Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Important Ideas About An Alcohol Problem by Rudy Silva

An alcohol problem can start from occasional drinking and as time passes these drinking increases. Having a drinking problem must mean that you cannot end the day, without consuming an alcoholic drink. If you regularly drink alcoholic beverages, the tolerance you have for alcohol may increase.

Soon, what used to be a quenching glass of wine or a mug of beer may no longer satiate you. The amount of consumption for alcohol may increase gradually. At times, people who have alcohol dependency will not stop drinking until they are drunk.

This would mean that if you will not stop drinking until you get drunk, you would likely to consume several bottles of wine or beer, which could lead to addiction, if you will not do something about it. While small amounts of drinking may be good for the health, binge drinking can actually damage your internal organs especially the liver.

Many say that drinking everyday does not necessarily makes the person an alcoholic. However, if physical signs of health problems begin to manifest, it could mean serious issue with one’s health. due to heavy drinking. As the liver is the first organ that alcohol destroys, the person may experience extreme fatigue, yellowness or jaundice around the eyes and facial skin. The sexual drive may reduce and stomach pains surge.

Drinking daily is enough to develop the habit into an addiction. Many people use alcohol to relieve anxiety, become more sociable and confident in dealing with others, help in relaxing one’s self and to forget about an immediate problem. People, who have failed relationships, a broken career or those who are grieving over someone lost, find it helpful to drink in the morning to get them going with their day.

At times, drinking alcohol becomes an outlet that it affects the emotional, behavioral and even mental faculty of people who have not consumed alcohol for several hours or a few days. They become distorted in their thinking that the only time they can think straight is when they are drunk. Even their speech may start to slur. Chronic alcoholism may even cause tremor in the alcoholic’s nerves, if they have not consumed alcohol.

Worse, being sober may make them to become violent and start hurting the people around them, including their loved ones. And if you try to make comments about the drinking, they tend to become annoyed by it. Relationships with family, friends and officemates are affected to the point that they deteriorate.

If they feel that their drinking habit is threatened they might try to avoid situations that are not conducive to drinking. People with an alcohol problem will become dependent on it that they do not choose the time to drink.

Even during unsociable and unacceptable times, alcoholic individuals may start to drink. When caught or confronted about it, they tend to tell lies about the real amount of alcohol that they have consumed. Sometimes they deny that they are drinking. At times, they hide the truth about their alcohol problem.