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Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

Stomach ulcer symptoms and treatment

According to statistics, on a stomach ulcer affects about 15% of people worldwide. For their own benefit, it is necessary to know what kind of illness that he is for a bear and how to cure it ?
Stomach ulcer - is the destruction of the local internal cavity of the stomach ( mucosa ), in rare cases can be broken and submucosal ball. It occurs due to the action of bile fluid, hydrochloric acid and pepsin enzyme. Ulcer size is generally not more than one centimeter. After healing, she always leaves a scar. The concentration of the acidity, typically, is not increased. Ulcer disease may be exacerbated in the spring and fall.

Causes of ulcers
When the stomach is sick, it works now with the protective and aggressive factors. Security - it is mucus, aggressive - gastric juice. If the predominance takes second factor - there is a peptic ulcer. The impetus for its formation and may contribute to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Also the main cause of ulcers may be permanent dose of medication, such as aspirin, use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, poor nutrition, decreased immune system, vitamin deficiency, stress, damage to the abdominal space and vertebra, hereditary factors.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers are caused by a greater extent the person's age and placement of most ulcers. The main symptom is severe pain " in his stomach " ( epigastric area ) that appear after eating. Also, sick people may also feel such symptoms of gastric ulcers as sour belching, constant heartburn, vomiting after eating, weight loss.

How to diagnose peptic ulcer disease ?
To diagnose an ulcer, you need to do these actions : pass feces on the definition of the inner blood to explore the function of the stomach, which forms acid, X-rays and spend electrogastroenterography, pass a detailed analysis of the blood.

Do I need surgery for ulcers ?
If a timely appeal to the doctor, and then accurately perform all his appointments and recommendations, the surgery will not be necessary, and the ability to work quickly restored. Operation is required only when there are complications, but they are the result of neglect ulcers.

Complications of ulcerative disease
The most dangerous complication of this disease, stomach ulcers, perforation have - is the process by which completely destroyed mucosa and destruction comes to the outer fabric. Under the slightest action, for example, cough, breakthrough occurs, and all that is in the stomach goes into the abdominal cavity. This person feels terrible pain to impatience. In such a case requires immediate surgical intervention. Also, another serious complication has bloodstream. It may be due to a defect of the blood vessel, which is caused by an ulcer. And another complication - is to reduce the area perehozhdeniya stomach into the duodenum, so that the food does not pass and retained in the stomach, and then starts to rot.

Exacerbation of gastric ulcers
As mentioned above, the exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease most often occurs in autumn and spring, and therefore patients should not wait for signs of illness gain and to take preventive measures in accordance with the treating physician.

Treatment of gastric ulcers
Treatment of peptic ulcer disease depends on the general condition of the patient and its possible allergic reactions to any medications, as well as the severity of the disease. Treatment of gastric ulcers involves the use of drugs such as antibiotics, they give a very large effect, the doctor may prescribe aluminum hydroxide in a liquid form, but it can not be used more than 15 days ; alsukral or sucralfate in the stomach constitute "protection", protecting the ulcer from gastric juice because under its influence it can grow. All types and dosages of medications prescribed individually and only physician, self-medication in any time is unacceptable. Also important is the observance of special food containing certain products.

Ulcer treatment in folk medicine
Treatment of gastric ulcers in folk medicine can be implemented only after consulting your doctor and use it as an adjunct to medical treatment. Treat ulcers can use sea buckthorn oil, juice usual cabbage and potatoes, oatmeal broth. For ulcer healing very well to a combination of yogurt and vegetable oil, which is consumed at night. Treatment of gastric ulcers in folk medicine, and also includes the use of different herbs such as plantain, calendula, mint, tysyacheletnik, lime or chamomile.

Prevention of gastric ulcers
That prevent ulcers, you need to follow some rules. The first rule is to avoid fried, greasy, spicy, strong cold or hot food. The second rule is a timely dental treatment, as food must be chewed thoroughly. Third - do not use tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. Also, during gastric pain should immediately be tested.
Stomach ulcer - it's quite unpleasant disease, but if he paid special attention, it will pass very quickly. Importantly, at the first sign to contact the doctor and avoid any complications.

Gastritis symptoms and treatment

Gastritis symptoms and treatment

Many people do not realize the valuable role played by the body in the stomach. After all, how true is the process of digestion, everything depends human health. Food nourishes the blood substances entering with her, and they in turn take a direct part in the whole exchange process. If the stomach is feeding poorly, it leads to disruption of the entire body.

