Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heal Naturally With The Aloe Vera Plant by Grace Quill

5000 years ago the Egyptians were scribbling madly in their papyrus note books about the healing benefits of the aloe plant. What more proof do you need to know this plant is extremely valuable? Cleopatra and Nefertiti took regular aloe vera juice baths for the benefit of their exotic looks, and no one can refute they were amazingly gorgeous ladies. Need more information? Okay, keep reading. Aloe vera was used during the burial of Christ and is mentioned many times in the bible.

So, you’re likely thinking, if this plant is so amazing why isn’t there a plantation of them growing in every backyard? While I don't have the perfect answer to that question, I do have a theory.

I’m completely awe struck by the men and women whose

combined brain power advances modern medicine at an astounding pace. To be able to have access to the means of healing when we’re sick and the easing of pain when in need is truly miraculous. And this is my theory. Is the modern method of healing too easy a choice for the small mishaps in life?

I’m without doubt on the Egyptian’s side but, read what I have found in my experience and make up your own mind.

Aloe vera can be used for both internal and external healing, I’m going to target the gel or sap from the leaves. I find this is by far the most useful part of the plant.

I am surrounded by children who are pale skinned, allergic klutzes and, much to their displeasure, they inherited these genes from me.

As you can probably imagine, this is our usual seven day deal; some weird new allergy is harassing at least one child, the other children take it in turns to show and tell a new abrasion from Monday through Friday and on weekends, despite a dunking in sunscreen at least one adult and one to two children ends up with a suspicious rosy glow.

What to do about it? My huge outdoor aloe is my savior. Several times a week I remove a few outer leaves and place them snipped end down in a jug and place them in the back of the refridgerator. Gravity directs the gel into the jug, but if you need more a horizontal slit to the leaves usually reveals extra. Anything irritated, itchy, red, spotty, lumpy, stinging or just weird looking gets a generous slather of cool, soothing aloe vera gel. If the patient is still moaning later on I have been known to bandage an entire filleted leaf to the sore area.

I find the aloe vera works like magic for almost every minor skin problem. The amazing aloe plant…keeper of my sanity.