Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Our Survival Depends On Our Sweating by Lynsey Carter

To some people, their belief is that their sweating is no more than an irritating dilemma when actually, this is not true at all. To sweat is vitally important for your own survival. It is extremely so important for every human to have the ability to sweat. Hence the reason behind why you need to know and understand how your survival depends on sweating.

Why Sweating is So Important to Your Survival

When the question is asked of 'why is sweating so important to survival?', the most common answer to it is that it helps to keep our body's temperature regulated properly. Even-though there could be enormous changes to our immediate environmental temperatures, your body's temperature is still capable of remaining relatively constant because of your ability to sweat.

Primarily, the situation where you are exposed to excessive heat causes your sweat glands that cover the surface of your skin, to begin to excrete sweat so that the task of cooling down your body can begin, enabling your internal 'machinery' to stop you from overheating. It is our thermoregulatory mechanism that controls this function, and it is responsible for allowing the human race to adapt to even the most extreme of hot climates and conditions.

The substance we call sweat is normally a clear and odorless 'liquid', but the sometimes offensive odor that you may notice coming from your sweat is actually created by your sweat mixing with bacteria that are constantly present in the air and on your skin. It is the by-product of the bacteria that causes the odor we call body odor, their waste from consuming your sweat.

Normally you would expect to lose approximately two quarts of sweat liquid every day just through normal perspiration, and even though your perspiration is involuntary, it is not possible for you to determine where, when or even how much you will sweat.

Different causes will have an affect on this though, causes such as -

* your emotional state;

* your immediate environment;

* even excessive cigarette smoking;

* and alcohol drinking can cause excessive sweating too.

Do not feel bad about your sweating, excessive or not, because when you understand the reasons behind your sweating, you should then realize how vitally important sweating is to your survival. We know sweating can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially if you have a sweating problem, but feel reassured that when you know why your survival depends on sweating, you should feel a little more comfortable with yourself. Everyone sweats, or we are in very serious medical trouble.

Now, if you find that you have a sweating problem, you need to be aware that there are various modes of treatment available to you now. Do not feel helpless as though you are helpless, or think that you are alone, there is a wide range treatments that are available for you to try for your sweating problem, there is an answer out there, somewhere. need to be working alongside your doctor, or your medical professional, in the treating of such an important problem, they should give you the proper examination, the correct diagnosis, and then hopefully put you on the right track with your treatment.

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