Friday, November 25, 2011

Indian Medical Tourism Boosted by Low Cost Cardiac Procedures by Shushmul Maheshwari

The medical tourism industry in India is expected to grow stupendously in coming years, with more than 1 Million medical tourists arrive for different treatments by the end of 2012, according to our latest research report “Booming Medical Tourism in India”. The report has found that medical tourists will be visiting India majorly for the cardiac treatment procedures in coming years. We have also found that this surge will be mainly driven by the increasing availability of quality healthcare services and low healthcare costs present, which would encourage foreign visitors to go for cardiac treatment procedures in the country.

We have found that India has the competent infrastructure and resources to conduct complex cardiac surgeries at a fraction of the cost charged in the countries like the US, UK and Canada. For instance, the cost of a heart bypass in India is just around US$ 9000 as compared to US$ 1, 60,000 in the US. In fact, the savings are around 50% or more for the US medical tourists seeking cardiac procedures in India.

Besides, we have done an extensive research and prudent analysis of the Indian medical tourism market in order to understand the factors that will continue to serve as the drivers for the industry in coming years. We have identified that various factors such as the forthcoming Commonwealth Games and increasing popularity of Yoga and Ayurvedic treatment have been propelling growth in the market. The report also gives an insight into the role of private players in the rapid growth of the Indian medical tourism market. Besides, various other factors propelling growth in the medical tourism industry have been thoroughly evaluated in the report.

“Booming Medical Tourism in India” provides a deep insight into the Indian medical tourism market and evaluates its past, present and future scenario. It discusses the key factors which are making India an attractive medical tourism destination. It gives comprehensive information of each industry parameters like key market drivers, emerging sectors and market restraints. Most importantly, the report gives future outlook for all the important aspects of the industry considering the effects of global economic crisis on base drivers, opportunities and challenges faced by the medical tourism industry.

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