Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan by Laura Ng

An effective vegetarian weight loss plan must encompass 3 things - a proven vegetarian weight loss diet, a set of sure-fire fat-burning workouts and easy-to-follow weight loss tips. They work just like your brain, heart and kidney. Short of one and your weight loss regimen will likely fail. Let's run through a free sample of vegetarian weight loss plan to show you precisely what you need so that you can use it as a guide to customize your own vegetarian weight loss diet plan.

To make it easy for you to follow through this free vegetarian weight loss plan, I'll insert tips alongside the vegetarian weight loss diet as well as the fat-burning workouts.

Free Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan - Diet

You need 5 vegetarian weight loss meals to power your day - boost metabolism, burn fat, feed energy to fuel your activities. In this meal plan, your breakfast, lunch and dinner should contain about 40 - 60% fibrous food. If you feel too much for your condition, you can do some adjustments accordingly. You'll insert snack in between them to help you remain metabolically active and keep you going.

In each of these main vegetarian weight loss meals, your breakfast, lunch and dinner should each keep you full up to 70% only, while your snack 30 - 40%. When you fill your stomach to the brim in every meal, you'll abuse your insulin level, and over time you'll suffer from diabetic condition. Also, as more blood flows to aid in food digestion, less blood carrying oxygen will flow to your brain, resulting in sleepiness. Therefore, 70% for main meal is the ideal level. Bear in mind.

Here's a brief sample vegetarian weight loss diet to give you an idea.

Breakfast - Oatmeal. You can sprinkle some dried apricots, dried cranberries, pistachio nuts, flaxseeds over to improve its nutritional value and make it look more appealing.

Morning Snack - Mixed fruits.

Lunch - Veggie burger. Use pan-seared Portobello mushroom as the meat substitute (you can prepare this early in the morning before you leave for work). Then top the mushroom with some shredded veggies. Add a piece of vegan cheese and a dash of curried lentil sauce. You can also spice it up moderately with cayenne pepper which produces thermogenic effect to help you burn more fat.

Afternoon Snack - Mixed grains, nuts and seeds.

Dinner - Rainbow salad. Include any salad vegetables and chopped fruits of your favorite. Mix 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil as salad dressing.

You should make your dinner rich in fiber so that you won't crave for supper or night snack, and should last you till the following morning.

Free Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan - Exercise

You can go with any exercise so long as you feel comfortable. But if you want to maximize your vegetarian fat loss, you should do high-intensity interval training. For example, you'll cycle at normal speed for a minute, and then on next minute you increase the speed. After a minute, you drop your speed back to normal again. Scientists and researchers have proven that such low-high-low intensity pattern will help you burn more fat.

For best fat loss effect, do it in the morning, preferably before 7 A.M. Any other times in the day works fine if you can't make it so early. The truth is, you'll still burn fat, albeit lesser.

Bonus Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips

Take this free vegetarian weight loss plan and do some customization to fit into your own needs and schedules. You may need to find out the list of foods available in your nearby stores to make sure you always have the ingredients at your disposal to whip up delicious fat loss meals.

For fat-burning workouts, you need not buy expensive equipment or gadgets (if you want to save on that). You can use full bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks, plank, side plank, pushups, lying hip extension, step-ups, bicycle crunch, mountain climbers, Spiderman climbs, prisoner squat etc. You can perform them in the comfort of your own home. You'll lose fat just as effective.

Last but not least, your vegetarian weight loss plan should also include getting quality sleep and consume adequate amount of water for proper hydration, so that you can detox optimally and lose weight effectively as a vegetarian with half the effort and time.