Friday, November 4, 2011

Coconut Oil Facts - Things to Know Before Using Coconut Oil by Laura Ng

The craze on the benefits of coconut oil seems unstoppable without signs of dipping ever since someone unlocks its enormous healing power after years of being locked up in the dark. Thousands of people who use it have benefited from it. But as a beginner to this healthful oil, I wouldn't advise you to jump right into the pool before learning about some hard facts about coconut oil and start swimming in it hoping to get the same result as others.

There are, however, few users who only get to see the negative effect rather than the positive ones. Even when I just started out I was careful in administering the dosage until I feel safe and comfortable with the quantity I'm consuming.

Because I know what exactly it can do to your health and skin via my personal close contact with this liquid diamond, you should take a serious look at these coconut oil facts so you know exactly how to reap maximum health benefits out of it and use it to reverse the aging effect of your skin.

Coconut Oil Fact #1 - Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil benefits you in more ways than any other vegetable oils in the world. It protects you against various species of bacteria, viruses, fungi by ripping them apart. It keeps you free of constipation, helps you burn more fat with its thermogenic effect, and prevent you from getting colon, breast and other types of cancers. It also moisturizes your skin effectively and heals many acne-prone skins thus far.

It locks the protein in your hair so your hair won't lose protein so easily, thus keeping it silky and dazzling with glow. Having dandruff problem? Coconut oil will get rid of them for you!

Coconut Oil Fact #2 - Disadvantages of Coconut Oil

It'd be too idealistic to say all good things about this health-promoting oil without a single defect. In fact, when you eat too much of it than your body can take, instead of curing constipation, it can trigger diarrhea-like symptoms instead - the opposite reaction. So, increase its intake progressively until your body accustoms to its nutritional effect.

When applying to your acne-prone skin, because of its super detoxifying power, you may experience a breakout due to the toxin-purging effect before getting a flawless skin. Are you game enough to give this skin-healing oil a try?

Coconut Oil Fact #3 - Types of Coconut Oil

Most people only know about 2 types of coconut oil - that is, virgin and RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized). In fact, there are 2 more types you ought to know - fractionated and hydrogenated.

Needless to say, virgin grade bears the best quality among its family due to its cold-pressing extraction method. Unlike olive oil, extra-virgin coconut oil means exactly the same as its virgin counterpart. No difference.

RBD oil is another type produced for those who dislike the natural coconut flavor but still want to reap the super nutritional benefits of coconut oil. When you buy this refined oil, make sure it comes as pure without hydrogenation because hydrogenation can produce trans fatty acid that can inflict damage on your health very badly.

As just mentioned about hydrogenation, you shouldn't buy any hydrogenated oil for your consumption or skin care. It'll harm your health and clog your pores. Again, go with virgin oil instead if you want better health and skin.

As for fractionated type, it's mainly used in beauty, skin care and massage industry. But I use virgin oil for all purposes - be it skin care, beauty, massaging, dieting, etc because virgin oil contains the most nutrients in its most natural form. But of course, it costs the most too. Just a few bucks more for better health, I'm sure you can afford.

In a Nutshell...

These coconut oil facts serve to give you a basic idea of what you should expect from using it as a health and skin care product. But what you see here is just a tip of the iceberg of the benefits of coconut oil. I encourage you to explore and uncover more specifics about it before you start feeding the first teaspoon to your mouth. Knowledge is not only important in bringing you wealth, but when applied correctly, it'll bring you long-term health as well.