Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding a Dentist for Your Family by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

Sharing your home and life with a partner and children fills the schedule to overflowing. That’s why your dentist should be a family dentist.

You don’t need to spend your few spare minutes searching for a separate professional every time a new oral situation comes up. A family dentist specializes in various dentistry skills to better treat any condition which may arise. They've studied the same dental practices as a general dentist, but they offer services for all of your family members. A family dentist may not be a pediatric dentist, but they are a child dentist in that they treat children. They also treat parents, grandparents and cousins. A family dentist knows what to tell you about your child’s permanent teeth growing in; they also know how to construct dentures for your aging father. They provide not only the same procedures as a general dentist -- fillings, teeth cleanings, etc. -- but also procedures which apply specifically to different ages, such as a child's first dental appointment or a mother's root canal.

A family dentist touts a background in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, and they understand the necessary overlap of health and beauty. For example, they may offer Invisalign invisible aligners. These options, though they can be used on individuals of any age, may be most appealing to the teenager in your life. They combine the orthodontic needs of braces, straightening teeth, with the aesthetic beauty of clean teeth. Invisalign aligners provide the same service as braces; however, they’re practically translucent. Using a series of aligners, your Lakeway family dentist slowly and gently pushes your teeth into their ideal, straightened positions.

Your family dentist can not only straighten teeth, but also put in teeth that aren’t there. Implant dentistry allows your dentist to embed a metal screw where your root used to be and top it with a crown to substitute the empty space.

When looking for a family dentist in Lakeway, call Dr. Robert D’Alfonso, DDS. Offering full service dentistry procedures, Dr. D’Alfonso treats your entire oral condition and those of your family members. Call today to schedule your initial free consultation.