Monday, January 9, 2012

Indian Clinical Research Set for Stupendous Growth by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

As per our research report “Booming Pharma Sector in India”, the number of clinical trials in India has been continuously rising since 2005 - the year India accepted the Product Patent Act. Clinical research has huge opportunity in India. All the major pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers and CROs are concentrating to make India their base for conducting global clinical trials. We expect that the Indian clinical research market will grow at a robust CAGR of around 31% during 2010-2012. We have identified factors responsible for this growth in our report.

Pharmaceuticals have emerged as one of the leading industries in India. This dramatic growth in the Indian pharmaceutical industry can be attributed to several factors such as growing middle class population, rapid urbanization, increase in lifestyle-related diseases, and acceptance of health insurance. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is projected to show double-digit growth in near future. Emerging sectors like bio-generics and pharma packaging will also pave way for the pharmaceutical market to continue its upward trend.

India has seen rapid improvement in the medical infrastructure, with more and more private players taking a giant leap forward. Moreover, the industry is expected to witness consolidation in coming years, which will enable pharmaceutical companies to diversify into extended pharmaceutical businesses through the entire value chain. The pharmaceutical market is expected to provide an impetus to various associated industries, such as contract research and manufacturing.

Drugs for acute diseases contribute an important share to the Indian pharmaceutical market. Pharma outsourcing services represent lucrative upcoming opportunities in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Our report has also identified the market drivers. It has discussed the type drugs, therapeutics, regulatory environment, and competitive landscape. The study has found out the future opportunities and restraints in the Indian pharma industry. It provides forecast for various components of pharmaceutical market. The report also provides an insight on export and import market.

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