Monday, October 5, 2015

Hiccups. Causes and disposal

Hiccups - is a kind of physiological phenomenon, accompanied by characteristic sounds. Unlike other similar events (nausea, cough, and others.) Hiccup does not possess any positive function. While some doctors believe that the hiccup is a kind of protection from suffocation.

It comes from the spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm and involuntary following this abrupt closure of the glottis. From this and hear a distinctive sound: "Eek!".

There hiccups suddenly and usually lasts 5 - 15 minutes and then just as suddenly passes. If it does not go on for several hours or even days, it can speak about any illness or protracted syndrome. The most protracted of the registered syndromes hiccups lasted 6 years.

Hiccups may occur at any age. Very often hiccups in newborns, and is in the fetus during pregnancy (premature babies hiccup 3% of their waking time).

Causes of hiccups

The exact causes of hiccups are still a mystery to doctors. It is known that the process of launching diafragmentalny and vagus nerves. And there are certain circumstances that are closely connected with the beginning of ICANN:

    Very fast eating food (food in the stomach misses some air).
    The excessive amount of food eaten at one time (especially fatty foods).
    A large number of acute and fatty foods, spices, soda, carbonated drinks.
    Large amounts of alcohol (such that its hard to stomach digest).

If you do not pass the hiccups for many hours or even days it can speak any disease such as gastric ulcer, pneumonia, nerve damage, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Hiccups in newborn babies and children

Newborn babies often hiccup and this is due to the fact that in the process of feeding with milk they swallow a lot of air. Worry about it is not necessary if the hiccups quickly. If it bothers you, try to use a breast pump and let the baby spit up.

Ways to get rid of hiccups

Ways to get rid of hiccups in abundance. Therefore, we will not bump into superstition (they are all based on the fact that a hiccup in itself is very fast) and will focus on those who have medical reasons. In order to get rid of hiccups enough to raise the level of carbon dioxide in the blood and / or lower the temperature in the stomach. To do this:

    Put a teaspoon of sugar to the root of the tongue, hold a little and swallow (repeat if necessary). It works in 60% of cases.
    Hold your breath as you exhale to the acute shortage of oxygen (repeated several times).
    Do not breathing, sip a glass of cold water (better with ice).
    You can try to straighten the diaphragm, the maximum bending forward and hands clasped behind his back on the exhale or inhale.

If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor:

    Hiccups lasts longer than the 1st day.
    Hiccups in the child takes longer than 3-4 hours.
    Baby hiccups with abdominal pain and spitting blood.