Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swelling of feet

For many women, swelling of legs, feet and legs in the evening became commonplace and no longer cause anxiety and surprise. Now is the time to think what happens to the legs and why they otёkayut? And that is to take them to again become healthy and attractive?

Problems with the feet of the young women most often occur because of a sedentary lifestyle. Equally important is played and what kind of shoes she wears.

Doctors have long been sounding the alarm about the regular wearing high heel shoes. They believe that these shoes causing irreparable harm to the female body in the first place is the reason otёkaniya feet. Wearing high heels (more than 5-6 centimeters) prevent the outflow of lymph from the legs, resulting in a stalemate. If muscle tone - the reasons for the stagnation will never be, and accordingly, there will be swelling.

Typically, the legs are buzzing in the evening. Many people know the feeling, when after returning home want to quickly take off your shoes and stretch your legs or put them on the hill. In order not to bring your feet to the point doctors recommend a simple but effective methods to avoid the treatment of edema of the legs:
  •  -  As far as possible not to use the elevator
  •  - Several times during the day to do the exercises, kneading the muscles of the lower leg: shift from toe to heel and back; 
  • - Water sports.