Altadrine Soup. You can also eat all the fruits you desire, except for bananas. Don’t deprive yourself; no limit on quantity is imposed on your appetite.

TIP: One can take 10ml Altadrine syrup for better draining.


As usual, for every day, begin with your tea or coffee, and feel free to consume whatever amounts of Altadrine Soup your heart desires. Vegetables are on the menu for today. Eat as many vegetables as you like; they can be raw, fresh, cooked…but never fried! The only exceptions are kidney beans, peas and corn. Leafy vegetables are recommended. You may season your vegetables with lemon juice, vinegar, dried or fresh herbs…but no oil.

In the evening, for a treat, you may eat a small jacket potato with a bit of margarine along with your bowl of Altadrine Soup.

TIP: If you are lacking energy 10ml Altasterol syrup might come in handy.


Tea or coffee….and plenty of Altadrine Soup all day long. The third day consists of mixing the diet of the first two days, excluding the jacket potato. Don’t forget to drink as much water as you can!

TIP: If you are irritable or have trouble getting to sleep combine with 10ml Controller syrup.


Wake up with a cup of coffee or unsweetened tea; and eat your Altadrine Soup throughout the day. The fourth day is ‘banana day’, and you can eat between 3 and 8 bananas. The bananas will provide you with indispensable carbohydrates. On this day, skimmed milk or cheese made with skimmed milk is also brought in because of the proteins and calcium they contain. Allow yourself a small piece of cheese (made with skimmed milk) or a half-pint of skimmed milk.

TIP: One may have 10ml Altadrine syrup for internal cleansing


As usual…tea or coffee and plenty of Altadrine Soup. You may eat up to 300g of grilled beef and 6 fresh tomatoes.

For those who do not eat meat, help yourself to a 300g of fish instead.

TIP : Restore your salts and flora with Altaflora Electrolytes capsules.


At the start of your day, have your coffee or tea (unsweetened). All day long, as often as you wish throughout the day, eat plenty of Altadrine Soup. Grilled beef steak again for today! The beef or fish should be accompanied by leafy vegetables.

You may eat three steaks throughout the day, according to your appetite.

TIP : If you do not like meat you can give your body the essential amino acids by combining 10ml Altasterol syrup.


Last day! Have your usual tea or coffee, and Altadrine Soup every time you feel famished. Eat as much brown rice and green vegetables as you want.

In order to slim without upsetting the body, one must give it the elements that are indispensable for it without which it would be obliged to use up its own reserves giving rise to fatigue, lack of vitality, short-temperedness, irritability, and, if we push it too far, disease.

Altadrine Soup ensures that the body is getting all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins when one is on a weight loss diet, especially a low calorie diet; as people tend to skimp out on vital nutrients when limiting their calorie intake.

TIP : Continue to include Altadrine soup even after these seven days to keep a balanced and varied diet.

So indulge in Altadrine Soup…the more you eat, the more you burn!

For more information: www.altacare.com

Alta Care Laboratoires Asks If Your Personality Is Sabotaging Your Diet? by ALTA CARE Laboratoires

Get out of your own way to lose weight

You try every diet, exercise trend and gimmick in the book. You even drop a few pounds... only to find them slowly creeping back on. So you try harder. You diet more vigorously, but somehow the weight keeps finding its way back to your hips, thighs and waist. What gives? It could be that your personality is sabotaging your efforts to get thin. Here are five of the most common personality types that tip the calorie scale toward weight gain.

Personality #1: The Couch Potato. You may be cutting back on calories, but you don't move enough to stimulate your metabolism. (Picking up the remote control to change the channel does not count as exercise!) Activity is the only way to achieve calorie deficits. Counting calories and watching your portions are the key to maintaining a healthy weight, but you must also get moving to burn extra calories and shed weight. Altadrine Fat Burning Tablets, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, burn body fat by converting it into energy.

Personality #2: The Busy Bee. You don't have time for breakfast, lunch comes from the vending machine and you eat dinner in the car on your way home from work. Sound familiar? Studies show that a healthy, hearty breakfast containing a protein, such as eggs or yogurt; along with a healthy fat, such as nuts or a serving of avocado; plus a carbohydrate, such as fruit or whole grain bread, can fuel your physical and mental energy levels, decrease your stress levels and help stimulate your metabolism.