All violations and incorrect operation leads to the fact that a person develops gastritis. This is a popular disease that is characterized by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Distinguish gastritis with low or high acidity.

Causes of gastritis
The most common cause of gastritis have bacterium Helicobacter pylori, gastritis and may develop due to improper diet (fast food chewing, use of substandard products, dinners "on the go " or " dry rations ") because of constant stress, smoking and alcohol or - for long-term use of drugs. Also, gastritis mucosa may burn various chemical agents, such as alcohol, acid, alkali.

Forms of gastritis
There are two forms of gastritis : acute and chronic.
Acute gastritis is developing very fast. His agent is Helicobacter pylori, or various other bacteria. If not immediately treated acute gastritis, this may lead to formation of ulcers. It develops, responding to mucosal injury, while allocated special substances that fight for removing the threat. So there is an inflammatory process, but it not only destroys the mucosa, but also tries to restore its integrity.
Acute gastritis is of several types: simple, corrosive, phlegmonous, fibrinous and chronic. The first type of gastritis develops as a consequence of falling into the stomach of stale products that are infected with germs. In this type of mucosa is subject to minor destruction. Corrosive gastritis occurs through uptake in the various acids and alkalis, it is called chemical burns of the gastric mucosa. When it destroyed even deeper layers of the stomach wall. Corrosive gastritis gives rise to the development of ulcers. The third type of gastritis - this abscess. It is characterized by a purulent inflammation, and it may be the causative agent of a foreign object caught in the stomach, for example, a fish bone. This type requires immediate surgery, otherwise, the disease goes into peritonitis and fatal end. Fibrinous gastritis occurs as a result of sepsis, but it is found in rare cases.
If properly treat acute gastritis, almost all symptoms disappear within a week, but full recovery comes much later. Most often, it is characterized by increased production of acid.
Chronic gastritis is a consequence of acute or may manifest itself as an independent disease. It can occur for a long time and did not make itself felt. The main reasons for its occurrence is getting the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, or bile reflux of the stomach. In chronic gastritis, gastric mucosa is subject to deep and massive destruction, and the production of gastric acid and decreases. As mentioned above, chronic gastritis can occur without symptoms, but in the period of exacerbation is characterized by attacks of pain, discomfort, nausea after every meal, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, bloating and rumbling power.

Symptoms of gastritis
All symptoms of gastritis depend on the form of the disease. In acute gastritis appear continuous abdominal pain. It occurs most often in the morning and after meals or on an empty stomach. May also cause nausea, heartburn, belching sour taste, recurrent attacks, general weakness of the body, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, fever, low blood pressure. Symptoms of chronic gastritis is a poor appetite, nausea and aching after a meal, a bad taste in the mouth, bloating, fatigue of the whole organism, the bundle of nails and dry hair.

Complications of gastritis
Gastritis is not considered to be very dangerous diseases. However, after some time he can give dangerous complications such as gastric bleeding of ulcers or cancer. Patients with gastritis people begin to lose weight, as they develop beriberi.

Treatment of gastritis
As a rule, the treatment of any form of gastritis should start with diet: food should not be too cold or hot, solid foods should be chewed well, do not need to eat large portions and at least five times a day, it is not recommended to use carbonated water. Treatment is usually carried out for about two weeks. If heartburn hurts the patient, then you need to take Aluminium phosphate gel with Maalox. Doses appoints doctor, and he alone, self unacceptable. Also, doctors recommend Motilium, it improves gastric motility. That would heal the mucosa, it is necessary to take solkoseril, kalefron gastrofarm or, again, it all depends on the destinations and the doctor's recommendations. Also, it would be nice to implement the treatment of gastritis in some specialized sanatorium.

Preventive measures
Prevention of gastritis includes a few basic rules. First - this is a balanced diet, it should be frequent and in small portions. The second rule - it is personal hygiene : brushing your teeth at least twice a day, wash your hands and all the fruits and vegetables and pre- cooking. To gastritis not escalated, we must reject the acute and fatty foods, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. To prevent the emergence or exacerbation of gastritis should always lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
All illnesses should be treated in time, because one disease after a while moves into another. And most importantly, treatment should be carried out only under medical supervision.

