Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is Potter's Syndrome or Disease?

Potter's Syndrome

QUESTION: Can you explain Potter's Syndrome or Disease? Our baby was born
with no kidneys and lived only 9 hours and that's what they said he had. We
really don't understand how this happened as I had a perfect pregnancy up
until two weeks before due date.

ANSWER: Dr. E.L. Potter first described this syndrome in 1946, and it is
recognized as a congenital malformation.
It is also called
facial-renal-dysplasia as there are several additional anatomical structures
that make up the face that also fail to develop fully.

Sometimes the lungs as
well as hands and feet are affected. There are no chromosomal abnormalities
found in this disease, so it is doubtful that it is inherited.

There are no
ways known to treat Potter's Syndrome, no precautions to avoid this tragic
occurrence. You did nothing wrong, so there must be no guilt, and as your own
physician has probably already counseled you, there is little chance of this
happening again. As to the "whys", I have no answers to offer you, for in
cases like yours I find that I, too, do not understand.