Personality #3: The Portion Distorter. Often you try to justify eating second and third servings of healthy food because it's good for you. But even nutritious food can cause you to gain weight. Some cereals are high in fiber, but they are also high in calories and processed sugar. Snack or meal replacement bars are culprits because they often weigh in at up to 500 calories. If you snack on high-calorie protein bars, you can easily surpass your calorie needs for the day. Even sweet potatoes, and brown rice and other grains need to be portioned out, though they rank high in fiber and nutrients. The solution: Continue to eat healthy, but be portion-wary!

Altadrine Soup, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris; is a fibre-based organic, highly nutritious soup that can replace any meal or snack. When one is taking Altadrine Soup one is benefiting from a range of nutritious substances in a low-calorie food supplement…and Altadrine Soup only takes 2 minutes to prepare! Simply add 5 tablespoons to a bowl of boiling water and stir; add any desired spices or salt and pepper and enjoy! If you prefer tablets instead of soup opt for Altadrine fruit and vegetable tablets.

Personality #4: The Closet Junk-a-holic. Do you eat very little nutritious food during the day and binge on junk food in private? Many of us do. It's so easy to bypass the three-square-meals rule and justify small handfuls of candy from co-workers' desks, snacks from vending machines, and nibbles here and there. Many dieters don't believe that picking at food throughout the day can lead to weight gain. But grabbing food on the go, no matter what the size, can pack on pounds and make you even hungrier. By keeping your blood sugar levels stabilized with a balanced diet you'll be able to cut cravings and the desire to binge. If you must snack during the day, try air-popped popcorn (jazz it up with flavored sprays), nuts, high fiber cereal or dried fruit, frozen berries, grapes or bananas, small pieces of dark chocolate or fat-free puddings. Eat decadent treats only on special occasions. Altadrine Day & Night Burner Ampoules are an ideal weight management supplement with many different actions – fat burning, draining, metabolism boosting and appetite controlling! Altadrine syrup also has a fat burning and draining effect.

Personality #5: The Takeout Queen. You probably know that most takeout is high in trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and added white sugar, with mega-sized portions and extra condiments adding to the calorie burden. So if you don't like to cook, you need to set some ground rules. When ordering Chinese, ask for a steamed dish with vegetables and sauces on the side. Healthy Mexican options include grilled chicken, beans and rice, and grilled vegetables. You can add salsa to your dish, as long as you nix the fried chips and refried beans. When ordering Italian food, choose pasta with red sauce and use vegetables as your primary topping. Cheese, grilled chicken or shrimp should be served on the side. If you're having pizza, be sure to blot it several times and add vegetable toppings to cut down on high-fat cheese. If all else fails opt for Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris. The high fibre content in these tablets makes Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets act as a potent fat blocker, helping you control that fat intake!

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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscle With Kegelmaster by Andrew Rivano

Kegelmaster is a resistance device that you can use to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It has various advantages and if you use it regularly in a proper manner then you can enjoy these advantages. As it is a resistance device if you exercise with it you will see that your muscles have to work hard to act against such resistance and this way they will get stronger.

Kegelmaster also helps you in having a safe health. It is seen that most of women suffer from various diseases like urinary incontinence. But they feel ashamed when it comes to revealing. Incontinence is nothing but uncontrollable leakage related with bladder and bowel. Sometimes even slight pressure from coughing and sneezing may lead to this type of incontinence. You can get rid of this disease with proper use of this device. But sometimes you need to have patience as the process may take a longer period of time. You can manually adjust the resistance strength of the device.

If you want to regain your vaginal tone then Kegelmaster is the right kind of device that you can look for. Vagina loses its tone after menopause. It is a common factor for older women. If you exercise with this device at a regular basis then you will surely regain the vaginal tone. To tighten your vaginal muscles you can also use this device. It is seen that vaginal muscles become loose after childbirth. Most of the women go for “love stitches” to make their vaginal muscles tight after childbirth. You can rightly avoid this kind of situation with the help of this device. If you practice excising with this device after childbirth you will be surely get tighter vaginal muscles. For sexual satisfaction you can use this device. If you use this device regularly then you will definitely enjoy sexual pleasure during intercourse. This makes sex play more enjoyable for both the partners.

It is advisable that before you start using a Kegelmaster you must a prior knowledge about it. Check with your physician and know the instruction before using it. Use it properly and see the difference by yourself.

