Friday, December 16, 2011

Details About A Constipation Symptom by Rudy Silva

Many people go through life not knowing that they were constipated. But there is another group of people that want to know if they are. They want to know what the constipation symptoms are. People do not always get the right information about what the constipation symptoms are. Here are a few symptoms to pay attention to:

* not having a bowel movement everyday.

* feeling bloated and pain in your stomach area

* having hard stools which require you to strain and push to release them

* having stools that consist of many short pieces

* having stools that are narrow and thin

* having heavy body odor and bad breath

* taking more than 5 minutes to have a bowel movement

* having stools that sink to the bottom of the water in the toilet

These are just a few constipation symptoms. So now let's look at these symptoms a bit closer.

A Bowel Movement Every Day

Under normal conditions, it will vary from person to person, your food travels through your gastrointestinal tract in 18 - 28 hours. What this means if you eat a meal at 8 am then tomorrow at 8 am you should have a bowel movement. So if you eat two hardy meals, you should have to hardy bowel movements.

If you don't have a bowel movement every day then, you are not feeding your body the right kind of food. One supplement that you can take and this is something I use in my smoothie every morning is Ruby Reds, a powder of with fiber, and over 20 fruits and other nutrients that your body uses everyday. This product is also wonderful for kids in the morning, since it tastes good when you mix it with a morning juice.

What Your Stools Should Look Like

Your stool should be semi-soft, long, in one piece, large and round and should float on the water. They should come out easy and you should not be in the bathroom more than 4-5 minutes. When you have constipation your stools are the opposite of this and these are the constipation symptoms.

Hard stools take longer to travel through our colon. They are more difficult to pass and you stay longer in the bathroom. If you stools are thin, in pieces, and don't float, you lack fiber and again this fecal matter takes longer to travel through you colon.

If you have bad breath and heavy body odor, then your colon is heavy with toxins, which occur when you are constipated.

The morning time should be used to help your body eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body during the night. This is done by only eating fruits and drinking juices in the morning. This promotes the elimination process and will help to make you regular.

If you eat a big breakfast of eggs, meat, potatoes, or cereal, then this blocks the detoxification your body tries to do in the morning. So, move toward more juices and fruits for breakfast and you will see the difference in better health.