Friday, February 10, 2012

Quickly Achieve Better Health Through Subconscious Mind Power by George Hutton

Your subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to dramatically improve virtually any area of your life.

Improving your health through the focused application of subconscious mind power is easy, relaxing, and quick. In only a few minutes a day, in only a few days or weeks you can notice a marked improvement in any area of your health. While this in no

way is intended for a replacement for sound medical advice from a professional, your subconscious mind can improve your

health in ways that many don't realize.

Your subconscious mind controls all areas of your body. It is the collective attention that is outside your conscious awareness. When we have stress, anxiety, and worry, these negative thoughts seep into our unconscious and can have an adverse effect on our health and well being. However, with the daily application of focused meditation and some little know mind power secrets, you can easily learn how to improve health with these simple methods.

The first step is to realize that your health is much more dependent on your thinking that most people realize. This not to say it's your own fault when you fall ill or become injured. Many times our long term consistent thoughts can take on a life of their own, and feelings of stress and anxiety can sink down into our unconscious so that we aren't even aware of them. Many doctors and researchers are starting to realize that stress is a far bigger factor than previously imagined.

What is likely the biggest cause of stress is simply wishing things weren't the way they really are. Releasing any resistance to how things are will go a great deal toward removing stress and anxiety, and promoting overall health. It's a good idea to keep this thought handy when getting your mantra together, as we'll soon see.

The first step in this simple health improvement process through the application of subconscious mind power is to create a statement of ideal health. One that makes you feel good simply by saying it. One that combines acceptance, peace, and appreciation for all that you are. When you hold anger or frustration for how your body is functioning, it will stand in the way of ideal health. Take your time to come up with an appropriate statement. The following statements are a good place to start:

I accept and appreciate my body just the way it is. I accept and appreciate my condition just the way it is. I appreciate that ever day in every way, I am getting healthier and healthier. I appreciate and feel my perfect health. I forgive and release all discomfort, and all disease. I embrace full, perfect health.

When repeat this mantra to yourself, it's important to be in a deeply relaxed, drowsy state of mind. This is when you can maximize your subconscious mind power. As you are in that relaxed, drowsy state, just between awake and asleep, the connection between your other than conscious mind, and you conscious mind is maximized to the fullest. Get into that state of mind by taking a few deep breaths, releasing all worried, and focusing on your breath. The ideal time to do this is just as you wake up, and just as you begin to fall asleep. When you repeat your mantra to yourself, create as much love and appreciation for yourself, your body, and your health as you can. Each time it will get easier and easier, and the feelings will become stronger and stronger.

Do this a couple times a day, for as long as you can. The more emotion you bring to bear, and the more consistent you are, the more your health can improve.