Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laser Facial Hair Removal: A Risk Less System Of Undergoing Unwanted Hair Removal by Andy Guides Jr

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for those people that are seriously interested in being able to permanently remove hair from their bodies. This form of hair removal makes use of light energy that is emitted by lasers and which helps to remove any hair from the body that is not required to be there. When it concerns removing superfluous hair from the body the problem affects both men and women. If you have tried shaving or waxing or tweezing the hair and found that results are temporary at best; then you need to look to lasers which ensure much more long lasting results.

Laser hair removal can remove hair permanently from places where the hair is not wanted. However, people whose skin is light in color and whose hairs are dark will benefit the most from using this hair removal option. And, in addition, this hair removal method also works better with coarse hair than with other hair types.

When you opt for laser removal methods you will first need to shave off all the offending hair and then clean the affected area after which some anaesthetic cream needs to be applied. Next, it is time to apply the laser which means sending pulsed beams containing high amount of light that is then absorbed by pigments within the follicles of hair that need to be removed. When this takes place there is also some amount of damage to surrounding follicles and this is how it is possible to stop hair from growing in the treated area.

In most cases, the entire hair removal procedure (with lasers) will not cause any significant pain though you will feel a bit uncomfortable during the treatment. The treatment itself might be over in a few minutes though it can also last for an hour and perhaps even longer. The amount of time taken depends on the part of your body that is to be treated.

Once the treatment is over you may notice some amount of swelling and redness on the affected parts; but these will soon disappear and so is a minor problem. In fact, once the treatment is over you will be able to resume your normal activities without any pause.

In most cases, laser hair removal is not risky, especially when an experienced hand performs the procedure. There are however a few complications that can develop and these can take the form of skin turning dark or even light. Furthermore, the area that has been treated may also develop a few burns and blisters.

The general rule is that it will not take more than four to six different sessions for the entire treatment process to be concluded. You may repeat sessions after a month's interval. The cost of getting such treatment is not more than a couple of hundred dollars and how much you end up paying will depend on which area has to be treated.