Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Fit Employees Are Better by Sarah Long

Workplace fitness is an investment that business owners and managers should consider for their employees, as they are their biggest asset! By implementing a workplace fitness program, employees can embrace their daily experience at work and be encouraged to apply their skills as best as possible in their careers.

Here are 7 things to remember when it comes to workplace fitness and fit employees:

1.Fit employees experience less stress than employees that are out of shape. Some companies allow employees to exercise during their lunch break at corporate fitness centers or bring in a Personal Trainer to run group training classes at the workplace in order to distress and refocus on the tasks at hand. Stress management systems can also be put in place to aid employees in their efforts to remove harmful stressors in their lives.

2.Fit employees have better attitudes around the office. A positive attitude can be contagious and inspire others to become the best person they possibly can. Physical fitness activities such as running, jogging, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, and other athletic activities can be inspiration and help employees focus on the reasons why they are working and enjoy their lives more fully.

3.Fit employees are more confident. When it comes to self-confidence, nothing is more visible than an employee’s physical self-image. When employees are healthy and fit, they look and act more confident. This can be crucial for sales positions, account management, and other groups of individuals that must interact face-to-face with their clients or potential clients. Likewise, supporting staff such as customer service, information technology, and on-the-job workers can benefit from a healthy image as it helps them feel better about themselves and the work they are doing.

4.Fit employees are healthier and absent less often. By taking care of our bodies, we can experience less downtime and be more productive day in and day out. The number one reason why employees are absent from work is because they are physically or emotionally sick. Being fit raises the antibodies in our system and helps us fight harmful biochemicals that cause the flu and carry viruses.

5.Fit employees are more likely to have goals and achieve them. Anyone who goes to the gym consistently knows that it takes dedication, focus, and goals. Consistency is key when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply relieve some stress and improve overall health, the greatest improvement is made with consistent, diligent effort. These same principals apply to corporate goals and success. By making gains in the gym, employees learn how to better achieve success at work.

6.Fit employees are more energetic. Each day the human body releases internal toxins from cellular breakdown, general metabolism and digestion. This cycle creates a poisonous environment in our bodies cid that must be removed through exercise, proper stretching and a colorful diet. Fine tuning the body through physical fitness can leave employees feeling energetic and stress free. Fitness management systems can be a great way to help improve employee energy.

7.Fit employees that are allowed to participate in workplace fitness programs can be a great way to show your employees that you care for them and care about employee health. Employee fitness programs can be a great way to say “I Care” and provide a benefit that differentiates from competitors and other people in the marketplace.