Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weight Loss and Health - Care with Carbs in Winter by John Anthony Vine

It is natural to feel the need to eat more carbs in the winter months.

Research has shown that low levels of certain chemicals in the brain cause a craving for more carbs.

These extra carbs need not upset your weight loss diet, if you exercise just a little care.

If you are not careful though, along with these extra carbs you could find yourself eating large amounts of fat as well.

These could be in the form of butter, creamy sauces, oils and cheese.

There are some simple changes you could make to avoid the problems this could bring.

Instead of chip shop chips, use oven chips. This could save a surprising 210 calories each portion.

Replace your creamy pasta sauces with tomato-based sauce.

Once again, a surprising number of calories can be saved with this simple change.

If instead of grating cheddar cheese on your jacket potato, you use cottage cheese you can make another calorie saving.

Each individual saving of calories does not look to make much of a difference.

The key is to make these calorie saving efforts are habit.

Do not be afraid of craving more carbs, as scientists tell us that this is natural during the months of less sunlight.

Simply do not allow yourself to let your calorie intake. Get out of hand

Always be on the lookout for ideas and tips, which are going to help keep you on track for your healthy weight loss

It can sometimes seem that nature is against us, but a little thought can keep us in control.

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