Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Gyms Analyzed .2

Home Gyms Analyzed –2
 by: Abdul Martin
After having seen so many home gyms I thought I would put everything together and give you the best available opinion about each.
Lets now see the Bowflex home gyms.
Bowflex has many home gyms, they have the
--Bowflex ultimate
--Bowflex ultimate2
--Bowflex extreme
--Bowflex extreme 2
--Bowflex sports
--Bowflex motivator
Lets see the Bowflex ultimate 2
It helps you do over 95 exercises.
Wow that's great. Although we mostly have a fixed routine but when you consider that the same routines makes us bored and feel for a change arises then the fact that we have 95 choices only makes me happy.
Also Bowflex ultimate 2 home gym comes with 3 additional options
1—Ab crunch attachment-- for achieving strong abdominal muscles and more exercise variety.
2—Portable DVD player-- mount it to your Ultimate™ 2 to work out to your favorite exercise DVDs and CDs or take it with you to watch movies on the go
3—Ultimate 2 machine mat
Also there are great warranties
1—No time limit power rod warranty
2—6 week fitness results guaranteed
3—12 year limited warranty.
· Also do not forget Bowflex Ultimate™ 2 workout DVD – offers an incredible 20-minute exercise routine specifically designed for use with your Ultimate™ 2
Finally read all the online reviews available at the consumer reviews sites.
You may find different comments about same home gym from different people.
When confused always ask for a long-term warranty.
Recently displayed reviews from customers who were utterly unhappy with the home gyms they bought but at the other end of the spectrum there were happy faces yelling the great home gyms.
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