KegelMaster A Unique Device by Andrew Rivano

It offers variety of resistance so that the muscles around the vaginal area are strengthened. The device is very good and is fitted with safety knob so that it does not any way get pop inside. It is one and only product serving the women folk to come out of the problem and no other competitor has come near it to accept the challenge. Kegelmaster can be used by everyone but those women who are pregnant women should first consult the doctor and then use it. This device will work for any one desiring to strengthen the muscle around the vaginal area, it will increase the sexual pleasure you are getting and in a way improve your confidence and make life happier.

A question may arise in the mind of many as to how long should they use it. It is advisable to use it for the rest of your life otherwise you will realize that the muscles in the body getting weak and soft and if you stop using the Kegelmaster some of the great benefits which you have got from using the device like strengthening the pelvic muscle would be negative in results. Once you start using the device you will feel the difference after a short period of time and see that the muscle strengthening has taken place and that you are able to have more sexual pleasure.

Kegelmaster a device is so unique that the demand of it has increased by leaps and bounds. The effectiveness of the product is so much that many women would definitely leave it once she has benefited from using the device. It gives every woman the positive frame of mind and the confidence to move ahead in life and enjoy sex. The life then becomes more colorful as she is now healthy physically and mentally. Women suffer from many problems like menstrual problems and overactive bladder and many more that makes her life worse and this can also be removed with the help of this device. The only thing needed is the patience and a regular routine because the results of getting the benefits may differ from one woman to another woman and so no one should compare her to others. The greatest thing about the product is that it increases the chance of getting sexually more intimate with your life partner.

Different level of resistance is offered by the device Kegelmaster to do the kegel exercise and this is the most suitable way to bring positive results. To make the facts clear it is the only resistance exerciser regarding to vagina which is approved. So many women suffering from problems like stress incontinence and lack of sexual intimacy has reported back that the problems have been addressed after the use of this device. Just use it for some moments to give you greater feeling of sexuality.

Time in a Bottle - Asea by Brian Gosur

We live and die at the cellular level. Our bodies were designed for health and they were programmed to guard, repair and replace our cells. Each and every day our bodies are changing. Cells are being replaced and the fantastic puzzle of life, health, and our body’s capability to repair itself goes on. But as we grow older, our body’s capability to resume this process lessens significantly. There's a word for that; it's called aging.

Redox Signaling Molecules are the agents that our bodies use to repair protect, and replace the cells in this very unique process. Your body manufactures these molecules each minute of each day. But as we grow older, our bodies capability to provide these molecules becomes far less. Actually while toddlers operate at almost 100 percent in what scientists call the healing response, a seventy year old man is operating at only ten percent.

I have played sports all my life and when you're young your body can heal itself very quickly, but as you grow older, the tiniest twist or pull can land you on the disabled list for an extended period of time, or perhaps end your career. That's called aging. It's simply a fact that we must all learn to live with. We are all aging with each passing day, and our body’s capability to heal itself is aging with us.

We've been taught that antioxidants are the solution to maintaining health and fight the aging process. They're crucial, but what many people do not know is that antioxidants by themselves are incapable of fighting free radicals without the aid of certain signaling molecules. These redox-signaling molecules are basic and basic to our immune system and the recovery process. They're needed to switch on the antioxidants and permit them to protect us from free radicals and aging. Our body needs to maintain a correct chemical balance of these signaling molecules to guard us and sustain our health. It's like having a pretty Christmas tree with all of the trimmings and lights, but without the electricity to turn on those lights, the beauty of that Yuletide tree will never be seen. It'll sit in a dark corner all on its own. So it is with antioxidants agents. They're worthless without the signaling molecules to turn them on, so they can do their thing.

Well since our bodies need the redox signaling molecules to keep this process of guarding, repairing, and healing to resume, and the ability of our bodies to supply these molecules slows done significantly as we age; if there had been some other technique to get these molecules into our system, and keep these very important agents renewed so they can continue the struggle to keep us healthy, fit, and younger for longer?

What about molecules in a bottle? That's right! It's called; Asea.

Here are the facts;

1. Aging = The body's decreasing capability to protect, repair and replace its cells

2. Redox Signaling molecules = The key to efficiently safeguarding, correcting, and replacing cells

3. ASEA = the first and only Redox Signaling supplement

Asea isn't a juice or vitamin. It's a patented formula, and the sole resource of redox signaling molecules in a bottle.

When it comes down to aging, Redox Signaling molecules are the key, and ASEA is the solution.

