Thursday, February 9, 2012

Natural, Safe Pro-Hormone Banned by the FDA

Androstenediol, which is an important precursor to testosterone, will be banned by the Fda on January 15th.
Scientifically proven, Androgens, which many men and women rely on to safely maintain testosterone levels and muscle mass as they grow older.
Supplementation with Androstenediol or Androstenedione safely elevates blood testosterone levels in both men and women for better health.
To quote Dr. Al Sears from his Newsletter – "Health Confidential for Men",
" The fda used these studies to support their ban. But they used the old "bait and switch". Their argument: these studies prove androstenediol boosts testosterone but boosting testosterone is dangerous. Yet their evidence that boosting testosterone is dangerous all comes from studies of testosterone injections. None used androsten- ediol. Testosterone injections are not what the fda banned!"
You read that right - Testosterone injections are dangerous – according to the fda and their studies, Not androstenediol or Androstenedione. Which, by the way is found in Scotch pine tree bark – hardly a deadly substance.
I'm not sure if you're going to be able to trust the fda anymore.
This is a ban against a man being a man and a ban against a woman maintaining proper hormone levels. Women do need some testosterone for proper balance of hormones and Men do need some estrogen.
Naturally and safely maintain testosterone levels.
Even though Androgens will be banned, there are other alternatives to maintain testosterone levels and muscle mass.
It's best to boost testosterone indirectly - by using precursors to help your body produce more testosterone on its own. This way your body excepts and uses them over the long term. Giving the body testosterone directly loses its effectiveness and you can avoid injections and patches which are expensive.
Nettle Root - A rainforest plant.
Tribulus Terrestris - an herb used by eastern healers.
Muira Puama - from the bark of a shrub found in the Amazon river area.
Yoshimbine - Another bark from a tree in the forests of Africa.
Saw Palmetto - Usually associated with Prostate health this berry also boosts testosterone.
Zinc - Helps to boost testosterone production in the testes and also prolongs the life of testosterone in the bloodstream for women and men.
Grass Fed meat - A great source of protein to help build muscle and indirectly stimulate testosterone levels.
Fish , Pork, Chicken, Turkey and eggs are also great sources of lean protein to increase production of growth hormone - Which also tells your body to produce more testosterone.
What NOT to consume:
Prescription Drugs
Processed, refined carbohydrates
Don't overdo the alcohol
Maintaining muscle mass is so important because it supports the most important muscle in your body - Your Heart.
Dr. Al Sears – Health Buzz, The fda has done it again! January 5, 2005
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