Treatment of scoliosis

Spine in humans should be straight when viewed from behind. However, for some people it becomes S- shaped. In the initial development does not lead to complications, but more severe stages there is pain and normal functioning of the spine reduced. Such a phenomenon in medicine is called scoliosis. This term refers to the side ( left or right ), the curvature of the spine. Most frequent scoliosis occurs in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Types of scoliosis
Scoliosis of the spine can be of three types. The first - the so-called C-shaped, that is one-sided bending - right or left, and only a single spine. The second type - S- shaped. This type is characterized by two curvatures, which are formed in the thoracic and lumbar, only on different sides. And if you look back on the spine, it really has the shape of the letter S. Also, in addition to the above two types, there may be a third type of scoliosis, but it is very rare - the so-called Z-shaped. The specifics of it is that there is just three spine curvature.

Causes of scoliosis
Most often scoliosis originates from a young age, namely, when a child is drawn to the rapid pace of growth - from ten to seventeen years. Factors which occurrence of scoliosis is still not fully understood, but experts consider two essential reasons : congenital and acquired. The first reason is characterized by impaired development of the fetus still inside the mother's womb, and that leads to different pathologies vertebra. Such a violation may occur due to malnutrition mother's use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the distorted form the maternal pelvis and so on.
Acquired scoliosis is caused by various spinal cord injuries, improper posture as a result of the physiological characteristics or professional activity, various muscle development, physical development, rickets, sciatica and other diseases. All of the above are considered the main reasons, but not least, as the versions of the occurrence of scoliosis increasing day by day.

Degree of scoliosis and signs
Symptoms of scoliosis varied and depend primarily on the degree of development. Symptom - it is a lateral curvature in which the position changes of the torso, both standing and lying down, and change the subject to the hip part of the body, chest and many other organs. There are four degrees of scoliosis. First degree manifested twisted pelvis, stoop, uneven shoulder height, waist asymmetrical shape. The angle of curvature - ten degrees. Scoliosis second power has such features as asymmetric shape of the neck and a pronounced asymmetry waist. The angle of curvature - from ten to twenty degrees. Third Degree has the same symptoms and signs as the second, but in a more complex form : can sink fins greatly weakened abdominal muscles, and the front edge of the arc bulge. This degree angle of curvature of from twenty to thirty degrees. And the last degree - fourth. It is characterized by symptoms such as spinal deformity, stretch the muscles in the affected areas, rib hump, poor cardiac and respiratory system. The angle of curvature may be thirty or more. Also, scoliosis distinguish left- and right-hand. Pain in this disease are due to stress on the spine, for example, due to incorrect posture, carrying heavy loads on one side.
The third and fourth degree of scoliosis are quite complex pathology, which is treated with difficulty. However, such forms of scoliosis are observed very rarely, only in people who do not engage in the treatment of scoliosis at the first manifestations. The number of such people is less than 10 %.

Treatment of scoliosis
Treat scoliosis of the spine in two ways: conservative and operative. By the first method provides physiotherapy, massage, swimming, gym, health resorts. However, it should be noted that the process of treatment for each person must be an individual, as one can help massage and another does not. Conservative treatment is directed to achieve the condition of the spine and its structures, which would provide attenuation scoliosis. The main thing to remember when conservative methods - that is what is needed for the treatment of scoliosis asymmetric classes, but by no means something is not symmetrical, as they can only aggravate the condition of the spine.
Surgical treatment is very complex because it does not have a unique solution. Modern medicine has identified several indications requiring surgical intervention : the angle of curvature is greater than 50 degrees, scoliosis progresses hard or there are signs of spinal cord or its roots.

Also, you can treat scoliosis of the spine orthopedic way - Orthotics. This method compensates for violations biomechanical function of the spine. Corset ( brace ) is used as compensation for muscle weakness, and to correct distortions. Using compensating corsets recommended for scoliosis of the first degree. In this form of the disease must be worn myagkouprugie and elastic corsets. Scoliosis to the second power and increase risk of deformation of scoliosis brace must be elastic- elastic, it will not be a support for the spine, but will provide an excellent compensation muscular failure. If scoliosis is already the third or fourth degree, it is almost impossible to fix orthotics. In this case, the surgical intervention is assigned, as it is more efficient.

Prevention of scoliosis
That scoliosis does not appear, preventive measures should be taken even before birth. Expectant mother during pregnancy is necessary to take folic acid or vitamin B12, as well as to eat. As regards general preventive measures, they should be in the active lifestyle, in a balanced diet in maintaining correct posture, especially in the workplace. Also, if there is need to constantly carry weights, then the load should be distributed evenly on both sides.
Successful and timely treatment of scoliosis not only avoids all sorts of complications, but also leads to the acquisition of normal human physical well-being and a wonderful psycho-emotional state.