Tooth Restoration Advancements Are Amazing by Nick Messe

CEREC which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics is among one of the most pivotal, industry changing procedures developed in dentistry. It has been evolving for 25 years now and offers a quick, effective way to receive restorative dental treatment. It allows dentists to combine multiple steps that typically require two or more visits into a one time trip, using cutting edge technology and more effective materials.

The process relies heavily on imaging equipment that allows a computer camera to capture the structure of the tooth or teeth and send digital instructions to a milling component, based on the mass and configuration of the image. This is certainly not a conventional crown mold, but illustrates the impact that technology is having across all fields and professions.

The crown, veneer, or any restorative structure being applied, is produced from a ceramic material that is astoundingly close to the actual texture and function of a real tooth and its enamel coat. It has the capability of expanding and retracting upon encountering hot or cold substances as protection for the nerves below, in a comparable manner to a real tooth.

After the mold is cut to the exact specifications and fit as captured by the imaging device, it is carefully fit to the tooth with a type of bond called resin. This strong bond allows the dentist to preserve the tooth underneath for solid and lasting protection.

This innovative, new process is making waves in cosmetic dentistry. There is nothing more attractive to a potential cosmetic client than getting the job done in half the time. It is just as healthy and effective as any old fashioned tooth restoration procedure and has been a pioneering success across the world.

On top of producing higher levels of conservation, this procedure allows a dentist to apply a partial restoration to a tooth when an entire crown is not necessarily needed. The materials used for a CEREC procedure are constructed of a stronger grade than any hand pressed and layered procedure may produce. The materials are so dynamic that a machine comparable to a diamond cutter is used to form the mold.

Another attractive feature of a tooth restoration this way versus traditional methods is its capability of mimicking a very natural appearance. Crowns and veneers applied through the CEREC method have innate qualities equivalent to the original tooth structure. This reduces the possibility of creating an overly noticeable cosmetic difference which some clients might find unsatisfactory.

It becomes obvious how the CEREC dental restoration procedure is enhancing the dental industry in such a superior way, when all of the benefits and advantageous are laid out against past conventional procedures. Seeing this procedure evolve over the past 25 years leaves the industry wondering what advancements in this type of reconstruction are to be realized in the years to come.

How is Medical Imaging Used to Diagnose Mesothelioma? by Wendy Moyer

If a person has a pain in his or her chest, finds it hard to breathe, has a swollen abdomen, and is experiencing a dry, persistent cough, then they'll probably go to their doctor to have an examination in the hope of being treated.

Although these are all symptoms of mesothelioma there are other diseases that can cause them as well. For example, mesothelioma may initially be diagnosed as lung cancer. However, lung cancer is a totally different disease.

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lung, the lining of the chest, and the abdominal cavity. The disease has been predominantly associated with high levels of exposure to asbestos in the workplace, although exposure to asbestos in non-occupational situations has caused the disease as well.

A mesothelioma diagnosis will usually start with a review of a patient's medical history, which would be followed by a physical examination.

The physical exam usually involves several imaging tests. These tests try to determine if there are any suspicious cell formations.

Most Commonly Used Medical Imaging Tests

X-rays of the abdomen or chest can show masses, fluid build-up, or can indicate non-cancerous pleural disease. However, although they won't always show evidence of growths of diffuse cancer on the mesothelium, they will show shadows of single tumors that often occur when a patient has peritoneal mesothelioma.

CT Scans (Computed Tomography) create images of layers or cross-sections of a person's body. Although they can more readily detect any abnormalities at a specific depth in the body they can't differentiate between malignant mesothelioma and benign mesothelioma.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans photograph the details within a person's body by using a computer-linked magnet. Although an MRI can determine how severe a tumor is it can't determine whether it is cancerous.

PET (Positron Emission Tomography) analyses biological processes and produces a 3D image that can identify cancer cells. PET imaging tests are now one of the most effective ways to diagnose mesothelioma tumors. In addition, PET scans can help to determine the stage the cancer is in.

Since cancer cells accelerate the use of glucose, and because glucose is part of the radioactive tracer isotope that is used during a PET imaging test, cancer cells can be flagged using PET analysis.

Although medical imaging technology can identify potentially cancerous growths and conditions such as pleural mesothelioma, they cannot alone be used to confirm a diagnosis. Malignant mesothelioma needs to be confirmed with a biopsy. Either the fluid from peritoneal or pleural effusion - or both - need to be analyzed to confirm the diagnosis.

