Saturday, January 14, 2012

The History Of Magnetic Therapy by Jason Frew

Magnetic therapy is an option that many people like to use, in a way to help in the areas of their health. This form of therapy is an alternative medicine to science, and is used as an option to fight against diseases and other forms of illnesses. The magnets, can sometimes reduce certain levels of pain in ones body, and help with other medical conditions. The Theory of Magnetic Therapy is that, the static in the magnetic fields are there to help reduce and eliminate some of the symptoms that the patient has.

The Theory of Magnetic Therapy in Ancient Egypt

Magnets were first used by the ancient Egyptians, in a way to help people who had diseases, and to also help those who wanted to look young. There have even been some reports that even Cleopatra, used the magnetic stones on her head, as a way to stop the effects of aging.

The Greeks

The term magnet has comes from the Greek word "Magnes lithos," meaning the magnesium of the stone. Research has also stated that Aristotle would use these magnets on people to help them with their illness and pain.

In the 18th Century How The Theory of Magnetic Therapy Was Used

In the 18th century, many mathematicians as well as scientists, such as Albert Einstein, William Gilbert, Franz Anton Mesmer, did research into how the magnetism and the electricity was used, and what effects they had on people. The research wanted to see if the magnets had any beneficial affect on a human body, and they seem to have found evidence to support their theory.

Modern Practitioners on The Theory Of Magnetic Therapy

Many suggest that these magnetic stones, have the power to help people who have illnesses or various medical conditions. So, there are many practitioners now a days who use these form of therapy. There are also some practitioners that will use these magnets on people who have brain disorders, and people who have mental health problems, as a way to help with the chemical imbalances in their brain.

The Warnings Behind The Theory of Magnetic Therapy

There are many doctors, who are very skeptical when it comes to using magnets on patients to help with their pain. They tend to base their skepticism on the fact that modern scientists that have done research on magnetic therapy, have found very little evidence to support the theory that magnets can help patients who have illness or diseases.

When using magnets as a way to help with injuries and illness, it is advised to go and seek medical advise, to ensure that this is the right course of treatment for you. Using these as a method of treatment should be used under precaution, and not as the only way to fight any medical condition that you may have. Even with these warnings using magnetics, as a form of treatment has no real negative effect on your health. However, regardless of this, you should still consult with a doctor to know for sure that these magnets that you use wont harm you, especially if you are using any type of medicine.