Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burn Those Calories The Easy Way by Robert D. Franklin

We all have every day activities. And, even though some of these tasks may not be fun, just know that they can help you to get into shape much better than you may have thought.

1. Use Those Stairs Instead

Stairs are an excellent way for toning up those legs and burning calories. Don't have stairs near you? Walk around your neighborhood or job. In fact, just 15 minutes of walking could burn 102 calories, or the equivalent of each of these:

• 1 tbsp. of mayonnaise

• 1 oz. of pastrami

• 2 small chocolate chip cookies

2. Walking

Walking has been around since time began, and it's just about the easiest way to burn calories. Just a leisurely 15 minute walk will only burn 60 calories, but if you walk a bit faster and longer (45 minutes at 2.5 mph), you'll burn 153 calories.

3. Washing Dishes

America's least favorite chore, dirty dishes seem to never go away. There is hope, however. If you spend 20 minutes doing dishes, you'll burn 52 calories. Doing this twice a day will burn 104 calories. If you

have lots of dirty dishes, you can burn 117 calories

(45 minutes).

4. House Cleaning

Time to do some serious spring cleaning. Great news is you'll be burning calories while you clean. Let's say you clean for 3 hours, you'll burn an amazing 920 calories! Even if it's just cleaning for an hour, you'll burn 306 calories, or the equivalent of each of these:

• 2 oz. chocolate bar

• 5 oz. apple pie

• ј of a package of macaroni and cheese

5. Dancing

Dance around the house, dance doing laundry, dance in your car. Almost any kind of dancing can get your heart pumping and your

calories burning. Just 30 minutes of dancing will burn 239 calories. Dance for an hour, and burn 478 calories.

6. Laughing

Spotted any funny jokes recently? Yes, laughing does a body a great benefit, both on the inside and out. A good 15-minute belly-laugh can burn 40 calories. Equivalent of a small piece of chocolate.