This Blackhead Removal Method Is Quick And Easy by George Hutton

If you've ever woken up in the morning, and taken a quick look in the mirror only to find your face covered with horrible acne, or worse, blackheads, then I don't have to tell you how incredibly frustrating it can be for these awful things to return again and again. If you do have blackheads, and want a quick and effective blackhead removal method that will get rid of them, you've come to the right place.

This is a powerful one-two slam that can banish blackheads for good. It does require a bit of follow through, but using this method only takes about ten minutes, and some household objects. You'll need a ballpoint pen, a bag of ice, some soap and water, and a towel. Ready? OK, let's go.

First you'll need to thoroughly clean your face, particularly the area around your blackheads. Use a washcloth, and a good bar of soap. Next fill up the sink in your bathroom or kitchen with hot water. If you can, leave the drain open just a little bit, so you can keep the water running. That way the water will stay hot, and produce the steam that you need. Be careful not to overflow the sink.

Next, lean over the sink, and hold the towel over the back of your head and shoulders. The steam will heat up your face, and open up your pores. The blackhead will be much easier to pull out this way. Hold your face there for three to six minutes. You should be sweating pretty good, that's OK. After you've steamed your face up pretty well, you're good to move on to phase two.

Take the ballpoint pen, and take it apart. Then take the plastic part that contains the ink, and use the non-writing side to remove the blackhead. Put the open side over your blackhead, and push a little bit while slowly twisting it back and forth, until the blackhead starts to come out. You should be able to get it out pretty easy if you've gotten your face nice and sweaty from the steam. After you've removed the blackhead, it's important to wash your face again to keep out the germs.

That's it. You can use this anytime you wake up in the morning and see one of ugly blackheads, before you leave the house for work or school. Naturally, it's essential that the pen is clean and free from germs. If you have any antibiotics, or special soap that kills germs, that will be perfect with to wash your face with after. And also, it goes without saying that you should always wash your face as much as possible. If you do the steaming part a couple times a week, it's a great way to keep blackheads from forming in the first place. Have fun.

Super Sea Veg Helps Tackle Nation's Obesity Problem by Timmy Vic

It's no secret that America is tackling a very serious problem – obesity. [Thank you, fast food purveyors!]

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a third of American adults are considered obese. [In contrast, in Japan, the figure of obese adults is 3.2% of the population.]

It's a startling statistic and a grim reminder that it's time for us to get healthy again… or else we'll face dire consequences.

That's one of the reasons I'm so passionate about Super Sea Veg, Farmasea's dietary food supplement that contains a proprietary blend of 12 edible sea plants. Time and again, Super Sea Veg has helped men and women across the United States [and beyond] to finally lose those pounds that have trapped them for far too long.

So I'm issuing a challenge to you…

I want you to see for yourself how Super Sea Veg can help you become healthier and leaner. I believe you deserve to experience a different future. Super Sea Veg is a very small investment in your overall health and well-being and will give you tremendous results, not the least of which is a fitter body.

I'm not suggesting that you can sit on the couch and do nothing; actually, when you start taking Super Sea Veg, that's the last thing you'll want to do! Super Sea Veg will give you energy to burn… and that, in turn, will help you shed years of unnecessary weight.

Take my challenge today. Order your Super Sea Veg online and discover health beyond barriers. Help us change the obesity problem in America… one person at a time.

Cancer, Vitamins And A 70-Year Scam by Timmy Vic

About 70 years ago, our society was introduced to multivitamins. We were told that these pills were the best things since sliced bread… and dutifully, we began to pop them.

Fast forward a few generations and we're sicker than ever. We're obese. We're sedentary. And cancer rates are soaring. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, there are expected to be 1.5 million NEW cancer cases in the United States in 2010. [That doesn't include all those millions of people who were diagnosed previously.]

So what the heck is going on? It's a scam of enormous proportions. All those multivitamins are giving us cancer… and I'm not the only one who believes it. There have been studies done at many reputable places – Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, just to name a few – that have brought to light the truth: Multivitamins are killing us.

That's one of the reasons I've become such a health evangelist with my Farmasea nutritional food supplements like Super Sea Veg. Unlike typical multivitamins created from synthetic [re: manmade] ingredients that are hocked on the shelves of grocery stores, pharmacies and websites, Super Sea Veg is ENTIRELY a 100% vegetable dietary FOOD. There's nothing scientifically manufactured about Super Sea Veg; that's why it's been shown to reverse all the damage done by multivitamins.

