Friday, December 23, 2011

Pharmaceutical Sales: Arizona Job Opportunities by Silas Reed

Pharmaceutical companies shoulder the responsibility of developing and commercializing the already discovered drugs in practice and those that are still under research for those medical conditions to which drugs haven’t been yet invented. The job of pharmaceutical sales demands the employees to make a certain amount of sales which would be pre-determined and is called the sales target, within a territory demarcated for the specific agent.

Jobs concerning pharmaceutical sales in Arizona are offered by various companies based in Arizona like- Senes Tech based in Flagstaff, Becton Dickinson located in Nogales, Bayer, Genzyme etc in Phoenix, Medicis Pharmaceuticals, Zila etc in Scottsdale, Ampli Med, Sanofi-Aventis etc located in Tuscon etc.

A candidate, who is successful in fulfilling the criteria for Arizona pharmaceutical sales employment, is eligible to a salary of $48-74K in the beginning and it could gradually increase to $69-95K approx per year or more. This also depends on the experience of the candidate. Greater the experience better the pay. There are also opportunities for commission in addition to the fixed salary which goes up to 21K per annum or more based on the amount of hard work put in and the results of the hard work.

Some Arizona pharmaceutical sales companies like the ones in Tucson, Scotts land, Phoenix etc also offer company car for travel and other benefit packages. Like many others, one company in Mesa offers part time pharmaceutical sales job too.

What qualifications can make you eligible for the job?

Arizona pharmaceutical works demand a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university. All companies demand a prior medical sales experience or business sales experience although the years of experience vary from company to company- like one company in Phoenix demands one or two years of sales experience, while another at Tucson prefers 2 or more years of it.

These experiences are expected to be compiled in form of documents of successful track records. Some companies also ask for a driver’s license. Jobs relating to pharmaceutical sales in Arizona do not always ask for the experience since some companies already have a training program allotted for the employees. Again, for being eligible for higher salary, one must have the extra merit of experience.

What kind of skills do they expect the employee to have?

Companies dealing with pharmaceutical sales in Arizona stress on the skills of communication and expect the candidate to be exceptionally good in public speaking and interpersonal dealing. The skills of territory management and organizational skills need to be proven as present. Skills for creating strong interpersonal relationships and basic skills in computer operation are expected. It is necessary to be proficient at using technical data and visual aids to present scientific information. An important area of concern is to possess high aptitude in science. The to-be- employee should also be able to pass the tests of product knowledge. The attitude of the employee should be ethical and collaborative, also very driven performance wise.

Information about Arizona pharmaceutical works is available on various websites on the internet. Information about Arizona pharmaceutical sales employment vacancies are also put up on website with options of making applications right there and then.