Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Benefits of a Calgary Corporate Fitness Program by Sarah Long

1.Corporate Wellness Programs average a 3 to 1 return on investment. This means that for every $1 spent on Corporate Wellness Programs, corporations save an average of $3.

2.Corporate Wellness Programs are an absolute necessity for self-insured companies as every dollar saved goes directly toward the bottom line. A million dollars saved is literally a million dollars left over in self-funded health care accounts.

3.Corporate Wellness Programs add to the longevity of each and every employee. An investment in Corporate Wellness Programs is an investment in the health of your co-workers and employees.healthy worker

4.Corporate Wellness Programs can now be monitored using Training Peaks exercise and nutrition software to give employees access to their personalized workouts, and nutrition forecast. This allows companies to accurately show their employees health improvements and justify their Corporate Wellness Plan.

5.Corporate Wellness Programs are viewed by employees and potential new hires as an employee benefit. Some employees will not work for a company that does not offer Corporate Wellness Programs.

6.Corporate Wellness Programs are fun and motivating. Although there can be a “shock factor” associated with beginning Corporate Wellness Programs, most employees come to look forward to Health Testing, Health Challenges, Health Fairs, Promotional Materials, and other key elements of Corporate Wellness Programs.

7.Corporate Wellness Programs improve the health status of employees, thus reducing absenteeism in the workplace.

8.Corporate Wellness Programs have a lasting effect upon sick leave.

9.Corporate Wellness Programs can help identify the problem areas such as cardiovascular diseases, muscular skeletal problems, diabetes, cancers, and other health areas. Using this information, specific interventions can be created within Corporate Wellness Programs in order to improve health and reduce short-term and long-term health costs.

10.Corporate Wellness Programs can utilize specialized Health Professionals like Massage Therapists, Doctors, Acupuncturist, Image Consulting and more all at a discounted price!