Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paramedic to RN – The Evolution of the Paramedic by Jamey Perkins

In the late 1960’s a new breed of medical professionals was born. Paramedics began to hit the streets providing care to patients in the field that was never before available prior to arriving at a hospital. Throughout the years, Paramedics have gained vast amounts of knowledge and honed their skills to near perfection, through their unparalleled dedication to improving the quality of their education and expanding upon the course curriculum.

These days, skills of a Paramedic on the street are virtually unmatched. Their decision making skills under pressure save the lives of the sick and injured on a daily basis, and the hands on treatments they provide are done with an effortless precision. But, is that enough for a group of medical professionals that have continually improved upon their abilities for so many years?

Welcoming New Challenges Through the Paramedic to RN Program

Although a Paramedic has shown his ability to make a positive impact on the outcome of early treatment of pre-hospital patients, they are now looking to add more valuable tools to their skill set and knowledge base. Paramedics are accepting the challenges of stepping out of the ambulance and into long term health care by entering the complex field of nursing, and the Paramedic to RN program does just that.

Due in parts by the shortage of nurses in America, Paramedics now have the ability to expand their career and educational advancement. As a result, the benefits to patients are being seen on a widespread basis. Not only can these caregivers provide quality long term care, but they also have the first hand experience and skills to react quickly and efficiently during an emergency situation inside long term facilities. Graduates of the Paramedic to RN program are finding new careers in emergency rooms, extended care facilities, intensive care units, and even the offices of physicians.

The new age of education and the demand for more long term health care providers is allowing Paramedics to continue their evolution in medicine. The Paramedic to RN program is creating a new breed of health care professional that has the experience and proficiency of working with patients from the time they first became sick or injured, and continuing that quality care throughout the long term care of the patient.

The advantages to both the patient and to the Paramedic industry are obvious. The Paramedic to RN program is not only creating a new avenue for paramedics that had found themselves in a career without much room for advancement, and more qualified health care professionals are being introduced into a system that has been struggling to fill available roles.

The Paramedic to RN program seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of the Paramedic. Entering into the program now will make a huge impact upon the health care of the nation and the extension of an already proven group of health care professionals. This program and other options like the Paramedic to RN Bridge are available for those in EMS at http://www.publicsafetydegrees.com/paramedic-to-rn.php