Friday, June 24, 2016

Acne Treatment - Five natural skin care tips

So this is also one of my favorite topics when talking about acne, is the more natural approach to your acne. There's several supplements that I would recommend. The first would be Vitamin A, no more than 10,000 units every day. This sort of mimics Acutane without some of the more serious side effects. And you can't get pregnant when you're taking this dose of Vitamin A either. I also recommend Niaciminide. Either 500 MG orally or topically. There's a company called Naturally Clear which makes Niacinimide products for acne skin that are very nice. I also recommend Omega-3 fatty acids for their general anti-inflammatory mcharacters. I also recommend barage oil which has an acid called GLA which is an omega-6 fatty acid, it is very anti-inflammatory in the skin. It can also be found even in primrose oil, but it occurs at a higher concentration in barage oil. I also recommend pro-biotics. When your digestive system is happy, your body is going to be in a less inflammatory state. And finally, of course, a good balanced diet.

Acne Treatment