It's time to take control of your health and show the government that you're not going to buy a bunch of copycat imposters. So-called Multi-vitamins with fancy natural names, having zero food value, while containing yellow and blue drug compounds, which are actually pH imbalanced, synthetic imitations."Vita" comes from the Latin; vitality" or "life." If it's not living, it's not a vitamin. Super Sea Veg is made up of living plant powders. Don't be fooled by fancy labels with natural names, feed your body whole plants as found in our supplements. Turn yourself in to a well, fit individual with Super Sea Veg. In just 90 days, you’ll realize the difference… or you'll get your money back.

Three Symptoms to Lung Cancer by Charlene J Nuble

Lung cancer may manifest a lot of symptoms although, there are actually three symptoms to lung cancer that is already an evident proof of having been inflicted of lung cancer. Out of a number of symptoms that a patient having a lung cancer may manifest are: Hemoptysis, “smoker’s cough”, and wheezing.


Coughing up blood or hemoptysis usually happens in a person who is already experiencing a cough that doesn’t go away or is chronic.

Chronic cough can be characterized as a nagging cough which lasts for more than six months. When one experiences chronic cough, the body becomes exhausted from it because of the constant friction happening inside the lungs. Hemoptysis is evident in the late stages of lung cancer. The blood comes primarily from the respiratory tract. Not only can blood come from the mouth but also from the nose, throat and all air passages connected to the lungs.

Mucus that is blood-tinged coming from a nonsmoker who is healthy is an indication of mild infection. Because of constant coughing or infection of the bronchus, the pressure being driven to the bronchus and lung parts can lead to the rupture of tiny blood vessels.

Hemoptysis can usually be seen in people who have been smoking for the rest of their lives. They have better chances of being at risk for the cancer and experiencing the symptom of hemoptysis. One of the main reasons why hemoptysis happens is pulmonary embolus, pneumonia, and even tuberculosis.

“Smoker’s Cough”

Indistinctly, a smoker’s cough is dominantly seen in people who are into smoking since their adolescence or teenage lives. It can also be evident in people who are living with someone who is a chronic smoker who is termed as a secondhand smoker. Aside from smoking, one can also experience a smoker’s cough out of one’s lifestyle and work. Exposure to nasal, lung and throat irritants can also precipitate a smoker’s cough.

In a smoker’s cough, the affected area is typically the respiratory system. Small fibers that are located in the trachea and nose which is known as cilia operates by preventing irritants to enter the human body which promotes further protection to any kind of infection. The moment one smokes or gets accustomed to being exposed to irritants; these cilia are damaged making it nonfunctional which can lead to cilia disintegration. When the cilia are damaged, phlegm can’t be prevented from crossing one’s throat. Furthermore, smoking causes increase mucus production that precipitates the development of toxins. The moment the smoker gets up in the morning, he will repeatedly cough out the excessive phlegm accumulated within his throat in order to clear it all out.


Aside from asthma an other lung disorders that are caused by narrowing, wheezing is also evident in lung cancer. Wheezing is defined as a high-pitched sound that is similar with a whistle and can be heard through a stethoscope during exhalation. Sound that is produced is due to the flow of air through narrowed breathing tubes. Another reason for wheezing is blockage of the small tubes or bigger airways like in the bronchioles. This is considered as one of the three symptoms to lung cancer due to its presence whenever an affected person coughs or when the person breathes.

Causes and Treatments of Asbestos Related Diseases by Wendy Moyer

Asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis are treatable. However, they are incurable. Asbestosis is progressive and irreversible. Mesothelioma, sometimes called "asbestos cancer" is usually considered to be fatal.

Between 1979 and 2001 more than 43,000 people in the United States died from illnesses that were related to coming in contact with asbestos.

The illnesses are the result of breathing in or swallowing asbestos fibers or particles. Once in the body the sharp-edged tiny particles can cause scarring in the abdomen or lungs. Symptoms may not be evident for ten to forty years from the time of exposure.

Often asbestos related diseases remain undiagnosed for decades. In the early stages the symptoms are quite similar to pneumonia. Symptoms include a persistent cough, shortness of breath, blood in the phlegm, difficulty while swallowing, feeling pain or tightness in the chest, fatigue, weight loss, and a loss of appetite.

