Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blood will tell about the disease

Is it possible for blood to establish human tendency to malignant tumors, stomach ulcer, or, for example, to the mumps? Give a definite answer to the questions the international community has decided to physicians.
It should be said that for a long time the official medicine with fluctuations relate to various theoretical calculations of the blood groups. Fuel to the fire poured the popular diet, the constructed on the basis of this trait. Its founders have proven that people with different blood groups in different ways to digest food.
Innovative experiments in the field showed hematological blood is essential. It is understood that the planned trend to establish the relationship between blood group and prone to serious diseases. Thus, the presence of human blood group 0-for it reduces the risk of ischemia, say doctors from the Medical School of the Royal Copenhagen. To do this conclusion, they studied the medical status of 29,000 people. Scientific monograph on the basis of these findings indicates: the bulk of the patients with the gene Adamtss7 has infinitely high risk of hypertension and myocardial infarction. Figuratively speaking, since the birth of the person with the status of Adamtss7, the crossbow is cocked disease and embedded arrow aimed straight at the heart. But under the condition where patients have this set of genes simultaneously 0th blood, increasing the risk of not stated. The head of research - Professor hematologist Muredaks Reilly believes that these results will provide an opportunity to develop innovative methods of treatment.
By substantially blood differ complex antigens located on the cover of the erythrocyte cells. Each blood group was formed to ensure the protection of the body against serious diseases. However, each of them characterized by personal imperfections.
So, people with 0-blood group have fewer chances to die from malaria parasite compared to the holders of the other groups. But they are more susceptible to scarlet fever and intestinal ulcers.
Based on their own research professor at Karolinska University Gustof Edgenn stated: A person with blood group must take into account the negative effects of smoking, as may appear malignant tumors of the stomach. In turn, the first group of people are not protected by the blood microorganisms provoking intestinal ulcer.
Japanese doctors claim that young men with 0 blood group have a tendency to increased weight gain after the age of 25. People initially have this knowledge, it is enough to buy a treadmill or elliptical trainer bike computer: regular exercise can help maintain health and good shape for years to come.
Swedish researchers studying nearly 560 women of childbearing age, say: blood prejudge the possibility of conceiving babies. Women of childbearing age with the first group is 4 times more fixed undeveloped eggs and significantly lower their characteristics in comparison with other groups. Department of Hematology, University of Cambridge recently stated that women of childbearing age with B- and AB- blood group at increased risk of developing ovarian tumors. Qualified experts identified for these blood groups heightened risk of malignant tumors of the pancreas. In addition, AB-group may enhance the probability of formation of eclampsia during pregnancy.