Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Low Blood Pressure and Hypotension

Low Blood Pressure and Hypotension
 by: Beverley Brooke
Low blood pressure, medical term hypotension is generally defined as that which is below normal and relative to the individual with things taken into account such as age and activity levels.
Many conditions can cause low blood pressure, with the most common being illness, taking drugs with side effects that lower the blood pressure, although this is very rare and nearly the only drugs that can cause this are alpha blockers which may give you postural hypotension – this is were you may feel dizzy or even faint when standing up. If you suffer from this, see your doctor immediately! He may prescribe high blood pressure pills to gradually raise your blood pressure.
As people get older the chance of developing a problem with their blood pressure rises. This is true for high and low blood pressure. You could begin suffering from low blood pressure as your arteries stiffen and become less supple which could cause your blood pressure to fall when standing up.
Low blood pressure in itself isn't a bad thing – in fact, those with low blood pressure will out-live most, but if the symptoms arise were it's effecting you when standing this is when you should seek a doctor.

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