Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do You Have the Right Handle on How to Tighten Up Skin? by Laurel Levine

Let’s face it. It seems as though everyone thinks they have a handle on exactly how to tighten up skin, and for those that aren’t sure there is an “expert” around every corner. The articles I read, and the late night infomercials that I have witnessed often leave me shaking my head. The amount of misinformation that is out there is simply staggering, and it is you and other consumers that are paying the price.

People are led to believe that various home remedies can be effective in eliminating your wrinkles, and toning the skin. The truth is that the best you can hope for with ingredients like refined or virgin oil is that they can help to eliminate some of your wrinkles through the healing power of antioxidants. These nutrients defuse the harmful effects of free radical activity, which causes oxidative damage to the chemical structures in your skin.

When it comes to how to tighten up skin there are a lot more factors that need to be dealt with than simply repairing oxidative injury to the molecules in your skin. Your appearance is also suffering due to the decline in collagen and elastin production you experience through the years, and the constant decomposition of your firming tissues and polymers sparked by the actions of certain enzyme groups. These are problems that need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Unfortunately, there are very few anti aging skin care formulas on the market that have the ability to help you boost your collagen and elastin levels. I know that you have probably read articles or reviews of certain products that swore these formulas were effective in increasing the collagen and elastin content of your skin. Most of this information comes directly or indirectly from the companies making the products.

The effectiveness of the topical introduction of collagen, elastin, and often even hyaluronic acid as a legitimate answer to how to tighten up skin is a myth created by the cosmetic companies. Their goal was to capitalize on the public’s lack of knowledge when it comes to substances such as tissues and polymer, and convince them that what is in reality impossible can happen. The molecular density of these collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid make it impossible for you to absorb them.

The solution to how to tighten up skin is the use of all natural anti aging formulas that feature a group of four specific ingredients for stimulating tissue production, and preserving your supply. What you need are the protein complex and enzyme fusion Cynergy TK, the nano-emulsion form of CoQ10 known as Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, and grape seed oil.

Cynergy TK and Nano-Lipobelle dramatically augment the production of collagen and elastin, while Phytessence Wakame and grape seed oil diminish the destruction brought on by enzymes. These natural ingredients also provide a bountiful supply of antioxidants for further healing the skin, and reducing wrinkles. So applying groups of ingredients such as this, well that is the answer to how to tighten up skin.

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