Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Healthy Fruit Gift Basket by Greg Pierce

No matter how healthy an individual is, his daily grind at work can pull him down to his bed when he gets sick.

Nobody wants this to happen as it will also stop everything in his world. When he is down in bed, he knows he is causing delays in the office and in the payment of bills. He may also not be able to fulfill his duties to his family all because he fell sick. That's the picture when a person is down with an illness. No matter how we hate being weak and feeling pain inside our body, it seems like we can't do anything about it.

When one is sick, the world seems to be sick as well. If there's someone in the family who is not feeling well, you would always want to make everything well. There are times when we want to visit a sick friend or relative but we cannot decide what gift to give him during our visit.

When people are sick, they tend to be very emotional and has the tendency to give a negative response to anything that they receive. Therefore, as a friend or as a member of the family, you have to pick out something that will not annoy the sick person. Gifts always convey messages, even if we don't have them in our minds while we're giving them. The best that we can give then is something sweet, natural, fresh, and colorful. What sick person can resist such a gift? And what gift would perfectly fit such a description? The famous traditional red rose does not fit in this picture. However, a fruit basket will surely fit. You can make the packaging colorful. And when a sick loved one sees a gift like this, the refreshing effect will be unmistakable. He can either eat the fruits or just probably save them for later and just enjoy the beautiful sight.

But you might want to suggest that he eats the fruits. These foods are high in vitamins and minerals which are going to help him recover faster. Besides, fruits also taste very good. Aside from that, these fruits will improve the appetite of the sick person because these fruits will reduce the bitterness in his tongue. The fruits are rich in flavor, thus, this can start to work up his appetite and he will eventually start to eat regular meals.

Nevertheless, if he prefers not to eat the fruits right away, it's still fine. What's important is that you have managed to make him feel special despite your busy schedule. These fruit baskets definitely will leave warm impression to that person.