Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reasons to Opt for a Cosmetic Dentist in UK by Kathryn Dawson

Dental implants are an integral part of cosmetic dentistry. These implants are usually fitted by cosmetic dentists in the UK. Let us look at how such dentist make life a little easier for us.

Cosmetic Dentist in the UK: Advantages

• Easier Eating: Standard dentures can make chewing a very painful task. Dental implants, on the other hand, work just like the original teeth and make eating a completely painless activity. Thus, allowing you eat with confidence even in parties and social gatherings.

• Improved Appearance: Dental implants are fused with the bone to make them appear and feel just like original teeth. This highly improves the overall visual appearance of the smile.

• Improved Comfort: As these implants become a part of the jaw line, they completely remove the inconvenience of removable dentures.

• Improved Self Esteem: Once you get your smile back, you are bound to reclaim your lost self-esteem.

• Improved Speech: If you are using poorly fitted dentures, then there is a very high possibility that the dentures slip within the mouth, causing the speaker to mumble out a lot of words. Dental implants completely remove such embarrassing situations.

• Improved Oral Health: Dental implants do not require the removal of other teeth, unlike tooth bridges. More teeth means a better smile. Separate implants also allow easier access to spaces between the teeth, thus improving hygiene.

• Durability: Dental implants often last for several years and often come with a lifetime guarantee.

• Convenience: Dental implants remove the inconvenience of daily removal and attachments that dentures entail. They are the most convenient way to go.

Cosmetic Dentists in the UK: Are They For Everyone?

The success of cosmetic dentistry can be seen in the huge demand for dental implants across the world. More and more people are now opting to create synthetic smiles for themselves that will put even movie stars to shame.

Overall the success of any surgery depends heavily on the area of the jaw where it is done and the amount of care that is taken in terms of post-surgery maintenance. Almost any person healthy enough to undergo regular tooth removal is an eligible candidate for cosmetic dentistry. The patients should have a healthy gum and a strong enough jaw bone to allow the implants to be fitted in. However, patients who smoke or are prone to diabetes or cardiac issues need to consult expert dentists before opting for such procedures. This is also required for those who have had recent radiation therapies.

Cosmetic Dentists in the UK: How Painful are These Procedures?

This is one of the first questions that arise in the mind of a patient when considering cosmetic dental surgeries. Studies conducted in Lincolnshire have shown that these surgeries are less painful than a regular tooth extraction procedure. This is probably because of the extensive use of machines in this procedure and also because local anesthesia is used to dull the pain. Some surgeries even allow the patient to consume pain suppressors like Motrin and Tylenol.

Dental Treatment Abroad

Cosmetic Dentists in the UK are well equipped to handle just about any form of cosmetic dentistry procedure possible, such as the bonding of teeth (for removal of gaps between teeth), porcelain veneers (for those looking for a quick makeover, this treatment can be completed in only three sittings) and cosmetic gum alteration (done to reduce abnormalities in gum size). With so much expertise present onshore, there is absolutely no reason why a resident of the UK should go for dental treatment abroad.

Other than dental implants, cosmetic dentists in the UK also offer the services of white fillings in damaged teeth. These fillings are an alternative to the traditional amalgam fillings and are used to fill cavities in the teeth and also to cover the gaps in the jaw line. They provide a natural look, while keeping the bacteria away.