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Dispelling The Myths About Cellulite

Dispelling The Myths About Cellulite
by: News Canada

Myths and Realities

Cellulite only happens to overweight women.

Cellulite results from the skin losing its elasticity and firmness. This allows fluids and fat deposits into the lower layers of the skin and is not the result of being overweight.
While losing weight may reduce body fat, it does not correct or eliminate cellulite. Even very slim women can have cellulite on their thighs, buttocks and hips.
Cellulite is hereditary.

Cellulite is influenced by several factors including your genes, gender, the amount of fat on your body and the thickness of your skin. For example, thinner skin and excess body fat makes cellulite more visible.
Young women never have cellulite.

Cellulite can develop as early as puberty but is not easily noticed due to the suppleness of young skin.
Cellulite is a natural part of aging.

While it can worsen with age, you don't have to sit back and accept it. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and using a body contouring cream daily can visibly reduce cellulite. A good body contouring cream to try is RoC® Retinol Body Contouring Triple Action, a clinically proven formula that reduces the appearance of dimpled skin in just eight weeks.
Cellulite won't get any worse.

If you don't take action against cellulite it will get worse over time, especially as the skin continues to lose its firmness and elasticity.
Strict dieting will eliminate cellulite.

On its own, dieting cannot eliminate cellulite. In fact, strict dieting is more likely to eventually increase your body fat percentage, worsening the condition.
Toning and firming will eliminate cellulite.
As with dieting, exercise alone will not get rid of cellulite. To visibly reduce the look of cellulite - diet, exercise, and the use of a body contouring cream daily are key.
Men never have cellulite.

Men don't usually have a problem with cellulite because their fat cells are shaped differently and fat is stored differently.
However, some men may develop cellulite on their neck or stomach.

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