Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss Program by Laura Ng

What's inside an effective vegetarian weight loss program that will help overweight vegetarians lose weight efficiently? You need only two things - a vegetarian weight loss diet which contains 90%, if not 100% whole natural foods plus a set of scientifically-proven fat-burning workouts.

Inside Your Vegetarian Weight Loss Program - Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

In your vegetarian diet for weight loss, you should spread out your meals into five meals a day - breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. This is by far the most effective weight loss meal plan for many overweight vegetarians. On top of that, all your meal should preferably be in their most natural form, like this:

Breakfast - Veggie smoothie with 40% vegetables, 30% fruits and 30% wholegrain, nuts, seeds and virgin coconut oil. (Keep your satiety level at 70%.)

Morning Snack - Any mixed fruits. (Keep your satiety level at 30 - 40%.)

Lunch - Wholegrain sandwich stuffed with 50% vegetables (such as alfalfa, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded beet, butterhead lettuce etc). Complete this fiber-dense meal with a natural protein-rich drink like unsweetened soy milk. (Keep your satiety level at 70%.)

Afternoon Snack - Any mixed nuts, grains, seeds and dried fruits. (Keep your satiety level at 40%.)

Dinner - Rainbow salad with 60% shredded vegetables, 30% chopped fruits and 10% dressing (mix virgin coconut oil with flaxseed oil as dressing). This meal should stop your cravings for supper or additional snack before bedtime. It should last you till the following morning. (Keep your satiety level at 70%.)

Inside Your Vegetarian Weight Loss Program - Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Tips

Although natural foods like most nuts and seeds are calorie dense, adding them to your vegetarian diet will help you lose weight instead since they provide important phytonutrients for your body to metabolize its storage fat effectively. Of course, overeating these foods can gain weight. That's why you should always keep the vegetable portion to at least 40 - 50% in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Please learn to increase your vegetable intake as vegetables are extremely vital for a vegetarian weight loss program to take serious effect.

Inside Your Vegetarian Weight Loss Program - Fat-Burning Workouts

You probably heard of cardio, but have you heard of interval training? Cardio does help you burn fat but only during the exercise bout. Interval training? This is a very effective fat loss component to be included in your vegetarian weight loss program. It not only boosts your metabolism to burn fat during the training bout, but keeps you metabolically active even hours after the workouts.

Of all fat-burning workouts, I personally recommend full bodyweight (multi-joint) exercises as these will help you lose more fat more efficiently and effectively. You can go with burpees (jumping jacks), pushups, step-up, lying hip extension, bicycle crunch, mountain climbers etc. You can get a stability ball to perform stability ball rollouts, stability ball jackknives and stability ball leg curl etc.

To maximize fat loss in exercising, combine these fat-burning workouts with interval training such that you'll exercise, rest, then exercise again. Slotting in active rest is the key to burning fat. Bear in mind.

Now you got a fail proof vegetarian weight loss program in your hand, what are you waiting for? Do it now and get awesome results in the next 10 - 14 days.