Smokers who have been exposed to this material increase the probability of lung cancer developing from asbestos exposure by fifty to ninety times. Often lung cancer patients are led to believe that their smoking caused their illness when exposure to asbestos was the actual cause.

The most reliable way to determine if asbestos is at fault is to have a lung biopsy performed. If previous exposure to asbestos is at the root of the problem asbestos fibers will be detected by the biopsy.

There are a number of treatments that can be somewhat effective in controlling malignant mesothelioma, an asbestos related disease. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are often prescribed.

Depending on the advancement of the disease a physician will probably recommend one, if not all, of these methods in an attempt to control the proliferation of cancerous cells.

Asbestos pleural disease and asbestosis, while still incurable, are non-malignant forms of diseases related to asbestos exposure. However, treatments that are designed to increase the patient's intake of oxygen and remove fluid from their lungs can prolong their lives and make them feel more comfortable. These treatments include bronchodilators, oxygen therapy, and chest percussion, amongst others.

Veterans, especially those who were in the Navy and served during World War II or the Korean War, are likely candidates for an asbestos related disease. That's because at that point in time asbestos was used extensively onboard Navy vessels.

Because of it is non-flammable, asbestos was used to insulate virtually every part of the interior of every ship that was built prior to the late 1970s. This included sleeping quarters, engine rooms, boiler rooms, mess halls, navigation rooms, and more.

Some veterans of that era may be able to collect benefits if they have asbestos related illnesses. However, because of the way the government structured the requirements it is often in a veterans best interest to hire a mesothelioma attorney on a contingency basis to help them get what is due them.

Lung Cancer Warning Signs by Charlene J Nuble

Lung cancer warning signs can easily be detected once they are manifested by the patient. These warnings signs will caution anyone that he or she might have the disease.

Some of the prominent signs of lung cancer are: hoarseness, shortness of breath, weight loss and anorexia, chronic cough, bloody sputum, infections that are recurring and chest pain. It is advisable that one must see a doctor immediately once two or more warning signs are experienced.


A change in the voice which is considered as an abnormal change is referred to as hoarseness. One of the main causes of hoarseness is smoking. In someone who is hoarse, the voice tends to become raspy, evident changes in the pitch or volume, breathy, and strained. Usually, changes in the voice are related to the disorders affecting the larynx or voice box. When there are certain lumps, aberrations, or swelling, voice vibration is hindered which causes pitch, voice quality and volume alteration.

Shortness of breath

Dyspnea or otherwise known as shortness of breath is the difficult feeling of labored breathing which contributes to disproportion of a person’s physical activities. It is a symptom that can be life threatening which is caused by several diseases. In lung cancer, shortness of breath is caused by airway obstruction due to infection, inhalation of an irritant or a foreign object and hemorrhage.

Weight loss due to anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder that can lead to severe weight loss. A person experiencing anorexia due to lung cancer is usually unintentional because of the pain and discomfort caused by the disease. In anorexia due to lung cancer, a person losses its appetite that causes him or her to eat less than the usual amount needed or normal body requirement. Because of not wanting to eat, the person results to extreme weight loss and an imbalanced nutrition.

Chronic cough

This is a kind of cough that lasts for more than two weeks. Worse, this is the kind of cough that doesn’t easily go away and is not usually resolved with cough medications. Because chronic cough is annoying, it is considered as one of the reasons why people immediately consult their doctor. Still, the most common cause of chronic cough is smoking or inhalation of secondhand smoke.

Bloody sputum

Sputum, otherwise known as spit, can become bloody due to injuries inflicted on the lip, mouth, trachea, and even the tubes of the respiratory system. The determination of bleeding location is important in order to identify the appropriate intervention needed upon it. Some of the blood may also come from coughing, vomiting, bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding of the gums, and other symptoms.

Chest pain

Out of the recurrent coughing symptoms which is most likely chronic, chest pain is expected to be present from the occurrence of the coughing episodes. Chest pain can be localized or can become migrating depending on how severe the lung cancer has become. Pain can be manifested as a squeezing, crushing and severe pain present on a person’s chest which lasts for about a few minutes or when the person coughs severely.

Most of these warning signs are treacherous enough that it can kill. That is why, the moment one experiences more than one of these lung cancer warning signs, it is advisable that you consult your physician immediately.