Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment – What Must it Contain to be Effective? by Laurel Levine

Did you know in order for an anti aging skin care treatment to effectively eliminate the lines and wrinkles in your skin it has to contain a specific blend of proven all natural ingredients? Products that seek to provide you with an increase in skin tissue and polymer, and those that reduce wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles are prevalent, but they are not the answers you are looking for. These types of wrinkle reducing formulas are often dangerous.

All that you want to use in order to treat your skin are formulas rich in plant oils, waxes, and extracts, with the addition of potent protein complexes and enzymes. One of the greatest benefits in the application of compounds such as these is that all of the nutritional needs of your skin are being met. The ample supply of antioxidants that such ingredients provide will help to eliminate the wrinkles in your skin by reversing oxidative free radical damage.

The average anti aging skin care treatment developed around the idea of introducing replacement tissues and polymer through the skin generally doesn’t contain very many natural ingredients at all. These formulas are primarily comprised of synthetic versions of the natural ingredients your skin needs, and a wealth of chemical additives and preservatives that could very well pose a serious threat to your health.

The vast majority of the chemical agents frequently used in the development of skin care products are either known to be, or at the very least are suspected of being toxic to your system and causing various forms of cancer. It truly pays to thoroughly inspect your products for any chemical ingredients. Assuring that the formulas you use are 100% all natural can help you in preserving your good health.

When you are using the typical anti aging skin care treatment you are taking a risk in exposing yourself to the chemicals in the formula, while having no chance of getting anything positive in return. The collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid included in these products cannot be absorbed by your skin. Their density makes these animal derived compounds useless to you.

The worst of the wrinkle reducing formulas on the market are those that contain the potentially damaging Botox alternatives such as Argirelene. What these compounds do is temporarily paralyze the facial muscles thought to be most responsible for etching likes and wrinkles deep into the skin. The scary thing is that there is a chance of these chemical laden products to cause you to permanently lose the ability to control your muscles.

The safest and most effective anti aging skin care treatment you can use is one that features the protein fusion Functional Keratin, and the potent kelp extract Phytessence Wakame. Functional Keratin will promote greater collagen and elastin production, while Phytessence Wakame prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid by shielding it from the harmful enzymes that cause it to degrade.

In conclusion, an anti-aging skin care treatment needs to be both completely safe and effective, and formulas with Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame fit the bill.

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